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次回 GUIDANCE vol.7 前回のYAMAさんに引き続きNEWTONEから かまちゃん こと、DJ DNT(powwow)をお迎えして開催! 8/17 お盆休みの土曜日です - DNT a.k.a. DONUTS - DJ。京都生まれ、大阪在住者。もの心ついた頃からノイズ、ジャンク、アバンギャルド等の音楽に没頭し、前衛のターンテーブリストなどの影響でターンテーブルやレコードを触りはじめた。やがて様々なダンスミュージックを経験し、その背景にある日本のレイブカルチャーや、そこから広がっていく色々な分野のコミュニティの新しく先進的な活動に影響される。以後、Solipse,OzoraやBurningMan,BRCをはじめ、様々なパーティを回り廻り、2002年、BetaLandや仲間と、人や時間や場所や音楽〜過去や未来etc.は問わないパーティ、∴Flower of life∴を始動。2007年1月、伝説のクラブ"MACAO"に於いて実況録音されたDJ mix CD「*Celebration Vibration*」をCosmicLabよりリリース。現在、光と音のXYZ-Paradoxparty《POWWOW》にて実験を繰り広げたり、、☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ DJdnt dmt powwow dance japantrip ilovekobe kobenightlife kobenightclub tripadvisor travel travelersnotebook musicbar vinyldj goodmusiconly housemusic technomusic psychedelicmusic hiphopmusic downtempomusic ambientmusic goodgirl spanishmusic latinmusic kobecafe

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Feliz de compartir grandes experiencias con grandes personas y genios musicales Buena música para hacer vibrar nuestra alma 💃. Gracias a Plurpura Records Fernando VM por el gran compilado. Dense una vuelta en todos los tracks que estan buenisimos PlurpuraRecordsVA01 💜🍄 downtempomusic worldmusic variousartists

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XION10 stream / FREE DOWNLOAD: 🌲🌳 We always wanted to establish a platform for various sounds and also visual forms, open for other artists’ creations to take part in the XION space… And with our 10th release mini-anniversary we stepped forward with the talented youngster Thrown fka Kletis (as dubsteppy beatmaker) with a single accompanied with his own artwork on the cover - simply fitting to its content - translation for Trees and Clouds. ☁️🌥 Bringing you two warm and whirling, accessibly chilled whilst possibly dancy summer-time tracks, ideal for your sunny-shining daydreaming of sweet air, which uncovers his sense for details and a natural sound, with “woody” clapping garage which so typical for him, and Four Tet-like happy melancholia Listening suited to lying in the grass in a field next to a Mediterranean forest… iob ● Cover by Kle Tis Thrown Mastering by Ans Krmelec Studio futurebass futurebassmusic housemusic garagehouse garagehousemusic electronicamusic ambient electronicmusic fourtet downtempo downtempomusic bassmusic ukgarage ukgaragemusic idm

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Hi friends, good morning,new session " sunset desire " now available on the network and ready to listen, leave me your comment, happy Tuesday! · quasartracks universe downtempo downtempomusic deephousemusic chill chillout chilloutmusic synths deephouse synthmusic relax summer beach ibiza ambientmusic ibizabeach dj deephousevibes technopeople music musicpeople partypeople musicproducers electronicmusic melodichouse thesoundoftheuniverse indietronica electronicmusician synthmusic deeptechno

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Day 22 of 31 July Jam ☕️ Micro korgofficial sounds shaping 😛

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React Test Four React Music 1996 Favorite tracks: Marmion - "Schöneberg (Marmion Remix)" Armadillo - "The Hopper (Princess Kiss Mix)" Jose Padilla - "Sabor De Verano (Way Out West Mix)" Castle Trancelot - "Indoctrinate" eddie_fowlkes - "T.M.F. 61" Frankie Dark - "Do It To Me (Platinum Dub)"

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I’m set to return to Japan (for a visit) at the end of September 🙌🏻 I’m so excited. It’s going to be a relatively chilled out trip, with (hopefully) the end goal of completing a draft for an album 🤞🏻 I’ll be taking the OP-1 and Zoom H5 with me 🖤 Maybe I’ll re-create this photo as well. 😆

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Take One - Recent Clips Subtitled Records 2000 Favorite tracks: X-Ray - "Blue" The Stic - "Settle And Cease" Brace - "Domestic Transfer" Mutabaruka - "Dis Poem (Brace Re-Dub)" Martian Tin Can - "It's Lovely Here" Wuleeks - "Freestyle Flow"

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No hay mejor forma de terminar la tarde :)

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anonAminiMum - Bend to what end? Another quick Tuesday one hour session with Android's caustic 3 DAW. Art by my friend kayla kdeperry Amazing artist/individual that inspired me today. I hope to do more like this in The future. anonaminimum broadenyoursound