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32 minutes ago

Enjoying some Great North outdoors family time! These two were off by the lake, hanging out and fishing off the dock on there own today. It's bittersweet to know that they are old enough for such independence, can't believe time has flown by so fast! Apparently they took a break from fishing and snapped some photos of themselves Seriously, they take the neatest photos! Love my girls ability to find moments of sweet sisterhood to cherish! Hope your weekend is filled with fun times and new memories to cherish creativeminds creativityfound familyforever familyiseverything mytinytribe lovemyfam thefamilynarrative habitandhome our_everyday_moments ohheymamas mymotherhood ohheymama inbeautyandchaos letmetakeaselfie selfie selfie_time selfielove selfieoftheday selfienation selfietime summertime summervibes summerday sisterhood sistersarethebest sisterlove siblingfun

36 minutes ago

We are enjoying the beautiful weather ☀️🌝🌞 Hope you too❤😍

40 minutes ago

“Lascia ciò che ti e’ familiare per un momento, cambia le stanze della tua mente per un giorno.” Hafiz 🌷🌳

41 minutes ago

We spent about 5 hours outside today and it was the perfect beginning to the Memorial Day weekend! 🇺🇸 This weekend we honor and remember those that made the ultimate sacrifice. May we never forget freedom isn’t free familyfirst familyforever familyiseverything lovemyfam pocket_sweetness holdthemoments ig_motherhood inbeautyandchaos joyfulmamas justmomlife letthembelittle our_everyday_moments ohheymama livethelittlethings thehappynow thesimpleeveryday verilymoment littlestoriesofmylife inspiremyinstagram summer2019 summerday summerishere summerlife summerlove summermemories summertime summertimefun summerlovin summerfeeling summervibes

42 minutes ago

Family means so many thingsFamily means to hold hands at all times.

47 minutes ago

I’ve been needing a lot of this this week. I just haven’t felt very inspired or passionate about anything but snuggling my babies. We were hit by a bug, and then things just got really busy with birthdays and trying to do many things all at once. My husband is away which is always a little sad for us as we miss him so much. It just doesn’t feel right when he’s not here. My anxiety has been at an ultimate high the last week and I’m sorry that I have not been on here much. Yes, if you don’t know already I struggle with bouts of anxiety that can be pretty debilitating at times. I can go for months and months feeling like everything is fine and life is great and then I crash. It’s been one of the hardest things in my life that I have to go through and raising two babies so close in age can make it just all too much sometimes. But I know what I need to do as I’ve been going through this since I was 19 years old. It’s time to get out my tool kit and pull myself out of the funk. If you’ve struggled with anxiety like this post. Let’s show others that they’re not alone. Is there anything that helps you when you feel anxious? Exercise is huge for me Supplements Eating healthy Focusing on something or someone else Being with people that I love that are supportive and positive

53 minutes ago

“Feel appreciation for what is and eagerness for what is coming!” ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ I’m filled with so much gratitude, guys. I can feel greatness bubbling at the surface. Good things are brewing! ♥️🙌🏾 findyourstrong bestlifeproject betterforit powerofshe youarepowerful youaremagic nontoxicliving mindbodygram iamwellandgood wellbeingworrior raiseyourvibration nourishyourself mindbodyspirit powerofthemind manifestyourlife mindandbody lifelessons innerpeace heartbliss spiritualjourney positiveliving selftalk loveandlight healthyhappylife peacewithin spilledthoughts mindfulliving familyforever

57 minutes ago

The 4year race of high school has been run and the ultimate goal has been achieved (graduation). Can’t believe this chapter of my life is over. I’m glad I could make my family proud🤞🏽 & most especially my mom❤️. It only gets better from here & ima do my best to conquer what’s coming next💪🏽 graduation graduation2019 mhsgraduate success familyforever classof2019

1 hour ago

flew down to south carolina to meet up with peter’s mama and siblings during their yearly vacation + to introduce daniella to the last set of great grandparents she hadn’t met yet. grateful for a long weekend with family and taking in the beauty that is the south. 🌿 memorialdayweekend weekendtrip weekendvacay southcaroline familytime familyfirst familyforever familyiseverything habitandhome lovemyfam mytinytribe nestingly pocket_sweetness thefamilynarrative thepursuitofjoyproject beautifuldestinations bestvacations doyoutravel exploremore exploringtheglobe goplayoutside ilovetravel instapassport instatravel lonelyplanet openmyworld passionpassport passportable passportexpress planetdiscovery

1 hour ago

Great way to start the day🙂🌴

1 hour ago

Good luck to all of our seniors as they graduate! WE ARE PROUD OF YOU! “So, I say to you, forget about the fast lane. If you really want to fly, just harness your power to your passion. Honor your calling. Everybody has one. Trust your heart and success will come to you.” —Oprah Winfrey bleedblue familyforever oncearideralwaysarider proudcoach

1 hour ago

Wanted to give a HUGE Happy Birthday shout out to my sister. She turned 16 today! That’s crazy, I still remember when I turned 16 lol. Hope your day is as great as you are Kenz love you. ❤️ FamilyForever TheReasonIDoWhatIDo

1 hour ago

Two of the most important people in my life, I love you guys so much familyforever

1 hour ago

Today was the day that myself and my family dread the most. Today marked 6 years since you were taken from us. 6 years since that monster ruined everything for us. It still feels like yesterday I will never stop loving you, and I will always miss you. Forever my best friend, and I can’t wait until the day I see you again. familyforever

1 hour ago

😊Yes I'm a badmom because I let my watch TV but this is educational and I sit there with him to help learn then I dont care. TV and the internet has gotten a bad rap for being bad for . My love when I watch and help them learn about what there watching and it helps when I may forget something. This is how we wake up most mornings. The will all come in my room and Dallas will either want to watch blippiofficial or Babycenter. Blippi is his absolute favorite and I cant complain because he is super educational for of all ages. But just look how grown up my little man is😭😭 He's gonna be 2 and I'm so not ready for it. What do your like to watch?? familyfirst familyforever familyiseverything mytinytribe lovemyfam habitandhome thefamilynarrative dailyparenting documentingmotherhood honestmom mamablogger momblog momblogger mommyblog momswhoblog parenthood_unveiled thisismotherhood bestofmom letthembelittle motherhoodthroughinstagram motherhoodunplugged justmomlife momlifestyle cameramama letthekids childhoodunplugged livethelittlethings momswithcameras photography

1 hour ago

I will miss you Kerri We love you and we will miss you. We are excited about your future. Know this; we will always be here for you goodpeople loyalty familyforever

1 hour ago

It’s been an eventful week. I miss my cousin Gage more than anything right now because me and him actually bonded this week and we “did chores” together (goofed off while working). I miss my granddad and his laughter. I miss my baby cousins and am scared for their souls more than my own at the moment. I miss feeding Riley & desert every morning, cleanin the chicken coop, mowing the lawn, takin the trash to the dumpster in the gold dodge with Gage (he drove while i jumped in and out) familyforever

1 hour ago

Spending time with my nieces give me such joy. Being able to get crafty with them is the best. Here we made some Mother’s Day gifts since my sister got the ultimate Mother’s day gift a vacation. But she was able to come home to sweet surprises by her girls. 🎨 ⠀⠀ 👩🏻‍🦰 👩🏻‍🦰 auntstephie familyfirst familyforever miniBFFs auntiestyle choosejoy thesimpleeveryday carveouttimeforart handmadelove handmadeisbetter wearethemakers craftsposure sloansistersofdurham

1 hour ago

Giving kisses to this house. Taking all good memories with us. Leaving a bit of love and happiness for the next person who gets to live in this house that we put together back in 2014. Thankful that I was able to nurture and give love to my family under this roof. We are so excited for our next house and our new memories. Keep us in your mind while Adin transitions. 💘

1 hour ago

Yellowstone snowed out so we improvised and headed to AZ's Yellowstone, aka Tucson, and sure, no one calls it that, but the caves were pretty amazing, the weather was very friendly, and we'd call it an excellent back up plan. 👌

1 hour ago

S U M M E R 😎🍍☀️👙👶🏻👶🏻

1 hour ago

This is a repost from our friends at sacrewell farm . We are delighted to announce that Little Grey Fergie will be filming with us over the next two months at Sacrewell . Little Grey Fergie was created by Norway’s Fanstasi-Fabrikken, and Gråtass (his Norwegian name) has become a cultural phenomenon since 1995, captivating the imagination of all over Norway. After several television series, five feature films, ten music albumns, live shows, Christmas tours and more than fifteen books, Fantasi-Frabrikken decided it was time to bring Fergie home to the UK Jack Pishhorn, Visitor Operations Manager at Sacrewell - ‘this is an amazing opportunity to showcase Sacrewell to millions of people all around the world! We are all very excited to work with the team over the next 6 weeks and cannot wait to see the final cut on YouTube and the digital tv channel very soon . Little Grey Fergie’s creators, now known as Farmyard Stories Ltd, explained they 'are incredibly excited to begin filming on the beautiful Sacrewell site and look forward to being able to introduce Fergie to some of the lucky visitors who catch us whilst we’re there . Fergie is a little tractor that has always lived on a farm and knows that he can be helpful wherever he is (his favourite thing is doing good deeds that nobody knows about, and seeing how happy he can make his friends on the farm whilst being careful that nobody sees he’s alive!). He is so happy to share his knowledge of farming and the outdoors alongside his new friends at Sacrewell - and he knows that the easiest and best way to learn is whilst you’re having fun in lovely surroundings . If you are planning to visit the site over the next few weeks, you may notice we have made a few changes to incorporate the filming, but we are very much open as normal! Be sure to keep your eyes peeled when visiting, you may be able to catch some behind the scenes Fergie action littlefergie littlegreyfergie fergusonmassie classiccaroftheday

1 hour ago

"Our fingerprints don't fade from the lives we touch." ~ Judy Blume

2 hours ago

Сегодня читала статью о том, какие игрушки должны быть обязательно у ребёнка по мнению современных психологов. ⠀ Среди прочих «набор для ролевых игр в семью». У нас есть такие. Много. Обезьяны, которых Ярослава не жалует, много котиков, и даже странная семья волка и лягушонка. Я думала, что Яся не помнит, кто там у неё, но сегодня выяснилось, что помнит. Мы потеряли маму кота🤪. «Мами, мамичка», и ходит с двумя котятами по дому. ⠀ Кто знает, что психологи на это говорят? Подготовить для каждого по второму экземпляру?💸

2 hours ago

Life isn’t always easy, and it never will be. You’ll be mad at your spouse, upset with your , and even disappointed in yourself. Life goes in seasons in weather and in emotions. You’ll be “off” with yourself and in relationships. It’s NORMAL. It’s how you get through those seasons that matter, it’s how you show your true colors in life. Even the happiest of couples, or well behaved can all go through this. Getting through it all together and overcoming any obstacle is truly the best feeling. I love taking on the world and its seasons with my tribe, together we can concur the world 🌍.

2 hours ago

When it’s in the 90’s and your supposed to go to the boat/lake this weekend to hang with bebe & pops but you have to reschedule to another weekend It’s pool hangs in the baby pool in the backyard! 😎👶🏻👶🏻☀️🍍