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ברוכים הבאה לאימפריה ה-21. מהרגע שהתחלתם לשחק, אין דרך חזרה. בואו לגלות מה הקלף שלכם . הסליפרס גלרי גאה להציג: תערוכתה של milanaart Milana Hoah THE21STEMPIRE הלילה 20:00 ערב הפתיחה music art housemusic rave techhouse party dance love exhibition electro festival club tlv electronic underground dark bnw producer electronicmusic technomusic israeligirls minimal israel tlvoftheday tlv girls

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This weeks Thursday Track is the newest addition to Tom Demac’s X series. tomdemac has created a couple of really funky/weird tracks in this series. These tracks have the surprising ability to get the crowd to go crazy. Just like the newest addition:⠀ ⠀ Tom Demac - Masekela⠀ ⠀ Masekela is an homage to: Hugh Masekela - Don’t Go Lose it Baby. A funky jazzy disco track that has been endlessly used in the Electronic Music Scene. Tom Demac uses the sample and adds a Jazzy electronic vibe. The bassline absolutely kills! To listen to the music or find out more about the track follow the link in Bio!⠀ ⠀ - BAD KINGDOM MUSIC BLOG - 👑🔊⠀ ⠀ Disco TomDemac Masekela Dontgoloseitbaby Thursdaytrack trackid melodictechno progressivehouse technomusic musicblog dancemusic producer EP DJying Djs Thursdaytechno ravelife djlife electronicmusic badkingdom deepmelodies fattbass synthlead melodic

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X: “Allora, come procede questo 2019?” Io:

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Live on datatransmission datatransmissionradio With some Hi-tek soul and Detroit Techno sexiness. Make sure to tune in for some quality underground electronic music from 9AM G.M.T Friday 21/06/2019, link to tune in on DT Radio will be in the comments below Enjoy the music 😎🎶🎶❤️ minimal deeptech techhouse techno detroittechno radioshow datatransmissionradio GlobalSound djset radiohost releases radiodj dj producer patrickdandoczi undergroundmusic technomusic Irish Uk undergroundscene electronicmusic dublin undergroundmusic djlife liveset undergroundclub undergroundparty irishtechno

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Work in progress! Another. Mashup is done ✅. Comment below! Follow dj_nikkid xdjrx

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2019/06/06 - Live Kunst gegen Bares Düsseldorf Final photo (for now) by Klaus Richter from http:www.eye-of-metal.com ! This might be one of my favorite photos of the whole gig, because this perfectly symbolizes me finally breaking free of everything that has held me down for so long. Having my voice reach you was so important to me. And I've only just begun! New gig announcement soon Ein letztes Foto (für jetzt) von Klaus Richter von http:www.eye-of-metal.com ! Dieses Foto könnte mein Lieblingsfoto des ganzen Sets sein, denn es symbolisiert perfekt meinen langerwarteten Ausbruch aus allem, was mich bisher unten gehalten hat. Der Fakt, dass meine Stimme euch erreichen konnte, war unglaublich wichtig für mich! Und es ist erst der Anfang. Weitere Konzertankündigungen bald! musician vocalist singer andyedge noirzero starchildinfinity cantstopwontstop cyberpunk crossoverelectronica crossover music germany electronicmusic edm rock photography concert liveshot live debut independentmusic positivemusic positivity happiness xover2019 kunstgegenbares

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Es un enorme placer para mi, el poder compartir la sesión número 107 de mi podcast RITMO ROTO. Para esta edición y después de recibir muchísimos mensajes de todos vosotros pidiendo que subiera una de RETRO, aquí la tenéis. 90 minutos en los que podrás disfrutar de temas que a día de hoy nos siguen partiendo las piernas, clásicos que cuando suenan nos ponen los pelos de punta, himnos que se grabaron en nuestros corazones y que con el paso del tiempo siguen dándonos alegrías . En este set podréis escuchar tracks de ED209, Ken Mac, The Breakfastaz, Unbalanced Jack, The Autobots, Freestylers, Deekline & Wizard, Backdraft, D-Ranged, Deep Impact, Plump Djs, Aquasky, Dj Infinity, Mr Fli, Future Funk Squad, Rennie Pilgrem, Blim, Dylan Rhymes, Beta, Viper X, Freeflow 45, Elite Force, Ribs & IG88, General Midi, SFX Beats, Hardy Hard, Lady Waks, Krafty Kuts, Lunathics, Rel1, Electric Soulside, Pyramid, Dj Hero and more . LINK - https:soundcloud.com/djrasco/ritmo-roto-107-special-retro-set . Listo para empezar?. Dale al play, sube el volumen y disfruta. Ahora te toca actuar a ti, sabes como?. Muy fácil, comparte esta sesión y ayúdame a que todos puedan disfrutarla. Haz llegar el sonido que amas, muéstrales el ritmo que te da la felicidad. Solo tú puedes hacer que esta escena siga viva! Recuerda, la fiesta de mi cumpleaños se celebrará el 7 de Septiembre, no te la pierdas 😜 djrasco rasco selectabreaks dj djlife recycled serato abletonlive producer festival rave breakbeat classics oldskool electronicmusic top amazing workout photography picofftheday instagood instadaily love podcast support radioshows

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As the title suggests, Doshpot's Soar Above EP is a rather picturesque piece of music with its own unique twists, turns, foundation, flavour and journey! 🦅 His ability to seamlessly blend the harmonies and melodies along with the dedication to a forever evolving progression really does put him in a league of his own As a label it bring us great pride to be able to showcase some of the finest talent this city has to offer and this release is no exception. We have been ever so excited to share with you our introduction with Doshpot and rest assured this is only just the beginning of our love affair 💽 Release Date: Monday July 1st 🔊 Listen via link in our bio doshpot

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Here's the artwork for the new Palace Lido compilation called 'Everywhere' - streaming in all the usual places and that electronicmusic

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❤️Оцените❤️ 🎵Трек➡️Randall - Wahran🎵 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Если понравилось ставь❤️ Отмечай друзей👬 Ииии Не забудь подписаться music_musik ❤️ music musica goodmusic livemusic musician housemusic musical newmusic musicvideo countrymusic musicislife partymusic musicians musiclife musicfestival musicallyapp musiclover musicismylife electronicmusic dancemusic musicproducer trapmusic rockmusic indiemusic popmusic hiphopmusic musicproduction musically musicphotography musicaltheatre

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Rave with us🌈 New dates. Link in bio.

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Ibiza já tem um lugarzinho nesse ❤️🇪🇸

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Ꮆㄥㄖ尺ㄚ ᐯㄥ.2~ Knock 🚪 - • Ask and you shall receive 🙏🏼🕊✨ • • • The world started with creation, God created us so we could appreciate all the things he created, take time to appreciate The beauty of nature around you, the art of life, take time to love each other, smile and enjoy life, give when you can. You never know when a day is going to be your last. -Thank God stayblessed 💖 • • I love Jesus,I bond with Jesus, I pray to Jesus, and I pray all I love is released from hate, I pray all those who are in pain are released from their pain, I pray those who are hungry are fed, and I pray all those who are lonely find love in all things. I love you. I love and I love and I love. I forgive I move on and I am grateful for everything that’s been given and everything that’s about to be given. I thank God for never leaving my side not even in my darkest times. Times where I forgot him he did not forget me. His love was stronger than me he is above me he is above all. He grants me my wants and feeds me my needs. I will abide by your rules and I will love you as you love me thank you in the name of the father the son and the Holy Spirit I pray for us all, Amen. 🙏🏼🕊✨💗 • - • If you don’t believe in religion Atleast try to be the best person You can be the world could use The best version of you • Word of wise Repent Pray to God Pray for others Give and expect Nothing in return • • • ✨ • • • Everything you do Do in the glory of God • - ❤️🙏🏼 - • • • • housemusic dj music techno djs deephouse edm house djlife dance grace techhouse God electronicmusic producer love rave dancemusic trance tomorrowland beats trap nightlife technomusic ibiza faith dubstep edmfamily bhfyp

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Das coisas lindas de se admirar ⛅️