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Bag and beer amazing conbination

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WineWednesdays with LiveMusic 🎙️ . Offer for all Ladies!💃🏻 Unlimited Sangria & Bellini at INR 690 OR One Glass of Sangria or Bellini Free 🍷 Wednesday | 27th March, 2019 Live Music - 8:30 pm onwards Visit esora_bistro with your family and friends and have a winesome day with scrumptous bites along! 😋 For Reservations : +91 8828833321 / +91 2249762177 EsoraBistro winewednesday livemusic bellini sangria drinks food foodies yummyinmytummy foodporn drinkporn party wednesdaynight mumbaibistro family friends dineandwine things2doinmumbai mumbaidiaries goregaon oberoigardencity mumbai

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The Randy . It has been some time since I noticed this recipe in my book diffordsguide and I finally decided to make this cocktail 🥃 . I just have one thing to say to describe it : Waow For me, this cocktail is the perfect example of what I like to sip. This relatively strong drink needs to be slowly drunk, the notes of cognac, port and orange go divinely well together and the touch of vanilla comes subtly in the mouth in a second time 🥃 . Moreover, its dark red color is just beautiful and it will go well with your clear ice cubes In my opinion it is a very nice and elegant cocktail that I highly recommend you try. Here is its complete recipe : . 1.5 oz Cognac 0.5 oz Cointreau 1.5 oz Porto ambré 0.25 oz Vanilla syrup . Stir all the ingredients in your mixing glass, serve and enjoy It was a real delight and I am sure many of you will like it ! Cheers my friends 🥃 . cocktails cocktail barman bartender bar drinks mixology drinkstagram cocktailhour cognac porto cointreau wine winelover spirit swiss liquor happyhour apero cheers thirsty artofdrinks drinkporn makeitworldclass artofdrinks thedrinkhunter wearestrawless

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WHAT A LOVELY BUNCH OF COCONUTS 🌴 This team, my team, a most magnificent team they are in Bristol TODAY to share their individual passions, life lessons, covetable cocktails and just an abundance of joy and a healthy sprinkle of comedy. Kicks off at 11am at The Watershed – be there or be square. WGSunwrapped WeAreWillieG williamgrantuk

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🎉🎉 For March we celebrate the GIN collection from Lawrenny Estate as our Gin Of The Month 💚 With 3 unique gins in the collection, two are award winners and applauded for their delicious flavours in both Australia and America. (Van Diemen's and 1818 Settlers) And the third, Highlands Gin recently launched not so long ago ✨ Click the link in bio to learn more!

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This time next week we will be in Porto, visiting aphros_wine! To celebrate, this week we will be pouring his Loureiro & Vinhão by the glass. Hopefully we will be smuggling back some bottles not normally stocked in the Uk like his Phanus Pet Nat! wanderxportugal wanderwine wanderrestaurant

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On Sundays, we drink cocktails ❤️🧡 Can we just start the weekend over again ? I wasn’t ready. hatemondays

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▪ Jus v.i.t.a.m.i.n.é ▪ Je vous souhaite une belle journée vitaminée avec ce jus fruits /légumes ▪ Que du rouge ! ▪ Betterave cuite, orange, carotte ▪ Dans mon petit article du jour, j'ai détaillé les bienfaits de ce cocktail vitaminé ▪ Et vous fan de jus ? ▪ ▪ A vitaminic red juice ■ drink boisson orange vitamines vitamins juices jus redjuice beetroot blog blogueusefrancaise frenchblogger influencer likes like4like l4l lfourl l4l drinkstagram drinkporn smoothielove healthydrink ilovesmoothies yumm ilovejuicing instahealthy▪ ▪ ,■

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Today is the day! Bacardi legacy's final 2019 at 3pm at the Drinkong, Rome. Thank you all for your support, we hope for a glorious ending and never forget: El Bate is for everyone!🦇❤ This is our story⬆️ el_bate_for_bacardi frankie_easyshake • • • elbate_for_bacardi blcc2019 cocktails bar drinks cocktail drink instagood party bartender drinkup photooftheday love liquor vodka thirsty drinking drinkporn alcohol bhfyp rome mixology mixologist rum liquor whiskey cocktailbar whisky drinkstagram craftcocktails

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春は柑橘系が美味しい! ☆甘酸っぱさとほろ苦さの“甘夏”はジンに漬け込んで甘夏ジントニック! ☆柑橘の大トロ“せとか”は絞って和風スクリュードライバー! ☆爽やかな酸味と甘さ“はるか”は皮の香りも活かしてウォッカサワー! ビタミンもたっぷり補充して春の夜を満喫しましょう! fukuoka 福岡グルメ 薬院 薬院大通 instafood 料理 のんべぇ barmetric 薬院バー 燻製 フードポルノ foodporn drinkporn foodstagram カクテル cooktail Bar 福岡バー 飲酒タグラム 甘夏 せとか はるか

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Repost rosandingeman ・・・ 'Butterfly Pea Ruby' cocktail 🦋🍋 A Gin based drink, infused with Butterfly Pea Tea & Ruby Chocolate, mixed with Elderflower & Chocolate Liqueur, Orange Blossom Water, Lemon, Choco Bitters & Egg White. In short, A Flowery Sour with an hint of Chocolate. Gentle, elegant•°🍇.•°🍃⚘.•°🌺°•.🍃⚘.•°🍇 The grapey & flower tones (Lavender, Rose & Blossom) in Alkkemist Gin tend to come forth in this drink. The infusion with Butterfly Pea Tea gives the mix its colour & underlines these floral tones. The Ruby Chocolate infusion softens the Gin in someway, giving it a very light touch of Chocolatey fruitiness, without harming the juniper kick•°🍇.•°🍃⚘.•°🌺°•.🍃⚘.•°🍇 This bouquet of flowers is further enriched by adding St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur. Plus, a few drops of Orange Blossom Water which are lovely in a sour, avoiding the egginess of the Egg White & resulting in an even larger garden of flowers•°🍇.•°🍃⚘.•°🌺°•.🍃⚘.•°🍇 To fortify the soft touch of the Ruby Chocolate infusion, White Crème de Cacao & Chocolate Bitters were included, giving some creamy softness. These sweet tones are gently on the background•°🍇.•°🍃⚘.•°🌺°•.🍃⚘.•°🍇 1 1/2 oz Alkkemist Gin infused with Butterfly Pea Tea & Ruby Chocolate 1 oz Lemon 1/2 oz St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur 1/2 oz De Kuyper Crème de Cacao 1 tbs Monin Vanilla Syrup 3 Drops of Orange Blossom Water 3 Drops of Chocolate Bitters .•°🍇.•°🍃⚘.•°🌺°•.🍃⚘.•°🍇 cocktails sourhour sourcocktails alkkemistmoments alkkemistgin alkkemistmoments butterflypeatea butterflypea rubychocolate martess_chocolaterie cremedecacao elderflowerliqueur stgermaindrinks de_kuyper_cocktails monin_europe thebittertruth thebittertruthcompany cocktailgram cocktailporn mixologyart drinkgram drinkporn liqpic

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* 久々の 夜会♡♡ * 何話してても楽しい 可愛い妹ナミと𗀃𗁯 * 何軒か行って最後はカラオケ🎤 いつものパターン🥳🙌🏻 * この日も良く酔って 〆の台湾ラーメン最高♥️♥️ * メガハイボール のデカさに テンション上がる𗀅💯 * 8plus の画像の綺麗さと ナミの写真の上手さに 感動から始まった夜🙈𗁧 * * dinner gourmet delicious cheers beer drink drinkstagram drinkporn instadrink mamalife osaka 乾杯 美味 大人女子会 大人時間 石橋 北摂 大阪 男の子ママ 北摂グルメ ママ達の息抜き はしご酒 立ち飲み 中身はおじさん ディナー ママライフ エミdinner

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Oggi pomeriggio, (lunedì 25 Marzo), Drink Kong ospiterà la finale italiana della Bacardi Legacy 2019, che porterà alla finale mondiale ad Amsterdam prevista per Maggio. La serata proseguirà con l’apertura al pubblico, come una normale ‘serata kong’! ⚡️🦍🍸 Vi aspettiamo blcc2019 bacardilegacy bacardilegacy2019 bacardilegacyitalia

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啡寮很榮幸能夠參與藝術界中的其中一個盛事- Art Central . 我們將於2019年3月26-31日在中環海濱活動空間在 Art Central 活動中售賣咖啡 ,到時會有 Art Central 限定的熱飲杯和飲品. See you All VIP Preview Tuesday 26 March, 2 pm – 5 pm First Night Tuesday 26 March, 5 pm – 9 pm General Opening Hours Wednesday 27 March, 11 am – 5 pm Thursday 28 March, 12 pm- 9 pm Friday 29 March, 12 pm – 9 pm Saturday 30 March, 11 am – 7 pm Sunday 31 March, 11 am – 5pm . 門票購買: http:www.artcentralhongkong.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI5ou1zfCc4QIVzKuWCh3tXQCPEAAYASAAEgImQfD_BwE

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Caramel Oolong Tea with Oats from Heet Tea - Price: TBA (Provided to me free of charge in exchange for an honest review) - Rating: 8.5/10 - Thoughts: If you haven't heard of Heet Tea's "Bobo Milk Tea Ice-cream", you're missing out. This being said, if there's one thing about Heet Tea that keeps me coming back, it's the excellent syrup added to the drinks which give the beverage an added dimension of flowery complexity - an absolute joy to my taste buds. Many thanks to Brian of Heet Tea for providing me with this Winter sample (released Mid-Late April)! - For those who've asked for Milk Tea recommendations, you may know I always suggest Heet Tea's Pearl Milk Tea - for good reason, given the unrivalled fragrance and complexity in presentation; Heet Tea's latest offering successful combines Oats and Milk Tea to provide an unlikely yet likable combination (perhaps Yomie's is to thank for the inception of Oat based desserts?). When consumed, my senses are graced by a strong, smooth and expansive Oolong Tea palate which displays a relatively full and heavy yet controlled caramel flavour, reminiscent of a Roasted Tea which segues into an ethereal, fragrantly flowery presentation upon aeration; a very weak bitter Tea taste can be found clinging onto the latter end of the flavour profile. What truly impresses me about Heet Tea's Milk Tea lineup is that I seen to never get bored of the dualistic heavy and light flavour profile. - The oats, although undoubtedly better when hot are quite good in their own right, adding a slightly crunchy, full-bodied texture to the dynamic tasting tea (I should add that the Milk Tea is also more fragrant, distinctly compartmentalised and open in presentation when hot). - Whether as a quick, on-the-go breakfast (because Oats) or an attempt to fend off the chilly touch of Sydney's Winter, Heet Tea's Caramel Oolong with Oats is surely a release to look out for. - - - - - drink drinks drinkporn food foodporn rate review sydney sydneyeats australia dessert desserts yum boba bobatea milk milktea tea pearl sweet sugar bobalife yum yummy follow like fruit foodie foodstagram foodlover themilkteamanburwood

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They come in small cans now! 🌸🖤

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Rating 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺 (6/10) Ad due to brand naming/Werbung wegen Markenkennzeichnung] As I went to the more northern parts of Germany to visit a musical I took the chance and bought some beers there. One of those beers is an Export by the Moritz Fiege brewery moritzfiegebrauerei. On the label the founder of the brewery is depicted, who has a great mustache. The beer starts crisp and has a slightly bitter body. Subsequently, the finish is rather short leading to a decent and drinkable beer where you can drink plenty of. beer  beerlovers beerlove  beertasting  beerstore  beerstagram beertography  beerculture  beersnob beerlabel  beerme  beers  beershots  beergeeks craftbeer  craftbeerporn  craftbeerlover craftbeerlife  craftbeergeek  drinkbeer beerbottle beertime  beerlover  craftbeerpics  drinkstagram drinkporn

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Guess what is our next African destination ? Ouagadougou Burkina Faso 🇧🇫 here we are! LE PETIT BÉRET in Kinshasa very soon Made from organic grapes 🍇 bio LE PETIT BÉRET!✅0.0% Alcohol Free ✅Low Calories ✅Low Sugar (5 times Less than A Juice and 10 times less than regular wine) ✅Free of preservatives & sulphites ✅Without fermentation (0.0% alcohol) ✅Made from organic grapes 🍇 ✅Taste like regular wine or champagne 🍾 LE PETIT BÉRET is a MADE IN FRANCE🇫🇷 wine with 0% Alcohol بدون كحول و حلال ⚠️ HALAL CERTIFIED - ABU DHABI FOOD CONTROL APPROVED - CERTIFIED BY ABU DHABI QUALITY AND CONFORMITY COUNCIL sommelier lifestyle burkinafaso winelover winestagram vegan gastronomy vin wine chef drink weekend drinks sober africa ouagadougou nutrition luxurylifestyle foodporn drinkporn healthy sansalcool food dinner africanfood burkinabé burkina burkinafaso🇧🇫 mamaafrica

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Instantly making you like Monday more. | Signature Cocktail, Dark & Shine: myers dark rum, sagatiba chacaca, lime juice, sugar cane juice, spice sugar. Hours: Daily 7 AM to 11 PM Email us: rm bisma-eight.com Call us: +623614792888 www.copperubud.com Book a table best via link in bio A Relaxed Buzz at Copper Bar starts from 5 to 7 pm everyday, enjoy your second Signature Cocktail on us. | Get behind the bar and create a drink of your choice for an hour in Crafty Cocktail Masterclass available on Saturdays at 4-5 PM. copperubud restaurant bar ubudrestaurant ubud bali ubudbar ubuddrinks ubudlife drinkgasm drinkporn cocktailtime balilife balibar rooftoprestaurant drinkpics worldsbestbars bestbars craftcocktails cocktailsofinstagram cocktails craftcocktail wheninbali cocktailhour cocktailparty rooftopbar cocktailbar cocktail travelbali signaturecocktails

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Правда Trump Alk: 7,2% OG: 16% IBU: 25 Цена: 60 грн Цвет: янтарный, пенка плотная. Аромат: лайм корочка, дрожжи Вкус: лайм, солод, фрукты, хмельная горчинка. Вывод: не получилось у меня нормально его распробовать, потому что охладил сильно и вот не смог ждать когда налил. Так что могу сказать что оно просто шикарное! Ну как говорят: -Правда говна не варит drink drinking instadrink instadrinks instagramanet instatag drinkup drinkdrankdrunk drinklocal drinkin drinkporn slurp slurpee bar bars thirst thirsty thirstythursday cocktails cocktail beer beers beerporn beerpong beerme beerstagram wine winetasting drinkbeerwithds

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G&T time, with a special Aussie twist. Angry Ant Gin with Capi Yuzu Soda. The gin features hand picked botanicals from Woolleen Station in the Outback, which is also where the star attraction comes from the ants. As bassandflinders website explains it: "All the plant based botanicals are used to complement the pheremones released by the ants during distillation". A unique flavour well suited to the citrus tang of the yuzu. capisparkling gin gintime ginlovers gincocktails gin gintonic australiancraftdistillers cocktailsofinstagram bartender instacocktails cocktailbar cocktailstagram cocktailporn cocktails classiccocktails mixology mixologists drinks drinkstagram drinkporn booze imbibe imbibegram drinkart cocktailoftheday drinkup homebar cocktailhour craftcocktails craftedmixology

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Trabaja mientras otros duermen, estudia mientras otros se divierten, persiste mientras otros descansan y luego vivirás lo que otros sueñan! 📸📷📸 👏👏👏♥️ danipov_ dreamplaceeventos LosSueñosHayQuePerseguirlos 🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸 bartenders  cocteleria cocktail  flair cocktailday cocktailbar  shake vermouthtime coctel Asturias  Gijon Bartender Bartenderlife Coctel Cocteles Gin rum mezcal whiskey Vodka Vermouth drink drinkporn drinkday instagood instagram

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HAD to also gram the vegan chocolate thickshake 🥤 from mondayswholefoods because it just looked so good 😍 Presentation🎁: 10/10 ✔️ Taste👅: 10/10 ✔️

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Drink Local

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Monday starter kit: Filter Coffee ✔️ Morning Bun ✔️ Reading Material ✔️ Give us an hour and we’ll be ready to take on the world!

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Trabaja mientras otros duermen, estudia mientras otros se divierten, persiste mientras otros descansan y luego vivirás lo que otros sueñan! 📸📷📸 👏👏👏♥️ danipov_ dreamplaceeventos LosSueñosHayQuePerseguirlos 🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸 jardinesdelllar bartenders  cocteleria cocktail  flair cocktailday cocktailbar  shake vermouthtime coctel Asturias  Gijon Bartender Bartenderlife Coctel Cocteles Gin rum mezcal whiskey Vodka Vermouth drink drinkporn drinkday instagood instagram

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Cocktail by dradamshob • • • • • The epitome of deliciousness by the super-talented Robert Wood of Birmingham’s 18/81 🙌🏾, aptly named Oaxaca and starring Dr. Adam’s Aphrodite Bitters ❤️ alongside an array of awesome juice. Head over to bonvivantbartender for the full round-up and recipe 👉🏽, you won’t regret it Montelobos Joven Mezcal | Carpano Punt e Ames 🍇 | Byrrh Grand Quinquina | Mole Negro Liqueur 🍫 | Empirical Spirits and His Stupid Wall Blend | Dr. Adam’s Aphrodite Bitters | Sesame Oil | Dark Chocolate Rich | Moreish | Herbal Image 📸 credit: bonvivantbartender Byrrh is the French Classic Apéritif based wine and cinchona since 1866 to Thuir in south of FRANCE near Perpignan . 😎 Pyrénées Orientales Enjoy ! Cheers !🍸🔞 . Good week-end for you !🖐 chocolate birmingham unitedkingdom southoffrance cocktails cocktail french france mixology mixologist aperitif cocktailbar frenchtouch cocktailporn cheers tasty wine bar barman bartender weekend bartenderlife quinquina Byrrh drinkporn Byrrhgrandquinquina likeforlike drink followforfollowback pyreneesorientales cocktailbar drinkup

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EASY STREET Chad Larson, Williams & Graham | Denver photo: LIZZIE MUNRO Chad Larson of Denver’s William’s and Graham mixes Byrrh with gin, lemon, port and muddled berries for a summer-ready riff on the cobbler that’s refreshing without being overly sweet. INGREDIENTS Serving: 1 1 1/2 ounces gin, preferably Woody Creek 3/4 ounce Byrrh 3/4 ounce lemon juice 1/2 ounce simple syrup 4 dashes Peychaud's bitters 1/2 ounce port, preferably Sandeman 1 blackberry 1/2 strawberry Garnish: skewered blackberry and 1/2 strawberry, mint sprig and a short straw DIRECTIONS In a mixing tin, muddle the berries and add in the gin, Byrrh, lemon juice and simple syrup. Add ice and shake until chilled and diluted. Strain into a double Old-Fashioned glass and add pebble ice or cracked ice. Dash the Peychaud's bitters over the ice and top with the port. Garnish with a mint sprig, a skewer of a blackberry and a half strawberry and a short straw. denver colorado Byrrhmania66 Byrrh byrrhgrandquinquina quinquina bar bartender barman cheers cocktail cocktails craftcocktails cocktailoftheday madeinfrance bartending usa street streetart mixology art cocktailart Byrrhoclock Byrrhcocktail Sobyrrh Byrrhissime drinkporn drink drinks instadrink

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By theedgbaston • • • • • Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful 🍸 Our classic cocktail Byrrh await your arrival BYRRH was created in 1866; a wine based aperitif made with mistelle (naturally sweet) & quinine (naturally bitter) to Thuir near Perpignan in south of FRANCE ( Pyrénées Orientales !☀️) Enjoy ! Cheers !🍸🍸🔞 cocktails Birmingham cocktailporn bar imbibegram mixology cocktailbar drinkporn unitedkingdom byrrhgrandquinquina quinquina bartender barman cheers madeinfrance southoffrance instadrink 🔥 🔥🔥 Byrrhmania66 Sobyrrh Byrrhissime Byrrhology byrrhomane Byrrhoclock jamaissansmonbyrrh Byrrhunenouvellejeunesse Byrrhlove doyoubyrrh bonbinbyrrh Byrrhme

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Jule frokost

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🇬🇧 A super happy birthday to the one and only parrinoandrea who taught me the POV-technique (no bad thinking please 😅) 5 years ago, a technique I’d have later abused of on Instagram. I coudn’t do it in a better way than with his 3rd official POV (September 2013), when, commenting it on Facebook, I also invented the hashtag “troppostile” (=“too much style”) 🇮🇹 Un super augurio di buon compleanno all’unico e solo parrinoandrea, che 5 anni fa mi insegnò la tecnica del POV (non pensate male 😅), della quale avrei successivamente abusato su Instagram. E quale modo migliore per omaggiarlo se non col suo terzo POV ufficiale (settembre 2013), quando per commentarlo inventai (su Facebook) l’hashtag “troppostile” 📸 Ph Credit parrinoandrea tbt pov reverso birthday happy cheers happybirthday bro brotherhood friends oldfriends drink drinks cocktails oldschool alcohol alcoholic topquality drinkporn luxury lifestyle fun enjoy funny followme likeforlike like4like likes4likes likesforlikes troppostile 😎🤣🥂🎉🍹🎂

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🇮🇹 Quando i migliori ingredienti creano un quadro degno di Monet o Van Gogh, ma un drink quasi imbevibile 🇬🇧 When the best ingredients create a worthy painting of Monet or Van Gogh, but an almost undrinkable drink pov 8 vodka campari vermut art painting picture artist impressionism vangogh cheers friends oldfriends drink drinks cocktails alcohol alcoholic topquality drinkporn luxury lifestyle fun enjoy followme likeforlike like4like likes4likes likesforlikes 😎🤣🥂🎉🍹🎂