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Mrs Mallard 🦆

2 hours ago

Common Pochard 💦

2 hours ago

I just loved doing this cute chap, a birthday gift for a very special Dad! 💙💙

3 hours ago

I was watching these four ducks as they were standing still, resting in different places of the pond. And then suddenly they started swimming all at the same time, perfectly synchronized and geometricaly aligned. It was both amazing and freaky.

3 hours ago

Collaboration and inspiration from this little feller laying down this engineered oak floor plank, always a pleasure to work with EBCC, hit them up for any of your joinery needs ducksofinstagram duck ducks joinery oak

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Dani boy. He likes Clovers, lettuce and cuddles with Mommy and Daddy. 🖤

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mother and her ducklings!🌱<3

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duck duck goose

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🦆🙈 pinch to zoom👌🙌 • This is my happy escape at work and way to get some daily activity in 🚶‍♀️besides my 25 min workout 🤸‍♀️ • Sorry for such a late night post, Matt surprised me with early tickets to the new marvel movie Avengers Endgame. And without giveaway to much detail, I absolutely adored it 😍😜 I laughed 😂 I cried 😭 and it kept me on my toes💃. Theaters may be packed but this one is worth seeing! I found out when I got home that their is an end of credit scene, you'll have to tell me if it's worth the wait 😜🎟🎬📽🎞🤯

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Mallard duck during short distance flight. Captured on continuous shot on my Canon 4000d with 75-300mm lens. I’d say photographing ducks in flight is easier because they give you notice of when they are about to take off. For example, loud repetitive quacks, standing straight and a run up for flight. amazing instagram ukwildlife instagood britishbirds nature naturelovers mallards ducksofinstagram photographyforinstagram ducksinflight flight feathers waterbirds naturephotography canonshotz thebestcapture earthshotz stunningshots outdoors wildlife wherethewildlifeis thriving