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I've never heard someone look up with pride and say, that they want to work in IT. But I hear all the time people say that they want to be Doctors Police Officers, IAS officers. Why is that?⠀ ⠀ My thesis is this; it is because there are no movies being made around IT people (at least not here in my tiny state of Kerala, India). When I say movies, I mean all forms of stories that we can relate to.⠀ ⠀ Do you know what what you'll hear if you ask someone (outside the IT industry) what they know of IT people? This is what I heard, and what you’ll likely hear too:⠀ - They wear fine clothes⠀ - They make a lot of money⠀ - They speak good English (or maybe not)⠀ ⠀ But if you ask anyone what they know of the life of a Police Officer, you will surely get to hear a lot more. From the brilliance of Sherlock Holmes to 007s techie action sequences, their life has been covered in detail for years. Compared to that, a layman has next to nothing on a software developer's life.⠀ ⠀ ⠀ At their most basic form, a story narrates how someone walked into something unfamiliar, dangerous and came out successful (or not if it’s a tragedy). ⠀ ⠀ When we listen to a well told story, or a movie, or a cave painting, we empathise with the hero/heroine. We live through their dangerous journey, without actually being in danger. Watching them overcome their ordeal inspires us to face ours.⠀ ⠀ This is what I believe to be the purpose of Art; to make life meaningful, beautiful and to helps us navigate our life. It helps us live our life, by holding a mirror that shows us where we are, where we could go and what we could become. ⠀ ⠀ Hence my debut movie MunnarivCinema, Malayalam's first feature film to be shot entirely on an iPhone, talks of the life of an IT Engineer.⠀ ⠀ We hope that it inspires more movies on IT people. At least maybe Munnariv becomes a source for some 20 year old with an IT call letter to see what their life could be.⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ softwareengineer softwareengineering softwaredeveloper programmer devlife developerlife codelife coders codinglife developers movies story stories malayalamcinema malayalamfilm malayalammovies mallugram malluwood

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We work hard so you don’t have to! CurrentProject Showing some progress on new warehouse in Kingston. Do you have a renovation or new build to be done? Contact us at info to get started!

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تیم: نام تیم جاده در انتظار شماست شروع کن و تیمت رو مديريت کن Download: Instagram: Twitter: Telegram: Aparat : برنامهنویسی برنامه_نویس برنامه_نویسی بازیسازی موتور_بازی_سازی بازی بازی_سازی game GameDeveloper GameEngine unity unity3d indie_game indiegame developer programmer developers

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Summer mode:ON !

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Manchmal nehmen wir uns nicht ernst genug. Und oft nehmen wir uns selbst für zu wichtig Keiner wächst über sich hinaus wenn man denkt man wüsste schon alles Übrigens mathematisch gesehen ist es niemals möglich alles zu wissen. Also freu dich - es gibt noch viel spannendes für dich zu entdecken Habt ein schönes Wochenende ihr Schlingel 🙃😜 erfolg mindset thinkdifferent zufrieden zeit persönlichkeitsentwicklung developers denken

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🎮🔥 Já pensou em desenvolver um clone de SUPER MÁRIO ou ZELDA? ❤️ . Pois no nosso curso de jogos você irá desenvolver Poderá Transformar sua paixão em uma profissão e ganhar muito dinheiro com isso . Com nosso curso de desenvolvimento de jogos você vai aprender desde o zero os conceitos de programação do básico ao avançado em desenvolvimento de games Você vai adquirir . 🔥 Mais de 300 Aulas. 🔥 Tecnologias como JAVA, UNITY, GAMEMAKER. 🔥 Jogos que rodam em qualquer plataforma. 🔥 8 Jogos Desenvolvidos no Curso, entre eles Super Mário e Minecraft. 🔥 Acesso pra sempre ao curso, que é atualizado constantemente. 🔥 Suporte 1 x 1, Tirar dúvidas diretamente com o professor. 🔥 Certificado Incluso. 🔥 E o melhor, você tem 30 dias para testar o curso, se não for pra você, com apenas um email devolvemos todo seu dinheiro 🔥 ACESSE O LINK DA BIO E SEJA UM GAME DEVELOPER ❤️ criegamesbr

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What's Your Opinion? Do You Know Other Drawbacks? Tag Python Developers! 🔴 🔴 🔴 Start Free Unlimited Courses With The Link In ProgrammerPlus Bio! 🔴 🔴 🔴 programming programmer programmers coding coder coders python softwaredeveloper computerscience django softwareengineer softwareengineering html css webdevelopment javascript webdeveloper java worldcode developer webdesigner php developers development webdev softwaredevelopment tech software programminglife developer

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Reposted from fit_life_physics - The walls in my office at CERN are entirely made out of whiteboards. How cool is that? 😎⁣ That way you can always be super productive 😊👍🏼 And that code you can see on my screen? That’s software I’m currently working on. It finds and reconstructs the interaction points (so called vertices) of particles colliding in the LHC given an input set of reconstructed particle tracks traversing the ATLAS detector. ⁣ Can you guess which programming language we are using here? 😊 programadores programação programador developer developers desenvolvedores desenvolvedor dev soudev programadora codigo café computador computação computacao informatica cienciadacomputacao ciênciadacomputação engenhariadacomputação engenhariadesoftware analisedesistemas sistemasdeinformação tecnologiadainformação software hardware javascript programadoras analistadesistemas

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Let’s start something new on here! 🙌🏼

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Writing, writing, writing✍️ ********** I love writing, be it code, proposals, blogpost everything😊 I really enjoy putting some information together with nice references. In the end, when the whole makes sense it is a pleasure to read through! ********** I use Word and LibreOffice📝 for writing, depending on the client wish/need. As a reference manager, I trust Zotero! ********** Here, I am writing a proposal for a new potential mobile app development project, let's see if it pleases the client😉🤞 ********** How about you? Do you like writing? developer programming coding programmer code reactnativeworld iosdevelopment codinglife reactnative coderlife coders programmers developers mobiledev indiehackers indiedev developerstuff developerspace computer design dev geek softwareengineer javascript code coder technology tech webdevelopment development computerscience codinglife

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Meow meow meow (well, well, well). Lately our family got bigger. We have a snake - Felicity. I don't really care, because I'm still the best Master-pet in the World. I don't eat, I don't 💩 (am I just perfect or what?), but Felicity does. And there is no free, cool app to track her feeding or shedding time. Outrageous? Yes. Can we change it? Also yes. Coming soon - tracker for your snake, spider, scorpio and/or lizard! 🐍 appdev appstore appmaker app apps reptile reptilelover snake snakes lizard scorpio spider tracker hexyarts appdesign gamestudio design vectorgraphic vector vectorart workinprogress wip developers 2dart gameart indiedev comingsoon designer devlog pixabay

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A kotlin program where I built a calculator using, javafx, tornadofx, GRADLE,FXML and a simple css. I tryed loading all the code pics but instagram needs to work on helping me format multiple pics better within the app! I’d say try it out but I couldn’t loud all the code. Kotlin is powerful without Android studios. It was made to replace java. It can do everything java can and use its libraries/classes plus they got rid of redundant boilerplate code. So less line of code altogether day5 100daysofcode androiddeveloper kotlin java android androidstudio javadeveloper google programmer appdeveloper developer androidusers programming applications androiddev softwaredeveloper app code coding webdeveloper javas webdesign development alias_one11 developers coderedlifestyle software androiddevelopment

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Hello fellow devs! 👋🏼 This post is about Runnables (java.lang.Runnable) in Java. The Runnable interface has one method, which has no inputs and void as return type. Runnables are for example used, when you create a new Thread. If you don't want or need to implement a new Class implementing the Runnable interface, you can use an anonymous Class. An example for this can be found from line 7 to 12. For this case you have to implement the single method of the Runnable interface, which is the "run" method. However, there is a second way to do this: Lambda Expressions (line 15). As the Runnable interface only contains one method, it is a functional interface. Hence, it is eligible to be used for Lambdas. As discussed in the beginning, the "run" method has no inputs and void as return type. This signature has to be fulfilled by our Lambda: Empty braces "()" mean no input and the return type of the "System.out.println" is void. 🤓 For more interesting Java content follow java.learnings ♨💻 Don't forget to tag your dev buddies! 👨🏼‍💻👩🏽‍💻 appdevelopment codegoals coder codingbootcamp codinglife computer computerengineering dev developer developers frontend girlswhocode javadeveloper learnprogramming learntocode linux programmer programmerrepublic programmers programmerslife programming programminglanguage programminglove software softwaredeveloper softwaredevelopers softwareengineer softwarefollower softwarefollowers weprogrammers

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📸⠀⠀ Happy Sunday! 💖

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weworkweplay with aivars_meijers ▶️⠀ .⠀ "Sun is getting brighter every day I even moved table to have less reflections in the screen and be able to use dark theme for Xcode 😂⠀ -⠀ Finally I’m getting back in to the regular work routine. Own projects and running at the morning, client work at the day.⠀ After two weeks of resting on the beaches with very little work I have too much ideas to do :) Will need to take a mini vacation from doing on the weekend and prioritise them.⠀ Growth hacking experiment idea list for free-diving app on their own is too long and can keep me busy till the end of the summer."⠀ .⠀ buildupdevs coding coder codinglife appdeveloper devlife softwareengineer engineer softwaredeveloper programming programmer programminglife computerscience developers xcode iosdev workplace macbookpro macbook iOS swiftlanguage freelancer freelance worldofcode programmerrepublic remotework remote digitalNomad shotoniphone⠀ .⠀ weworkweplay

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Check out short snippet from the last Angular Meetup Zurich where we learned about testing Angular apps with NgRx state management library from great Brian Love a Google Developer Expert from Denver Colorado!⠀ ⠀ The meetup was full great content, thoughtful questions and many funny moments!⠀ ⠀ Thank you Brian!⠀ ⠀ FULL VIDEO:⠀ MEETUP:⠀ ⠀ And for every one in the region, we see ourselves on the 25th of April when we will learn about practical experience with ngUpgrade in large enterprise environment from Christian Kohler! ⠀ ⠀ angular rxjs frontend javascript code coders coderslife dev devs devlife devzone developers webdevs webdevelopers truestory devstory programming programmers development react reactive softwaredeveloper codingbootcamp

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Generali hackathon audience award ceremony with our CEO Giovanni Liverani in Munich (Generali IT Innovation Exhibition/March 2019) Here are the first places 🏆 from our employee voting: . 🥇Team Natural Language Processing (118 votes). 🥈Team SYF IoT (102 votes). 🥉Team LwM, an employee WeGenerali application (85 votes). 🥉Team Beipackzettel, a innovative sales app (69 votes) Congratulations 🎉 to all teams. Also the voting participants could win something! We have drawn the winners of 11 gadgets and sent the prizes. Have fun with it Apply now for our 4th Generali Hackathon in october 2019. Details are published in the international Generali Wiki generalihackathon19 🚀 Happy weekend to all ☀️ Generali hackathon generalihackathon dataanalytics datascience artificialintelligence algorithm insurtech lifetimeparter insurance iot machinelearning blockchain azure aws ilovemyjob coder coding softwaredeveloper webdev innovationlab dvag developers