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meditative picking. 1966 telecaster. 1966 fender super reverb. strymon timeline. success.

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👍Or👎 PhysicsFun Vintage Flicker Bulb: the flexible 15 Watt carbon filament in this bulb oscillates back and forth producing a slight resemblance to a flickering flame. A magnet attached to the side of the bulb pushes on the magnetic field produced by the current flowing in the filament. Since US house mains current is AC at 60 Hz the current flow changes direction many times a second which in turn allows the magnet to push the filament back and forth at the same rate. Magnetic fields can add and subtract- here a strong magnet is used to temporarily make the filament go into chaotic oscillations. Light bulb physics Please Leave a Comment Below👇 Love To Hear From You ❤ Tag All Your Friends 👨‍🔧👩‍🔧👷👲👨‍🏭 Follow Us To Gain More Knowledge About Electrical And Electronics Engineering. Follow ElectricianConsultants 🔌 Follow ElectricianConsultants 💡 Follow ElectricianConsultants 🔦 Follow ElectricianConsultants 🔆

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In honor of gas prices skyrocketing and today being Earth Day, this post is very relevant! It’s safe to say my inner was pretty stoked when I got the chance to do some work for burromax Now that I’ve had this all electric mini bike for a couple weeks, it’s going to be so nice finding parking down at the beach with this bad boy. At the same price of a beach cruiser, it’s a no brainer why I’d rather ride this bike this summer! I’ve had so many people ride it and love it so I asked them if I could get a discount for my friends and boom use promo code JB714 for 10% off and get one for yourself burromax minibike electric electricbike

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ALÔ NAÇÃO CORINTIANA 🔈 Logo após o título paulista, nada melhor do que tirar onda com a cara dos seus amigos e/ou eternizar o amor pelo Coringão na pele ⚫️⚪️ aos São paulinos, santistas ou palmeirenses. Também aguardamos vocês em nosso Studio. A arte foi feita pelo tatuador: mikecarvalho_ofc 💉 Faça já sua tattoo conosco, orçamentos sem compromisso, infos e agendamentos via direct. 📲 Mktattoofc corinthians sccp gaviõesdafiel coringao fineline instaart tatuagem tattoo2me ink electric electricink tattooed tattooedgirls inksgirls tattoolife art tattoo_club artenapele inked braziltattoo_ drawn drawing instatattoo tattoo tguestf tattooart tattoolove inspirationtattoo

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Hey! You're getting in on this right?! It's only gonna be some of the best builders and riders in esk8 🤣🤣 what will you be riding?

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Happy EarthDay2019! A-Z Bus Sales is proud to be a pioneer & the top provider in alternative fuel with electric, propane & CNG powered buses! We strive to change the world one bus at a time & for cleaner air for our future generations!

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The best Mondays are the ones where you get off work on time and your EDCLV ticket has FINALLY arrived. Can't wait to go back 👽💕🌈 PS. I want to thank all of my followers who have supported me and brought me such positivity, & to give back to you all I will be doing a 15K giveaway! If you love glitter and pasties please stay tuned. ☺

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I can’t wait to show you all what’s cooking in this next batch👨🏼‍🍳🎨🎸 Check out this Matte Shell Pink Jackson DXMG I did recently. Do you have a guitar you want painted??

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ELECTRIC STIMULATION: ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ 💥This is NOT a TENS unit. A tens unit is found in most homes nowadays but they are strictly for pain . E-Stim is used for: 💥Pain - 💥Inflammation - 💥Muscle Spasm - 💥Muscular atrophy - 💥Muscular re-education - 💥Arthirtis - Questions? Call us 847-885-8820 . hoffmanestates schaumburg bloomingdale roselle electric electricstimulation muscles pain arthritis musclespasms musclebuilding rehab chiropractic acupuncture therapy

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“Don’t strum all the strings (in the chord). For example, you can decide to strum all the strings once and then just focus on the top three or four strings.” - Marco Cirillo NOTE: This is an excerpt from an article due to be posted in the Crafty Music Tips Facebook Group. Join the Facebook Group today for daily music tips. Link in bio marcocirillo dynamics lightandshade strumming acoustic electric guitar crafty music tips tip craftymusictips advice education inspiration inspirationalquote knowledge

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Did I just waste 9 Canadian pesos, or are these Makita bits any good? 😆 . I figured it wouldn't hurt to give these stubby auger bits a try, especially at that price. 💰 . It's always a challenge to drill in between studs that are less than 16" apart, so the fact that these can fit on a tiny impact driver means I could potentially get out of troublesome situations while wiring a good ol' bungalow. 🏠 . The 1/4" 'stem' is probably a little thin for a 1" auger. If I were to hit a nail, I imagine the bit might snap on two. 💔 . Has anyone tried these yet? ⚡ . makitatools . sparky electrician electrical tools electricians electric electriciansofinstagram electricianlife electriciantools toolsofthetrade journeyman construction handtools tradesman dewalt wera knipex knipexgang germantools . constructionworker renovation contractor drill makitatools auger woodframing toughinthenorth makitajapan newtools .

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Happy Earth Day! electric ⚡️🌎

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Welcome to Neuron EV. We are an electric vehicle company driven to create distinguished automotive innovations for our future customers. Our emblem above is a mark of authenticity that symbolizes technology, diversity, and balance. Please stay tuned for more exciting developments. bethechange innovation electric diversity nature save environment expedition bethechange ev hype follow positivevibes creative think reflect vision inspiration culture beautiful driven eco stylish luxury carstyle cars carspotting automotive automotivegramm

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My brothers back is always covered. OPG!

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it was EARTH DAY. this is not a photo of the earth. i forgot. we did not do well today. we bought a lot of diesel. we drove a lot of miles. we used a tumble dryer even though it was sunny enough to dry our clothes outside because i panicked when i was buying laundrette tokens and just said yes to everything 😕 this lifestyle is not very sustainable if you look at it that way. however, if we continue to reduce our waste while also naturally using less resources in general (we have solar, we eat mostly vegan, we are way more conscious of water usage and once we have arrived somewhere we just walk/cycle to get around for however long we are there), does it balance out? we would be using the same amount of, if not more, resources in a house. travelling even slower in the future too would be a lot more sustainable. less diesel guzzled. this has been a massive learning curve for sure, teaching me that we need to be even more prepared in the future if we are to balance living sustainably with owning and driving such a big vehicle (if that's ultimately even possible?! in this era, can we love the earth so much that we can experience it AND preserve it?) 😭 when we come back and know how to improve the workings of the van, i hope we can make it more and more eco friendly. one day i would love to invest in an electric van. for now, i'm looking into carbon offsetting but i have NO idea how to do it. can anyone give me ELI5 advice?! 😁 earthday vanlife vanconversion vanlifeeurope home homeiswhereyouparkit homeonwheels carbonoffsetting ecofriendly sustainability moraldilemma roadtrip gogreen philosophy solar renewableenergy electric water vegan motherearth carbonoffset offsetcarbon carbonfootprint eli5