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Family stick together Candid Family Sessions are my favourite because you don’t have to worry about how the poses look, or if your will stay still. All I do is let your family be you and I do my job at capturing your family in the rawness of candid. 😍

4 minutes ago

There’s nothing I love more in this world than seeing this little laugh & smile! Happy 4th Birthday my love bug 🥳🎂😘 Te amo Auntie loves you.

4 minutes ago

She says yes please and thank you and it’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard. 😭And Jace told me that his heart is connected to Olivia’s and mine. No clue who Olivia is, but I’m happy to be included in this little love triangle. 🔺

4 minutes ago

I’m so tired right nowHad a pretty awesome day with my kiddos went to the 2019 Fremont animal auctionNearly always it’s the things we don’t mean for our to remember that they remember most . Not the trips or money spentFor my family I do KILTEDBUILDER RedWolfTradingCo Heathen Savage Viking BeardedVillainsHopeful StarCityHopeful BeardedVillains StarCityVillains NebraskaChapter NebraskaVillains BeardsOfNebraska Beards BeardedMen Nebraska Charity StayLoyal StayBearded StayVillain BeardedVillainsWorldWide BeardsOfInstagram OneBrotherhood OneShip ForTheGreaterGood FamilyFirst FamilyIChoose LeatherForLeukemia StarCityHopefulSalute⚔🌟🎩🔪🍻👊🌟

5 minutes ago

My handsome nephews, kings in the making 😍😘💪❤ FamilyFirst

6 minutes ago

My class today was amazing! Very patient while waiting at the rangefun and engaging in the classroom! I have 9 more fellow Texans to stand beside in the good fight 💪 the lady pictured had never touched a gun before. She took my intro class & scored a perfect 250 👏😱 Are YOU ready? If not, I’m here to help. texaslicensetocarry whyicarry familyfirst familyprotection dallastx 2ndamendment rangerup personalprotection EDC pewpew guns glock 9mm shoot shooting gun gunfighter txltcinstructor firearms firearmsinstructor femalefirearmsinstructor

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Happy Birthday to the best daddy a little girl could ever ask for❤️ God has blessed me in many ways and it all started with you. Thank you for being kind, understanding and most of all patient I love you daddy ❤️ . happybirthday felizcumpleaños daddysgirl foreveryoung melisvida

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"Um dos episódios mais tristes desta semana foi o caso das crianças das escolas públicas municipais de Guaratinguetá que foram barradas no Shopping JK Iguatemi. Cerca de 120 alunos e os professores que os acompanhavam foram visitar a exposição Mickey 90 anos, mas uma funcionária no local travou a entrada com a justificativa que o local era “de elite”. papaibabaquinha familyfirst pai paidemenina paidemenino paibabao paiefilha paiefilho paiepai paimae paicoruja paideprimeiraviagem maedeprimeiraviagem paicomorgulho paiqueeduca paibravo filhapapaiteamaamoreterno melhorcoisadomundo filhalinda filhateamo filhamaravilhosa filhaminhavida filhota minhaprincesa instalike maedemenina mundorosa mundoazul maedemenino

10 minutes ago

They say "you can have anything you want if you dress for it". So I'm gonna use my summer outfit the entirely week. 😅

11 minutes ago

Sunday vibes. Sitting around the fire in a light drizzle, wrapped in cozy blankets, focusing on spring.

11 minutes ago

sunday funday at B-Town⛰❤️ familyfirst

12 minutes ago

Had one amazing weekend with family wouldn't change the weekend well maybe a a couple hours of it but the most of it was amazing familyfirst drinksforme

13 minutes ago

First run of the season & movie night with the fam familyfirst

14 minutes ago

The bird whisperer 🐦 - we went to the bird room at whitepostfarms and he was completely calm the entire time, just going with the flow and letting the birds fly to him. Even when they pecked him a bit, he just said "oh its just a gentle bite" Meanwhile I, who grew up with lovebirds throughout my life, had to jet out of the room after about 3 minutes. 😝 Do your ever surprise you with their sense of calm in certain situations?

15 minutes ago

Lets talk about adulting real quick. Not only have I been planning my one year olds birthday party over the past week BUT I have also been planning for the future of not only my husband and I but for my son as well just incase something were to happen to us. Thankfully trustandwill has given me some peace of mind and getting everything in order was super simple and fast. It literally only took T E N minutes and the customer service was amazing and very helpful. Now we have a will and best of all I know our son will be taken care of.⠀ ⠀ If your ready to start adulting - check out the link in my bio and use code “ADULTING” to get $10 off. It’s best to have something in place just incase. ❤️⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ trustandwill leaveyourlegacy ambcollab ambtaw HERtrustandwill  familyfirst family dadlife momlife estateplanning newhome newmom firsttimemom newparents newborn adulting motherhood parenthood parenting

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We got some prairy dresses pioneers

16 minutes ago

Introducing this baby to the one place we will be found all summer - the beach. May you be a good beach baby Knoxie or we will have a serious conflict of interests. Pax lives at the beach and while it was finally warmer today it wasn’t quite time to take pants off yet, which was really all he wanted to do 😂

16 minutes ago

Wir waren heute bis Sonnenuntergang am Strand, also nach seinem Mittagsschlaf. Erst hat er eine Stunde im Sand gespielt und dann ist er am Strand rumgelaufen. In alle Richtungen. Mit den Füßen ins Wasser und zurück. Zu den Palmen, zu den liegen - einfach wie er wollte. Es war schön zuzusehen. Wenn er das Gefühl benennen könnte, wäre es wohl Freiheit Als die Sonne dann unterging hat dann beschlossen nochmal Baden zu gehen und was gibts besseres als es nackt zu tun! Da hatte jemand den Spaß seines Lebens Was für ein toller Tag ❤️ wie war euer Sonntag? knödelreist reisenmitkindern travelwithkids reisenmitkleinkind travel travelblogger travelphotography mama mamablogger mamablogger_de

17 minutes ago

Being able to ride with my mother and grandfather is amazing familyfirst

20 minutes ago

Hoy hice dominaditas con Thiago en el parque y llegué a 3! 🤣. Ese fue mi PR! Thiago me dice que me falta practicar! 🤣🤣🤣 . Felizmente que estaba con un short negro y un polo básico blanco, práctico para poder jugar, aunque me faltaron las zapatillas sunday sundayfunday fun parque look lookdehoy outfit outfitdeldia mamax3 momof3 momlife momlifestyle moda basicos lookbasico domingo playing futbol mamareal vidademadres mykid vidademamas realmom style susymultifacetik facetamama mamade3 soyjoven mompower familyfirst

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We’re ready for more sunshine! hellospring