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oris Divers Sixty Five redbarcrew Limited Edition of 100 pieces, exclusive to RedBar members around the world! This watch marks RedBar’s biggest co-branding venture to date, and a percentage of proceeds from the watch, reaching $50,000 went towards the RedBar Fund (an entity which donates to charities in the various communities where RedBar chapters have emerged). One of those chapters, quite new actually, is redbargreece , our fraternized watch community! The special thing about this one is that the watch itself is upstaging the buzz-worthy collaboration. Why? Because it’s just so damn beautiful and because there are only 100 of them in the world! We are super lucky to have two brand new ones in our community, owned by dgravias and nick_raftopoulos , the guys that started RedBar Greece, with the blessings of Adam craniotes himself, RedBar Crew co-founder and fellow Greek 🇬🇷 Now, continuing with the actual review, for the RedBar edition, we find the new bronze bezel that Oris revealed at Baselworld 2018, a red-to-black fumé dial, vintage-toned lume inside rose gold-plated indices, no date, a double-domed sapphire crystal, and a chocolate brown leather strap with dark red stitching. Luckily, they have saved all co-branding for the caseback, leaving the dial as uncluttered as they come! The vintage Oris shield takes center stage with the RedBar logo and the individual serial number just below. The subtlety of the co-branding helps to assure that the watch comes first and the collaboration second, an order of priorities that too many co-branding ventures fail to achieve nowadays, where the collab overshadows the actual watch.

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노핀 연습~ 자세 별로 다리는 벌어지고 쭈욱쭈욱 나가고싶다😩😫 숨도 짧아지고 중성부력 엉망이고 freediving freediverlife nofins underwater gopro cnf cwt diver dive korea 다이버 프리다이버 스쿠버다이버 프로그킥 노핀 어렵다 중성부력 엉망진창 😩 다이브고수 divegosu watersports 할수있을때 즐겨라 "남들보다 더 잘하려고 고민하지 마라, '지금의 나' 보다 잘하려고 애쓰는게 더 중요하다."

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Discovery Scuba en Chino. Cuando nos llamaron para esta actividad nos reunimos con el STAFF para proponerles un nuevo desafío. Estos desafíos nos sirven para subir el nivel. Enhorabuena al equipo. Pero no bajéis la guardia ya sabéis que detrás de cada logro ,hay otro desafío😉 naturadive scuba diver sdidivers tdidivers buceomalaga disvoverscubadiving

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That’s what you get if you ask a marinebiologist to ‚send nudes‘! 😅🤷‍♀️😂😍 • Nudibranchs are a group of soft-bodied, marine gastropods, noted for their often extraordinary colours and striking forms which makes them a favorite of many underwater photographers 💕📸🐠 They are often casually called sea slugs, as they are a family of opistobranchs (sea slugs), within the phylum Mollusca. However, many sea slugs belong to several taxonomic groups which are not closely related to nudibranchs 🤷‍♀️ Nudibranchs are commonly divided into two main kinds 2️⃣ dorid and aeolid ☝️ This beauty here belongs to the Phyllidiidae. And like many within this family, their colors are warning signals ⚠️, indicating special capabilities to deter predators, such as bioactive chemical defense. This phenomenon is called aposematism. • marinebiology marinebiologist nudibranch seaslug uw marinescience marinescientist underwater uwphoto underwaterphoto underwaterphotography uwphotographer uwphotography redsea oceanlife marinelife macro diving scubadiving diver scuba tauchen taucher unterwasser unterwasserwelt unterwasserfotografie

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diver liveaboard 💙🐬🐢🦈🐟🐠🥰🧜🏽‍♀️🥽

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Octolar neden bu kadar mutlu 👌 veriyor dersiniz? Cevap çok basitBiten dersler için 📚

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I reckon we might've found our new album cover when we were down in Brighton 🏖

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Когда выбирал из динейки Conquest, остановился по своей давней любви на синих дайверах Hydro Conquest. Но и классическая версия цепанула. Ну и как часто бывает с йопнутыми часовыми фанами, через какое-то время становишься обладателем и вторых🙈🙈🙈😊 longines conquest_watches longineshydroconquest longines conquest hydroconquest divewatch swissmade swisswatch longineswatch watches watchporn watchmylove лонжин часы luxury luxurywatch часовоепорно швейцарскиечасы лухари время time дайвер diver wristwatch longinesconquest

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Grand Seiko "Snowflake" on a sunday😏

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Bucear no es sólo ver las especies más grandessino también las más pequeñas Tengo un amor especial por los Nudibranquiospara quien no los conozca, son un orden de moluscos gasterópodos sin concha, comúnmente llamados babosas de mar. Su nombre científico significa "con las branquias al desnudo". Muestran colores muy variados, llamativos y formas sinuosas. Gracias a queronea_sim por esta gran foto isubsanjose chanquete nudibranch nudibranquio aqualung aqualungdiver divingspirit buceo scubadiving scubadive scubadiver dive diver diving padi paditv mar marmediterraneo sanjosenijar cabodegata cabodegatanijar almeria

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Biete Tauchanzug Sharkskin, Gr.M, Ganzkörperanzug für Über- und Unterwasser, Atmungsaktiv, Winddicht und super angenehm auf der Haut wie Fleece, auch als Unterzieher entwickelt worden! Die Haifischhaut Marke, ursprünglich "Adventure Extreme", wurde in Australien gegründet. Deren Ziel war es, folgendes Problem anzugehen: Wie man Taucher während und nach dem Tauchgang warm halten kann? CHILLPROOF Annonce ansehen: https:www.tauchers-pinnwand.de/kleinanzeige/80761/

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Unreal reality 👁💪💪⠀ •••⠀ 👇⠀ Thanks for 📷 alfredminnaarphotographydiving diver scubadiving underwater dive natgeo idiveyou underwaterphotography инструкторподайвингу дайвингклуб дайвингэтокруто uwphoto paditv uwphotography instadive scubalife uwphotographer ilovediving SDIdivers YourShotPhotographer divingphoto divingphotography⠀ ⠀ Reposting alfredminnaarphotography:⠀⠀ "a Different perspective of the wall that separates us from the world above. Which part do you belong on? .⠀ christoff_ccr Definitely picked his side check the man out⠀ Diving out of mantadivegilit .⠀ Shout out to doxa_watches for the support can you spot it?"