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16 czerwc➡️ SieGra SieMa vol.5➡️ Gramy dla Kubusia➡️ zbieramy na terapie komórkami macierzystymi➡️ ❗️100 000zł❗️➡️ Damy radę ❤️

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TY HARPER TOOK FLIGHT and CAUGHT a BODY😳😱 TAG a FRIEND that CANT GUARD YOU😳⬇️ 🚨Follow perfectionbasketball for more basketball content🚨 🎥 ballislife

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So the NBA Finals are set after a so far incredible Playoffs • The Toronto Raptors will play the Golden State Warriors in what should be a incredible series with both teams playing at high levels. Kawhi Leonard is having one of the best post seasons we’ve ever seen on both end of the floor, however he needs the rest of the team to keep up their end if they’re going to hang with the Warriors. Steph Curry is back to his old self running the show with Kevin Durant injured indefinitely. He will be a handful for the Raptors along with floor general Draymond Green playing unbelievable basketball against Portland in the WCF expect him to be big in the Finals as well as the ever unflappable Klay Thompson • Golden State should come out on top in this series but it’ll be one of the hardest finals they’ve had. They’ve won a road game in their last 19 series but I think Toronto will take game 1 and the Warriors take game 2. My prediction is 4-2 Warriors Let me know yours down below 🏀🧔🏻 • TheBasketballBeard NBAFinals NBAPlayoffs NBA Basketball Dunk BallIsLife Dunks ThisIsWhyWePlay LebronJames BasketballNeverStops LikeForLike InstaSport Fitness AD Hoops Sports NBADraft NBAAllStar NBA2k Ballin Ballers

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The real 6 gods 🙏🙏

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Kobe and Dirk have a bond? 😳 - dunkduty for more!

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makeup a senior quote for him

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Steph Beats The Buzzer Over Capela 🔥 - Follow Me WardellReel For More!

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Caption This!🤐🤯 (Best caption gets a shoutout!) - Follow (me) nicesteuros for more content!

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Mika Adams-Woods is currently on an official visit to Cincinnati. He has also taken visits to Minnesota and UMass. Adams-Woods is ranked 217th in the Class of 2019.

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These teams advance to the UK national final. 🇬🇧 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 Shout out to team Queens, team UC What, Topcats, Reading Rockets, Runners, 77 Starters, Common Ballers, Dream Team, Cardio All-Stars, No Fast Just Furious, Mix My Tape and last but not least the London Commodores 🔥🔥🔥🔥 redbulluk mix_my_tape hoopsfix claphamcommon mixmytape redbullreign dunks redbull nationalfinals finals uk england united ballers basketball dunks streetball makeitreign

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Where will they go ? Comment below 👇🏽

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Winners have already been decided! [ sportscneter]

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Kawhiiiii dunking on Giannis, raptors are going to finals for the first time ( nolimithighlights )

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Overall this game was our best game in this series because our offense was amazing and our defense. The only problem was that some players were scared to shoot, and some couldn't make their like danny green but he will make his shots eventually. I will also say that the fans weren't encouraging him. Siakam had some bad plays, also in the first quarter we had horrible transition defense and our bench was better then our starting lineup. Next game Raptors vs. Warriors Thursday 9:00 pm - - - raptors toronto torontoraptors canada scotiabankarena kawhileonard kylelowery dannygreen pascalsiakam marcgasol bench benchmob benchmob2 fredvanvleet normanpowell sergeibaka oganounby follow4followback follow4followback follow4followback raptors toronto torontoraptors win 2-2 drake raptorsmascot scotiabankarena dunks threes jersery kylelowry dannygreen kawhileonard sergeibaka marcgasol pascalsiakam bench benchmob2 fredvanleet normanpowell canada anouby mostimprovedplayer followforfollowback followforfollowback followforfollowback

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New York Knicks Considering Taking Jarrett Culver Over RJ Barrett🤔 Would this be smart?

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UNLV transfer Joel Ntambwe just verbally committed to Texas Tech, he tells 247Sports. Huge addition for Chris Beard. Ntambwe averaged 11.8 PPG & 5.5 RPG per game.

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Will Ja finish with a better career than Zion? I'd say B

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Messing around with some Hindu squats! 🤯 These types of movements - done slightly different without load - have been around for centuries. Originally credited to Hindu wrestlers as a part of their whole body training - Hindu pushups as well 🧠 I have started added these in my warmups, slowing increasing load and guess what?? My quads are absolutely blown up. 🔥 I found that being barefoot was way more beneficial than doing them with shoes on. I was really able to grip the ground, feel the pressure through my feet and stay stable. I wouldn’t necessarily do these for my ankles, jumping rope probably has more benefits, but from a vertical torso/mobility/quad/interest standpoint, I found these to really be enjoyable. 🤷‍♀️ Who knows, maybe I will set some stupid goal of doing X amount of weight with these. 135lbs felt like 300, but everything takes time, so we will see. 🏋️‍♀️ Have you done there and if so, what are your thoughts? . weightlifting powerlifting conjugate strengthtraining strengthandconditioning strength strengthcoach lift weights science learn humanperformance train training sleep nutrition deadlift deadlifts strongman squat squats jump dunk jumphigher dunks westside dynamiceffort maxeffort fit crossfit

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Thank you so much to this team and staff for an amazing season. I will never forget the memories of this year and watching these games. You can only hope we’ll be back here next season but it’s hard to know, on to the next one!

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Did y’all know this ? - Follow dloactivity for more 🔥

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Ja was on the cover of SLAM😈 NEXTUP

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Giannis is just paying his dues but shoutout to the raptors. Y’all deserve this. Amazing fan base. Hope you beat Golden state!

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Congrats to Toronto on winning the ECF. I just wish we had beat the raptors because we really put up a better fight than the bucks so I feel like we could have won against the bucks if we had beaten the raptors. That’s just my thought what do you guys think about the whole situation???

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Letting Players Get Creative❗️ . In this drill the only requirement is to start with a skip step into a cross, after that, the rest is up to the player, allowing them to be creative Allowing the player to pick and choose moves and let the game come to them instead of being robotic makes the workout more fun to them and lets them visualize situations they can see themselves in during a game Creativity + game reps is a great way for players to have a little more enjoyment and also get good reps 3mbl0 collegebasketball ncaabasketball crossovers stepback dunks dunking layups eurostep swish getcreative highschoolbasketball pullupjumper 1on1moves nbabasketball basketballskillstraining tjltraining basketballmoves basketballdrills

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Greatest shooter of all time. 💦 - Follow strictlycurry for more!

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Who’s better ? - Please follow rjtape for more 🔥

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Never forget

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Who you guys got in the finals? Raptors or Warriors and in what amount of games?

13 hours ago

Got a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?🤔😂

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Will the raptors finish the series tonight and make its first final appearance in franchise history? 🤔

18 hours ago

He really did fall off fast 😔

19 hours ago

Giannis go to move in this game 🤷🏻‍♂️💪

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Today is the day for the Raptors to finish the series 🔥

1 day ago

Drake giving Kawhii pep talk 😂 who do you think will win game 6? Raptors in 6

1 day ago

Kind of did hold them back 😬

1 day ago

Klay went from $222 million to $191 from being snubbed, honestly kyrie should have been under kemba just saying 🤷🏻‍♂️

1 day ago

The drama starts again, but is this really going to happen and will Lebron and Kyrie win another championship then? 🤔😬

1 day ago

Him and Powell doing pretty good 🔥

1 day ago

Drake about to finish this series and get the last laugh 😂

1 day ago

Pretty crazy to think about🤔🔥

1 day ago

Raptors in 6, agree or nah?

1 day ago

What did all of you think about this season for game of thrones?🤔