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Born to run My Mallard chicks were hatching yesterday and have all now departed. Just the one infertile egg and fragments of shell left behind. The only real sign that they were there at all. Waterfowl never hang around in the nest any longer than is necessary. The advantages of having well developed on hatching means they can leave the nest shortly after hatching. This reduces predation in the nest which is a clever strategy but that's not to say that they are not up against the perils of life. Mum will have likely set out with her caravan of offspring at daybreak with the mindset to lead them to a water source she is familiar with, where they will learn to feed.

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Superschönes Wochenende im "Blauen Land" - und nein damit ist nicht Österreich gemeint, sondern die Gegend rund um Murnau am Staffelsee 😍🏕️🏞️⛰️🚵🏼🐂🐏🦆☀️ mountainbike mountainbiking biking hiking camping naturlove naturelover naturelife mountainlove mountainlover mountainlife bergliebe naturliebe outdoorlife outdoorlover outdoorlove stevensbikes garmin ducks cows seehausen garmischpartenkirchen zugspitze bavaria bayern visitbavaria blauesland bayern1

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I spied some ducklings this morning!since the goose family was still in the yard I couldn’t get a closer look. Hoping mama duck brings them to the yard. ducks mallardducks ducklings.

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Day 158- Sorry I’ve been slacking and haven’t posted in 4 days ducks viral explorepage

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The sheep squad 💛

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Jett back in action this weekend in South Carolina c_b_s_r_c It was a hot one but we came away with some passes and some learning experiences. *********************************************** BishopFarmKennels | DuckDogs | Atlanta | DogVlog | Gundog | DogTraining | DogTrainer | MigraAmmo | MyMigra | MigraStory | DuckHunting | Ducks | Ammo | Waterfowl | Hunting | Hunt | HuntingLifestyle | Guns | Shotgun | Ammunition | WhatGetsYouOutdoors | Sickforit | Outdoors | Iamsportsman | Wild | Shooting | Sickforit | Hunter

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Having some fun before the pool gets opened ducks

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New hair new me🌟✨❤️🙈

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The Boating Pond at Rouken Glen Park 📸

4 days ago

Mallard duckling takes to the water ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Shortly after ducklings hatch, the mother duck will lead them to the water, ducklings can feed themselves, as soon as they learn what is edible. They depend on their mother for warmth for a few days and she will brood them regularly, particularly at night. After around two months, the ducklings can fly and will become independent. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ mallard mallards mallardduck mallardducks mallardducklings duckling ducklings ducklingsofinstagram duck ducks duckphotography ducksofinstagram ducksofinsta instaduck babyduck babyducks ducklife ducklove ducklover ducksunlimited babybird youngbird waterbird waterbirds waterfowl waterfowlphotgraphy wildbird springbirds birdsnature birdlovers

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A friend can brighten any day ♡ chloexpiercer sent me these lovely snaps today!

2 months ago

All I can say is that I adore you. ♡ ♡ happy 1st birthday 10.03.19

2 months ago

You are, making my life much greener ♡