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10 minutes ago

- stream lemonade🍋🔥 - {follow sirryonce for more.}

31 minutes ago

"Ela é a rainha"👑 | O rapper migos dizendo que é integrante da Beyhive. 🐝 (O vídeo não tem som)

39 minutes ago

I wish you health, I wish you wheels, I wish you wealth. I wish you insight, so you can see for yourself

43 minutes ago

i feel like she is bringing us the fwt dvd, heres why:dropping lemonade on all platforms so locals can learn all the songs again, dropping tees with where is the fwt dvd so we can wear them in irony after the dvd's released, teaching locals the formation choreography so they can actually do something while watching it, releasing the demo for sorry to get more streams and rise more attention to lemonade. she is that bitch and im ready PERIODT!

55 minutes ago

happy lemonade day! lemonade is now available on all streaming platforms 🍋 beyoncé

59 minutes ago

tip of the day cause i woke up feeling great and just did my physical exercise and now im even greater 😁😁😁 just canalized all my anger in my self defense class and gosh that feels so good. i definitely need to feel it. and be free nayirahwaheed help anxiety anxietyattack love everythingislove borderline borderlinepersonalitydisorder borderliner bpd bpdfam bpdawareness bpdsupport bpdrecovery mentalillness overcomer outburst writing personalblog spiritualwritter writtersinstagram writter writterscommunity mentalhealthblogger mentalhealthsupport mentalhealthwarrior mentalhealth healthy

1 hour ago

Only BEYONCE can re-release a 3 year old album and have everyone talking about it like it’s brand new. However, for all the applemusic and spotify users, I'm not leaving my TIDAL MASTERS HIFI lossless sound quality service. BTw, It’s Jay-Z ROCNATION ‘s so… 🎶 ✊🏽 🍋

1 hour ago

Anyways, I’m off to listen to the Sorry demo and watch the FORMATION choreo video over and over again as if I hadn’t mastered it the first week it was released. What’s your fav song from the album? 🍋👑🧸

1 hour ago

spring springtime everythingislove beautifulthings 春爛漫 新しい 門出 ♡ 先日、娘のピアノのグループレッスンが最終日を迎えました。 . 3歳から始めて、1人辞めてまたひとり、そして、最後まで一緒だった子がついに辞めてしまってクラスが無くなってしまいました。 . 5年間一緒のクラスで一緒に歌ったり、踊ったり、演奏したお友達とお別れしました。 . 最後まで続けて、 ひとりぼっちになって 帰り道に静かに涙を流す彼女の事を美しいなぁと思いました。 . 別れがあるから 出会いもある。 . 別れても 必要だったら神さまがまた 引き合わせてくれる。

2 hours ago

lemonade is now available on all streaming platforms🍋 beyoncé

2 hours ago

Lemonade is now available on all streaming platforms! Released with a demo version of Sorry and a Formation choreography video on Tidal

3 hours ago

Everyday is a new beginning. Treat it that way. Stay away from what might have been and move on. Don't let negative words or actions of others affect your smile. Decide that today is gonna be a good day and enjoy it! Good morning💋 terrifictuesday positivevibesonly everythingislove

3 hours ago

Demo de "Sorry" disponível no spotify. Obrigada Beyoncé pelos mimos.

3 hours ago