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god DAMMMMM ✨🔥 We don’t deserve this greatness!

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poormans100 liveyourdream struggleisreal poor trendingnow streetwearstyle tumblrvibes instagram investimentos loves collegedegree focused hypebeaststyle storyofthestreets selfgrowth virgilabloh believeinyourself ffs allmoneyin everythingislove poorly streetclassics worldview contentcreation visualarts 90210 saving collegedegree vscophil ambitious vscofilter POORMAN'S Wondering: Do you ever wonder about what society says is rule as far as advancing in life? Something's seem to unfold as lies or either old sayings in a new environment. People tell us while in high school to get a college degree, but when you get the degree nothing happens. What meant by this is that you're applying for multiple jobs daily and you have a high GPA. Yet, when you finally get something, it's probably not even in the field that the degree you received. It seems as if everything is a bad nightmare that you're actually living. "Next!" What about the old saying "save your money!" Look let's keep it real, saving money doesn't necessary work because money that has no engine to move and recruit more money (investing in something including starting a business) begins to lose value based on appreciating bills and expenses. As well, what about the statics on how people who make $25,000 or less are the only people living below the poverty line. This can't be 100% correct due to the fact if a postal makes $42,000 annually but with taxes, retirement, thrift saving, and so on, maybe only $26,000 is coming home in net pay. What's the big difference of not stopping below the poverty line, oh let us quest "OVERTIME!" Finally, why is there a theory that people who work minimum wage jobs and are living from check to check are lazy because their broke? "REALLY!" What about the millions of blue collar workers who make more than $50 or $100,000 annually and are living from check to check? (PAUSE) Are they considered lazy as well? No, this isn't true based on the environments that we live in today. Look some quote are great and they do relate within the current society; however, a lot of there's just don't have an substance based on how the world continues to change and the

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Bey always gets so hype to Nice😩🍑

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y’all know that jay actually wrote the chorus to the song, and the girls wrote the bridge and verses😌

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wasn’t she gonna wear those shoes and socks for the Super Bowl ‘16? just me??

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face 😍

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The ultimate truth is till you learn to harness the Love within you will always seek others to love you, complete you or make you whole. Loving yourself, you experience the wholeness of ALL THAT YOU ARE and in that state others not only mirror your Love back to you, you learn to share Love with others reminding them that the truest Love flows from within selflove selfcare loveyourself love abuja nigeria innerwork selfhealing awakening insight freedom loveyou awareness empathy boundaries skyline thirdeye allowance space free livelove loveyou lover lovebirds everythingisenergy everythingislove loveisgod

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boss baby ❤

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brunoralves mto obrigado por ter me recebido em sua residência, melhor férias da minha vida, quero te agradecer do fundo de my heart, tank u so much, amei meu presente de aniversário, ver minha Rainha 👑 Queen B, minha diva q eu amo tanto e perfeito, faz aniversário junto comigo hahahhaa. Te amooooo amigo 😍🇺🇸😘👑🎉✌️ obrigado tb ao thiagodiodato amo vc 😍😘 beyjay beyonce bey thecarters otrii otr2 jayz beychella queen queenb diva everythingislove apeshit grammys Grammy2019