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It’s okay to give yourself time to heal. It’s like we all have some sort of alarm, ensuring us of what we feel. Open up to the possibilities that truth is authentically and unapologetically real. Sweet T’s Inspiration sketch art drawing artist illustration sketchbook draw artwork instaart doodle digitalart pencil painting artistsoninstagram sketching ink design creative drawings anime fanart artoftheday arte pencildrawing artsy portrait watercolor sketches illustrator bhfyp

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miku ☺️😖 from quintuplets 😼 enjoy ^•^ stay tuned for more results better than this 😹 😻 enjoy Thanks for your support follow for more awesome fan art Anime Manga and Oc 😘😍 😕 🙃 😮 😕 🙃 😮 🙃 art_4anime manga animeartist animegirl animedrawing drawing mangaart animeart fanart featuremekyou animeboy animeartwork showanimeart illustration art_4share animeart_famous animegirls animeart_feature rimofeat summergirls ecchigirl 🌺😻 ecchihentai animeworld anime_arts_help otaku cosplay anime_sketches25 animefans animeartassistant thanks again for your support follow for more

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A fanart of Cryaotic, one of my favourite gamers to watch on Youtube. I used to draw him a lot back in 2015-2016 because his avatar was so cute 😔👌 My favourite part is the mask by the way . Oh he also ends up becoming our class mascot and I don't know how exactly lol - - - - Tags: cryaotic cryfanart cryaoticfanart youtuberfanart drawing fanart art digitalart

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Just curious where are you guys from ?

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Ref sheet ane new design for Luka Luka is like the best soft gay boi ever. Lukas original design waa actually based a bit after one of brookiiegold 's ocs, Leo (one of Leo's older designs. That's where I got the hair floof from) and Syo Kurusu from Uta No Prince Sama. (That's where I got the hair clips). Anyways please give some love to Luka Also sorry for tagging you brookie but I kinda had to so I could show who's oc I was talking about. · · · art anime oc originalcharacter comics genderbent chibi kawaii fanart fanedits digitalart traditionalart ibispaintx pandasenpaioc

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❖ Which is the better 🤷🏼‍♀️ King of gotham or Queen of gotham 🙋🏼‍♀️ comment 👅 ——— [🇹🇷 Gothamın kralı mı yoksa gothamın kraliçesi mi ?] ——— Follow obsessed.harley for more 💁🏼‍♀ ——— joker joker🃏 thejoker jaredleto jaredletojoker fanedit margotrobbie harleyquinn jokeredit harleyquinncosplay harleyquinnedit dccomics harleyquinnjoker harleenquinzel suicidesquad suicidesquadmovie gotham gothamcity dc birdsofprey teamajda birdsofpreymovie mood comic fanart quotes lovequotes

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ameliapodcast is back for season two Go listen to them 💜

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I had wine last night, so I can’t think of a caption for this one. So, here is a three hundred year old lady scratching her Snubbull. 😐 (Swipe left for original artwork by Jacopo Amigoni - what is she doing with her hands?? Source: Wikimedia Commons.)

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‼ Please read: Bad News 😭 Warner Bros. is currently deleting all of my Harry Potter inspired stickersheets because of copyright reasons. I totally accept that, don't get me wrong, but i'm really sad because so many of you guys loved them. Just today Warner Bros. deleted my Fantastic Beasts Stickersheet and the Horcrux Die Cuts. This "Hogwarts Essentials" Stickersheet is the very last one remaining. I don't know when it will be deleted too, so if you're interested in it, you should keep in mind that it could be deleted soon. If you are still interested in my other hp stickersheets, go ahead and send me a DM, I can still sell them unofficially procreate sticker stickers planner bujo bulletjournal art notebook kunst artsy drawing illustration digitalart design color sketch doodle stationary planneraddict journal calendar kalender harrypotter hogwarts magic potterhead fanart fantasticbeasts gryffindor potions