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I’m late on this facetofacefriday, but I’m feeling it. This one from a year ago came up in my feed—I’m about a month away from my two year fitiversary. I do so many more things in this body, I’m so much more capable. I don’t fear running up against my limitations and feeling shame; I own them, I don’t feel lacking. Last week I volunteered as a chaperone for my daughter’s class field trip into the woods. I hiked, chased first graders, and fit comfortably up and down the school bus aisles. It wouldn’t have been possible two years ago, and it meant so much to my daughter to have me there. I can’t believe I almost missed out. I’m so grateful that I’m here now. livinglife weightlossjourney weightlosstransformation

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Vulnerable post alert ❗ . The difference between these two photos is 14 kgs (31lbs) and a whole different person Its only been 5 months since I decided that I was done with my own bull****. I weighed in at the heaviest I've ever been, 86kgs. Honestly, I'm embarrassed to even write that number I can't believe I ever let myself get that unhealthy The real wake up call for me was when I sat at the doctors and was diagnosed with Polysistic Overie syndrome. The doctor looked me straight in the eyes and told me the probability of me ever having was slim to none Until that day I had never really felt the world move that slow. You know that feeling where everything becomes echoey and your eyes start to tunnel vision? . Making the decision to choose a better me has been the biggest shift I have ever experienced I'm not going to include all the details of the past few months but I will add, there were two reasons I took my first leap in this direction, 1 because of a challenge group I joined, run by jadealectra. She is a bassass woman warrior and if you want to reach the depths of your heart, mind and soul you didn't know you could reach, I urge you to take one of her challenges. (she has another one starting in the 27th of April that I am joining in on again and I'm so excited about it 😁) It forever changed my life 2 because I found an amazing group of women who raised me up and helped keep me accountable for choosing myself, every single day! Woman who raise other women are the best kind of ladies. I'm so grateful for the day that girl reached out to me and I said yes to joining her challenge group! (if you're interested in something like this, dm me. Happy to chat!) . I went to get my bloods and an internal ultra sound done just less than a month ago, all my cycts on my Overies are gone, I have no enlarged follicles and my hormone levels came back completely normal I healed my body, and I'm so gosh darn proud of myself for it This is only the start of my health journey but I'm so excited to be moving towards goals that finally feel attainable! 💪🏽🤓

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Hey it’s me, Jenna. I started the Keto Diet one day when I felt like complete crap and was crying like a baby in the shower and prayed for help. That night I came across a video on YouTube from keto.connect and decided to give the diet a try. I started writing down all my macros and weighing myself daily. I was honestly a little obsessive in the beginning. Since that day I have not cheated once and saw the weight coming off fast! Now I take it a little bit more lax. I still count carbs but not macros every day. It’s super simple, affordable, and makes me feel amazing. I’ve struggled with anxiety, panic attacks and depression. I can say the depression is completely gone, I still get anxiety but nowhere as bad as pre-keto. If I can do it then anyone could. Just never give up 😎I’ve lost 34 pounds so far and plan on losing at least another 20, but it’s not all about the weight. As long as I’m feeling good then that’s all that matters 😊 ketodiet facetofacefriday ketogenicdiet weightlosstransformation weightloss diet positivity lowcarb sugarfree

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Today is my 1 year weight loss journey Anniversary I started my weight loss journey ON APRIL 20 2018 I HAVE LOST 200LBS in one year. I still have a long way to go I'm almost 5 months out from vsg surgery and I'm in a stall. I'm still in the honeymoon phase of my vsg surgery so I have to maximize the next few months. I have a big plans from this day forward. I'm going to start getting out more it's been years since I've gone out to a simple dinner. I just want to have experiences facetofacefriday beltlinebariatric weightlossjourney vgscommunity blackwomenlosingweight facetofacefriday drprocter weightlosssurgery bariatricsleeve vgscommunity vsgbeforeandafter vsgfamily weightlossjourney Godisgood blessed rasurvivor wontgoddoit bariatricsuppot bariatricfriends backtolife brandnewkindofme lordmakemeover thankyoulord smallportions eatingtolive fightformylife transformation weightlossstrategies weightlosssurgery vgs verticalgastricsleeve bariatricfood bariatricsupport bariatric

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Sometimes you need a little reminder how far you’ve come. I’ve always found it a little cringey explaining my slimming world ‘journey’ to people. But its ok to take ownership of that journey and accept that I’ve set myself up for such a happier, healthier future. 😃❤️ slimmingworld foyodoptomising slimmingworldtargetmember targetmember slimmingworlduk weightloss weightlossjourney beforeandafter beforeandafterslimmingworld beforeandafterweightloss facetoface itsnotafriday facetofacefriday

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dinner was PENGGG😍 steak with corriander and garlic rub, my fave kinda salad and sweet potato chippys. I used schwartz.uk bbq classic rub for my chips. BBQ is bramwells for 1 syn per tbsp, I also had 1 tbsp of light salad cream for 0.5 syns💃🏼• • weigh weightloss facetofacefriday slimmimgworlduk happy slimmingworld healthyfood slimmingworldmeals slimmingworldrecipes slimmingworlddiary slimmingworldlife slimmingworldblogger sw slimmingworldplan weightloss foodblogger foodblog mealprep lovefood lowsyn healthyfood healthyrecipes healthylifestyle onplan foodoptimising

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I haven’t posted in a while because it hasn’t been the best week. It’s sad how people you once loved decide to treat you and how much other people can influence their decisions. Holidays have been especially difficult for me the past 8 months and I’ve been emotional and frustrated the last few days. It’s caused me to overeat and not want to exercise. Today I needed a reminder of how far I’ve come and how it’s not a straight line. And I still can go work off the pizza I ate for dinner last night 🙂 I’m a day late on facetofacefriday but still so proud of the progress.

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yeaaaahhhhhthis happened whoops 🥴 being ill today & not being able to spend time in the sun just made me want to treat myself & be bad, I DEFINITELY did that lol. Had an Indian and so many other naughty things Back on it tomorrow, going to do SP rest of week & hope I can get that half pound off for my 3 & 1/2 stone award on Thursday!😂🙏 • • • • • slimmingworldfriendsuk slimmingworldinsta slimmingworldworks slimmingworldlife slimmingworldmafia slimmingworld slimmingworldfriends slimmingworldbreakfast slimmingworldjourney slimmingworlduk slimmingworldfamilyuk slimmingworlddiary weightloss weightlosstransformation weightlossmotivation weightlossjourney dieta diet dietplan dietfood diettips weightlossgoals facetofacefriday transformationtuesday throwbackthursday motivationmonday

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A day late on the facetofacefriday post but I had to when this showed up in my memories from 3 years ago. I have no idea what I weighed, but it was definitely 200 something, also can we just recognize my tan since getting a pool for a minute? I mean Anyway, I’ve been struggling lately. Not with eating or working out, but coming to terms with the higher number on the scale. I talked about this in my stories but in case you missed it my lowest weight is 155 starting from September until mid March. I had spring break and a bachelorette but I didn’t eat THAT bad. For some reason I gain 10-13 stubborn pounds that won’t GO AWAY. My eating has been on point, since coming back from those vacays. I work out regularly and have started lifting more. 166 is what I weighed this morning and that just seems so high for a 5’5” person who is active and eats right, even if I’m gaining muscle. Urghhh! I was getting frustrated so I stayed away from the scale for a week. Checked last night and wanted to cry. Not give up. No way. But definitely wanted to cry. When it comes to weight loss, maintenance or any type of fitness journey, the struggle is real. You just have to not let it break you. I’m hoping it’s muscle but it doesn’t seem right to me. I’ll get over it, just riding the struggle bus for a minute 🙈 whatdoesntkillyoumakesyoustronger weightlossjourney weightlossstruggle transformation

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Not quite a facetofacefriday because I forgot to post yesterday but here it is anyways. 28lbs/ two stone gone and I’m feeling so much more confident already but there’s still a very long way to go. We got this! 💪🏼

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Missed facetofacefriday so here's SHOUT THE HECK OUT TO MYSELF SATURDAY🗣️. I remember the pic on the right because it was recently. I remember the pic on the left because I cried 3 times before we went out on the 🚤that day. Becoming healthy is more than what you look like on the outside. It's about everything in between. ❤️🤸 Happy Saturday, y'all! 🤘 falconfitt tribekelley duh alldayeveryday

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I forgot to post my facetofacefriday yesterday! So how bout a Side-by-Side Saturday? 🤷🏻‍♀️ I think the picture on the left is from around 2007 when I first started putting on the weight that started my cycle of losing and regaining (always plus some) for years. I would try calorie counting but eventually I would just stop, either I’d be over “dieting” or felt happy with my weight loss but hadn’t changed my mindset. So I would quickly slip back into those old habits. ww has really helped me change from that “diet” mindset to this is just my lifestyle now. Also, I can’t believe there’s a a 12 year difference between these pics 😱 ———————————————————————— ww wwfreestyle wwsuccess wwsupport weightwatchers weightwatchersfreestyle wwtransformation transformation weightloss weightlosstransformation weightlossjourney weightlossmotivation weightlossinspiration weightlossprogress weightlosscommunity weightlosssupport weightlossbeforeandafter beforeandafterweightloss beforeandafter healthy healthylifestyle fitnesstransformation fitnessmotivation fitfam rachelrunsonww facetoface

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Repost meat_molly ・・・ facetofacefriday sometimes you get lost in thinking about how much farther you have to go but then you look back at how far you’ve come⁣ ⁣ Wow, I still am in shock when I look at old pictures. I don’t remember looking like that!⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ yes2meat teamberry keto eatmeatmakefamilies ketodiet ketocouple ketoliving ketogenicdiet ketolife ketoaf fatisfuel bodybybacon ketocarnivore carnivore carnivoreketo carnivorediet meatheals eatyourmeat carnivorecouple ketocommunity ketoweightloss ketotransformationketofam

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It’s not facetofacefriday or transformationtuesday but I took the most recent photo this morning and needed to share Right: race in October. Middle: run in December, by the beach. Uncommonly 60°, so yes, a skirt. Left: today Since October, I’ve been dialing in what I’ve been doing. November I really started, December maintained, January crushed it, February maintained and since then have been living life but also crushing goals My husband and I have been making healthy meals (ok, he cooks dinner 99% of the time). We keep healthy food in the house, but allow ourselves to live life too I’ve been adding in strength training that’s designed for runners by lift_free_and_run Previously, I had done in home programs but struggled with how to balance them with running. Then, I went to 9Round Kickboxing, which didn’t help my tarsal tunnel and also was interesting with balancing my running with it I’ve been trying to keep my weekly mileage up, while listening to my body and dialing it back when needed. I’ve been fueling my body right, and making sure I eat the right things, while still allowing myself treats Love seeing my own progress progressnotperfection ihavearunnersbody irunthisbody skirtsports skirtsportsambassador womenwhomove weightloss health fit fitness healthylifestyle fitnessmotivation weightlossjourney workout healthyfood healthyliving motivation healthy nutrition weightlosstransformation transformation runningmotivation fatloss musclebuilding goals training

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It’s not just about physical appearances. It’s about discovering what you can do, and WHO you can be. It’s about living life to your fullest potential. It’s about never having to wonder WHAT IF - Fitness has given me so much more than a strong body. It has prepared me for hard times. It has taught me discipline. It has taught me to LOVE my body. It has shown me how to push myself beyond what I thought I could do. It has taught me to never give up on myself. Let’s do this together 💪🏼 Time to STOP wondering what if ❤️ and start living your best life ✨ 📷 Success story from marillewellyn ‼ Get help, tips, motivation and support for a successful weight loss, follow 👇 ➡ healthylife.weightlosshealthylife.weightloss . We want you to lose weight and love your body again 😲🔥 Get our weight loss guide for FREE, just click the link in our bio now! ➡ healthylife.weightlossgetfit weightlossmotivation weightlosssupport weightlossgoals pcosweightloss facetofacefriday wlsjourney transformations weightlossdiet extremeweightloss fat2fit weightlossblog myweightloss slimmingworldweightloss loseweightnow losebellyfat losingfat fatforfuel weightwatcher weightwatchersworks swweightloss weightgoals weightlose bodytransformations losingweightjourney weightlosss weightlossupport weightlosstip weightlossjourneyuk

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When your body wants to be lazy on Slackerday (Saturday). You get up and workout early before your brain knows what you’re doing! Health doesn’t start in the gym it starts in the kitchen. weightlossjourney weightloss weightlossfamily fitness workout swimming lifesylechange healthylifestyle cleaneating weightlosstransformation optavia30 consistency fullbodyworkout transformation 120lbsdown running mindovermatter beforeandafter fitat46 loveyourself workinprogress caloricdeficit proteinintake sleep facetofacefriday cycling repeat success

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I started macro tracking again exactly 30 days ago so I thought I would do a before and after picture. I like to take a picture in the same outfit once a month to track my progress. Sometimes the scale doesn’t move a lot but you can always tell how you’re doing by how your clothes fit. First picture I felt strangled by the shorts. In the second picture they’re not comfortable but they’re tolerable. Not a huge difference but I’m happy with anything. 😊

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NOT JUST ANY BANGERS • These are M&S bangers 😍 they have renamed their skinny sausages incase you panic when out shopping for them for BBQs, NO ONE PANIC 🙈 we had planned sausage & mash before the weather turned glorious so we have roasted tinned potatoes, spring greens & sweetcorn for a lighter dinner in the sunshine ☀️ 3 syns for the sausages and 1 syn for gravy added after 🍽 • slimmingworld targetmember diamondmember syns speedfood swmember weighday transformation beforeandafter transformationstuesday facetofacefriday motivationmonday healthyextraa healthyextrab weightloss weightlossjourney swinsta swmember slimmingworldinspiration slimmingworldmotivation slimmingworldbride brideof2018 bridetobe shreddingforthewedding 2019weightloss slimmingworldfamily slimmingworldsupport

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Don’t mind his mean mug, he just mad I had to paparazzi his fine ass My husband was lookin like a keto snack the other day and we missed facetofacefriday but dats okay he can be sidebysidesaturday lol So proud of his weight loss by being keto and his constant need to “see what the macros are”. He’s a Michelob ultra type of dad now (“i think this might be my beer” he says after reacting to IPA terribly) and still continues to eat all my keto treats. Little does he know I got some special treats comin his way 💨💨💨 keto ketodiet ketoinfo ketosis ketoaf ketoapproved ketojourney ketobeginner ketotransformation ketoweightloss ketothings ketos keepingitketo ketoadapted ketolifestyle ketogenicdiet ketogeniclifestyle ketogenic ketones nsv transformation weightloss ketorecipes ketodinner ketolunch ketobreakfast

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LIVING FOR THIS🤩☀️🌼🐥💛 I love when us Brits unite over something 🇬🇧 - sunny weather, Love Island, football championships the feel good factor is high and I feeeeel it! 🌟 This sunny weather is doing good things 😎 Back doors open, cold drink in hand and ministry of sound album on living my best Easter life 🥳

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No, I know it’s not facetofacefriday anymore and you’ll have to pardon the man ponytail (hair styling by the munchkin has been a thing since she was tiny - see second photo) However, that change in face from February 18 thru today is 👌 and has me 🥳 Just had to share

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DO WHAT WORKS Do You So out of the millions of pages, thousands of people, hundreds of influencers and all the different diets out there. JUST DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU ALL YOU NEED . 1. Calorie Deficit 2. Positive Mindset 3. Hungry as Hell . STAY HUNGRY EVERYONE . EXCEED YOUR EXPECTATIONS nodaysoff redcon1 lifestylechange garyvee newme eatright feelgood workout planetfitness lafitness family facetofacefriday fitspo powerlifter motivationmonday passover transformationtuesday weightlifting goaldigger redcon1 weightlossjourney easter ifbb weightlifting spring powerlifter obesity wod turbofitness

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+ fav on the go breakfast 💕

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You’ve heard of apple and pear shaped bodies, guess I’m a potato. Haha What food shape is socially acceptable? Suppose I should be thankful I don’t look like a waffle fry. 😂 I first posted this 6 months ago and here I am still shaped like a potatojust a smaller one now. Haha weightlosshumor sassy snarky healthyish hangry foodie sarcasm fridaymood gymtime healthyfood instafit keepgoing💪 weightlosstransformation weightlossjourney weightlossjourney2019 fitnessjourney fitnesstransformation fat2fit healthylifestyle healthyeating excercisedaily intermittentfasting instafit ww slimmingworld rantoftheday fridaymood facetofacefriday

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The work you put in when no one is watching or keeping score— that’s where the magic happens. ➖ Focus on YOU! Find what motivates you and RUN WITH IT. ➖ I have failed so many times, but what keeps me going is always the girl on the left. She had dreams. She still does. She was fed up. She doesn’t settle for less. Don’t let yourself settle. Knowing your worth is the greatest power you could ever have. ➖ Let’s keep working let’s do it together 💪🏼 facetoface fitness fitnessmotivation weightloss weightlifting weighttraining lifting healthylifestyle gymmotivation personaltrainer fitgirls goals fitnesslife workout motivation progress gym fit fitspo cardio work accountability motivation training weightlossjourney transformation fitnessjourney weightlosstransformation goaldigger facetofacefriday