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Apollo 11 July 20, 1969, 8:17 pm

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Elon Musk presented his work on a new biotech company, Neuralink. The goal of the company is to link computers with the human brain. The company has been at work for 2 years and has finally revealed what they have been working on. Neuralink has put chips in rats and monkeys and Elon Musk revealed that “a monkey has been able to control a computer with its brain.” The company’s first goal is to help paralyzed patients and its ultimate goal is to achieve “a symbiosis with artificial intelligence.” Would you put a computer chip in your brain? 💬Comment Below! 🗣Tag a Friend! 🔍Follow Us thefuturistechjournal 📍BGR 📷Neuralink

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Tesla Pickup render by Justin Duel James (via Electrek.co)

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This picture was taken in the California and Nevada desert. dinokuznik upgraded his road trip with this babe. 3.2 to 60mph, autopilot, regenerative braking this surelly is the future. - After test driving he really want to have one for himself tesla models model3 modelx elon musk elonmusk car carpoorn spacex teslatruck model teslaapparel teslaowner teslalife teslas teslamodels teslamotors powerwall supercharger technology roadster supercar teslamodels esla upgrade cars mytesla

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Today, at 10:56 p.m. EDT 50 years ago, Apollo 11 took that one giant leap – making history for all of mankind. 🌔👨‍🚀 On the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing, we salute the heroes, visionaries and explorers who made the seemingly impossible, possible. ⁣ ⁣ As we build off our Apollo program, looking forward to our future Artemis mission, we cannot wait to see what 2024 has in store! ⁣ ⁣ Image Credit: NASA⁣ ⁣ Apollo50th NASA Apollo11 Moon History America Space OneGiantLeaptriplets 60sfashion 70sfashion 70smusic 60smusic tvseries netflix hbo space spacex nasa rocket mars aerospace elonmusk moonlanding spaceshuttle spacewalk science astronaut apollo11

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The real OG. One of the smartest people alive.

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Today at the local mall in Marin there were 4 Tesla’s waiting for a spot to charge while families were sitting in cars waiting for theirs to charge. It must suck to own a Tesla. teslasucks teslamodel3 tesla elonmusk

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Musk hakkında 2015 tarihli bir biyografinin yazarı Ashlee Vance, SpaceX'in ilk günlerinde Musk'un başvuranlara sormayı sevdiği bir bilmece olduğunu da bildirdi: "Dünyanın yüzeyinde duruyorsun. Bir mil güneyde, bir mil batıda ve bir mil kuzeye doğru yürürsünüz. Tam olarak başladığınız yere kadar gidersiniz. Neredesin?" Musk hala bu bilmeceye odaklı mı bilmiyoruz, ancak buna ihtiyacınız olduğunda doğru cevap: Kuzey Kutbu ya da Güney Kutbuna yakın bir yerde. motivasyon girisimcilik ElonMusk girişim kisiselgelisim gmkisiselgelisim sunday

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On this day 50 years ago, Neil Armstrong became the first person to walk on the moon. But did it really happen? Were the moon landings faked? Did NASA lie? Voice your opinions below👇 debates2u ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ————————————————— 🔥 Support our page by becoming a donor on Patreon (link in highlights) 🗣 Follow debates2u for more. 🎯 Tag your friends 📲 Turn on post notifications —————————————————

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🔦Tribute in light . The Tribute in Light is an art installation of 88 searchlights placed six blocks south of the World Trade Center on top of the Battery Parking Garage in New York City to create two vertical columns of light to represent the Twin Towers in remembrance of the September 11 attacks On clear nights, the lights can be seen from over 60 miles (97 km) away, visible in all of New York City and most of suburban Northern New Jersey and Long Island. roscosmos earth nasa esa spacex mars elonmusk stars hubble exploration moon light solarsystem observatory laser universe spaceshuttle astronomy cosmos spacetravel science planets explore astronaut technology sun nebula spaceart blackhole

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•☀• •Gün geçtikçe Elon Musk a bayılmam. •"Yap ya da öl ama asla pes etme." •"İnsanlığın parlak bir geleceğe sahip olduğunu düşünerek ölmeyi tercih ederim" •"Haftada en az 80 veya 100 saat çalışın. Böylece başarı oranınızı geliştirin. Diğer insanlar haftada 40 saat çalışıyorsa onların 1 senede yaptığı şeyi siz 4 ayda yapacaksınız." •Kitap: Elon Musk • elonmusk elon book booklove blog bookstagramturkey bookstagram books reading read

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▶️Herbig-Haro 24 classifies as an object of luminous patches around the space. They are generally made up due to high dust of gases collides each other forming star due to gravitational pull, ejects jets through the process and makes surrounding bright and amazed. Due to which Astronomers attracted toward it and give their whole life to study on its process even beyond that. It's can also be said to be an emission nebula. First observed by S W Burnham in late 19th century and then study in detail by George Herbig and its colleges⛰️🔥❤️ 📸 - DM Plz ✍️ - _sachit.yadav science scientists space universe cosmos astronomer astronomy astrophysics spacetime cosmology spacescience einstein spacetravel elonmusk spacex maths physics aviation NASA hubble theoreticalphysics quantumphysics galaxies physicsfun spacecraft rocketscience spacetime avgeek earthfromspace

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Belki bir gün bende. 🙏🏻 To New Life ❤️ Via: ( milyoner.okulu) • • ——————————————— Gönderi Bildirimlerini Aç 🔔🔔 Takip Et👉🏻 milyoner.yolculugu Etiketle 🚀 Beğen 🚀 YorumYap ——————————————— • • motivation motivasyon para milyoner girişimci başarı özgürlük billionaire kitaplar istanbul stevejobs elonmusk amazon amazonfba yazılım software book socialmedia newyork entrepreneurship entrepreneurlife developer yatırım strategy teknoloji luxurylife dijitalpazarlama seo business billgates

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Elon Musk is making Bluetooth-enabled implants to link the brain with a smartphone. He says the devices could enable telepathy and repair motor function in people with injuries like those seeking a memory boost or stroke victims, cancer patients, quadriplegics or others with congenital defects. Trials could start before the end of 2020. _ The devices will consist of a tiny chip connected to 1,000 wires measuring one-tenth the width of a human hair. It features a USB-C port, the same adapter used by Apple's Macbooks, and connects via Bluetooth to a small computer worn over the ear and to a smartphone. Ten units can be placed in a patient's brain and the chips will connect to an iPhone app that the user can control. _ The project is handled by Neuralink, a San Francisco-based startup founded by Elon Musk. He invested $100 million in the startup according to the New York Times. • • • detailededitions elonmusk neuralink artificialintelligence ai bluetooth implants brain techcompany tech technews technology technologynews detailedtech business businessnews

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Thank you Kanye, very cool Hi. This is the owner of _thememestand_ as you can see I have hashtags now, and at long last, I will make this a page worth following. Join me as we bringbackthememestand

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Must see. Out now on the smile2jannah YouTube channel. Don't forget to share as people need to know about such advancements in tech. Binging on entertainment will only get us so far. neuralink elonmusk brain ai singularity

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Believe it or not I will not be rushing into Area 51😂👾 but that doesn’t change the fact that I’ve always been excited about the first time that mankind walked on the moon, although it had happened 32 years before I was born. Now that’s a lot of time, but now we celebrate the 50th anniversary for Apollo 11th and serves as a reminder of the greatness of this country and that we need to go to the moon again, and stay there.🌕🚀 Here are some pictures of me years ago that show my enthusiasm for space exploration, and the Apollo program!🚀 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • yaentorres apollo50th nasa kennedyspacecenter apollo apollo11anniversary area51 spaceexploration spacex moon themoon memes moon2022 elonmusk neilarmstrong buzzaldrin usstrong