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Words cannot describe the love and respect we have for this man 💥Aaron Oladele💥 who joined us for our latest podcast which part of the "The Youth Uprise' series. We are celebrating the creative genius of the youth in our industry. Aaron blessed us with his own song on the show as well as his pearls of wisdom. Aaron is set to take the music industry by storm. 💥💥YOU HEARD HIM HERE FIRST💥💥 👉Listen Now - LINK IN BIO music grime writer songwriter hardworkpays singer songs youth uprise youthuprise instruments talent piano drums guitar trumpet entrepreneur business mindset driven goals inspiration inspire

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Heute Abend 17.00 das letzte Mal bei berlinisnotbayreuth in den blo_ateliers im Kaskelkietz berlin Ein festival der (Un)Sinne Ein Wagnis. Wagner, hörst Du uns? Es gibt ein paar Dinge klarzustellen. In Form von romanomusik glanzundkrawall helmi_theater melentini corafrost Vanessastern tangaelektraund, und vielen anderen, kehrt der Tangahäuser noch einmal zurück, um aufzuräumen Ein Multi-Art-Spektakel. Theater meets Livemusik meets Performance meets Vagina-Ausstellung. Nichts für schwache Nerven. Aber seien wir mal ehrlich Das war Wagner nie. tangaelektralive music duo brothers berlin mv violine drums singer loopstation openair2019 instamusic instaconcerts berlinisnotbayreuth lovemusichateracism bloateliers berlinlichtenberg wirbleiben kaskelkiez

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tatalaYAVZ 1minute session vol.35 椎名林檎 / 幸福論

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Beats day after 5th drum classKeep going gal😊 🎶🎵🎧🎼 หน้านิ่งเกิ้นนสมองกำลังสั่งการแยกประสาทมือเท้าอย่ารุนแรง 😅 วันนึงชั้นจะเล่นเป็นเพลงให้ได้ 😁 drummer drums musictime Practicemakesperfect Practicing beats with open Hi hat

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At the NEW Campus today of Grace Fellowship. I love this kit already😍 you can mix from the IPod 😱 which I never done that before. Gloryup

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В день 1000 музыкантов, участвуют и самые музыканты 😍 Repost arkadiy_chistiakov ( get_repost) ・・・ Продолжение выступления барабанщиков школы Art Of Groove на музыкальном флешмобе d1000m Если хотите так же выступать на таких крутых фестах спустя несколько месяцев обучения игре на барабанах, пишите в личку или звоните мне, и мы начнём ваш музыкальный путь! artofgroove drumcover drums drumming drummer musicacademy musicschool drumlessons rock cover queen metallica beat groove барабанщик барабаннаяшкола барабаны музыкальнаяшкола музыкальноеобразование урокинабарабанах урокимузыки d1000m2019

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Here is a little run through of “Bad Luck” by thestorysofarca at my last rehearsal session. I know the audio quality isn’t the best but it was all recorded through the standard iPhone mic. I also know that the camera is very shaky and that’s because this was filmed upstairs in a converted barn so it has a reasonably thin floor. Also still loving my glassjaw Hoodie I got from slamdunkmusic Festival. Anyways enjoy! Ignore these tags roland_uk evansdrumheads shure promarkbydaddario mapexuk mapexdrums sabian_uk sabiancymbals_official paistecymbals meinlcymbals thestorysofar poppunk poppunkcover drums drummer drumming drumcover popunkdrummer essex essexmusic

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Such a thrill to play oslohackney last Monday. Thank you to all who came down and to glasswerk & elephant_gym_official for the invitation to play. Next time we’ll really be in Scandinavia liveatheart 5th and 7th September. See you there 😎💙💛💙

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Dark Wolves outro + Head Up riff 🤘🏼 • We’re in that really exciting period where shows are being booked, mixes are being approved, and our setlist is teeming with new material. We absolutely can’t wait for it all to kick off and for you all to experience what we’ve been working so hard on ♥️ • • Dark Wolves is due for release on the 28th of September 🐺 • L A V D E X 🎥by ealmo

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Sound healing is all about the sensory experience 👂🏻 . I love burning incense, palo santo or sage for the same reason — except we’re triggering a different sense, smell Scents can be used to trigger specific responses, such as encouraging relaxation, aiding sleep, promoting concentration or stimulating creativity 💜 . Frankincense, sandalwood and cedar wood are some of my favourite calming fragrances. Lotus is also great for meditation 🌿 . You can also use it to purify the space, which is a good thing to do before or after a session ✨ . Which is your favourite?

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كدت اجن و انا اتعبد في محرابه ، فأتجاوز السمع و البصر و تنطلق روحي لعنان الزمان ، أخرجني من نفسي المبعثرة لانتظم علي إيقاعاته الطائشة المنتظمة الموزونة بميزانه فتدفع كل شيء فيك للتفاعل حتي نبضك يسير اثير فالمسيطر في موسيقاه روح هائمه في عالم غير موازي لا يرتبط باي حدود باي منطق ،،، يجبرك علي السير منحرفا خارج السرب في اتجاهه الجميل انها ليلته ، ليله الراهب القديس يحي خليل ،،، علي المسرح الصغير بدار الأوبرا يا لها من ليله لن أنساها .♥️. ((مني الشيخ)) music love hiphop rap dj art singer musician musica artist rock dance follow party like instagood drums live livemusic instagram concert song jazz instamusic producer fashion newmusic band

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1ST SINGLE "COLORLESS" OUT SEPTEMBER 03 🚀. bit.ly/suasion-clrlss