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Lover, I know you're weary Eyes are tired from the night Lover, come to the kitchen floor Tiles are cold, so am I So take from me What you want What you need Take from me Whatever you want Whatever you need But lover, please stay with me Lover, I feel your sorrow Pouring out of your skin I don't wanna be alone If I am tonight, I'll always be . -Nothing but thieves, Lover please stay . drawing digitalart digitaldrawings drawing🎨 art digitalpainting girl

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Here’s an update on my commission information! I didn’t want to do just paintings so if you have been wanting an artwork now you can! The prices stated on these photos are firm, payment for your personal art piece will be at the beginning and end of the completion of your desired artwork. You will pay half before I begin the artwork in order to prevent the possibility of ‘cold-feet’ and to ensure that if you have longer want the art piece I can still be paid for the time and effort put into the artwork up until that point. The other half of the payment will be at the completion of the work BEFORE I provide you with the finished product to prevent myself from being “goofed”. If you desire to make the payment in one go you are allowed to do that. Payments are through PayPal as it’s the only method that I thoroughly know in terms of payments. Other options will arise as time moves on. The time to complete an artwork varies both by the complexity of the art and the schedule I have available. This matter will be discussed privately between you and I when preparing your commission. I hope to hear from those interested in this and I thank you all for reading and understanding me. If you have questions about this or want me to elaborate some more, comment your question on this post. commissionsopen commission commissions artupdates art artistsoninstagram sketch sketches digitalart digitalpainting

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(Slide and Sound on) Ma Shaa Alloh, tak semua cerita dari aksi unjuk rasa itu negatif. Adem rasanya ketika kita bisa saling mengingatkan dalam kebaikan. mengingatkan untuk jangan lupa sholat dan berdzikir walau sedang bertugas Barakallahu fikum videonya . komik komikinajah komikanu kartun iqomic komikdakwah dakwah kebaikan hijrah illustration ilustrasi cartoon lillah islam kebaikan istiqomah wayoflife tauhid hijrah reminder muslim digitalpainting artofvisuals instagram iqomic muslim lillahitaala gambar

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“Eri il mio sogno” “Devo andare” Un viaggio fuori dal tempo, un percorso di crescita e consapevolezza, che accompagna il lettore pagina dopo pagina. Questa tavola fa parte della storia “Amor condusse noi”, una storia autoconclusiva inserita nello splendido volume “Condusse me”, l’ultimo lavoro di batawp Il volume è già disponibile da qualche settimana e ha stregato davvero tutti. E voi, cosa ne pensate?

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Which character is the creepiest ? 🤡 Follow us 👉 featuretime_ for more Artist 👉 dctattoo_swe tag your artwork to featuretime_ Or use featuretimee ⚠️All rights go to their respective owners . ⚠️Credits to dctattoo_swe digitalart digitalpainting digital_art sketch sketching anime animeart watercolor sketchbooks illustrator characterdesign netflix disney pixar netflixandchill netflixmovies animated charactersheet animegirls illustrated sketchbook sketchart sketchy

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I’ve not been feeling very inspired just lately. I started another mermaid for MerMay but I’m not really feeling it. So I thought I’d do something simple like a bird or a fish to loosen up my brain. And then chose the most complicated fish to draw that I could think of 😩 bettafish siamesefightingfish procreate digitalpainting tropicalfish

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(unbezahlte Werbung wegen Namen und Verlinkung) Kennt ihr Feensprache? Ich habe sie früher auch nicht gekannt, bis ich den Tassilo.Peters getroffen habe. Er hat mir davon erzählt und ich durfte sogar es zeichnen 👩‍🎨🎨 Diese Feen werden am Wochenende von dem Friedensstock und Feensprache bei einem Feenfest in Blumental erzählen 😉 märchen illustration kinderillustration kinderillustratorin illustrationfürkinder digitalart illustrator instaart digitalpainting zeichnung skizze pencil kreativerockstarsvip friedensstock elena_schwarz_illustration elena_schwarz_illustratorin feen fabelwesen emotionen gefühle gefühlezeigen gefühlezulassen traurigsein kindergefühle kinderemotionen frieden glücklichsein

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Digital study of a skull in three-quarter view Took couple of hours to do this. Shading was my primary focus so there isn't minor details like cracks, holes or texture. I'm pleased with it! :) . You can support me by liking and following! ❤️ art artist artistoninstagram artstagram artlovers arts artoftheday drawing drawings drawingoftheday painting instaartists instadrawing myart myartwork contemporaryartwork artlife🎨 practicing visualarts figuredrawing sketching digitalart digital_art digitalpainting taide piirros skulldrawing skullart anatomydrawing gesturedrawing

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Whoa! 😨 Yes, this happened few hours back 🤗 This was the first time somebody has actually taken efforts & time to cheer me up through his creativity. He's insanely shy & very creative. But the art speaks his heart out The surprise that I saw made my eyes pop out of my sockets ( maybe I am exaggerating but the point I'm trying to make is that I was surprised beyond words 😇 ) I was flattered. Completely! Because it's not everyday that you get your own painting. Though I'm not an artist by profession, but paintings, sketches & world related to art is my 'LIFE' So, here, harshaljade thanking you for taking such efforts to create a beautiful sketch. Thanks so much for such a sweet gesture! ☺️ imeanit beyondwords bestieforlifetime artistsofinstagram indianartists sketch sketchbook digitalart digitalpainting digitalartist digitalartists digitalartistsoninstagram sketchartist artistoninstagram

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Day 22 of misadventuremay ⛩ Shen and Akito sit down for some well deserved lunch 🍳 Really enjoyed working out the composition for this one. Have never done a top down image before . (Re uploaded as wanted to change a couple of things on Shen. I usually sit on an illustration for a couple days before posting so I can make sure it’s to the standard I like but that’s not the case when your trying to do this daily haha) art artwork artist illustration_best illustration illustrator drawing illustrationnow brutlikes animeart fanart illustrationartists illustration_daily digital digitalart digitalpainting adventure challenge martialarts samurai japan manga japanese misadventuremay2019 lunch sitting ghibli anime mangaart

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NY Café • • I finally finished this passion project. I was able to learn many things while working on it. I'm glad I didn't lose interest in finishing it, even though I had many other things to do and I had to postpone everything a lot. This incredible concept art is from Igor Rozovny on Artstation. • Follow me on Artstation - • software - 3Ds Max, Zbrush, Substance Painter, Vray, Marmoset Toolbag • • • 3d digitalpainting sculpture art color stylizedstation artist artshow artwork artistsoninstagram myart creative 3dmodel zbrush texture painting abstractart followme instaart instaartist onlineart abstract arte creation digitalart videogames environment props game 3dart

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Day 21 of misadventuremay ⛩ And our adventurers take a visit to Porco Masamune one of the greatest sword smiths in the land. He is kind enough to gift Akito one of his famous Katanas ⚔️ . Thought it would be fun to get some Ghibli reference in this challenge. Also I’m really feeling the burn, I was a few days in front but now trying to get them done daily and taking it’s toll. Hope you guys are enjoying and it’s worth the grind haha art artwork artist illustration_best illustration illustrator drawing brutsubmission illustrationnow brutlikes brutmagazine fanart illustrationartists illustration_daily digital digitalart digitalpainting adventure challenge martialarts samurai japan japanesefashion japanese misadventuremay2019 swords katana blacksmith ghibli

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🌍🌎🌏⛰🏞🏝 The theme for this day was "Mothersday" but a beautiful idea was given to me by someone and I decided to go with that. Isntead of painting a mother mermaid and her kid, I decided to paint the mother of us all, Mother Nature 💚💚🍀☘🍃🌲🌱 . I hope you like this one as much as I loved doing her and frankly till now she is my personal favorite lol These amazing prompts were created by the amazing : tombancroft1 art artistic drawing painting illustration portrait digitalart digitalsketch digitalpainting digitalpaint digitalillustration digitaldrawing drawings sketch pencil pencilsketch mermay mermay2019 mermaid fantasy fantasypaitning underwater island nature green flowers