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He looks at me like he is in love ❤️

14 minutes ago

My Peaceful.

21 minutes ago

Love cannot be captured in words or philosophy. Love is a melodic tune played till eternity. Love is a journey of thorns and roses, Love is a play staged by both you and me. I bestow hours of springtime and joy upon you, my love❤️❤️❤️ ——— unconditionallove happinessart happinessquotes lovequotes suibokuga nihonga watercolorlovers watercolorbird watercolorflorals watercolornature watercoloranimals watercolorducks watercolourbirds watercolourpainting watercolourflorals watercolorandink chinesepainting chineseart ducksofinstagram sumie watercolor_love sumieink zenpainting linedrawings loveart loveartwork 花鸟 花鳥 guohua tavlor

32 minutes ago

Here are some ducklings playing in a puddle before bed time. 🦆😍 We have about 400 ducklings currently, comprised of a LOT of different breeds and varieties. How many different birds can you see?

37 minutes ago

Hard to believe they wouldn’t go anywhere near the pond when they came to us. Little Enid 🦆 ducksofinstagram rescueducks

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- Hello, old Friend -

2 hours ago

We have never had so much mud before - more animals than ever - hot and dry summer = any blade of grass that tried to grow was eaten immediately. At least the ducks are happy happyasaduckinwater happyducks ducks duckslife indianrunnerducks blueswedish swedishblueduck ducksofinstagram farmlife smallholding farmers farminglife geese chickens ducks cats dogs suburbanfarm suburbanfarming backyardfarm backyardfarmer organic harvest garden growyourown permaculture farming outdoors sustainableliving

4 hours ago

Todavía no sabemos que nombre poner a esta pequeña. Parece que es hembra. ¿Sugerencias? ducksofinstagram ducks

5 hours ago

Koalas eat free on Wednesday. Walking around a forest looking for Koalas is harder than its sounds. Koalas 0 Wombats 2. So Tidds decided to try to get koalas to come to him. 😂😂 indianrunnerducks runnerduck tiddles tiddlestheduck petducks ducklife disabledduck backyardducks happypet itsmypet entrepreneur franchise ducksofinstagram instaduck dailyduck duckoftheday newventure koala gumtree vegantreats vegananimals veganrestaurant enterprise newbusiness myduck inspiringanimals perfectlyimperfect duckies

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Public service announcement! I have new Wellies and they have literally changed my life! We all know I love a Wellington Boot and a Croc but these Welliebobs are A-mazing! Comfy fit and so warm with their faux fur lining! Consider me sold on marlo_nz Wellybobs from now on! I got mine via teapeastore I'd also like to add this isn't a sponsered or gifted post, I brought these for myselfI just like to promote and recognise an amazing product when I find one! notgifted wellingtons wellingtonboots rurallife rural ruralliving lifestyleblocknz chickens ducks chickensofinstagram ducksofinstagram

7 hours ago

Good night people! These days have been very hard for me after loosing Little Ducky. I have been crying and trying to understand what happened. The necropsy revealed he died from sepsis. Both legs full of infection. From sad to very mad now. I need to understand why this happened and why nothing was done before he became so sick. No matter how many residents I have, I love all of them and I would do anything to save them. Tonight, I only wanted to hug every single duck resident. ducksofinstagram ducks grieving grievingprocess

1 week ago

I've been a bit quiet recently as I've finally moved into my own house! Can't wait to decorate and make it feel like home 🏡 I saw this fabulous rubber ducky and now I really want one for my bath 🙈 🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆 • • • • • • • • • • • illustrator illustration instaart instadrawing watercolorpainting watercolorart paintingoftheday artistoninstagram instapainting sketchoftheday sketchbookart rubberduck draweveryday artforthehome creativeprocess livecolorfully interiordesign calledtobecreative rubberducky ducksofinstagram petportrait