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11 hours ago

“Daddy that trees watching us” 👁

1 day ago

A cool little progression shot of how my style and comfortable-ness with the procreate program developed over three years 🙂 You can really see how I learned how to mould myself with the program; a process of finding the right techniques, brushes and style. Procreate has since been my favourite tool for making art, and I love how quick and flexible it is. It’s always nice to look back and see old work. Often I look at a piece and remember my mentality at the time, where I was living, what I was up to etc. Being an artist is a funny way of documenting. 🙂 X X X fineart digitalart procreate blackandwhiteart process art creative artist artdevelopment eyedrawing ipadpro selfimprovement instaart selfdevelopment eyeeye portrait arte artoftheday

2 days ago

The “big daisy cookie” 😋 eyeeye

5 days ago

Gobsmacked shout out to the NHS went to the walk in centre waited 35 minutes and was seen and sent to the eye clinic (wasnt aware of a walk in eye clinic its at the hallamshire for anyone with future eye isssues) went there and was seen and sent packing with my antibiotics within 20 mins 👍🏽😮🙌🏽😮👍🏽 speed of service has improved or was it good timing and because the students aren't here🤔 either way hold tite the NHS Only a sty or cyst and not a cold sore in my eyethe moment you google your symptons google gets you everytime😅. Well there goes my list of everything i had to do today take 2 tomorrow then 😂👍🏽 sorted eyeeye EyeFeelToGetAPatch HarryPotterCharactersToMarvel FastTreatment

6 days ago

후디-블랙(L) eyeye에서 베이직라인이 출시되었다 eyeeye

1 week ago

Eye, eye a new day a new project I wonder that this is going to be?

1 week ago

It’s funny what we take for granted - when I look at this pic from last week I wish my eyes were like this now 🤣 loosing your vision in just one eye has legit been so scary, and if/when I get it back/, it will never be taken advantage of again! 😭👁 iritis eyeeye pirateprobs

1 week ago

Wakey Wakey !

1 week ago

Look what Magic has got his paws on now ❤️❤️❤️ Pro-age eye cream, ORGANIC, VEGAN, CRUELTY FREE just like all of our skincare range and comes in a 15ml airless pump - meaning there's absolutely no waste. (Like the moisturisers) Ideal for normal, dry and tired looking skin. Contains natural oils and extracts to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and dark under-eye circles. Protective Vitamins A and E and Green Tea Extract, all rich in anti-oxidants help combat the signs of ageing and fight cell damage caused by free radicals. Available to order now!Only £17.75 eyeeye glowstar19 crueltyfreeskincare growingoldgracefully

1 week ago

Tired eye that need a lift? PolyPeptide Collagel+ Line Lifting Masks for your eyes are little miracle workers that leave your eyes feeling hydrated, refreshed and smoothed. HydroPeptide EyeEye EyeMasks

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This eye serum is the perfect scent to inhale before you drift into dreamspace. Late night love from natural frankincense, lavender & roman chamomile. Gliding the glass bottle with cooling metal rollerball under the eye (around the socket) allows the vitamin-rich sweet almond and tea seed oils lazily sink into delicate, dehydrated skin and work their magic while you sleep. Wake up dewy and calm. eyeserum eyeeye lavenderlover undereyecircles magiceye dreamtime sweetdreams nighttime goodnight bliss naturalskincare naturalremedy zerowastebeauty herbalmagic

1 week ago

Trying out special effects from colorists special effects book, will get better at this, but pleased so far, loving this book recommendation from colourwithclaire youtuber channel, i used spectrumnoir colourblend pencils and the paper I'm using is strathmoreart toned grey, being a damn left hander, and there being a spiral bound book, I used a tip from artofchloerose youtube channel and have started this from back, so the bloomin spiral is on the right and doesnt get in the way! Oh I used a unipin white gel pen for the highlights eyeeye artist artsy artistoninstagram artoftheday artistsoninstagram artwork specialeffects specialeffects

1 week ago

Weird things that happen at event shows no. 467 - eye photography eyeeye

1 week ago