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44 minutes ago

Mondo Mondays - coming in strong with that preorder delivery. So pumped to finally have a proper limited edition of THE DEVIL’S NIGHTMARE (1971) - a true slice of gothic Eurohorror goodness with one of the best goddamn scores from Alessandro Alessandroni. Mondo proves again why they’re one of the best in the game. 📀 📺 ——————————————————————— mondomacabro thedevilsnightmare eurohorror horrormovies horrorcommunity horrorfam horrorjunkie horrorobsessed jeanrollin jessfranco luciofulci gothichorror hammerhorror christopherlee joedamato moviecollection moviecollector instahorror bluraycollection newpickups horrorgram dvdcollection

4 hours ago

Today’s Arrival! Gorgeously lurid U.S. poster for Jean Rollin’s Requiem for a Vampire aka Caged Virgins (1971) 📽🍿💀🧛🏼‍♂️⚰️🖤🕯🕸🦇🇫🇷

22 hours ago

Not an exaggeration I think to call this film a true masterpiece and one of the greatest Euro sex and horror films ever made. It’s a genuine stunner. Especially now it’s presented in its original uncut director’s cut. Just watched Jose Larraz THE COMING OF SIN (1978) on Blu-ray from arrowvideo

1 day ago

Erika Blanc double feature. ‘The Devils Nightmare’ was on my watchlist for a long time and I was happy to find it recently and enjoyed it a lot. This is kind of a prime example for good sleazy European 70s horror. It stars the wonderful Erika Blanc as a succubus which gives her the chance to look both sexy and creepy. The film is not a gore fest but there is some blood and you get quite a bit of nudity, which is a good thing. The film starts out with a great pace and even though it loses a little of that in the final act, it’s still a really entertaining and interesting Gothic flick. ‘The Red Headed Corpse’ aka ‘The Sensual Doll’ is another one in which Erika plays a kind of mysterious seductive character – in this case in a kind of unusual giallo that is a bit of a curiosity because not much happens, but Erika and her American co-star Farley Granger make it work. TheDevilsNightmare TheRedheadedCorpse TheSensualDoll ErikaBlanc RenzoRusso JeanBrismée DanielEmilfork JacquesMonseau VenantinoVenantini JeanServais ShirleyCorrigan Eurohorror Eurocult Giallo Italianhorror 70scinema 70shorror succubus occultism psychotronic FarleyGranger cultmovies cinephile filmbuff horrorfan GothicHorror

1 day ago

So I was watching my copy of The Devil's Nightmare and Erika Blanc shows up in that black dress oozing sexy confidence, plus I don't give a f*** about all you other women in the room look on her face. lol erikablanc sexywomen sexy sexy4life sexy_ladies eurohorror thedevilsnightmare igers movies women 70sfashion blackdress horror horrormovie movies lol castle dinner succubus s_dyson isacine_paris_bluray jayphilly73 ceselii kenny447932 4kcinemahd horrorchain1 laboratory_of_the_devil horror_goul88 forcestrong81 djcooky78 kewy_bear thespleenmachine mondomacabro

1 day ago

“How long will you survive?” ⠀ It’s Stand By Me at The House of 1000 Corpses when three sneak into an abandoned film lot and stumble across a twisted father and son having a good old time with a bit of murder. All the elements of a good horror thrill ride are here but it doesn’t come together well enough to live up to its potential. Maybe it’s the uneven editing, the sometimes incongruous, and often cliche soundtrack or that it tries way too hard to ape American horror. It wants to be a Rob Zombie film, but it’s only when it embraces its Nouveau Guignol side does it reach that level of uncomfortable and intimate violence that French new wave horror does so well. ⠀ frenchhorror eurohorror abandonedplaces slasher guignol horror nothorror horrormovie horrorfilm horrorlife horrorlove horrorobsessed horrornerd horrorgeek horrorjunkie horrorfanatic horrorfan horrorpage horrorclub horrorreview horrorforlife horrorforlife horrorcommunity horrorgram instahorror ighorror horrorig scarymovie

2 days ago

FOR SALE: An Original 1974 Belgian Peite, rolled poster DM me for pricing LADY FRANKENSTEIN (1971)directed by Mel Wellesstarring Rosalba Neri, Joseph Cotten, Paul Muller and Mickey Hargitay First Belgian release in November 1974. ladyfrankenstein italianhorror belgianpetit belgiumposter belgianmovieposter sarabay movieposter creaturefeature movieposterforsale rosalbaneri josephcotten mickeyhargitay paulmuller lowbudgethorror 70shorror classichorror horrorart horrorposter horroradvertising exploitationfilms cultclassic frankensteinmonster eurohorror eurosleaze erotichorror frankenstein horrorcollectionforsale forsale horrorcollectables horrorpostersforsale

2 days ago

FOR SALE: An extremely rare Original 1973 French release, double sided poster DM me for pricing A VIRGIN AMONG THE LIVING DEAD (1973)directed by the great Jesus Francostarring Britt Nichols, Howard Vernon and Christina Von Blanc side 1 is the artwork, side 2 has a film synopsis (in English & French) and cast and crew credits. SWIPE to see side 2. avirginamongthelivingdead jesusfranco jessfranco Frenchposter movieposter movieposterforsale brittnichols erotica howardvernon christinavonblanc frenchhorror eurohorror 70shorror classichorror horrorart horrorposter horroradvertising exploitationfilms erotichorror amongthelivingdead horrorcollectionforsale forsale horrorcollectables horrorpostersforsale

2 days ago

Mondo mail day.

5 days ago

Our much loved CAROLINE MUNRO is Star Guest at the Camden Film Fair Saturday March the 30th The Electric Ballroom

5 days ago

One of my most anticipated releases of the year! The Devil's Nightmare is a chilling and atmospheric, Gothic slow-burn that delivers on pretty much every level! Sinister characters! Groovy soundtrack! Stunning and macabre set-pieces!Erika Blanc as a sinister and sexy siren! TDN is a frightening tale of sin and temptation and a true masterpiece of European Horror! My highest recommendation!Mondo Macabro did a stellar job on this disc! (If you missed out on the LE, a standard edition is coming soon) THE DEVIL’S NIGHTMARE AKA THE DEVIL WALKS AT MIDNIGHT(1971) Dir: Jean Brismée A busload of tourists on holiday discover that they are going on an unscheduled trip… a trip into the macabre. They find themselves lost and in need of food and shelter. A gloomy castle ahead seems to be the refuge that have been seeking. What they don’t know is that Baron von Runberg, the castle’s owner, lives under an ancient family curse – one that will draw the unsuspecting guests into a terrifying game of death. mondomacabro LIMITED EDITION FEATURES Reversible cover with front side unique to this release. Alternate side features original art by Gilles Vranckx, Booklet featuring brand new writing on the film by Pete Tombs Set of lobby card reproductions DISC FEATURES Region free 2K scan of the original camera negative Interview with director Jean Brismée Interview with assistant director/second-unit director Robert Lombaerts Interview with avant garde film-maker and Belgian cinema insider Roland Lethem Audio commentary by author Troy Howarth Original trailers and TV spots Mondo Macabro previews thedevilsnightmare jeanbrismee mondomacabro 1971 gothichorror limitededition 70scinema horror eurohorror europeanhorror ErikaBlanc, JeanServais eurohorror DanielEmilfork JacquesMonseau bluray cultfilm cultmovie bluraycollection bluraycollector exploitationfilm instahorror horrorgram dawnofthediscs belgium italy chateaudantoing

5 days ago

eurohorror: Where the mistakes are masterpieces.

6 days ago

VAMPYR (1932) Directed by Carl Theodor Dreyer. Starring Henriette Gerard, Sybille Schmitz and Nicolas de Gunzburg. Outside of the two NOSFERATUs, Carl Dreyer’s VAMPYR is the greatest vampire film ever made, a surreal nightmare of horror imagery that still feels strikingly modern and remains deeply influential. Dreyer captures a world that feels authentically supernatural, immersed in a hypnotic, ghostly fog with unspeakable terrors hiding in every shadowy corner. VAMPYR serves as a clear precursor to everything from 60 and 70’s Euro horror to David Lynch (this is the clear ancestor to Lynch’s ERASERHEAD) but every frame still feels original and unique. On every conceivable level, this is not just one of the great horror films but one of the greatest films ever made. Cinema Vampyr CarlTheodorDreyer ClassicHorror EuroHorror GermanCinema FrenchCinema VampireMovies

1 week ago

Tonight it’s a so-bad-they’re-bad zombie/infection movie double-bill - Nightmare City/City Of The Walking Dead (1980, Dir. Umberto Lenzi) and Zombie Creeping Flesh/Virus/Hell Of The Living Dead (1980, Dir. Bruno Mattei). cityofthewalkingdead nightmarecity umbertolenzi zombiecreepingflesh hellofthelivingdead virus brunomattei italianhorror eurohorror 80shorror 80shorrormovies zombies zombiemovie horrormovies horrorfan horroraddict horrorfiend horrorjunkie horrorlife horrorcommunity horrorgram instahorror ilovehorror watchingnow nowwatching

1 week ago

Today’s mail! Bruno Mattei’s “Rats: Notte de Terrore” (1984) on 88_films blu!

1 week ago

Attention U.K. & Euro-based friends Repost spacetoonz ・・・ NOW AVAILABLE IN THE UK! rendezvous_la and spacetoonz present REELCINESOUND The brand new Video DJ mix collaboration from CINEMA THERAPY & RENDEZVOUS. 6 DJ’s, 19 Cult Films, 19 Soundtracks available now psilowave on an all new Standard Edition Region-Free Blu-Ray soundtracks filmmusic cultcinema horror eurohorror giallofilm blaxploitation speghettiwestern eurocrime postapocalyptic rendezvousla cinematherapy ukhorror eurohorror

1 week ago

Today’s mail from doctor_butcher_md! Thanks for the fast shipping, homie!

1 week ago

‘Nightmare Castle’ aka ‘The Faceless Monster’ starring the great Barbara Steele is a minor classic when it comes to Italian Gothic horror. It has a fantastic beginning and the 20 minutes are so full of horror and torture that it almost pushes the boundaries for what you could show in the 60s. This would be the second time Barbara was in a classic Italian horror film with a surprising amount of violence, after she already did Mario Bava’s classic ‘Black Sunday’ a few years earlier, establishing her as a female Gothic icon. Sadly the film doesn’t keep up the quality if first promises, and definitely shows you the best scenes in the beginning. Then it’s an hour of story elements we have seen before in other similar movies and though the film is good looking and Barbara gets the chance to play two characters, it definitely slows down a lot. The final 10 minutes are pretty great again, so you still have to watch the whole movie and you probably won’t regret it. NightmareCastle TheFacelessMonster MarioCaiano BarbaraSteele PaulMuller HelgaLiné MarinoMasé RikBattaglia EnnioMorricone 60scinema 60shorror italianhorror gothichorror cultmovie cinephile filmbuff blackandwhite eurocult exploitation eurohorror horrorfan gore bmovie classichorror

1 week ago

Get nasty with HUNCHBACK OF THE MORGUE (1973) presented here on this out of print Mya Communication DVD. I’ve always loved this gory little Euro sleaze number. Let’s cross our fingers for more Naschy in 2019. 🤞🏻 —————————————— paulnaschy hunchbackofthemorgue eurohorror moviecollector moviecollection spanishhorror moviecollector horrormovies horrorgram horrorfam horrorcommunity 70shorror gothichorror hammerhorror horrorobsessed cinephile horrorcollector gore cultfilm exploitationfilm horrorjunkie physicalmedia tombsoftheblinddead