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6 days ago

Finishing up rehearsals tonight with my absolute favorite song From TheWiz HOME this song just captures what my traveling life has been like. It touches my soul in the deepest places and brings my voice back to life! LOVE IT dianaross dianarosstribute thesupremes motowntribute tributeact impressionsinger impersonation voiceoversinger tributeactsmanagement dianarosshair dianarossandthesupremes dianarosstheboss dianarossconcert dianarossfanatic michaeljackson stephaniemills broadway wicked thewizardofoz redheels smulevideo hamiltonmusical

6 days ago

Awww such a tender song to sing alone! I do keep running between the Carey version and as Ross. Oooops Gotta nail it before the show! But love the learning

6 days ago

stopinthenameoflove Today is officially DiamondDianaDay yayand the day I need to get the words together 🤦🏾‍♀️😁

1 week ago

Today I dusted off the diamonds And got the simmey shakes New dress New contact New contract? dianaross dianarosstribute

2 weeks ago

DIAMOND (DIVA) DIANA Thrilled to hear today that beloved, trailblazing and iconic R&B/pop superstar DIANA ROSS will be celebrating her upcoming 75th birthday with a performance of musical memories on Feb. 10th this year's 61st annual Grammy Awards So good to see that the current Grammy/NARAS committee is making right on the most-shameful fact that our dearest Miss Ross never won a Grammy (for NONE of her now classic 1s, both solo or with the Supremes), while acts like Milli Vanilli and acts with far less longevity walked off with multiple honors. Think about it: "Baby Love," "Ain't No Mountain," "It's My Turn," "Missing You," "Reach Out & Touch" and other timeless songs NEVER won Grammys. GO FIGURE! Making right actually started a few years back when she was honored with the Grammys' Recording Academy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2012. Celebrating 75 years- is shaping up to be a most visible year for the still-stunning diva whose career laid the bleuprint for the likes of Whitney Houston and Beyonce, as this Grammy performance precedes another Vegas residency, hints of new music(?) and (rumor has it) her involvement in this year's forthcoming Motown 60 event. Given the memorable moments from Motown 25 and Motown 40, as a longtime Ross fan one can only hope she and fellow Motown alum Lionel Richie will bless us with a most rare performance of Billboard's 1 of Top 50 Love Songs of All Time "Endless Love" (only one live televised performance I know of) or perhaps a live teaming of Diana with Nile Rodgers & Chic to celebrate her 1980 blockbuster, much-sampled "diana" LP. Then again, WHATEVER Miss Ross does will be mesmerizing dianaross dianarosstheboss diamonddiana dianaross4ever dianarossfanatic teamdianaross motown60 grammys grammys2019 missrosstoyou legendarydiva dianarosstribute

2 weeks ago

Finally out! Presenting theoneandonly Frida Malloo frida.malloo ✨ What an inspiring, beautiful experience and honor to have worked with this Queen! I love you, your art, your emotion, your authenticity such a big admiration for this babe. A special shoutout to aki_n_o_m for her beautiful styling work! ✨❤️ And to my brother joserojasott for his creative mind and vision. This is one of the first projects we do together and it was just a privilege to have worked together as a team. ✨The first picture of many more to come✨ editorialphotography fridamalloo portraitphotography feministart musician cheeseart schönmagazine toilettepapermagazine berlinmusician queer studiolight dianarosstribute 80slight donnasummer nikon

1 month ago

Back Home from Headlining on a New Year’s Eve Cruise to The Bahamas. Wishing you all the BEST for 2019 May it be the year that we see the fulfillment and manifestations of our biggest, and even “smallest” expectations come into fruition. This is the time to SEE what we’ve been hoping, praying, and believing in God for! noonelikegod manifestationishere prayerworks believeit promisesfulfilled godlovesyou cruiseshipheadliner cruiseshipentertainment dianarosstribute whitneyhoustontribute arethafranklintribute maryjbligetribute tributeartist giglife NewYearsEve

1 month ago

Headed back today to perform for 2 nights as a Featured Guest Headline Entertainer on a Bahamas cruise for a New Year’s Eve and New Year's Day Extravaganza. I will be performing my Award-Winning Tributes of Divas including Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Mary J. Blige, and more As we transition from 2018 to 2019, Let us let go of old mindsets, Let go of toxic relationships, Let go of things or even places that to keep us bound, Let go of guilt, Let go of unforgiveness, Let go of As we approach the end of the year, let’s take time to purge out all the things that we do not want to carry with us into this New Year. Let God free our minds, and the rest will surely follow. Let’s watch God move beyond our own understanding, and enter 2019 NEW and FREE from the inside out. Declaring that 2019 will be a year of Multiple New Beginnings and Fulfilled Promises. Wishing you ALL a Safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR The BEST is yet to come 🎼🎤🎹🎸🍓👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Thank you God speaktochange letgoandletgod freeyourmind godisgoodallthetime noonelikegod cruiseshipheadliner cruiseshipentertainment dianarosstribute whitneyhoustontribute arethafranklintribute maryjbligetribute tributeartist giglife NewYearsEve

1 month ago

Here are some photos from one of the ROCK Dinner Shows I performed earlier this month. My daughter was able to catch some meet and greet, as well as photo op moments with the guests, along with photos with the other headliners for that evening’s show. Closed the night with fun photos with my daughter. dianarosstribute tributeartist giglife rockdinnershow orlandoforum

2 months ago

Approximately 7 months later from when God first planted the seed for me to be a part of this show, I can now say that I will be performing my Award-Winning Tribute of Diana Ross and now joining an incredible cast of Tribute Artists and more in the Rock Dinner Show at The Orlando Forum which I started December 7th. Doors open at 6:30 PM. Show time is at 7 PM. Here are the show dates which I will be performing this month December 7, 2018 December 8, 2018 December 24, 2018 December 25, 2018 December 27, 2018 December 28, 2018 speaktochange letgoandletgod freeyourmind godisgoodallthetime noonelikegod cruiseshipheadliner dianarosstribute tributeartist giglife rockdinnershow orlandoforum

2 months ago

Guess who I am with That's right, my mother. She did an incredible job capturing the mannerisms of Diana Ross at the Rock Dinner Show located orlandoforum . She ended her set singing one of my favorite songs, "Ain't No Mountain High Enough." I am so proud and grateful to share this moment with her. I love you mom and may you continue to shine togodbetheglory For more info about Carlene (my mother) and her tribute shows check out: www.heartfeltentertainmentinc.com dianarosstribute tributeartist tributeartists dianarosstributeartist tributeshow tributeshows orlandoforum rockdinnershow rockdinner mymotherandme mybeautifulmother ilovemymother

2 months ago

Giving my inner Pinoy LIFE (anything glittery ✨ + two-step 💃🏽 duh) for gig 3/3 tonight and then I can sleep for a thousand years 🙏🏽☺️☁️ yassss

3 months ago

Are you coming to watch the Diana Ross tribute tonight? We have our photo backdrop competition running during the event! All you need to do is have a photo in front of the backdrop, share it on one of our social media channels and tag us in the post. The winner will receive a £25 Y Spa voucher or a bottle of wine when they next dine at The Waterfront Brasserie. We hope you have a fantastic evening tributenight dianarosstribute competition photocompetition shareyourphotos strikeapose stneots socialevent wybostonlakes

4 months ago

Tracy Sanders mstracylsanders (Diana Ross Tribute Experience) Returns 11/4/2018. Details & Tickets at www.TripleRRRproduction.com DianaRossTribute

7 months ago

Taken at Hale barns festival. Omg What a week/weekend I’ve had. It’s been so hot on stage but the crowds were fantastic at all festivals/Venues from Thurs to Sunday. dianarosstribute abbatribute voulezvous tameka pictured with Voulez Vous.

8 months ago

Enjoyed Ibiza 2018 charliesbaribiza for my dianarosstribute and a day to meet with some good friends. Until next time in September 🎤🎶🔊☀️☀️🛫