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Bass player, guitarist & I doing a simple warm up before the boss & our two singing ladies enter the building. Left hand filming & no impressive things going on here but working on it 😆 drummer beginner

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Repost brianfergusonmusic with get_repost ・・・ 5 Things: 1. My buddy, and great songwriter, chbeckwoah just graduated from Law School at the Univ. of Denver. Congrats Carter! 2. The momentous occasion reminded me of the great time we had cutting Carter’s last EP. 3. How do we know it’s me? Such a big paistecymbals. 4. Fun song, boring video. 🤷🏼‍♂️ 5.Playing with Carter, Scott and Patrick was such a fun hang! Miss you guys paistecymbals vicfirth dixondrums drums drumming drummer guitar bass studio livemusic recording somgwriter paiste vicfirth CarterBeckworth FredMollin dixondrums teamremo

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we all have seen this photo before but not on this account so here ya go 🥰 look at him just being effortlessly beautiful? and the fact that it doesn’t matter whether he’s talking about his music or his family or political issues, he always speaks so passionately about things that i would literally pay him to talk to me nonstop about anything. like he could read me the divine comedy or mathematics or give me a whole ass biology lesson (oh my god JUST IMAGINE with THOSE glasses u know which bitch i’m living) and i would listen to him like he’s telling me my future like i love the way he talks and gestures with his hands, even though i noticed it was more of a thing he did back in the days than now ?? i just love him so much 🥺🥺🥺 / i’ll add the info to the pic later when i’m home because i named it with its date etc but on my laptop fcvkajsj rogertaylor rogermeddowstaylor rogertayloredit rogertaylorqueen rogertaylorofficial queen queenband freddiemercury freddiebulsara brianmay johndeacon maylor froger dealor borhap bohemianrhapsody borhapedit benhardy royalfamily classicrock vintage 70s 80s drummer rock

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Aqui vamos com mais uma edição do “tente tocar”! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ No vídeo toquei os exemplos 1, 2 e 3 na sequência. São 4 compassos de cada. No 1º exercício, temos uma ideia musical de 1 compasso, com surdo, caixa, e os dois tom toms. A seguir (exercício 2), mantive a mesma ideia, porém preenchi os espaços (subdivisão = semicolcheias) com notas-fantasma na caixa. A sequência dos toques é direita e esquerda (single strokes). No exercício 3, dobrei as notas não acentuadas nos três primeiros tempos. Com isso, cada semicolcheia (1/4 de tempo) virou duas fusas (1/8 de tempo). Note que a ideia do exercício 1 ainda está presente. Por fim, a sugestão é tocar três compassos de levada e aplicar os exercícios 1, 2 ou 3 como viradas. Usei o desenho rítmico do exercício 1 para desenvolver a levada. A partitura com os exercícios está aqui: http:contrerasbateria.com.br/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Desenvolvendo-viradas.pdf Imprima a partitura e tente tocar! Até a próxima! contrerasbateria aulasdebateria baterista drummer bateria drums escoladebateria drumfills rudiments

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✌🏻FLORIDA || ✈️ to Dallas for 7 shows! - - - (📷: dg_wes )

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Supersonica e Luan, juntos e shallow now. Tá bom desculpa, supersonicarock quinta agora beneficente no Rock'N Hope às 20h de verdade e basta levar um kg de rango que não seja sal e açúcar. Em seguida rolam os calibradosoficial 🖖 supersonica joaorock festival rocknacional rockautoral rock supersonicarock bateria baterista bateristas drum drums drummer drummers instadrum instarock rock music musicapropria autoral vidadebatera drumworld drumslife coverdrum calibrados acusticosecalibrados jornal imprensa newspaper shallownow juntoseshallownow

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Just a few shots from “Groovin’tention” my final year show. I’m humbled by the positive feedback and inspiration taken from this show it’s a blessing! Respect to all who came and showed love✊🏿🙏🏽 drummer musician destiny groovintention live kingston