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Two-spotted bumblebee (Bombus bimaculatis) visiting lupine. This is the first worker of any species that I have seen so far this season — a sign that her queen was successful in establishing a nest despite the cold, wet spring we have had in Wisconsin bumblebee bumblebees twospotted twospottedbumblebee bombusbimaculatus wibees bumblebeebrigade bumblebeewatch explorewisconsin wildwisconsin savethebees nativebees pollinatorhabitat conservation pollinatorconservation invertebraeconservation environment nature invertebraesofinstagram beesofinstagram bumblebeequest

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How amazing is this idea! 💡🌿🍃🌱🌼🌸 What do you think? 👀🤔🤗 • ⭐️Repost from: ecoimpakt “How cool is this? Celebrations can now be plastic free! Hate the plastic and waste in celebrations? This is confetti from fallen leafs, an easy DIY and environmentally friendly way to celebrate any type of event! What do you think of this?”⭐️ • • • • zerowaste zerowastehome zerowasteliving zerowastelifestyle noplastic plasticfree leastwaste2018 reducereuserecycle reduce reuse reuseable litter singleuseplastic environment pollution endplasticpollution plasticpollution breakfreefromplastic plasticpollutes plasticbag reducewaste fortheloveofnature nature instanaturelover garbage sustainableliving sustainable zerowaste zerowastehome zerowasteliving

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Oyé oyé Pour les intolérants au lactose et les vegans dans la salle, je viens de faire le meilleur lait frappé de toute ma vie 🍦! Depuis environ deux semaines, j’ai un fou craving et je ne trouve pas de crèmerie qui offre l’option sans lactose/vegan. Si tu es dans cette situation🙌🏼🧡 - Essaye ça 👊🏼 _ Parlant de crèmeries, en connaissez-vous qui acceptent les contenants réutilisables 🌱?? Il semblerait que pour les laits frappés et les tourbillons, plusieurs crèmeries refusent nos contenants.🍨 _ ~Lait d’amande🥛 ~Crème glacée non-laitière de benandjerrys au carré au fudge (acheté en épicerie) 🍫 ~Banane🍌 ~Paille réutilisable🥤 • • • • • • • onelaststraw ecofriendlyliving reusablestraw locallymade bulkbags zerowaste notoplastic plasticstraws environment icecream milkshaketime

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Nosotros mismos ocasionamos el daño el cual nos afecta directamente , vulneramos nuestro propio derecho a la salud , un derecho muy importante. →→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→ medioambiente naturaleza MedioAmbiente ecologia reciclaje nature colombia climatechange environment compromiso sustentable cuidemoselplaneta entrega mantenimiento frio chubut trabajo confort biodiversidad proyecto ventilador ibp arranque clima love profesionalismo socialmedia piensalo centro piensaengrande

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♻️ ZeroWaste Movement♻️ 🌱The concept of producing “zero waste” has received a lot of buzz in recent years. But what is it? ♻️The zero-waste movement is a lifestyle where people aim to eliminate their trash output completely. This means noplastic, no wrappers, no garbage. 🗑The average American produces 4.4. pounds of trash every single day, significantly more than the global average of 2.6 pounds. 😱In a nation of nearly 324 million people, that amounts to more than 700,000 tons of garbage produced daily—enough to fill around 60,000 garbage trucks. This is a horrifying amount of waste.🙁 🗑A lot of the waste we throw out on a daily basis ends up in landfills. To put it simply, landfills are giant holes in the ground where waste is buried and then covered with soil or an alternative material. The problem with landfills, however, is they are horrible for the environment. 🐳A lot of trash doesn’t even reach landfills, they litter the streets and wash up in our oceans. 🌎The most dangerous of which is plastic; which doesn’t biodegrade and end ups destroying the marine life, our health, and the soil.💥 🌱By reevaluating the way we approach the concept of trash, we can make a big impact on the environment and our lives! 🍃 🖤 Crunchi corporate is working hard to switch all the products and create new products that are environmentally friendly and create “zero-waste!” The new facial bars are wrapped in 100% post consumer paper wrap that is 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable. (This means zero bulky plastic bottles are left after the product is used).🌿 🖤By switching your products such as your makeup, skincare, facial care, and soon to be body care to Crunchi, you are not only getting amazing high performance toxin free products - you are also helping to reduce plastic use, and make the world a better place! 🌎❤️ ❤️🌿We are in this together 😍

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e n v i r o n m e n t a l i s m Wanting to incorporate more of my passion for environmentalism into my songwriting but struggling not to sound corny - any tips? 🌽 ▪️ Photo by yhanson_photography

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In honor of Dr. Archie Carr, the "Father of Sea Turtles" we celebrate World Sea Turtle Day! Dr Archie Carr was a revolutionary man working with sea turtles on the east coast of Florida. Today we honor him and show our love for the most amazing reptiles soaring through ocean waves. Today we remember we must work to preserve them and their oceans for the future generations to admire also. Today we celebrate Sea Turtles Photo credits benjhicks lovefl dobetterbebetter bethechange healthyoceans volunteer volunteers seaturtle seaturtles seaturtletrackers stpetebeach stpetebeachfl environment oceanambassador oceanambassadors ocean underwaterphotography greenseaturtle greenseaturtles loggerhead loggerheads loggerheadseaturtle justkeepswimming bekind worldoceansday worldseaturtleday seaturtleday archieecarr

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How long does it take for trash to decompose. Take care and recycle your trash!

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Being in nature, or even viewing scenes of nature, reduces anger, fear, and stress and increases pleasant feelings. Exposure to nature not only makes you feel better emotionally, it contributes to your physical wellbeing, reducing blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and the production of stress. So we all know that fate of all is regulated by the creator of all the creatures. As someone stated: " No doubt you were created by the one who has wrote everything about your future" 💞😇 ❤ Nature orignated from Him so if you're attached to nature automatically your connections would be with the one above all. 💞 What we want from us? What will be bieng done in uo coming time? All these question can be answer in only one topic "FATE" What you have been and what you're everything is just because of your fate 🙌 Destiny and fate both are termed as same but the fate is written and destiny can be change through prayers 🙌 your passion, sterlity, firm revolution and steadfastness can change your destiny 😇 blog blogger_de blogging couplebloggers autohash Sadiqabad Pakistan Punjab outdoors tree nature flora wood leaf growth people environment cloud fall danger grass hand protection landscape

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My house is pretty basic and the kitchen in particular doesn't have much! I made my little cutlery holder out of a a plastic basket that looked super ugly, a summer dress that might have otherwise been thrown and this artificial flower I've had lying around from somewhere for god knows how many years. Works a treat! 🌼 keepitsimple flower zerowaste zerowastelondon zerowastelifestyle livingzerowaste kitchen zerowastekitchen pretty simpleliving wastefree lesswaste lowwaste ecofriendly environment gogreen bemoregreen reducereuserecycle repurpose

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Over here at O + E we love to be naked or dressed from nature! Big love to all from these little treasures.

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Our team’s favorite simple way to help the environment! Reusable grocery bags. Did you know that one person using a reusable grocery bag could remove more than 22,000 plastic bags from the environment? 🧡🌎♻️ Let’s talk about plastic. - Did you know that over ONE million birds, 100,000 turtles and other animals suffer/ die from ingesting plastic? Let’s do our part and remember to bring our reusable bags to the grocery store.

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This week we receiving our newest set! Obviously there aren’t any professional photos of the set yet, so swipe across and tell us what YOU think in the comments below! 🍂

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The only thing worse than a retard that believes in white privilege, is a white that does so. Fuck you cuckold bastards. "If you're white, you don't know what it's like to live in poverty." charliebrown11xray pridemonth pride pridemonth2019 chickfila globalist globalism thegreatreplacement greatreplacement europe eu globalwarming environment islam terrorist terrorism 2020 neocon liberal conservative ethnicnationalism ethnic nationalism brexit europeanunion europeanunion🇪🇺

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'Kiki's Bakery' 2018 My first environment piece was a redesign of the bakery in 'Kiki's Delivery.' I think doing thumbnails was the most difficult part for me to understand and it took me way longer than I wanted, but the painting was a lot of fun. I still don't enjoy doing thumbnails and ideation sketches so much so that I am starting question if pursuing the concept art path is even right for me but I know that learning all the designing processes allowed me to do more solid illustrations vs. past myself would just jump into meaningless paintings for fun. So, I guess I will continue to learn this stuff for now 🙂 so good at pursuading myself lol Deviantart 💙 xhilia7 Artstation 💜 xhilia originalart instaartwork gameart digital_art digitalartworks environmentdesign artgram art_collective ethereal fantasyart doodles semirealism environment artistic artoftheday illustration artistoninstagram digitalillustration shiranou xhilia 일러스트 그림 struggles

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🍅 Unfortunately, my job isn’t that eco friendly. I work on a ship that goes back and forth from Norway to Germany. But what I’ve learned in this beginner process of becoming less plastic dependent is that Germany omg you guys are doing great! Almost every German I encounter on the ship refuses plastic. They do t want straws, plastic bags or take away made with plastic. Good job👏🏼. I’ve started doing this thing where I buy everything I need at home, the last day in Germany before I go home. This is because the shops allow me to buy in “bulk” and use my own containers and produce bags. How hard can it get meny_matglede coop_norge kiwi_minipris to stop unnecessary plastic for fruit and vegetables? 💰 This will also save consumers money, allowing us to buy exactly the amount we need. ❌ it will also reduce food waste, again since we can choose how much we want to buy. 🌍 • • green eco ecofriendly earth nature zerowaste zerowastehome zerowastelifestyle environment climate climatechange climateaction timetoact timetochange health recycle clean impact environment sustainability sustainable gogreen

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Adorable newborn Antarctic fur seal pup 😍 - By birddetective

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Small Impacts 3/3: The simplest one yet. My trusty water bottle is by far the most commonly used piece of “equipment” I own. I love this kleankanteen model so much I have a 2nd at home (not an ad), this black one comes with me on set and to work. This specific one is stainless steel, it ALWAYS stays clean, and is very easy to rinse out. It is lightweight when empty, so I carry it that way until I get to work/set. It comes in smaller/larger sizes so you can easily get one to fit your needs. My first one I purchased has lasted me since my 1st year of college (9 years). Drinking bottled water is an interesting and much debated scenario. In most parts of the US at least we have access to clean tap water, and in many cases public filtered water (gyms, workplaces, some parks etc). A re-usable water bottle is the simplest way to make an impact in a country (not world) where we bottle one of the most common and free-to-most resources. *also makes a great Father’s day gift I'm sharing portraits of my favorite re-usable items in order to pay it forward. Maybe this will inspire someone to make a switch, and consider ditching the plastic alternative. it's all about the little things we can do for the planet, the small impacts.

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Exploring the vastness of environmental simplicity.

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Está difícil entrar em um supermercado, mercearia ou até mesmo andar em uma feira e não se deparar com isso aí. Me dá desespero até. A vida corrida das grandes cidades tem sido usada como muleta para o aumento indiscriminado do uso de plástico e isopor para embalar frutas e legumes porcionados, sob desculpa da praticidade. Os comerciantes encontraram na preguiça do ser humano mais uma fonte de lucro, mas a que preço? Além da possibilidade de oxidação e perda de nutrientes ser potencializada nos alimentos cortados dessa maneira, o impacto desse hábito no meio ambiente é enorme, principalmente na vida marinha. Cinco minutinhos a mais cortando e higienizando os próprios alimentos não matam ninguém; essas embalagens, sim. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Sempre que possível, compro produtos a granel e levo minhas próprias sacolas e saquinhos reutilizáveis para realizar as compras, além de dar preferência para produtos cujas embalagens não contenham plástico. Também estou aprendendo a produzir algumas coisas que costumava comprar (alguns produtos de limpeza e higiene, por exemplo). E sim: sou a chata que questiona os comerciantes sobre o uso desnecessário de plástico para embalar frutas, legumes etc. É possível eliminar 100% o uso de plástico no dia a dia? Não sei. Mas dá pra reduzir bem com simples atitudes semanadomeioambiente menosplastico diadomeiobiente noplastic saveourplanet meioambiente govegan consumoconsciente agroecologia mulheresveganas vegano plastic environment sustentabilidade comeréumatopolítico pelosanimais zerowaste nomoreplastic conscienciaambiental ecossocialismo ecofeminismo

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▨ワンルームコーディネート オイル仕上げのテレビボードを配置してみました。 色の違いはありますが、どれも天然木の家具だけあって、温かい雰囲気の部屋になります。 是非商品ページだけでもご覧くださいね。 mitsuya工房 テレビ台 テレビボード ローテーブル シェルフ ↓商品ページ base https:workshopmits.base.shop/ minne https:minne.com/ yuta-1477 creema https:www.creema.jp/c/mitsuyakoubou/item/onsale Floorplan Housekeeping Interest environment quality ideal Commitment Relief Popularity Floor Floors housedesign housedecor Handmade homemade Renovation simple holiday Photo camera

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Join us tomorrow at 10:00am for the launch of our online store! vintagehuskey.com

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With the opening of our store just around the corner, we are excited to offer a FREE car decal with any purchase over $25.* Thank you all so much for the support and hope to see you FRIDAY! *$25 dollar total is calculated before shipping and handling as well as taxes.

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We are SUPER excited to announce that we will be open for business THIS FRIDAY! In the coming days will provide more details for what to expect. For complete news and future updates feel free to follow us on twitter vintagehuskey and sign up for our mailing list at vintagehuskey.com Thank you all so much for the support!

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Everyone keep their eyes on the official Vintage Huskey account over the next couple weeks as we count down to the launch of our online store!