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2 hours ago

“oLe’S aT THe wHeEL” 😂-RZ

2 hours ago

If I would be to write a list of all of my shortcomings , it will be as long as the amazon river or as tall as everest mountain Just thinking about it now, my brain is feeding me imagines of my embarrassing unprofessional amateur pretentious moments of all the things I did not do well Now the question is: . 🚨If have 57 million shortcomings and 3 strengths . mathematically . Would I win if I try to focus on my weaknesses, or focus on my strengths? . The answer seems obvious: . Focusing on strengths is key All the “Greats” , have no EGO in trying to be “great” at everything - this is an unrealistic goal that they choose not to focus on Instead - They double down on their strengths As the yellow brick road was laid out before me - all I have to do is follow their example 🧐 - - greatadvice thegreatpeople mentors followingmentors workharder learn behumble gettheegooutoftheway ego egodeath dubaiwellness wellnessdubai emotionalfitness mentalfitness learner lionelatodirean growthmindsetgroup growthmindsetdubai dubaimindset mindsetdubai

4 hours ago

This is hella embarrassing but I was out walking around this world like I had no problem 😂 I'm far from my goal but it's ok I will get there with me going to training and eating right I am so happy I finally signed up after Nina Diaz has been trying to get me to do it for over 2 years 24.9 lbs in 6 weeks was tough but I did it and I feel a lot better Seriously the best decision I have made this year so far This place is amazing, when they say it's a no judgement zone they truly mean it I got comfortable working out with a group of dedicated people, and the trainer Katie is who we all have to thank health fitness workout training bootcamp weighloss embarrassing plussize biggirl

6 hours ago

This is a very common occurrence in our house 🎤 The middle clone, sometimes also the youngest, and I spend quite a bit of time making “That’s what she said jokes” (it’s ridiculous how many times you can do that in a very short span) and singing. We laugh way too much at ourselves She REALLY is great! Don’t let this one fool ya But I’m really sharing this for the last few seconds 😂 • shestilllovesme momdaughter momlife minime clone silly bonding makeup laugh smile love mystar loveher sing jasonmraz avocado farm ukulele embarrassing kiss filter music pop indiana disney spring closeup

7 hours ago

You really have to be careful about the people you let into your life because you never know when you’ll have to let them go and how much it will hurt. Life really is a mystery! 🤪

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7 hours ago

I can’t believe you seriously thought this would be funny, mom. I don’t even wanna look at you right now, this is so embarrassing starkcanbark

7 hours ago

That reporter has no shame letting his phone ring during an interview 😅 Roy Keane did well to stay calm 😂

7 hours ago

They asked the wrong people to join them in a party 😭😂

8 hours ago

'I've got a receipt' 😂

8 hours ago

wow people just don’t understand how things work like did u rly think that was smart embarrassing this was so ugly i had to repost a picture like that’s how ugly

9 hours ago

웅? 갑자기?🤣 - 당황스러운 전개지만 그래도 꿀잼🙌🏻

10 hours ago

What did the hippo ever do? Why is he the one in the museum that has to be modeled with his mouth wide open? The giraffe isn't like that. The lion isn't like that. The monkeys aren't like that. This poor hippo didn't do anything to anyone and yet he has to stand there with his mouth wide open. Simply embarrassing. naturalhistorymuseum embarrassing toofunny

10 hours ago

Pls caption with a joke. I love a good laugh 😭💛

10 hours ago

This meme describes my life to a tee. I also has an embarrassing funny moment that happened to me since becoming a mom. Which I described in my new latest blog post. Go check it, link in the bio linktr.ee

12 hours ago

remind me to never wear a tube top to a concert again

12 hours ago

These pictures are from yesterday at daveandbusters with mommy and daddy. Since they were so good at high scores, dad got Pika a new plush friend. When we went back, daddy got mommy some pretty necklaces. What are some of your high scores Pika pals? Wait, what are you doing? NoThe kisses are embarrassing! 😱 Pika Pika skeeball

12 hours ago

Our underwear would have not helped at all. verbaltapcast

12 hours ago

Late afternoon design consult for buyers at the Fairweather in DTR, and my stomach won’t stop growling. embarrassing

12 hours ago

Worth it for the screams

12 hours ago

HELP Decided to go to a new park. Got lost on the walking trail 😩 Had to Google Maps my way out embarrassing

2 days ago

👮‍♂️Litterpolis👮‍♂️ in Alperton is an area of northwest London, England, in the London Borough of Brent. Adjoining the Grand Union Canal's Paddington Arm fed by the Brent Resercoir it forms the southern part of Wembley. 💰I have read an article by MyLondon which says: '£33,000 invested to improve Alperton canal towpath, thanks to works laid out by the Canal and River Trust, the Grand Union Canal in Brent is new and improved with better accessibility' 💰 I would like to invite the Canal and River Trust to come and have a walk to will see where their money went, this wonderfull spectacle of colour variety, see here what you won't see anywhere else, (literally a unique experience) 🌎😩Council should be ashame and embarrassed.😩 😩When I bring people home I have to ask them to take an Ubber and ask the driver to blindfold them, block their nose nostrils, till they reach the inside of my house. 🙈🙊 I show some of the stuff there but 80% is covered by water and vegetation (I saw a swimming TV the other day) . Anyone with contact in newspaper please forward, this has become intolerable. This level of pollution is inmoral and illegal in one of the worlds most powerful economies. 🏢🏢🏤🏢🏢 There is a massive regeneration plan within the next few year for the surrounding area bringing needed homes which in this case are for the mayority high rise buildings, bringing thousands of more people to the area. Some of thouse buildings are already here, and all these rubbish is a small sign of a mayor problem with lack of planing and resources, how can you host thousands more people living here if you can't take care of the ones already living here? Where are the coffee shops and commertial units that were reserved for under these buildings? 🏢🏢🏤🏢🏢🕵️‍♀️ brentcouncil muhammed.butt mayorofldn 🕵️‍♂️ embarrassing uk london cityoflondon news flytipping grandunioncanal mayoroflondon labourpartyuk environment globalwarming photographyart picoftheday secretlondon pspo antisocialbehaviour resouces trash inhumans climatechange brentcouncil votedifferently rawpolitics pollution politics lonelyplanet stoppollution pollutionfree