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The year was 2009and even though I’ve long left the companythe truth still stings.

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🇺🇸 - New Track is comming! 🇧🇷 - Nova música chegando! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ☄

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“NÈG LAKAY” - Remain true to your roots. No matter where you are. shouldawenttoelliot

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Nurse with a perfect response!🔥 • All year and these playoffs I’ve been saying that we’re not that same team we’ve always been and Nurse just said so himself! Just take in our different our coaching staff and starting line is compared to last year. We completely flipped the switch! Now we have an opportunity to close out a series in 5 and give our guys a much needed rest, you better expect us and magic to come out swinging!👊🏽 • H/T Josh Lewenberg • Follow theraptorsinsider for more!🏀 THERAPTORSINSIDER

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Who is going to apply for this? 😂 RichTheKid

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NeneLeakes was forced to pay the Bravo cameraman that she assaulted in her closet – $200,000. Nene was suspended for one episode from RHOA – and had to forfeit her $200K an episode salary to her victim. Nene currently makes $5M per season on Bravo’s highest rated show. During last season of Bravo’s Atlanta Housewives, Nene Leakes got into a physical altercation with one of the cameramen. Nene “attacked” the man, and ripped his shirt. But the Bravo employee also suffered more substantial injuries – he lost one of his teeth. And Nene had to pay the producer for it. “I didn’t hit him. I pulled his t-shirt. And it was a t-shirt and it tore,” NeNe explained. “Well, him, but the other guy got choked up, scratched up, went to the hospital,” Porsha said. “Did he go to the hospital?” NeNe said, pretending like she didn’t know. “I didn’t hear nothing about that.” Porsha had even more information. “He absolutely did and absolutely had scratches on his back. Choked up and head drug against the wall.” Kandi Burruss confirmed that story, saying: “His tooth got knocked out.” “I heard his tooth was cracked,” NeNe said, “but nonetheless, it didn’t give me the right to touch him.” ————————————————— CardiB BardiGang Diddy 50cent DjKhaled Beyonce BeyHive Drake Kevingates KanyeWest Barbz NickiMinaj KenyaMoore PorshaWilliams MarloHampton CynthiaBailey KimKardashian kevinhart BigFreedia KhloeKardashian Rihanna JeffreeStar JessHilarious WendyWilliams

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lildeathstar and his track Sad Nights has been on the steady incline since it’s release. Also being only his second release, LilDeath is proving personal pain and trauma are experiences we can share and grow from. *VideoLinkInBio‼️

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relatable on a spiritual level

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1992 👑

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¿Santa Jordina? Vereis, me mola mucho que nazcan nuevas historias cogiendo la leyenda de referencia. Esta guay. Pero prohibir la leyenda oficial o los cuentos antiguos no lo veo bien. No creo que haya que prohibir nada. Ya que si no fuera por esa leyenda (y el resto de cuentos clásicos) yo de pequeña no me hubiese cuestionado todo lo que me cuestione. Y no hubiese podido construir una mente crítica desde ya temprana edad. De pequeña detestaba que mataran al dragón, que la princesa tuviera que ser salvada etc pero gracias a leer esas historias soy quien soy. ¡Leer mucho! ¿Y tú que opinas?

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Happy Easter 🐣🐰