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For those of you that don’t know my band likethieves here’s a clip of one of my favourite songs “Wake From Eternal Sleep”. I love that it’s simple but still interesting (I think so anyway 😉) The main riff came about after hearing a random electronic song and it sounds nothing like it, I couldn’t even tell you what the song was. That happens a lot with my writing and I don’t usually listen to electronic music but it seems to tickle things loose. Maybe I should listen to more

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The cheapest guitars from my collection. All but Greco are made in Korea. These guitars have an overtone-rich timbre and endless sustain. Sound characteristics are better than instruments that are 10 times more expensive. The sound of each is unique and peculiar Самые дешёвые гитары из моей коллекции. Все, кроме Greco, произведены в Корее. Эти гитары имеют богатый обертонами тембр и бесконечный сустейн. Звуковые характеристики в большей степени лучше чем у инструментов в 10 раз дороже. Звучание каждой уникально и своеобразно guitarsalon madeinkorea electricguitars eliteguitars guitarriff guitarphotos grecoguitar khabarovskcity khabarovskkrai khabarovsk27

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Mark Harris - When we are together As you all know I like to play random songs and I hope you all enjoy this too! XD

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Delightful to have a meal and catch up with Michael Gregory Jackson, when he was in town. He’s a good man and a great musician. We were both on Arista back in the day. michaelgregoryjackson guitarconscious guitarist guitarlife guitarplayer guitarplayers guitarsofinstagram instaguitar guitardaily guitarpros 6stringfeatures electricguitar   electricguitars tone guitarlove knowyourtone instamusic guitarsarebetter michaelgregoryjackson  bairdhersey bairdherseyguitar guitarmusic

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"FENDER AMERICAN VINTAGE 57 SURF GREEN" Em 1957 foi o ápice da aclamada era maple neck da fender e também um ano referencia pra marca e suas stratocasters. A Am vintage 57 não é apenas projetada para reproduzir a aparência da sua irmã mais velha, a elétrica e o hardware são muito fieis, os captadores 57 / 62 originais que foram submetidos a engenharia reversa de captadores premiados para reproduzir o famoso som vintage com ímãs de Alnico 5 biselados e fio de ímã Formvar para produzir os baixos quentes e altos reluzentes. Também estão presentes o famoso braço em maple de peça única, o seletor de pickup retrô de 3 vias, as tarraxas Fender / Gotoh e uma ponte de tremolo original. ESPECIFICAÇÕES : Corpo : Alder Braço : 1 pc Maple Escala : Maple 25 - 1/2 Tarraxas : Vintage Style Gotoh Captadores : American Vintage Strat® Single-Coil Pickups 57/62 Chave : 3 Posições Hardcase incluso Made in USA ============================================== 📪Rua Teodoro Sampaio 876 ☎11-95455 2018 (whats) 💻Facebook.com/amazingguitars ==============================================- - - - - - - - - - fenderguitars fender fenderstratocaster fenderamvintage surfgreenstrat surfgreen electricguitars guitarshop electricguitars guitarras guitarsarebetter stratrocaster guitarsplayer guitarsporn pornguitars guitarsofinstagram teodorosampaio876 sonaamazinguitars amazinguitars amazingguitars forsale beauty guitarslovers stratocaster instaguitar instaguitarsdaily

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model: Hatchet 暑いですね〜 うちの機械場はエアコンなんて気の利いた物は無く、作業をしていると降りかかってくる木屑と汗が絡まり合い、顔が木の粉でコーティングされます😵 lovelessguitar ギター ギター工房 ギタービルダー オーダーメイド オーダーギター boutiqueguitars ギター修理 ギター改造 guitar guitarphotography guitarbuilder gibson fender electricguitars エレキギター ベーシスト バンド 岐阜 prs ストラトキャスター punk laughinnose nirvana kurtcobain

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Here is another fine example of a Custom Shop Streamer Stage I LTD 2018 - 4 featuring a European Ash Burl Top and a Swamp Ash back in a Tinted Natural Satin Transparent Finish with a Matched headstock. The neck is Wenge with Maple stringers and the fretboard is also Wenge featuring Spiral inlays. This bass also incorporates Aguilar DC/D2 pickups with an Aguilar OBP-3 preamp. Beautiful bass!🌀😍🌀😎 -Rehan warwickstreamerdaily warwickbass warwickbasses framuswarwickofficial warwickstreamer warwickthumb warwickcorvette bartolini emgpickups mecpickups activebass instabass bassmusicianmag bassplayer bassplayers bassplayersunited custombass guitars pedalboard bass bassfeatured guitarporn guitarist guitarists electricguitars bassguitar bassporn bassist seymourduncan

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I’m ready

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A custom Firestar Ellipse for andreasbayless ready to enter the orbit! A onepiece swamp ash body with a thermo -treated onepiece figured maple neck, a Deimel Vibratone bridge, and 2 Deimel pickups, a P90 neck, and a HB90 in the bridge are routed through a Pickup Leslee®️. deimelfirestar116 deimelguitars cccp_soviet_union electricguitars guitarplayer handmadeinbrandenburg handmadeingermany geartalk guitarcollector andreasbayless soehnemannheims customguitar guitarra uniqueguitar sovietculture russianguitar europeanguitarbuilders

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We open new_vic_theatre on Monday! If you're in the area over the next couple of weeks and fancy some Bard-like mischief and 60's tunes then swing by

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The story behind this song is really intense and actually it is narrating the events of one of the band members live's. In every word there is a deeper meaning and life is alway changing Do you wanna find out what that meaning is, the full has plenty of hints, it is available on IGTV

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Instagramming instead of tidying my corner of the stage like a pro. Return of the Les Paul tonight. Not really digging the sound tonight though, marquee gig and everything's brittle as hell. Looks pretty though. lespaul lespaulworld lespaulpride lespaulforum gibsonguitars gibsonsofinstagram gibsongtrjunkie gibsonlespaul guitar guitarspotter guitarsofinstagram fractalaudio fractalax8 ax8 flametop lespaulclassic classicplus mojopickups mojopickupsuk electricguitars bristolguitarist guitarist lespaulshowcase

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Here's your Ticket to Ride (it had to be said) 1966 Rickenbacker 360 with red Fireglo finish and original hard shell case and 1998 Rickenbacker 320 with black Jetglo finish our Alma Street location Rickenbacker ElectricGuitars ShopLocal Vancouver Canada YVR

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⚡️repost of one of my best video⚡️ ⠀ Hey my friends I hope you are all going okay and today’s video is a repost of one of my best video there ! 🎸 ⠀ I’m reposting it because I posted it when we were less than 3k together, and now we are more than 12k which is amazing and unbelievable ! 🤯 ⠀ Thank you all for all and keep rocking ! ⠀ Take care of you all 👌🏻 ⠀ samplaysmusic_ 🎸 ⠀ collectiflille guitarday soundofguitars soloing guitaroftheday guitartalk guitarplaying electricguitars guitarriff guitarstagram violins riffraff gibsonsg cleantone guitareffects marshallamps guitarras guitarlife overdrive jimmypage gibsonlespaul thegodfather gibsonguitars musiciansofinstagram guitare guitarhero talentedmusicians

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They arrived! Tools to make soldering jobs easier. Top: desoldering pump. Instead of holding a separate iron and pump with 2 hands, the tip heats up and sucks melted solder in one action with just one hand. Middle: Tweezers solderingiron. Perfect for working on small PCB components. Bottom: solderinggun with a trigger advancing solder feeder. Accurately solders components with one hand. Frees up your other hand to secure the component in place my tubeamps, electricguitars and effects pedals are wondering what's in store for them with my Frankenstein ideas 😀 SOLDER ON! electronics gear gearnerd repair

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Reposted from nmemagazine - The rumours were true! Last night Saint Leonard, Dave Grohl and Rick Astley (?!) played the relaunched Club NME at London’s Moth Club. It was a helluva time! foofighters clubnme davegrohl 📸: jennfive

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Working out those percussion sounds on the new song.

13 hours ago

Check out this jaydee_guitars Angus Donnington model SG I did the black paint job on 😎 I'll never get tired of those lightning bolt inlays ⚡

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Rock and roll