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😉 Find me on Snapchat: selena9o 🐊 Still enjoying the sun far away from home. There are so many awesome places here and I try to shoot as much as possible for the upcoming VLOG. So keep an eye on my channel :) nüdes london gorgeous gymlife documentlife

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I LOVE photography! Look at this picture, aren’t they beautiful? My heart is melting. I’m so proud and thankful to have life lessons that can help me grow and for such amazing people around me. • • • documentlife babylove familyphotography inbeautyandchaos simplechildren letthembelittle letthekids childhood childhoodunplugged liveauthentic livethelittlethings theartofslowliving alittlebeautyeveryday petitejoys documentyourdays candidchildhood lovelifeoutside dearphotographer awakethesoul taunton somerset photography tauntonsomerset simpleliving

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Słowa S: „Im bardziej jest niegrzeczny tym jest bardziej kochany” A ja przyznaję mu rację tym bardziej, że od trzech dni walczy z gorączką spędzając czas na naszych rękach w dni i noce, które zdają się nie mieć końca Czekam z utęsknieniem aż zacznie broić ——————————————————————— blackandwhite blackphoto babyportrait ohboy chlopiec synek ohheymama mojewszystko wholemyworld loveofmylife myboy instadziecko instakid kidsforreal bechild childhoodmagic childhoodeveryday lettherebedelight letthekids lettherebelittle kids_of_our_world livethelittlethings our_everyday_moments documentlife livethelittlethings

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🇺🇸 Hello Friday We decided to spend a few days on the mountains Our plan says: Snow, skiing, Bob, Sun and no other thought 🇮🇹 E con venerdì il week end è sempre più vicino! Ammetto che per noi è già iniziato. Abbiamo deciso di passare qualche giorno in montagna Le previsioni dicono che sarà bel tempo e così ne approfittiamo per passare un po' di tempo noi tre insieme all'aria aperta I nostri piano dicono: neve, sci, bob, sole e nessun altro pensiero chocoscorner chocosteam solocolore blog blogger breakfast flatlay flatlaybreakfast flatlayforever goodmorning vegan cookies mammesupercool  flower fotografareconamore vivereacolori yellow spring Diffonderelabellezza lowcostemotion seguidavvero inspiremyinstagram lavitainunoscatto feliceadesso theheartcaptured modernmom documentlife hellostoryteller themagicofchildhood momlife

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🍃Sn pch t in BIO🐭 Challenge Time: Heute mal ein bisschen was anderes 🙊 .mary und ich haben uns gedacht, dass es jetzt jeden Donnerstag (bis Sonntag) eine kleine Challenge gibt, bei der jeder ganz easy peasy mitmachen kann. Am Ende von allen Challenges landet jeder Teilnehmer im Lostopf (euer Name kommt so oft in den Topf wie ihr teilgenommen habt) und hat die Chance auf 1 von 3 Überraschungspaketen Wir starten mit dem WALL SIT. Alle weiteren Infos und Teilnahme Bedingungen gibt es in meiner Story ☺️ Wer macht mit? girlgood ruivo muitoamorenvolvido shoot documentlife onesie nyc fitnessmotivation rosa happiness alloverprint natural woman goodvibes bekapten canonphotography

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Ihr Herzchen! Da haben sich ja ganz schön viele zu meinem letzten Post geäußert. Vielen Dank dafür! Leider wohnt ihr doch ziemlich verteilt und möglichst weit entfernt. 🤷🏼‍♀️😄 Aber im Sommer kann es durchaus sein, dass ich in der Hauptstadt und noch ein Stückchen weiter Richtung Leipzig unterwegs bin. Falls ein ernsthaftes Interesse besteht, setzt euch einfach mit mir in Kontakt. Ich würde mich freuen! Und jetzt happyfriyay instapower momof3 mamavondrei echteslebenzeigen documentlife reallife momlife fleißigeslieschen fotografin alltagmitkindern alltagsleben throughmyeyes kindheit mamasmitkameras strandleben draussenkinder lebenammeer run beach balticsea ostseeliebe

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This is what you call the best first day of spring ;) - Ready for summer already 😂 - Love this boy rayaanrw

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Photographer in training❤️ I love that he pulls out one of his toy cameras every time I have mine. arkhamaleksander

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A connection between person and place is a very personal experience, one that as an outsider looking in, is extremely difficult to put into words. This connection can form even before the person ever sets foot in the place. * Petr, the founder of talkingthroughart, grew up losing his imagination in books and stories about Africa, many many kilometers away in the Czech Republic, and long before ever stepping on the continent. * Stepping outside the physical boundaries of talkingthroughart on my first full day in Kigali, I began to see glimpses of that connection - sitting in on a church ceremony, visiting the homes of a couple of the NGO's members, hiking back to headquarters © Susan Czyzo for photographerswithoutborders talkingthroughart Donation link in bio PWBjourney morethanphotographers globalgoals UNgoals founder photographerswithoutborders seethroughanewlens Rwanda eastafrica thousandhills photojournalism documentlife storytelling ethicalstorytelling travelphotography documentaryphotography athomeintheworld lensculture worldcapture liveforthestory

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Augie had her first Prep interview today. She did so well and we are so proud of her but HOW did we get here already!? I am so excited for her but so emotional too I can’t even imagine how I’ll be on her first day. Has there ever been a parent that’s cried more than their kid because 🙋🏻‍♀️ that will DEFINITELY be me!

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so there are several separate public library systems in Los Angeles , I think I have library cards to 3 of them. In January , lapubliclibrary started offering the same Discover & Go program as lacountylibrary where you get free passes to museums and such, but they have passes to some different places like the lazoo and discoverycubela , so between the 2 programs plus all the free days and other ways to get in, I think there are ways to get in free for almost all the kid friendly museums and institutions in Los Angeles except maybe the aquarium.

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My golden girls✨. I never would have thought that such tiny little humans were capable of genuinely adoring each other as much as these two do. Their sister bond grows a little more every day and while most of the time I’m over here soaking up all this dang cuteness like 🥰🤗 they’ll suddenly do something that stops me in my tracks and my heart starts palpitating because I realize just how fierce this little duo is. whathavewedone lookoutworld SullivanSisters beyondthewonderlust oureverydaymoments documentingmotherhood momentslikethese flashesofdelight thatsdarling simplemoments capturethemoment motherhoodunplugged joyfulmamas motherhoodrising sisters hapagirls documentlife letthembelittle childhoodunplugged candidchildhood hapagirls

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I didn’t get to witness the last supermoon of 2019, but I have one in my journal! 🌕

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When it comes to working with leather, I've come to realise how surprising each piece can be. The natural texture, the smell and touch. Leather is not an easy material to work with, but the challenge is what makes it so interesting! This pair of earrings is the perfect match with your basic T shirt and a pair of jeans! Totally my styling tips Grab them, as they're ooak in my shop: heart_imprint leathercraft renegade_rural everything_imaginable leatherwork allbeauty_addiction amazing_memory_ everything_edited soulful_moments everything_home_front overall_imagery raw_country thebestofsmaland backroad_visions dreamland_arts_of_nature ethereal_moods forprettysake alifeofintention documentlife alliseeispretty ourwhimsicaldays capturethequiet reclaimthehappy daysofsmallthings tinytinymoments untoldvisuals thatsdarling heitermoments mydarlingminimal

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I don’t base my success off of what the world tells me I should. He has a purpose for my life and in pursuing that purpose, success, based off what God tells me, will come. I believe this so strongly!

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welcome to weho 🍔🌈

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The waiting game, is here again for us. And honestly every time I forget how emotionally exhausting it is. This time it isn’t only Taz and I affected by it but our precious Ez too. When my water broke the nurses didn’t even want me to leave hospital I had to beg and cry haha and then they let me leave but made me promise to come back that evening, so I was absolutely convinced we would meet Boaz by today, so I had prepared Ezzy. We packed their bags had supper at my mom and left them there to sleep over with the idea of them waking up in the morning and coming to meet their brother Boaz. When I was at the hospital the nurses did a test (whhhhhyyy the didn’t do this in the morning is beyond me 😭) but I obviously didn’t lose all my water or something and there is enough for Boaz to be happy for a bit longer so there was no need to induce labour. I had to phone Ezzy and tel him he wasn’t going to meet his brother in the morning and man was he heartbroken, he cried so much. 😭😭 So yes - this waiting game is not a joke haha but we will try embrace it and make the most of the time we have as a family of 4. 🎉❤️

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hit the spot this caramel colored coffee break was the perfect afternoon treat 🧡☕🧡 (and this polka dot dress is my absolute new favorite)

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So in love with my dream guyyy ✨ We are spending the night cuddled up on the couch, eating fries and praying the baby doesn’t wake up 🤞🏻 joyandmason

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my mom didn’t even give me ONE of her mini donuts. hangry 📷: ashleyyoshie