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NOW AVAILABLE: Crunch Pod is proud to present the new split/collaborative album from MELLOW CODE & SKM_LKR titled "Eurotrash Hitmen". Influenced by early Electronica and blending a myriad of elements from Techno, Darkwave, Synthpop, Synthwave, House, EBM & Italo Disco, Eurotrash Hitmen deliver on beats, rhythm and melodies that are perfect for all kinds of dance floors. Versatile, robust and engaging, there is something for every taste within the electronic field. The collaborative release is the brain of Los Angeles based artist, designer and producer, Josh McVety (Mellow Code / BassWitch / Exposure Therapy) & Grand Rapids Michigan based Illustrator and producer, Evan Shiemke (SKM_LKR / Basswitch). This album is the product of their friendship and mutual respect as electronic artists, having worked together for several years under various names including the dark industrial EBM project known as BASS WITCH. https:crunchpod.bandcamp.com/album/eurotrash-hitmen electronic , house , darkwave , ebm , experimental , industrial , italodisco , postindustrial , synthpop , synthwave , techno , mellowcode , SKM_LKR , Crunchpod

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Definitely spent my juju skydiving - shared my drumeo challenge earlier - gonna share this little video instead of playing more drums tonight. Will be a little throwback to the skrillex video, so there is some drumming in the video. I don't want to give too much away in the caption other than 😍😍😍. lostboys dj djlife edm edmmusic electronicmusic electronic electronica electronicdancemusic drums bateria drummer batera drumming drummersofinstagram percussion percussionist music musica musician musiciansofinstagram musicproduction videoproduction videoproducer youngguns youngguns

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mixtape 012 is out now on my SoundCloud

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Who caught Slander at EDC? Reposted from slanderofficial - Wow EDC that was seriously the most incredible moment we have ever experienced we love you all so so much! 🙏🏻♥️🙏🏻 Gonna upload our set to SoundCloud tomorrow!

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A nice purge track lol I made this over the weekend and I am adding it to the album - I sort of suck at setting a track limit, the track list simply keeps growing. Hope you enjoy 🤙 AMAZING motion art by ericaofanderson anxiety vibe music escapethroughmusic edm edmmusic electronic instamusic soundcloud musicproducer vibe originalmusic studiolife songwriter homerecorder creativity musiclove musicindustry FLStudio tracktest colorado denvermusic upcomingartist music musicbeats weird newtrack experimentation musician edmproducer

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I provided the goods for the 18th episode of the Coma Radio Show. I decided to take a risk for this one by recording a spontaneous vinyl-only mix in one-take, with the use of 3 turntables simultaneously for the first time. This enabled me to focus more on the energy and the creativity of the performance. The show is now available online at: mixcloud.com/coma-headquarters/coma-radio-018-by-doubleffe/ techno technomusic technoculture club clubscene electronicmusic electronicdancemusic electronic dance music vibes free download dj djs work podcast workworkwork world planet earth universe galaxy highervibes

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Choral Music + Dubstep?! “The Beauty Of Cosmic Things” for nol.enriquez is for SATB choir and fixed media. The recording is a multitrack of myself and my sister ( lindsay_richlen) FOLLOW MY ACCOUNT FOR MORE MUSIC!

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magical evening of a fully improvised gig by the incredible Mardeleva under the moon 🌑 eduardocastilllo Thank you so much bodrumedition for such a special weekend 💙💚 (check out how mega the moons light rays look in the first clip sitting on the top on the hills 🌙)

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New song - Realize / Recorded in the beautiful city of Warsaw where I was inspired by the underground sounds and the modern architecture. If you like the song please hit in the comments and I will upload the full version to Spotify! 🔥 By the way, Do you like my Push2 with hologram? 🔮😉📽 Ableton Do not forget to watch it in HD in my Youtube channel, link in BIO. 💜

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Music Gang 💥

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Sayyyyy a lil prayer for youuuuuu⚡️⚡️⚡️ courtneyc_tattooartist on the gun with this unreal Mary piece. Thank you! ✌🏼🔥