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PAN DE JAMÓN (versión roll)🤩. INGREDIENTES para la ESPONJA: Harina 150 gr Levadura 30 gr Agua 90 cc INGREDIENTES para el AMASIJO: Harina 350 gr Manteca 70 gr Huevo 🥚 1u Cerveza 🍺 150 cc Leche en polvo 20 gr Azúcar 10 gr Sal 🧂15 gr INGREDIENTES para el RELLENO: Jamón cocido en fetas 250 gr Aceitunas verdes descarozadas 200 gr Pasas de uva/ uvas pasas negras 100 gr. PROCEDIMIENTO para la ESPONJA: Lo primero que debemos hacer es una corona de harina sobre una mesa o un bowl, en el centro de la corona colocamos la levadura y el agua. Luego mezclamos todo ya sea con ayuda de cornets o con nuestras manos hasta obtener una masa uniforme. Tapamos nuestra masa y dejamos levar hasta que duplique su volumen. PROCEDIMIENTO para el AMASIJO: De nuevo debemos formar una corona sobre una mesa o un bowl con la totalidad de la harina del amasijo, en el centro de esta debemos agregar la manteca, el huevo, la cerveza, la leche en polvo, el azúcar y la sal. Mezclamos muy bien todo y amasamos hasta lograr una masa uniforme. Tapamos nuestra masa y la dejamos descansar por unos 40 minutos. Cuando la esponja duplique su volumen debemos incorporar el amasijo y amasar hasta lograr una sola masa homogénea. Tapamos y dejamos descansar de nuevo por un rato. PROCEDIMIENTO para el armado: Sobre una mesa estiramos nuestra masa en forma de rectángulo, primero cubrimos con el jamón, después las aceitunas y por último las uvas. Enrollamos en forma de caracol 🐌 y cortamos las piezas de aproximadamente 2 cm. Estibamos sobre una placa, pintamos con huevo nuestros rolls y enviamos al horno a 180 grados centígrados por 25-30 mins. Al cabo de este tiempo tendremos listo para disfrutar y compartir nuestro delicioso pan de jamón en forma de roll. 🤤😍🤤 bread rolls pandejamón easy recipes pastry bakery breadlovers food foodpporn easyrecipes homenade yummi . 🎥 manuelruizfilm 🎶 carlosrendonmu

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Trader Joe’s Quinoa Cowboy veggie burger (crisped up in a pan) with more veggies in a bowl and drizzled with get this Samosa Chaat sauce! 😲😱😋 Yes! The swadofficial delhi samosa chaat is a perfect salad vinaigrette. Tangy sweet a bit spicy. Or it is super convenient. Both reason are 💯 percent legit in our books! Quick easy dinner hack for tired parents. ✔️ quinoa food recipe family dadswhocook dad chefdaddy love happiness lowcarb highprotein highproteinlowcarb fitness healthy saynomaste indian immigrant ethnic buzzfeastfood yahoofood indianfood weekend easy comfortfood chinesefood cooking connecticut dinner easy ctfood

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Hey Guys Your wife called and said flowers are nice but she'd much prefer a spa treatment for Mother's Day 😆🙋‍♀️ Thought we'd make it easy on you and put together a special gift certificate just for Mom! Print it or have her download it to her phone and show at her appointment. Easy! She's never too ! It's easier to prevent than correctso start now! 😍 stlspa stlouis stl skinandbody mothersday mom wife treatherright love easy ageless thursday stlouisgram

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Can we make Thursday’s the new buffalo chicken day?? Kind of like taco Tuesday, but with much more hot sauce & cheese 😋 my friend sent me a buffalo chicken pasta recipe the other day & I wanted to make it, but healthier. Most buffalo chicken dip is loaded with cheese, cream cheese, & ranch, so I opted to make some substitutions 😎 instead of cream cheese I used low-fat cottage cheese (lower in fat & higher in protein), used reduced fat shredded cheese, & used light ranch instead of regular. Because this was a casserole, I added pasta, but used eatbanza instead of regular noodles (lower carbs & higher protein). This meal went from high in fat & carbs and low in protein, to moderate amounts of all macronutrients 💪🏻 don’t be afraid to switch out food items in cooking! A little switch can go a long way ☺️

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chocolate mousse . 250g silken tofu, 100-150g dark chocolate, 1tsp rum, 1tsp peanut butter, 100ml plantbased milk, topping (here: chocolate flakes) . melt chocolate in a bowl over cooking water mix silken tofu well with a mixer, then add the other ingredients and continue mixing pour in a bowl and put in the fridge overnight (or for at least 3-4 hours) add topping veganquickie vegan simple veganfood healthy balancedmeals vegana bestofvegan foodblog vegansofig recipe einfacherezepte vegandeutschland veganerezepte quick instagood easy instafood plantbased cooking food foodporn whatveganseat delicious instagram veganrecipes lifestyle dessert sweet nice

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What if I told you that you could make homemade ranch seasoning mix in 5 minutes using only 5 ingredients? Would you believe me? 😉⁣ ⁣ .⁣ Ingredients in Ranch Seasoning:⁣ Dried parsley⁣ Garlic powder⁣ Onion powder⁣ Dried dill⁣ Dried chives⁣ Black pepper⁣ Himalayan salt⁣ .⁣ Find the recipe on the blog at Wicked Spatula:⁣ https:www.wickedspatula.com/homemade-ranch-seasoning/⁣ (Click on the link in my bio!)⁣ .⁣ paleo paleodiet paleorecipes paleorecipe dairyfree healthyrecipes healthyrecipe wholesome paleoideas paleomeals glutenfree glutenfreerecipes glutenfreeideas glutenfreemeals yum delicious goodrecipes wickedspatula wickedrecipes ranch ranchdressing ranchseasoning ranchidea quick easy seasoning paleoranch paleoseasoning paleodressing paloeranchrecipe

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AIRPLANTS Large—$20 Medium—$10 🌞~ Bright but filtered light is best! 💧~ Soak in a bowl of water once a week for anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour! DM to claim one *limited quantity*

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🚨 New (easy, overt fat free, tasty) Dressing (for me, anyways 😉)! 🚨 Tomandarin! 🍅 🍊 I blended 1 lb tomatoes with 0.75 lb of mandarins (honey drop was the variety). There was no rhyme or reason to the mater/mandarin ratio - it’s just how it turned out today. Play with it tho! Such a refreshing, filling, hydrating salad with only 3 ingredients! I poured it over 18oz of romaine/lettuce! I have a feeling that pulsing in the fresh herb of your choice like I do with Tomango would be awesome (dill, cilantro, whatever ya fancy)! I may have another round of this later! 🙌🏼❤️ therawoutlaw new dressing newdressing tomandarin tomango fruitarian vegan rawvegan fruity fruitonsalad pretty tasty easy fast threethings threeingredients

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Good little jog. He loves the park! Easy$$

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Когда я расслаблена, то принимаю ситуацию такой, какой она является, не додумывая и не нагнетая различными размышлениями, почему, зачем и что если. В расслабленном состоянии я будто отбрасываю всё не нужное, всё, что мне мешает, смотрю на ситуацию проще. Я нахожусь в своём естественном трансе, транслируя свои намерения и мысли, заряжая людей лёгкостью и простотой. Короче будь проще. Дыши и люби. мысли наблюдение просто танцуйвезде релакс chill easy photooftheday instadaily instagood photo photography инста инстафото фотодня фото

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Back when I mained frost (old clip) Share my page with your friends! Like and Comment!❤ ⚫ ⚫ . 👇The homies👇 🔥 acc4whenxpbad lonley_potatoe drayklynhenry cry6tic sadthings_happen🔥 🔥🔥 Ignore these Tags❤ rainbow rainbowsixsiege r6 fortnite rainbowcommunity fortnitebr fortnitecommunity rainbowsix seige ace 5k destroyed gold cas casual ranked easy ezclap multiplayer firstperson smart think ezdub follow4follow likeforfollow followforfollowback world worldrecord egg  apexlegends

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୨୧ ディーンチャン💕のweiboより✨✨ 谢谢easy! 期待再合作。 EASY STAR 因日剧《阿浅》、《请与废柴的我谈恋爱》而收获了众多中国粉丝,被大家亲切地称呼为“主任”的 藤冈靛DeanFujioka 今次以歌手的身份登上了魔都的Live舞台,同时也拉开了他本次“Born To Make History”亚洲巡回演唱会的序幕。在成功举办完上海live之后,EASY小编也终于见到了这位演技一流的原创歌手。想了解更多专访内容以及签名福利请戳http:t.cn/EamJprX 摄影师: Robbnevergiveup 文字:usahana 特别鸣谢: AMUSE ♡┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈♡┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈♡┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈♡ weibo 微博 easy ディーンフジオカ deanfujioka deanfujiokafambam アジアツアー 上海公演 model モデル モデルディーン actor 俳優 musician ミュージシャン japanesemusician Artist singer historyinthemaking BornToMakeHistory 大好きな人 斎藤工さんとの共演夢みて💕

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FreshKeeper, maintains the freshness, colour and weight of fresh produce.

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Enjoy this goodness. Our FeshKeeper helps keep fruit and veg fresher for longer, so you can get the most out of your fresh produce.

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And they’re off 🇲🇽 We were able to support our Chilean missionary friends Carlos & Lindsey through the sale of our handmade cards and special item raffle A big thank you to everyone who has prayed and supported Missions Greetings in our endeavor to send Carlos, Lindsey and many other missionaries to their appointed destinations! We ❤️ our missionaries and we ❤️ our supporters senders ywam dna dnaconferencia2019 adn2019 mexico mazatlan missionarywork handmade greetingcards support proceeds productswithapurpose simple easy love help chile español misioneros ingles english spanish team pastores friends mentors fly airplane

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Today is the day 😀 let us cook healthy calorie controlled, nutritionally balanced meals for you! : We offer mainstream - vegan - vegetarian - ANDall dietary requirements and dislikes are catered for! : 3 menus released each week (inc f45training 8weekchallenge meals) - no contracts order as little or as many as you like : Email us to get your copy of next weeks menus

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Tortitas de carne molida con un poco de barbacoa, queso derretido mozzarella y chedar y espinaca easy recipes mom lunch

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Jueves. Ya paso semana santa, las mini vacaciones, el mar y la arena. Pero jueves feliz igual . 🌈 tbt thursday ph mdq easy chill

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Sleek + Sustainable! Our Stainless Steel Cups sitting pretty, waiting to make your next adventure plastic-free. The perfect unbreakable solution for camping, picnics, festivals & travelling, or simply sipping at home 🙌🏼

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This beautiful trellis marks the entranceway to a gorgeous riverstarhome in historiccolonialplace a neighborhood of norfolkva More than 5,000 Homes are part of the elizabethriverproject River Star Homes working each day to make the Elizabeth River a cleaner place. It's free & easy for everyone who lives in the elizabethriver area! You'll receive a beautiful yard flag, welcome packet, and information on special events and opportunities when you agree to do these 7 simple things: 1. scoopthepoop💩 2. Reduce Lawn Fertilizers 3. onlyraindownthedrain 4. No Grease in Your Sink 5. Help Geese Migrate – Don’t Feed Them 6. NEW! Avoid Single-Use Plastics reducereuserecycle 7. dontflushmeds Don’t Flush Medicines. visitnorfolkva norfolkva757 cityofnorfolkva norfolktour norfolktourism norfolkphotos norfolkphotographer norfolkphotography 757photographer 757collective 757supports757 757photography

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A little something different for a Thursday! Shop the look bellasimplejewelry.etsy.com

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Crew scheduling called bright and early today 🤗 but still was able to get 30 minutes of running in this morning, then I was able to squeeze in a couple more miles and a quick total body workout in Detroit! 5 easy miles done for today some how some way ✅