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4 hours ago

In lic looking the empirestatebuilding Life 2017 about to pick a package from the 🧀 factory 💲💲💲 Legit longislandcity the place to grab western facing facades of the nyc skyline. This is deep but on the eastriver it's primo 😎 Catch a 🌇 here and it's a moneyshot Riding a noname bike, geared at 48/16 a fixedgear really a donation bike, forever grateful to the Javie. 💯💯💯 This is an industrial area of newyorkcity in queens lots of big sidewalks for those sidewalk surfers lots of hits to be had, alleycat would appreciate. Nothing too rampy, but lots of upramps to loud garage door taps, dig? empirestate nycc bigapple nycgo nycity bikelife cycling adrenalion biker bike

6 hours ago

Every sunny day there's at least a few minutes where the light hits "our" bridge and just makes it glow. I always see a lot of people stop and take pictures and I'm no exception. Also, we call it our bridge, because living next to a bridge means its yours, right? 😋

8 hours ago

Sunset 🌅

8 hours ago

Beautiful boat ride on the eastriver

9 hours ago

That California sunshine is contagious.

9 hours ago

This is the closest to Brooklyn you’ll find me other than that one time like a week ago and when I visit my sisters or for the plans I’m making to go find vegan pizza over there but other than those times This is the closest to Brooklyn you’ll ever find me! 😤 • • • brooklyn manhattan nyc newyork eastriver shadows brooklynbridge silhouette

9 hours ago

❤️Seeing a friend that you saw a month ago but you act like you haven’t seen each other in years is my favorite type of friendships!❤️ - This weekend was an amazing, I got to meet my besties family. I think it is so cool to meet different people and live a different lifestyle than you. xo.chrisxtinaa Thank you for giving me an opportunity and translating Spanish to English I wish people were more open to new people or cultures! Anyway, I hope everyone had a good weekend and Monday! You can overcome this week! I believe in you! - Romper: charlotterusse Shoes: adidasoriginals Shirt: americaneagle Pants: americaneagle Shoes: colehaan Purse: katespadeny - motivationmonday bekind lgbt summertime nyc uppereastside pridemonth bestfriend longdistancerelationship eastriver fashion styleinspo aexme worldpride2019 goldenhour

9 hours ago

Hospital Art. Ferry. If only I could be on it. The waiting game continues After you find out all the things that can go wrong, your life becomes less about living and more about waiting. Chuck Palahniuk, Choke

9 hours ago

NYC Day 3: Water Taxi tour . We started at 83rd St Pier and went south on the Hudson, proceeding around the southern tip of Manhattan to stop at either end of the Brooklyn Bridge. We then toured across NY Harbour to Liberty Island. This is the BEST view of The Statue if Liberty. We then sailed back up the Hudson, had a great look at New Jersey, and called it a day honeymoon hudson eastriver libertyisland statueofliberty brooklynbridge brooklyn jersey manhattan newyork thecity brooke.lisa.yates

10 hours ago

Host a dinner party in the richly appointed Dining Room, invite friends over for a casual BBQ on the Rooftop Terrace, or have a playdate in our sunny Playroom. Welcome to your new home at The Pierrepont thepierrepont brooklynheights bkheights brooklynbridgepark luxury luxuryhome luxuryhomes luxuryliving luxurylifestyle brooklynbridge prospectpark eastriver bk brooklyn nycskyline ny bk brooklynrealestate bkrealestate bkthingstodo brooklynthingstodo rooftop amenities luxuryamenities

11 hours ago

“It was the last time she’d see the river from that window. The last time of anything has the poignancy of death itself. This that I see now, she thought, to see no more this way. Oh, the last time how clearly you see everything; as though a magnifying light had been turned on it. And you grieve because you hadn’t held it tighter when you had it every day.” A Tree Grows In Brooklyn newyorkcity bridges eastriver moving nyc bettysmith

12 hours ago

Instagram, meet Peter Lawton! If you’re interested in learning more about this photo, head over to our Member Monday Insider 📸: pdlstudios https:kel.by/Member-Monday-PLawton