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It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be yours ✨ - We don’t live in a modern home. We don’t have new furniture. All of what we have is cheap and practical. Mostly though, we are just trying to make it feel like home. - Don’t ever be ashamed of where you live or the things you have ❤️ showyourspace

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Here are some great ideas on how to save money. The money I do save goes directly to debt as overpayment bc we've already built an emergency fund. Once my commercial debt is paid off, we'll build our emergency fund from 2 months of our monthly salary, to 3-6 months savemoney emergencyfund money debt payoffdebt debtfreecommunity debtfreejourney debtfree freedom financialfreedom daveramsey babystep2 debtfree19 debtisdumb investment mindset motivation friday frugalmom frugalliving budget savings trackspendings

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Enjoying a lazy Saturday with my girls. I'm so grateful they have low standards. 😂 Wishing everybody in the DFC a great weekend and hope you get to spend quality time with their loved ones. They're the ones you're working so hard for. barefootinvestor babystep2 livingonabudget creditcards daveramsey debtfreecommunity debtfreejourney debtsnowball debtfree debtfreedad debtisdumb debtfreecommunityaustralia debtisslavery debtfreeliving emergencyfund financialplanning frugalliving frugal frugaldad frugallife financialfreedom financialindependence gazelleintense ozdebtfreecommunity purposefulliving saving savingmoney wealth

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How many of us in the debtfreecommunity are recovering perfectionists? ✋🏻 Well, that would be me and not only was it stealing my joy, but also contributing a TON to my going into debt I couldn’t just get a new throw pillow for my chair- I’d start with that and come home having re-decorated the whole room. I couldn’t just throw my a simple birthday party. Noooooo, it had to be a “certain” way (enough food to feed an army, over the top decor, all the things) everything in my life became this elaborate, exhausting, and ultimately unsatisfying list of things to check off, rather than joyous experiences to make memories from And the cost when things have to be perfect, there’s your built-in excuse for overspending at every turn. “But it’s his 5th birthday” “But she’s our best friend, we have to get her a beautiful gift!” “But it’s a waste to spend the money on the pillow when the rest of the room looks bad.” Oh, thinking back on these thoughts that would fly through my head, and so many more, make me sad, because I distinctly remember the feeling of discontentment, stress, and financial strain It has taken over a year of very tough, personal work to start changing my mindset and learn to be OK with “good enough,” to know the difference between true needs and wants (I WANT it perfect, I don’t NEED it perfect), and to shift my perfectionistic tendencies toward something that will at least do me some good, like our debtfreejourney I’m still working but it’s gotten so much improved! Wow this debtfreejourney has changed me for the better in so many more ways that just financially. It’s priceless, really❤️ , 💰 =👑 perfectionist daveramsey daveramseybabysteps babysteps babystep2 babystep3 cashisqueen cashisking notaprincess financialgoals moneygoals debtsnowball emergencyfund frugalliving frugal frugallife boymom abubdancemindset contentment intentionality intentionalliving success motivation livelikenooneelse getoutofdebt hope finances debtsnowball simplenoteasy

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We use DCU, a local credit union, for our checking and our small savings account. (Our bigger savings accounts we keep in Capital One.) I love Capital One but if I need the money it takes daaaaays for a transfer. ⠀ Therefore, we’re trying to keep $1,000 in our DCU account in case we need cash on hand quickly, or if we go over budget. What’s pretty phenomenal is that this account has an APY of 6.17%! ⠀ No more just earning pennies worth of interest on the account! ⠀

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Who's with me?! 🙌🏻 Say no to unnecessary purchases. Say no to mindless consumerism. Say no to trying to impress people you don't even like. Instead, say yes to being intentional with your money. Say yes to having an emergency fund so you don't go further into debt. Say yes to having sinking funds and saving up for items you want. Say yes to being frugal and making do with pre-loved items until you have saved up for the desired items. Screw being a debt slave! Emancipate yourselves, my brothers and sisters! afterpay zipmoney debtisdumb debtisslavery

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I’m getting my taxes done this weekend and I already have a budget outlined (assuming I get the return I am predicting). Also did you know some tax filing services allow you to take a cheque on the spot (minus a fee) or have you wait to have cra direct deposit (I do this option and usually get it within 2 weeks). I have budgeted some of the funds for property taxes (my tax account is short so I need to allocate for that), a portion will be set aside for car tags (aren’t due until summer but I like buying the 2 year and I believe here in Ontario they’re $240 now 🤮 ) and finally I will use the remainder to my loan and my TFSA 🇨🇦

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NET WORTH is one of the best indicators of wealth. 💰 Measuring it is really simple. Just take your assets (eg. real estates, investments - bonds, stocks) and subtract liabilities (eg. mortgage, car loan). If the result is positive you’re doing well. Keep it that way and make the difference grow even more. 👍🏼 If it’s negative follow mgmoneytips to gain some knowledge how to fix this and build your way to financial success! 😎 mgmoneytips money income incomesources investment realestate capital cash financialeducation personalfinance invest save billionaire millionaire gold investmentidea businessidea business entrepreneur entrepreneurship budget budgeting moneyplan emergencyfund save saving expenses financialfreedom networth

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When I make my last debt payment, I’ll probably celebrate like this woman is. 😂✌🏽🎈🍾

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Some people take these steering wheel pictures to show off their nails, rings, coffee, and sometimes watches. I took this to show off my SUPER AWESOME CAR REMOTE JELLY COVER! It’s so freaking cute and yellow! 💛 anyways that’s all, just wanted to show the jelly cover haha also my car battery died yesterday, thankfully plannersimplicity was over and I was able to use her car to jump start mine 😂 it is officially dead today and we had to go buy a new battery • • • • • • • • adulting Volkswagen gti volkswagengti dreamcar yellow pink lifehappens emergencyfund daveramsey

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Do you have an emergency savings fund? Set aside a minimum of $1,000 for emergencies. In the event that something bad happens, you'll be grateful you were proactive with your finances. • • • • financialtip helpfulhint emergencyfund debtrelief

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My big fur baby had an emergency vet appointment today $211 for Vet expenses was not in the budget but I was able to save some extra cash this paycheck so it was not as stressful getting that bill. I was freaking out with worry but not over the bill since I knew I had my emergencyfund ! I am just grateful he did not have any blockages He ate a plastic baseball bat and a water gunhe got in the shed and tore all kinds of stuff up while we were at work the other day. He has been hacking so I was scared he had something stuck in his throat. He had a fever and the dr said he had inflammation in his throat and stomach. She gave him a shot of steroids and some antibiotics. We go back next week to make sure he is getting better. furkid sickfurbaby boxermix boxer hetoreupeverything welearnedalesson thankGodheisok babystep1 ef debtfreecommunity budgeting debt dfc bs2 babystep2 daveramsey daveramseybabysteps askdebtfreecommunity debtfreejourney savingmoney savings

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Short answer: I don’t know. - Long answer: if it’s a certain type of person you can definitely ask or tactfully bring it up. With most of my friends I have requested that we don’t buy each other gifts anymore and take ourselves out for a nice dinner instead. - I know my in-laws would prefer not to stop giving gifts, which is fine, so they encourage us to suggest what gifts we would like and we do! - I know it’s hard, but I am constantly reminding myself that the purpose of a gift has been fulfilled once it has been given. We work hard to cultivate a certain type of home. We shouldn’t feel guilty for not keeping things that don’t fit with our vision. - And lastly, if you like a gift, you should keep it!

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Yep that’s my car up on a truck AGAIN. In just under 4 years I’ve had this car it has had to be towed more times than I can remember! This time it seems transmission related which could mean the death of this poor car. We shall see waiting patiently for the shop to get to it on Monday or Tuesday murphyslaw almostpaidoff emergencyfund

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I’ve got a love/hate relationship with Vipyr. Love it because it is so quick and easy to do when I have a spare moment. But hate that the steers can be so far apart & it takes ages to get to cash out level. Still free money 💁‍♀️ . 💷💶💸💵 ukdebtfreecommunity sidehustle hustle debtfreejourney sideincome cashisking debtfreecommunity emergencyfund babysteps babystep1 daveramsey savings moneysaving frugal frugalliving budgeting zerobasedbudget sinkingfundsmoneymaking savingmoney nospendday mealplanning grocerybudget trackingspending dailygratitude vipyr

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Everyone thinks things will change when they make more money. Truth is, without discipline already in place, you will still feel like it isn't enough. More money won't solve your problems, it will magnify your problems. If you are ready to make changes so you are ready for your "When I make more money", reach out to me to get started. financialfreedom debtisdumb cashisking livelikenooneelse givelikenooneelse budgetsareawesome liveintentionally sacrificetowin Ihelpyoubutchergoldencalfs reclaimyourfuture legacy leavealegacy financialcoaching scoutfinancialcoaching daveramsey babysteps guidingyoutoyourdreams debtsnowball gazelleintensity emergencyfund financialindependenceretireearly financialindependencenumber financialindependencecrusade youdonthavetobebroke financialeducation grit embracethesuck hopeisnotastrategy

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This is nuts, y’all 🤩 I’ve been on this journey since July 2017 and y’all have been with me through job insecurity (twice! 🤪) and other highs and lows. If ya can’t tell, this journey is not just about money; it’s more about redefining my core values in life such as freedom + autonomy to spend more time with loved ones, and enjoy experiences over things, etc., which frankly I’m glad I’m figuring out now and not later in life. So that being said, I’m super grateful for the friendships I’ve made on here too ❤️ I don’t know many people in real life who even have any student loan debt, and of people I know who have any kind of debt, not many are willing to delay gratification to get rid of it ASAP. I’m by no means super gazelle intense (having a bigger shovel just means I can get away with more 😅); I’m never gonna give up eating out or taking the occasional trip 🤷🏻‍♀️ but I’ve tried to cut where it’s not meaningful to me, so I can stay sane on this journey, so thanks for joining along and for all the judgement-free love and support you provide in the meantime! ❤️

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"You can’t enjoy the fruits of your labor without first planting the seeds. If retirement is the fruit, then diversified investments like stocks, bonds, and certificates of deposit are the seeds. But most importantly, without adequate protection, those seeds won't grow.

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As of Oct. 2018, I have been credit card debt free and I told myself I would never go into credit card debt again. I’m currently purging a lot of items from my closet for room and extra money to toss towards debt, savings, or unexpected expenses. I’m at the point where I tell myself I’ll use the item eventually and if a week or two goes by without use, I’ll list it on Poshmark. The first purse is my Burberry which was my first real, yet impulsive, luxury purchase in the summer of 2017. My second purse, which I will never consider selling due to how much it means to me, is my medium Givenchy Antigona purse. I bought this in winter of 2017. Both were purchased with credit. I think of my Burberry as a back up whenever I want to put my Givenchy away for a while to avoid it from getting too much wear. Not in a way where I barely take it out, but just to give it a break in a sense. The reason I purchased my Givenchy was because of its superb quality and space to put whatever I need; I want to make sure I treat it as such so that it lasts me for years to come. This is the reason I am weary of selling my Burberry. After this, I have sold all of my purses. The others weren’t as high end and I only made a couple hundred in total from selling them. I feel that the act of selling the purse will be the step that seals the deal in making sure that I only purchase purses that I absolutely love after some VERY thorough consideration. It took me over a year to “purchase” my Givenchy after countless online reviews. This is how I will approach all of my CASH ONLY luxury purchases from now on. It will force me to be even more considerate of my purchase. At one point, I adored my Burberry so much. I think I could easily get at LEAST $1k for it though. I’m nervous about whether or not my mom will notice because she bought me the matching wallet, that I still currently use, as an early birthday gift. I don’t care what people have to say about my decisions, but I live with her, so her comments are unavoidable. She doesn’t know I’m going this hard with my desire to be debt free. It’s hard to talk about debt freedom with anyone in my life. What do you guys think?

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I'd love to know. 🙂 I'm born and bred in Yorkshire, currently living in Leeds, UK. How about you?

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"Why don't you just use all that money to pay your debt?" I've asked this question myself too. IT WILL RAIN. While I obviously don't want that to happen, I don't want to be complacent either. Some things happen inevitably. Having this much for a rainy day or when Murphy strikes gives me peace of mind even though I don't anticipate using all of it. After completing baby step 1 back in July (saving at least $3K previously), I've decided to continue saving and skipped right to BS3 - until I had that 3-6 months worth of expenses in my savings account - while also tackling BS2. This $12,500 amount to 4 months worth of expenses to be exact I am generally frugal, but there have been several times when I overspend, don't track my expenses, or just don't care where my money goes. But if there's something I'm consistently good at (financially speaking) - it's saving. Switching baby steps also allows me to focus more on tackling my debt without worrying too much about emergencies. 😉 debtfreegoals debtfreeliving debtfreedreaming debtfreejourney debtfreecommunity debtfreenurse babysteps babystep2 babystep3 daveramsey debtisdumb debtsucks debtsnowball dumpingdebt financialindependence emergencyfund frugalliving

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A lot of things can feel like an emergency if you are behind on bills or waiting for payday to be able to pay them. We used to have to rely on a tax refund or the "extra" paycheck just to get caught up. Any unexpected expenses felt like an emergency! Here are three quick tips to try breaking that paycheck to paycheck cycle: 1. Get on a budget that works for your family. Don't get caught up in how it "should" look. We all have different priorities, but you need to live on what you earn. If you can't cut back, earn more. 2. Know where your money is going. Look at your paycheck. Are you witholding too much in taxes so you get a big refund? If you are just using the refund to get caught up, then it's not the right choice. Make adjustments to get your money now and not give it to the government as an interest free loan while you stay in debt. 3. Do a spending freeze. Try to do it either for an extended period of time or at regular intervals. Go at least a week without spending a single dime. Put the money that you saved into the bank as part of your effort to get ahead. Realize what you found it easiest to live without, and commit to not buying that for a full year.(For me, this was Ziploc freezer bags) Sell anything that you decided not to use during your spending freeze unless you used it more than once in the preceding 6 months. (For me, this is KitchenAid attachments I've never used). Having a full month to plan funds for "emergencies" into the budget is a game changer. What are your tips for getting a month ahead? Share in the comments! dfc debtfreecommunity stoplivingpaychecktopaycheck emergencyfund daveramseybabysteps budgetingtips spendingfreeze nospendyear

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Happy Friday Let's get to know each other a little better 😄 I'm Alexis! Personal finance coach 💵📈, wifey, mama 👩🏼👩🏼🧑🧑🏾, author 📓, coffee drinker ☕ and chocolate addict 🍫 For a fun Friday Introduction, give me 3 words that describe what you're doing right now, besides scrolling 🤔 1. Coffee 2. Writing 3. Music . fridayintroductions coffeetime ineedtogetbacktowork

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You should have goals set for yourself based on time. Here are some potential goals that you should have in the short term! 💰 . Follow wealthsense for more! ✅

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Hi Guys! 🤗 Book your orders now! 18K GOLD Straight from UAE! 😍 Will be posting new designs. PM me for your desired items! 😍 Pawnable Investment EmergencyFund 🤩

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Frugal Tip Friday: Stop Hiding. You’re not fooling anyone. - I recently saw a home decor porch mat that said: SAVE MY MARRIAGE (Hide the package) - I know this is intended as a joke. The reason it is viewed as funny is because there are many people out there with an online shopping problem. - But here’s the tough, honest truth. Hiding helps nothing. Financial infidelity doesn’t play out well in the long run. Hiding spending habits from your spouse causes you to be the one who suffers in the end. I don’t want you to suffer any longer. Open up. Share your struggles. I promise, it will be so good for you. Anytime I have shared something that was hard for me to say out loud, it’s always been a catalyst for true growth in me. - Your spouse is there to be your accountability partner. You can’t help each other if you are hiding. - I like this one better: SAVE YOUR MARRIAGE (Stop Hiding) ••••••••••••••• debtfreecommunity repost thesmallhelm frugallifetips frugalliving frugal frugallife savingmoney debtfreejourney debtfreeliving daveramseybabysteps debtisdumb savemoney cashenvelopes frugalmom livingonabudget debtfreegoals savemoneylivebetter emergencyfund debtfreedom totalmoneymakeover budgeting personalfinance

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Repost: Everyone should have an emergency savings fund 💰. An ideal savings fund goal amount should be a minimum 3 months worth of expenses 💵. A better safety net would be 6 months worth. Life happens 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️ You'll hear the common thread "save to invest" but how are you going to make any kind of investment when a stock goes on sale if all your money is tied up? You don't want to sell your investments/put your bank account in an unfortunate situation or borrow money when something unexpected comes up. Do you have an emergency savings fund yet? 🤔 debt savings emergencyfund money expenses investing investments control financialfreedom fridays safetynet photo

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Do you have an emergency fund?⛑💰 . What’s your plan for handling unexpected expenses❓ . Some of us have a rainy day fund, others have a travel fund that can be used as needed, others prefer to invest it all and cross their fingers, and some have a goal but haven’t gotten their yet ☔️🌈🍀👌 . This is a very personal decision and everyone gets to choose for themselves - that’s why it’s called personal finance 🙏❤️ . We have a new Money Crush blog post on this topic at alloptionsconsidered.com 🌐 . Link is in our profile👉 . alloptionsconsidered itsjustusalix2 moneycrush

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These have worked wonders for us in the last couple of weeks. Can’t stress enough that everything has a price and that one persons trash is another persons treasure. Don’t underestimate ebay or facebook marketplace on this debt free journey 💰

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Many of us are guilty of spending too much time on the problem and not the solutions to resolve the problem.💕💫

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Happy Friday Peeps 👐🏼Dave said this on the radio the other day and it got me thinking 🧐 • We as a culture have to think beyond FRIDAY! • I don’t know about you guys but I’d prefer less pain and more peace😄✌🏼 • If you think short term you will have the long term pain of having to clean up your mess like ya girl😂 So think long term and you may have to make some sacrifices in the present but it will be so WORTH IT 👏🏼👏🏼 • Have a wonderful day friends!💕 Debtfreecommunity emergencyfund Debtisdumb Daveramsey cashisking debtfreejourney Debtfree frugalliving moneymoves personalfinance babysteps frugallifestyle livelikenooneelse financialfreedom 7babysteps debtfreefamily budgeting budgetmom frugal babystep2

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Here are some steps to have in mind when trying to figure out what financial goals to work towards Although Dave Ramsey calls these baby steps these can be big leaps for most. The steps covered here are all important but you must go at your pace that fits your financial circumstances Don’t get discouraged, just get started Pay yourself first when you get paid and for retirement you can start with making sure you are contributing to your 401k if offered at your job. Try to contribute at least the percentage the company is matching If you qualify to contribute to a Roth IRA either on your own or with your employer make sure you contribute to that. This year the contribution for an individual Roth IRA is $6k from last years $5,500 Saving for your ’s College you can do through 529 Plan, Mutual Funds, Savings, Life Insurance or any other financial product that makes you comfortable. You can contribute as little as $25 monthly to get something started Paying down your mortgage comes with you paying on your principal each month. If $100 month extra is what you have then pay it to your principal. We all do not have an extra mortgage payment each month to pay to the mortgage but something small will also add up over time The key here is to start with what you can. Be willing to sacrifice to get to your goals and don’t get discouraged if you fall of track. Just make sure you get back on track and keep your actions in alignment with your goals We all slip up and go off budget or don’t save what we planned at times or even most of the time. The thing is the part we do get done and the money we do save is still a step forward lindsaysmiththeagent emergencyfund savingmoney debtfreecommunity retirement collegefund lifeinsurance mindset finance keepgoing

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We've saved the best for the last. This is probably the most important of all the good money habits. Whatever you do, always make sure you have an emergency fund saved up. A good gauge is to have about 6 months worth of your salary, so you can have a comfortable 6 month buffer in case of a sudden loss of job, or medical emergency - Many people don't see the importance of this, and only begin to regret when they run into trouble and find themselves in dire need of extra cash. By then, it's too late. Start saving up now while it's still early! - Follow allaboutsurvival for more good money habits! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Follow 👉🏻 allaboutsurvival for work🖥, money💰and life🤷🏻‍♂️ tips - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Tag a friend who is in love with their credit card! ⬇️ - - - moneyhabits moneysaver personalfinance personalfinances getrich howto goodhabitsforlife goodhabitsstartyoung emergencyfund

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Great advice from financial legend DaveRamsey:⁣ ⁣ If broke people are making fun of your financial plan, you're on track.⁣ ⁣ These words ring loud with truth! Don't worry about what other people think. Their thoughts are not going to save you money - only YOU can save your money in a way that most benefits YOU.⁣ ⁣ Get your benefit package pieces together. ⁣ ⁣ Categorize and prioritize: ⁣ *savings for long term and emergencies⁣ *health coverage⁣ *life insurance⁣ *retirement ⁣ *college savings accounts. ⁣ ⁣ savemoney emergencyfundinsuranceagentfinancialplanninghealthydecisionsinsurance whocareswhatpeoplethinkprotect familyfinancialfreedom

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Both is fine, too. Who's in? 🙋‍♀️

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Savings Tip: Open an online savings account that pays a reasonable amount of interest like Capital One 360, Ally Bank or etc. Start off by having a small amount direct deposited into that account each pay period and when you are able to have more put into that account, then do so. This is the start of your emergency fund. savingstip emergencyfund expenses rainyday themillennialmommotivator

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If you live in Australia and are in the market for a budget smartphone, I'd be all over this. aldiaustralia is offering the Nokia 5.1 which has very decent specs at $199 ($16 over 12 months). It's a special buy tomorrow. Then get a SIM only deal from Lebara like the $25 a month deal with 12 Gigs of data, unlimited local calls and unlimited international calls to 15 countries. $41 a month - some of you might be spending more than that just on your mobile plan. smartphone barefootinvestor babystep2 livingonabudget creditcards daveramsey debtfreecommunity debtfreejourney debtsnowball debtfree debtfreedad debtisdumb debtfreecommunityaustralia debtisslavery debtfreeliving emergencyfund financialplanning frugalliving frugal frugaldad frugallife financialfreedom financialindependence gazelleintense ozdebtfreecommunity purposefulliving saving savingmoney markdownaddictsaustralia

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Having it handled means you’ve got the head space to think beyond the day-to-day and thinking about your future. It means you’re thinking about the legacy you want to leave behind and not just whether you’ve got enough money to pay the mortgage this month. And if you haven’t gotten to that point yet, that’s okay. You just have to figure out how to get there. finances emergencyfund book bookadaptation startups startuplife fictionalstartup

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PRO TIP: Shop second hand and DIY! With a little elbow grease I transformed this FREE TV stand into a beautiful new piece for our home using items I had on hand. ⠀ .⠀ Check out your local facebook marketplace and see what you can DIY into a new beatiful piece for your home. ⠀ . Want to know how I got and transformed this piece for FREE check out this weeks video - link in my bio⠀ ❔Are you a DIYer? What has been your favorite DIY makeover? ⠀ .⠀ 📹 VIDEO LINK in my bio organizedtosave⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ protipfriday mealplanning daveramsey emergencyfund freefamilyfun freeactivities free waystosave moneysavingtips moneytips moneygoals moneyhacks budgettips budgethacks homedecor howtosavemoney howtosavespace diy homehacks homegoals organize homegoals organizingtips protip declutter organizeyourlife konmari mariekondo savemoneyin2019 freediy

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Been wondering this the last few days. Obviously we hear the likes of daveramsey talk about this a lot but what is our UK equivalent and should we have one? 🤔

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Payday yesterday and my tenant has paid rent up until May the day before which brings my 5K by May goal up to $4,100! 82% saved and 40 days left of the month. There’s only 2 pay days left so I’ll be trying to save most of the money from my pay and sell whatever I can find that I don’t need to get the remaining $900!

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When receiving cash, some will not want cash sent to them a coin less while others overlook the costs. When sending Ksh 1,000, what category of senders are you? The Ksh 1030, Ksh 1028 or the Ksh 1000 flat, kila mtu apambane na hali yake ? Have an exciting Friday! MidMonthCrisis MyFriendMyBank PavingYourWay to Financial Stability

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drawing in the dining hall, because the classes are too small The smile never leaves their face

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I opened up an Ally savings account 2 months ago and check out the interest I’ve earned My husband wasn’t sold on an online only bank, but where else can you get these returns on a simple savings account? Disclaimer: An online bank does take a few extra days to transfer funds to your regular bank for use. For this reason, I wouldn’t, and I didn’t, put all of my emergency fund in this account. I keep some in a savings attached to my regular checking for immediate access.

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Where do you stash your emergency cash? RuffledOwl.com

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9 Signs You Are Bad with Money. Https:RuffledOwl.com