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⚠️免費英文活動⚠️每個禮拜五晚上8點到9點半 FREE ENGLISH HANGOUT every Friday at aromaximencafe It starts at 8pm! Grab a drink and a chance to practice your English. Tonight we will be discussing social media! See you there aromacoffee coffee freeenglish coffeetalk goodcoffeegreatfriends international englishiscool englishisfun englishtaipei learnenglish englishtaiwan english doyouevenenglish englishclass speakenglish drinkcoffee 西門 免費英文 練習英文 咖啡

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(COFFE TIME) Godmorgen allesammen til en solrig fredag og lige op til weekenden, Så kan man kun komme i godt humør.☺️ i dag er det sidste dag på min praktiksted. Virkelig underligt at der er gået 8 uger 😳 så dagen skal bare nydes. Har nemlig bagt kage til kollegerne som tak for et godt team arbejde og gode kollegaskab. Så nu ville jeg nyde min morgenmad med bodylab protein Ice coffee Vanilla flavour 😍☕️ Håber alle for en fantastisk fredag. Hvordan forkælder i jeres kollegaer? bodylabdk reklame goodmorning breakfast coffeetimeicecoffee protein fitnessmotivation fitfood postworkoutmeal leanmeals iifym drinkcoffee likeforlikes likeforfollow

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😍 Mais uma combinação que agrada muito o paladar. 😋 🔸 "Daniel's Coffee" 👉 Uma das bebidas mais tradicionais da Irlanda, o Café com WHISKY foi inventado na cidade de Foynes, onde ficava um dos maiores aeroportos do país. Em 1943, um voo que ia para Nova Iorque teve que voltar devido às péssimas condições climáticas e aguardar até a situação melhorar. Foi então que o chef do aeroporto Joe Sheridan foi chamado para fazer alguma receita quente para os passageiros que morriam de frio. Sheridan acrescentou um pouco de uísque no café e voilá: a receita ficou famosa e foi incorporada ao menu do aeroporto. Depois se espalhou pelo país, e mais tarde pelo mundo. pausaparaocafe coffee diegomaxim cafegourmet drinkcoffee

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हम अपनों से खफ़ा हो नहीं सकते_प्यार के रिश्ते बेवफा हो नहीं सकते_तुम हमें भुला कर भले ही सो जाओ_हम तुम्हे याद किये बिना सो नहीं सकते latepost picoftheday photooftheday nightpics lucknow_igers luck drinkcoffee drinkcoffee up32 bhaibhai seniorpictures friendkesaathfullenjoy photographer vivov9 iphonexr

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G U A T E M A L A • The name 'Los Dos Socios', or the two associates, refers to Don's relationship with nature as the associate supporting his farm. Don Concepcion Villatoro Matias purchased his farm in El Chalum, Huehuetenango in 1990, and since then it's been used for planting and harvesting coffee. Over time, Concepcion bought other small parcels, planting them with Bourbon and Caturra plants beneath the Gravilea and Chalum shade trees. These he separated into many small parcels. This coffee is sweet, fruity with notes of cinnamon, orange, grapefruit and milk chocolate This coffee is now available online[link in bio] and will be available on shelf at the Tasting Bar next week locallyroasted microroaster thirdwave thirdwavecoffee tastingbar artisancoffee artisan artisanal shopsmall shoplocal supportlocal coffeelifestyle drinkcoffee coffeetime coffeelife caffeinelife caffeinecouture coffeelove specialtycoffee butfirstcoffee blackcoffee igcoffee sustainability handmade coffeegram

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👉 Puluhan gerai coklat gaul telah tersebar di seluruh sumatera,membuat keceriaan di setiap gelas,"KEUNTUNGAN" 1.MURAH LENGKAP Dan TINGGAL JUALAN. 2.MENU COKLAT GAUL DAPAT DISAJIKAN HOT¥ ATAU ICE 3. BANYAK PILIHAN MENU DAN KOMBINASI TOPPING. 4. SEMUA KEUNTUNGAN MILIK ANDA TANPA BAGI HASIL. "PROMO PAKET" BERLAKU HINGGA 29 Maret 2019 PAKET BOOTH + SEMUA PERALATAN YANG DIDAPAT LENGKAP BLENDER,BUBUK,GELAS,XBANNER DLL. PLUS GRATIS MENU 14 VARIAN COKLAT GAUL 100. ^^ 🏛️ COKELAT GAUL 🌐 Website : https:t.co/x6EdSlsSwP 💯 Fanspage : outletcoklatgaul 🐦 Twitter : cokelatGaul 👍 Instagram: cokelatgaul ☎ Customer Service : ✅ SMS/WhatsApp ✆ : 62813-7884-8806 franchisee waralabaindonesia minuman peluangusaha coklatgaul cokelatgaul tebingtinggiku samosirisland sumatera binjai medanku minumankekinian parapat siantarcity doyanmakan drinkcoffee belawan pekanbaru padang kisarancity tanjungbalaikarimun palembang limapuluhkota jakartainfo sipirok dumai riauhits updatepalembang minuman aceh

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Hemp-Infused coffee for you coffee lovers. Get an extra boost with your morning cup of joe. Link in bio.

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Koppi Coffee (Helsingborg, SWEDEN) - Colombia Huila Finca La Ensillada - grapes, jasmine, bright Why post about the story of the producer? Isn't it enough to have a cup of the top coffees in the world? Afterall, we live in the western world where we get food from sources thousands of miles away? It wasn't until I started my journey in third wave coffee culture that traceability and knowing who served me throughout the chain all the way down to the producer became accessible. I care about quality and those who also care through their work DESCRIPTION Nancy Diaz employs 8 pickers during harvest, and they instructed to be careful to pick only mature cherries.  The cherries are left in the hopper over night and then at 6am the next day depulps and mixes the beans from the previous day.  A total fermentation time ranges from 24-36 hours because it is a two stage fermentation process.  She washes 4 times and then puts the wet washed parchment beans into bags for 4 hours.  She uses a traditional drying facility made of a wood structure that has a clear tarp overhead to prevent rain from getting in.  At first she rakes every three hours. A total dry time of 20-25 days.  She comes from Putumayo, Colombia.  When she lived in Putumayo, she produced coca plants and lived form the sale of the plants.  Over time this became very dangerous, and so her father decided to leave the area and move to Tarqui.  In Tarqui they started to grow coffee, and they were able to live in a more relaxed environment.  She met her husband 15 years ago and has 4 sons. Nancy’s plans for the future is to improve her facilities, specifically the wet mill, and to improve the quality of life for her family. This lot from Nancy Dias came 10th in the micro lot competition we arranged in Tarqui in August 2017. It’s 100% Variedad Colombia, and is grown at 1800 masl. Nancy’s farm Finca La Ensillada is located in the hamlet of El Camen in Tarqui, Huila. - hub.cropster.com coffee colombiacoffee coffevagabond craftcoffee coffeegeek drinkcoffee coffeedaily coffeetime koppicoffee coffeeoftheday coffeefan coffeeconnoisseur thirdwavecoffee specialtycoffee singleorigincoffee coffeeporn

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Hello yogamat my old friend

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Back on form. After a setback where I was making less excellent coffee, I tried a little harder today and here we are. In a city where it's hard to find a good one.

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Our barista Karen found her awesome in that cup. What ways do you find yours with Lucabe? Tag us in your awesomeness that is driven by Lucabe Coffee and you could win a free drink! Multiple winners, so tag a friend, post a pic tagging us, and show us your awesome! 👊

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Do you know how damn hard it is to sell products on social media? 📲👥🧐 🤷🏼‍♀️ I don’t either, but it looks pretty effin’ hard. I mean, posting pics and stories about your stuff ALLLL DAYY LOONNNGG, sending a million friend requests to complete strangers, immediately messaging them and begging them to help you reach some crazy bonus (before even asking them how the hell life’s treating them today🙄), spending more money than your stuff is even worth just to meet quotas 😧 👉🏼 Sounds exhausting. 😴 juststop After getting spammed by so many people constantly trying to get me to buy their gadgets, or telling me I’ll be skinny after I commit to their 90-day test groups (like, thanks, I guess 😑), I told myself I would NEVER again venture into the world of online business. But then I found a company that actually gives a damn about what they are doing, that care about changing people’s mental health and wellness ➖an EPIDEMIC in our world 🌍➖ (something that has personally affected me) and do it with natural products, no matter how many times I tried to say NO❗️I just kept getting drawn back. 🔮 I am so, so, SO GRATEFUL that something kept tugging at me and I finally changed my mind; with no expectations or unattainable goals for myself ➖ because now I’ve gotten paid 💰 weekly consistently for 10 weeks in a row since a week after I started, and even qualified this month for one of our monthly bonuses ➖ something I’ve NEVER EVER been able to do before ☕️💊🙌🏼 And I didn’t have to send a single cold message 🥶, add people to a spammy group without asking them first, and I haven’t once asked a single person to please help me by making a purchase. 🤷🏼‍♀️ gofigure All I’ve done is share my story, my struggles, my success, and my results, and I’ve been Marie Kondo-ing the fuck outta people. 😆💥 Don’t talk yourself out of an opportunity to change your life. 🦋Catch ya at the top 😉🔝 notjustforSAHM youcantoo levelup mariekondoyourlife behappy drinkcoffee theoriginalhappycoffee mentalhealth wellness anxietywarrior depressionawareness suicideawareness suicideprevention momneedscoffee mommyneedsadrink workingmoms

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What can be better than our Anniversary Sale? Our Spring Cleaning Clearance Sale with Coffee! dasgudcoffee will be whipping up some specialty drinks to add to your many purchases Whew! No kidding! We are purging gotta make room for vintage7nine vision Are we going to see you? Again, mark your calendar, this Saturday 3/21! Gums Mall of Antiques & Collectibles springcleaning antiques collectibles antiquemall antiquestore clearance discounts walmartdeals purge clearout makeroom drinkcoffee coffeefun specialcoffee vision shoplocal entrepreneurgoals changeisgood loveit shopsmallbusiness

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Portable Espresso Machine Mini espresso is the perfect portable espresso machine. Compact, lightweight and versatile, you may use any variety of coffee bean/roast, which will give you more flexibility in trying new flavors. Grinding your own beans will give you more control over your coffee preparation, resulting in a quality espresso shot that will please even the most sophisticated coffee aficionado.You can use any variety of coffee bean/roast, granting flexibility to try new flavors. For more details visit my website, link on bio. dailyfood coolgadgets easymeals coffeeshop onlineshopping latest amazon amazonprime espressomachine instagood dailydope enjoylife comfortfood drinkcoffee

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Loved trying out this Gesha coffee at Bar Nine⠀ -⠀ It was beautifully floral and fruity with an intense aroma that amazed me before the first sip ☕️😋⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ gesha geshacoffee lacoffee losangelescoffee lacoffeeshops freshcoffeebeans drinkcoffee coffeeshots cupsinframe baristaart artisancoffee singleorigin singleorigincoffee freshcoffee specialtycoffeeroaster coffeeroasters freshlyroasted coffeehead coffeemood mycoffee coffeejourney coffeeeveryday afternooncoffee coffeeisalwaysagoodidea howiseemycoffee coffeeshoptabletop

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Did you know we have a dog-friendly patio? Well, we do and it’s in the 70’s today!☀️ We couldn’t ask for a more beautiful day. So we invite you and your four-legged friends down to enjoy the weather🐶 Tag us in your pictures, shoutout to our furry friend enjoying some Karmic Grounds in that second picture! 👈 📸 (2) : ksifford dog instadog patio happyhour karmic coffee dogood drinkcoffee schnauzerworld dogsofinstagram frisco friscotexas dtx coffeeshop craftbeer wine indianfusion

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I’m an enneagram Type 3. The achiever That’s means I want to KICK ass with everything I do. Achieving is what motivates me. Once I made that realization, everything clicked (thanks cassiekanable ) . This makes it difficult to strength train as a woman And let me tell you why . My fucking period. Yup, I said it. And it’s so much more than just your monthly bleed. It’s the hormone levels leading up to the menstrual phase, the dips in energy and mindset shifts. These factors affect me + my performance as an athlete more than I want to admit. One week it’s 225 for reps and the next we’re barely bringing it up for 1. That drives the Type 3 Achiever in me INSANE I want to be strong as fuck in every single lift and be Mr. Incredible lifting the car. However, as a woman my internal being dictates (to a certain extent) just how Mrs. Incredible I’ll be. Will I pick up that car? Or will I simply be winning to move light weight around? She will tell me and learning to flow with that inner me is my mindset battle today. And ya know what? When I started lifting squatting 70 pounds was a major accomplishment and on my worst day that’s barely a warm up. I don’t say to brag, but rather to put life (and lifts) into perspective. (And put my inner Achiever in check) Check yourself, check your mindset. Are there factors out of your control affecting the situation? What can you control or change? Focus on those and excel where you can 🖤 . That being said, I’m looking forward to 1-2 weeks from now when my energy levels swing back up & I’ll be fucking crushing it 😤 . buildingstrongasswomen wellnesslifestyle wellnessforlife wellnesscommunity liveintenionally personaldevelopment beautycounter safeskincare healthygut eatrealfood lifecoachingforwomen onlinecoaching holisticnutritioncoach holisticlifecoach goaldigger creativelife creativeentreprenuer calledtobecreative businessblog womenempoweringwomen drinkcoffee coffeeoftheday successcoach womeninfitness womenwhoconquer strongissexy wellnesscommunity buildthatbody womentowatch

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Koffeeland е првиот вистински синџир на улични кафе спојки (Street-Social Hub) во Македонија, со: ☕️Најсилен бренд, ☕️Кафе со највисок квалитет ☕️Знаење ☕️Извонредни цени кафето Љубителикафе инстаграмџии фотонаденот скопје пијамкафе Koffeeland coffeeinskopje feelthecoffee coffeeshopskopje skopje кафа кафе kafe coffee retro blackcoffee coffeelove cafe coffeeoftheday caffeine instacoffee coffeelife coffeeholic drinkcoffee brewcoffee dailycoffee coffeeworld mycoffeetime

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La vida es como una taza de café. Todo está en cómo la preparas, pero sobre todo en cómo la tomas ☕️ coffeelovers drinkcoffee

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Listen to kaywack & ptyson talk about thelondonmethod and what drove them to take it to the next level this year! The amazing and talented, michelleaduvall from barrevariations had them as her latest guests on her podcast so just click on the link in our profile to hear it today tlmgirls Talk! bizpartners tellall 😆 barre theoriginal entrepreneur getitgirl laugh live love drinkcoffee fitfabfun makingitwork werklikeberk whereitallbegan london england estherfairfax lotteberk motherdaughter legacy liveson inthelondonmethod fitnessbusinesspodcast

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Spring mood 🌱☕️

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. “I love scrolling IG and seeing everyone live their best lie-f. “ 😂 . I LOVED getting all the messages in response to my stories rant about people abusing the word “influencer.” Let’s make sure we’re still being true to ourselves in these little squares; remembering that they’re not the full picture. I like to think of them as the Food Sample Stations in the aisles of Costco; everyone wants a taste but the full pizza is really where’s it’s at.🍕 Cute T-shirt from the talented simplejoyshop 🥰🥰

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A night coffee is really very effective when thinking about the summary of the day 💕 - Do you drink coffee before going to bed? 🤗 - Check the link in the bio for some great content based mugs ☕ - Credits: olga_slizh 📸 - Follow us drink_your_way 👈

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Serene coffee scenes await ☕️

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These are the my RTS 22 oz Tumblers. Comment below or DM with the one you would like. I do ship worldwide :) Each is laser engraved with the design, no vinyl to worry about. •Sea Life $29.95 all others $24.95 •22 oz •holds hot and cold liquids •top rack dishwasher safe •comes with a matching straw