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Jinks Realty Photo for Today: 2 Baby ducks in Mission Texas - View Properties in Mission Texas and the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas at: or Call (956) 429-3232 Instagram: jinksrealtyteam Please Feel Free to Tag or Share Photo with your Friends! nature wildlifephotography naturephotography birds nuts_about_birds kings_birds wings birdphotography birdextreme natgeowild feathers photographer your_best_birds wildlife_shots wildgeography birdsofinstagram planetbirds birdwatching rgv nature_org edinburg bird bestbirdshots outdoor realestate homes mcallen 자연 природа

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Finally our ducks started layin eggs.

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Serpentine lake, Hyde park

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Why I hunt. Blanch my own corn. Keep “wings” for dog training. Bag Whitetail tarsal glands for scent bombs. Have ducks, Turkey’s, pheasants all both breasted and whole, some Pre-marinaded and ready. And this just in one of the three freezers. It’s called a “bounty” for a reason Yeah,, this is the American Dream! Most don’t have “a clue”🇺🇸💪🏻👍😀 archery rifle pistol riflehunting greathuntoutfitters ducks turkey elk elkhunting guns gundog sports shotgun m4 dgx greathuntoutfitters rifle riflehunting ar15 gunsdaily firearms firearm deer deerhunting deerhunt muzzleloader mossyoak primos realtree whitetaildeer bow bowhunting duckwater

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One more for today because I can’t handle the cuteness—little Magpies all in a row. 😍

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Gugi&Gugi sta našla svoje mesto v kopalnici. Zaenkrat. Glede na to, da vedno nekaj prestavljam in pospravljam, se zna zgoditi, da "poletita" v drug prostor. A moram napisati kaj na temu njunih imen? Verjetno ne, če omenim da si jih je Nal izmislil 😏

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This beautiful picture is of a very special duck. A drake. I haven’t seen any of this kind before. It was a very special moment, he luckily was very relaxed and I could take a lot of pictures of it ☺️😇 ——————————————————— photography photo photoshop picture pictures amateur photographer amateurphotography duck ducks duckseason duckphotography nature naturephotography naturelovers zoo zoophotography landscapephotography landscape nature naturephotography

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"A day in the blind is a delightful occasion. If there are ducks to be shot so much the better, but even a day in the open watching the bobbing decoys and the changing weather, with the good companionship of friends, is in itself a more than worth-while experience." —J. Kemp Bartlett Jr., "Chesapeake Bay," Duck Shooting, 1947 cacheriverfarms thisiswhy

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Long tailed ducks I believe, swimming about in Lake Ontario, at LaSalle Park, Burlington. A first for me both the visit to this location, and to see these lovely ducks. 😊Happy Friday! Happy weekend 1birdshot ducks ontario raw_ signsofspring onlythebestcaptures raw_birds signatureshots nature_shooters 1natureshot ig_naturevibes raw_colours_ raw_allnature raw_colorsplash raw_canada birds_adored birds_captures best_birds_of_ig hey_ihadtosnapthat fiftyshades_of_nature godscreation godscreations natureaddicts naturelovers birdlovers birdphotography birdoftheday birds raw_colours_ nature_equanimity

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💕Küçücük bir göl, hemen otelin arkasında, ama umulanın aksine harika fotoğraflar verir her zaman 😍. Bu sabah ta böyle bir sabahtı Durgun göl yüzeyinde aniden hareketlenen iki yaramaz kovalamaca oynamaya karar verince bu muhteşem manzara çıktı ortaya 😋😍 Karşı kıyıda kar manzarası, göl yüzeyinde yansıma, önde iki yaramaz 😂😂😂 winter is perfect in bolu lake ducks goose me and pictures bolu amazing views today nationalgeographic turkeylovers turkey🇹🇷

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Nothing is lovely than two dirty ducks🤣.after that fight and bleeding , G&G didn't go its time for a big bowl of warm water🤑💦 هیچ چیز دوست داشتنی تر و خوردنی تر از دوتا اردک چرکول نیست🤣بعد از جنگ و دعوای چندروز پیش گردو گلاب حمون نکرده بودن.پس امروز وقت خوبیه برای یه تشت بزرگ آب گرم🤑💦 ۲/۱/۱۳۹۸ ‌ گردواردک گلاب_اردک اردک مرغابی پت حیوون_خونگی سگ گربه مبل شیطون اردک_شیطون گردواردک پتلند حیوانات حمایت_از_حیوانات حیوانات_دوست_ما_هستند حیوانات_خانگی ducklings duckie duckpet ducks pet animals pet gerdoo_the_duck

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Stop growing up 😩😩😩😩 Malley weighed in 50 lbs today and I can’t take it

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Stop growing up 😩😩😩😩 Malley weighed in 50 lbs today and I can’t take it

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