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Day 3-5 travel journal ✨ Hellooo everyone :) I’m at home once again so we don’t have backgrounds of Tokyo anymore 😩💕 > swipe to see pictures of what I did ;’) —————————————— ⚠️ Warning: Rant ahead, skip if not interested ⚠️ Ok so my dad paid money to a guy to help us buy our tickets to Disney SEA and drive us there. He did buy us our tickets buttttttt he drove us to Disney LAND instead and my dad asked him manyy times if it was the right place. Although I’ve never been to Japan’s Disneyland, I kinda wanted to go to Disney sea instead cuz it was the first time I’ve heard of it and I’ve been to Disneyland in many different countries (just a few, I’m exaggerating a lot) :) That’s why Day 5 says sea and land with a question mark. The end! Thanks for staying with me if you’ve read this far 😂😘 Follow ➵ oliviasbujo to never miss a post! [fc: 720] tombow insta instagood tokyo bulletjournal art calligraphy lettering bujo watercolor calligraphyart doodle handwritten handwriting instagram moderncalligraphy handlettering brushlettering brush brushcalligraphy tokyo drawings japan traveljournal artist hobby disney disneyland

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One last guy before I forget 🤪

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Our friend Conner

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Swipe for more sketches & new character designs! These are sketches of my webcomic’s characters, Camille & Greg. Hope you like these cuties I’ll be posting the first five pages in a batch, so I hope you’ll check it out! Love you guys💜😘💕 . OC Webcomic Dystopian digitalart ocs fanart digital Sketches illustration artistsoninstagram doodle characterreference reference comic futuristic pages manga anime ocdrawing procreate enixsanctum aesthetic apocolyptic weapon artreference mycomic bunnygirl glasses costumedesign

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Kiss like you wanna be kissed - newhopeclub I really like how this one turned out :)

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Night at the beach | 67/365

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Who are your ride or dies? You knowthose people that keeps you riding steady? Your pit crew as kaleyskoglundroof would say it. 👉🏼Tag ‘em below. Let them know🌹💀 art by ehenk astrayinthewild

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Uff that was a tough work. A whole body on a A4 Paper and such a tiny face. But it's the doctor and I had so much fun with this very interesting face😁 Have a great night, a great morning, a great day - depending on the time you currently have ❤️ drwho mattsmith tardis sketch sketching sketches sketchbook drawdrawdraw drawing drawings instaartist instasketch instaartwork artsy art artwork scribble scribbles illustration pencil pencilartwork pencilportrait pencilsketch pencildrawing doodle artistofinstagram

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Damn I haven't touched my planner in DAYS, dont rlly want to do stuff rn 😂