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지난주 수요일. 근력도 없고 뻣뻣+잘못된 자세로 당겼더니 완전 뜬금포로 가슴 정중앙쪽에 담이 왔구요😧😔 (다행히 자고일어나니 사라짐ㅋㅋ) 스트레치코드 수영일기 취미 그림일기 일러스트 두들 드로잉 illust drawing doodle 어깨랑 승모근에 힘주지말고 당기라는데 그걸 어케하냐구요 자꾸 거기만 힘이 뽝 들어가는데😭😔😔 오늘은 담은 안왔는데, 어깨통증을 얻었구요ㅠㅠ💥🌋

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Hi folks ☺️! You can get 25% off on stationary with the code " JUNGLE " 🌱 Only Today on REDBUBBLE (link in the bio) You can get cute postcards, blank sketchbooks, ligned notebooks 🎉 You can also support me by offering me a coffee on ko-fi, only 3$ but a big help for me (link in the bio) 😊 Love yaaa folks 🌱😍 illustration illo illus lineart cuteart nature art artist artistoninstagram limitedpalette colorpalette palette cute sketch sketches sketchbook doodle conceptart conceptartist  lineart discount stationary redbubble drawing visualdevelopment visualdev digitalart

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My original character <독고휘&선율 / Dokgohee&Sunyul> My cartoon 「Love writer」's characters

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SWIPE LEFT! I doodled a lot this weekend so I'm happy! 😄 この週末は私がたくさん描いて嬉しいです! 2ページ: 「爆発キャロット」「このにんじんは養子としてラディッシュたちに育てられたので、自分はラディッシュだとずっと思った。ある日、ある大根が本人に本当のことを言いました。」 Marami akong naidrowing nitong Sabado-Linggo kaya masaya ako! doodle filipinoartist search drawing hawaiiartist ink carrot

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Main chali main chali Dekho pyaar ki gali Mujhe roke na koi Main chali main chali 😂🚲 photodoodle doodle

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mermay challenge :’)

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Repost zeze_choi ( get_repost) ・・・ - 겨울이불 안녕❄️👋 코인빨래방 이불세탁 coinlaundry 빨래방에서 도시어부를 시청하다 대어를 낚으면 회를먹자 저혼자 약속을 하더니, 거짓말처럼 이경규가 감성돔 대어를 낚았고ㅋㅋㅋ 동생은 우럭 숭어 모듬회를 사왔다ㅋㅋㅋ 그림과는 상관없는 시시콜콜 이야기ㅎ - 아주아주 옛날부터 외국 스케처들이 올리는 빨래방 스케치가 너무 멋져보였는데ㅎㅎ 이렇게 로망을 실현해본다🤗 - 스틸만앤번제타 수분달30그림 4/30 - 🏷tags usk urbansketch urbansketchers dailydrawing instaart pendrawing watercolor sketchbook 드로잉프렌즈 doodle doodling journal drawingjournal zezedrawing

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Sandara Park is the reason I started listening to Korean music when I was a kid. She was my fave in Star Circle Quest. I'm forever a Blackjack! Sandara Park for 100daysofdrawing - day 4

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My demon in the dark

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Louvre is in the air 🤪

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이번 여름 벌써두렵다

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💛Just let me love you💛 Words can’t describe how much I actually love this

8 months ago

nudes and peaches! experimenting on adding colors that pop ✌ drawjes