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I’ve been working on a Persona TTRPG for the last few weeks and this is one of the player’s persona. It is based off the mythological Irish hero Cu Chulainn but the players just know it as The Hound art artofinstagram artoninstagram artist artists artistoninstagram artistsofinstagram artistsofinstagram artistsoninstagram drawing drawings drawingsketch drawstagram digital digitalart digitalartist digital_art digitalillustration illustration illustrator monster dog Persona dnd dungeonsanddragons ttrpg

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The miracle of life is a gift. It is not a court order imposed by those who do not recognize its worth. It is not a piece of clay to be molded by those with unfulfilled dreams. It is not a burden carried by those incapable of loving anyone but themselves. It is not a business deal made by those fulfilling a societal contract. It is not a weapon used by those at war in a broken home. It is not an irrelevant by-product of those who violate a woman's body. The miracle of life is a gift. pencil art drawing sketch artist draw illustration sketchbook pencildrawing instaart artwork pen creative artsy artoftheday drawings paper instaartist painting artistsoninstagram instagood picture portrait arte gallery sketching beautiful pencilart prochoice loveislove

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Swipe to see original. Redid the first digital drawing I did on my phone. Since I'm limited to just that, I don't have the "best" stuff. Oh well, goes to show that you can still do stuff with something as small as a phone (Feel free to ignore these~) art artist artists artistsoninstagram illustration instaart digitalart digitaldrawing digitaldrawings digitalpainting digitalpaintings drawing drawings doodle doodles painting paintings redraw thenandnow sonic sonicthehedgehog supersonic classicsonic sonicdrawing sonicart soniccharacters

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┏━━━━ஓ๑°๑ஓ━━━━┓ . Casually dying┗━━━━ஓ๑°๑ஓ━━━━┛┏━━━━ஓ๑°๑ஓ━━━━┓ .Tags . illustration watercolor pencil ink sketch sketchbook drawing drawings pencildrawing pencil watercolorpainting instaart manga mangadrawing animes artwork artist originalart animeart painting portrait manga Blackbutler CielPhantomhive Sebastianmichaelis kuroshitsuji commission commissionopen domokufeature Please only follow me, if you like my art. Not for a backfollow. I only follow people where I like the art. ♡ Thank you┗━━━━ஓ๑°๑ஓ━━━━┛

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This took forever lolBehold: the Dilusia Sprite with a galaxy in the background cause uh . Yes— . Song: Pixel Galaxy—Snail’s house . I used to love that song so much :,) . I drew this night/morning and it looks okay i guess . OC OwnCharacter OriginalCharacter Art Drawing Doodle Sketch Cartoon drawings draw artistic creative creativity artsy Character characterdesign digital digitalsketch digitaldrawing digitalart herooc dilusiaocs pixelated pixels pixelanimation charactersprites animation dilusiavideos pixelgalaxy persona

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Muito boa tarde! tudo bem por aí? Bom, continuando com mais um dos desenhos que fiz mês passado né, esse aqui foi muito trabalhoso😅 Como já comentei antes, o tema do projeto que participei era sobre livros literários, e daí fiz alguns desenhos relacionados ao tema e outros com contexto diferente. Esse aqui traz um pouco da mágica que a imaginação nos proporciona ao lermos um livro de nosso gosto, aquele ânimo que provavelmente você aí que tá lendo já sentiu ao ler algo que gosta😅 Espero que tenha passado algo com isso aqui, e POR FAVOR, deixa aí nos comentários qual foi a sensação que você teve ao ver o desenho. MANDEM VER NESSAS CRÍTICAS😅 Obrigado e, até um outro dia minha gente!❤ desenho art drawing arte o draw drawings desenhando anime ilustra sketch livros desenhododia literatura animes desenhista desenhar manga illustration instaart desenhosrealistas desenhoam desenhorealista desenhostumblr artwork desenholivre ilustration desenhoalapis bhfyp mardenartwork

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🖤🐟⭐👀 🍃 🖤Heyy guys 🍃 🍃This is the finished eye drawing 🍃 🖤I was inspired by georgeeart 🖤I found it on pinterest btw 🍃 🖤For this drawing I used 🍃 ~ prismacolor colored pencils 150 set ~ fabercastellglobal fineliner ~A gelly roll pen for details (idk the brand sry) ~ marabu_creative_colours sketchbook ~And for sketching I used a carandache pencil 🍃 🖤Time : 4 to 5 hours 🍃 Tags: art artoninstagram artist artwork artfeaturehelp artfeature art_realistic artistoninstagram drawing drawings draw eye eyelashes eyedrawing eyedrawings pencilartist pencils pencil_drawing pencildrawing pencil_sketch pencilsketch colorpencils colouredpencils colorful prismacolor prismacolors fabercastel fabercastell realisticdrawing realism

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☆吉澤敬二藝術塾☆      【絵画教室】  *デッサン講座 ・初心者からのデッサン。 *モチーフ講座 ・思い入れのあるものを描く。 *基本の油絵講座 ・基本技法とすすめ方。    各講座一律 2時間2000円            photo by memorieswitheli elliephoto    HP:www.keiji.me  作品ご購入は、下記のリンクからもどうぞ  ① ミンネ https:minne.com/ keiji2009  ② メルカリ https:www.mercari.com/jp/u/458876633/  Yoshizawa Keiji Art School [Painting class] * Drawing Course -Drawing from a beginner. * Motif Course -Draw what you have a fondness for. * Basic oil Painting Course Basic techniques and recommended methods.  Each course is uniform  2 hours 2000 yen  HP:www.keiji.me   【Keiji Works】  You can also buy it from under link  ①https:minne.com/ keiji2009 ② https:www.mercari.com/jp/u/458876633/   絵画教室 絵画 デッサン 油絵 造形 吉澤敬二藝術塾 素描 油絵教室 油画 絵描き 描く 絵描き デッサン教室 coursdedessin painter cat art artschool painting dessin drawings drawing oilpaintingportrait japanesepainter oilpaintingoncanvas peinturealhuile peintre peintrejaponais oilpaints artistsoninstagram