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Na, habt ihr noch ein paar Ostereier 🐣 übrig? Für alle, die keine Lust mehr auf Eierpecken haben, hat unsere liebe Sieglinde 👩‍🌾 das passende Rezept 😃 Ihr Erdäpfelgewürz passt nämlich auch ausgezeichnet in den Eiaufstrich und dieser perfekt auf das Jausenbrot 🥖 😋Auf www.sonnentor.com findet ihr das Rezept unter dem Suchwort 🔍 „Eiaufstrich“ 🇬🇧 The perfect recipe for leftover easter eggs 😉 SONNENTOR eastereggs leftovers ostern ei eiei bio organic sieglindeserdäpfelgewürz nichtsverschwenden EsGehtAuchAnders frühling jause recipe

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With Easter finished and the relaxed rules well and truly in place. Don't forget that water intake. I had a banana with mine as a morning snack. Stay safe this week and keep on moving! www.trainwithroxy.wordpress.com motivation lifestyle determination hydrateyourself excercise hydrate train personaltrainer holidays healthyliving trainwithroxy active fitspo fitmotivation furtherfasterstronger easteregg fitfam movement celebrations beautiful hydrateskin eastereggs eatclean bananas instafit fitlife water hydratehappy cleaneats

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100% family fun provided by the ocean& The Moana Team!🙏💪 Have a great dayits grey, wet & windy here in Portugal todaybut we are going to make our own inner sunshine by going surfing!🤜💪👌 innerglow oceantherapy saltypelicanretreats bardoguincho quiksilver oceantherapy outdoors freshair kidsfun waterworld  surfingiseverything surfing surfingtime surfphotography  beachbum beachvibes endlesssummer  paradise travelgram beautifuldestinations getoutstayout ilovetravel traveladdict traveldiary traveljournal travelbloggers beachlover moanasurfschool easterholidays eastereggs

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I'm sure you all know that you can recycle aluminium foil, BUT did you (& your neighbors/family/friends) know thatYou can only do that if there is enough for the recycling processing machines to identify it and separate it. So save your foil and when you've got a ball the size of a tennis ball or bigger, then put it in the recycling. Aluminium is hugely energy intensive to produce - recycling means less in landfill and less energy related carbon emissions. Brill! soreadtheword aluminium recycling eastereggs foil ball energy craft protecttheplanet reducereuserecyle landfill recyclingproperly waste Bromley Lewisham & beyond

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We hope you enjoyed your easter long weekend and had a responsible intake of Easter eggs 😅🐣 Align is back open for business as usual, although we are closed this Thursday for ANZAC day.

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Running into another working week 🏃🏻‍♂️👊🏻 But what, it’s not Monday you say? 😶 . You may have eaten all the food and drunk all the drink this weekend! But don’t feel guilty, you enjoyed doing that so why feel guilty? 🤷🏻‍♂️ . Personally, training this weekend didn’t happen. But it’s back to the routine today, which I’m looking forwards too. Maybe you didn’t train either, but don’t train today because you want to ‘burn off all those Easter eggs!’ 🤦🏻‍♂️ Train because you enjoy it. Train because you want to workout for a purpose! That’s what will keep you training in the long run 👊🏻 . So, how are you getting your sweat on today? 😅

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Werbung | Lindt Schoki overloaded 👀 Guten Morgen ihr Lieben! 🍀 das war also Ostern 2019! Verrückt, wie schnell dann immer die Zeit vergeht. Aber wir haben sie genossen & die Familientage waren richtig schön! Wie jedes Jahr haben wir wieder ordentlich abgesahnt Lindt, Milka, Mercie, Kinder obwohl wir, bzw. ich vorher wirklich streng durchgezogen hatte und auch -2,6 Kilo in 5 Tagen verloren hatte, bin ich damit nicht so streng. Es sind Geschenke 🎁, lieb gemeinte von der Familie. Stand nach Ostern sind - 1,2 Kilo. Und wichtig finde ich nur, ab morgen wieder auf den Zug aufzuspringen. Kein Grund jetzt alles wieder schleifen zu lassen! Ich hab gesehen, ich kann es und es funktioniert, also geht es weiter. Und nur das ist das, was zählt für mich! Diese Woche haben Nils und ich noch Urlaub und werden den richtig genießen! Habt es gut, ihr Lieben! easter sweets lindt eastereggs happiness healthyfood plantbasediet plussize easter2019 happyme chocolate backtotheroots staystrong withmylove positivevibesonly vacation flowers summeriscoming spring sunshine happy

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Habit 7: Manage your energy, not your time. Are you an early bird or a night owl? I'm definitely an early bird. I'm always up early and at my most energised and productive in the morning. I find that it's better for me to get important jobs done in the morning and lower energy jobs done in the evening. I wrote myself a priority to-do list yesterday to try and help with my general feeling of overwhelm. I then 'reset' the kitchen before getting on with everything else that was calling for my attention. Do you find that when your kitchen is tidy, everything feels okay or is it just me? The weather was glorious, and we got lots done, doesn't the sunshine help so much! We took a well-earned break at lunchtime and turned one of our Easter Eggs into chocolate sauce which we then dipped fruit into. So good 🍓🍫 I'm not going to lie though - our evening was multi tasking at its best; finishing up jobs in the garden, putting away washing, making dinner, getting school bags ready, bathtime and overdue school book reading worklifebalance bekindtoyourself smallsteps mindfulness morelifelesswork livethelittlethings eastereggs

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Are you still munching on chocolate Easter eggs?⁣ ⁣ Whatever you do, don’t throw away the foil wrappers! Even the tiny ones. ⁣ ⁣ Aluminium is infinitely recyclable and highly durable and nearly 75 percent of all aluminium ever produced is still in use today! (aluminium.org)⁣ ⁣ You can recycle your smaller pieces by scrunching them together into one big ball before placing it into your recycle bin.⁣ ⁣ This one of mine may be small right now, but trust me, it’s going to get a whole lot bigger! noplastic

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R O L L I N G into this week after all the weekend treats 🙈 🐰 🐣

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Пасхальная композиция В дохристианские времена, яйцо олицетворяло творящую силу природы В свою очередь пасхальные яйца используются как христианский символ, который обозначает пустую гробницу. Снаружи яйцо выглядит мертвым, но внутри него находится новая жизнь.

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Swellest wknd 🤙🏼

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I can’t believe I only have two more milestones until your one 😭

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Morning lovelies💕 Not as warm today but still it’s lovely having the patio doors open whilst drinking my morning ☕️ This year we made a conscious family decision to not go crazy over Easter eggs. Hubby and l shared one, with me having a quarter, and the although l should stop referring to Josh as one, but why break tradition, they had 2 each. We don’t live near family so often they get sent a little money and to be honest, everyone was happier bbq-ing this bank holiday. A little late as l am kinda still in holiday mode until tomorrow morning, but here’s a scaled down Easter photo with Rosie from last years decs 🐇 How was your Easter lovelies? Did you do anything special, by this l mean not expensive as in monetary but special to yourselves? Xx Special mention - the tray was purchased but from westonsinteriors for whom l am a brand rep for, just in case you need a discount please feel free to use NICKY10 (10% off) easterdecor eastereggs tablescapes tablestyling modernrustic kitcheninspo westbarninteriors pipparoseboutique westonsinteriors ikeaatmine ikeaatmyplace scandimaximalism bohodecor scandibohohome scandiboho scandinaviankitchen nordichomedecor nordickitchen storyofmyhome myseasonalrevamp discoverunder20k homestylinginspo interiores sodomino sahstylists myhouseandhome mynewbuild homeismyhappyplace ukhome

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Яйцевый ажиотаж 🥚 уже охватил Вас? Мы решили начать с деревянных. А как планируете красить яички Вы? easter easterdecor hygge Slowliving insparedbydetails nature flowerspowers flatlayoftheday flatlaytoday moodytime eastereggs prettythings homemade flatlaylove colors eggs momlife homestyle пасха пасхальныеяйца пасхальныйдекор раскладка мамаблог пасха2019 spring2019 happylife springvibes

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lovely easter weekend 🐣

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Happy Easter!

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Tu oko praznika stisne me neka radost, pa ne znam gde ću i šta bi pre uradila. Neka dečija euforija, a imam i tu sreću da imam sa kime da je delim do kasno u noć. Nina je poželela da pravi čestitke, i da ih pošaljemo poštom. Baš kao nekad. Kao onda kada su se u album sa jedne strane slagale crno-bele fotografije a sa druge čestitke i markice. Kao nekad kada su se pisali spomenari i palile stranice da budu lepše. Kao nekad kada čekaš svoj red u pošti da pošalješ pismo. Kao nekad kada čekaš poštara da ti zvoni na vrata i izmami najveći osmeh. Kada je hartija prenosila svaku emociju i miris. Kada se pisalo čitko pisanim slovima i mastilom. Ono što očekuješ da ti život donese ti podari drugima. Pa makar to bila i čestitka. Ono što napraviš sopstvenim rukama donosi najveće zadovoljstvo i sreću 🌸 lifestyle retro tv_living tv_soul vsco vscocam vsco_hub vscogram igdaily ester inspo inspohome diy diyideas diycrafts eastereggs easterdecoration easteregg