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This world was never made for me.

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I lost my job recently but I’m keeping on anyways; all the more reason to step up with my writing career! ✌️

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Lagoon Monster taking a Hawaiian break from his busy life! ✨🌸

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The real truth is that a color is only as beautiful as the person who sat down and decided it was unique. Then the canvas is built. But from a foundation. Roots grow from the bottom up love capture_today capturetherealyou travel travelblogger nature_lovers natureporn naturephotography fantasy photooftheday photoshoot explorepage travelphotography travelgram photo picoftheday instagram pretty wildlife picoftheday travelphoto instadaily photographer instagood birds explore photographer bird humble nature capture_the_universe

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The Legend of Eli Monpress This book took me by surprise. Not for the delightfully deep characters, nor for the entertaining humor, those both of those aspects were quite enjoyed.  No, it was the thoughtful world building, and the author's unique (to my mind) take on magic users. See, in this land of sword and sorcery, the wizards don't actually cast spells or do magic - they can talk to spirits, and compel them into doing feats for them. These spirits reside in everything, living or otherwise, and it's how the wizards use these spirits that dictate whether they act for good or ill. This particular tome collects the first three books, with more beyond such. It follows the main character, Eli, a wizard thief who strives to be the most renowned criminal of all, joined by a skilled swordsman with a legendary sword, and a female half-demon. I highly recommend these books to anyone whom enjoys fantasy, humorous tales, or anything that's a bit off from the typical fare. rachelaaron elimonpress books fantasy humor

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What will you do to protect your community? Your friends? Yourself? Zafira will leave home to seek out a magical artifact. Nasir will follow her to kill her. The two team up with an unlikely group of not-quite-enemies for their quest. But can they believe in each other enough to succeed? And can they believe in themselves enough to find new dreams? • WeHuntTheFlame fantasy amreading goodreads booksaremagic bookobsession bookstagram

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6 - Melvin Gordon Remember Melvin Gordon’s rookie season where he didn’t register a single TD ? I do quite well actually, as it was the only year I ever had Gordon on my roster for fantasy. Every since then he’s scored 38 (!) total TDs, including 14 total TDs last year. He did this and had 1,375 total yards in only 12 games last season. Gordon has been nothing but a beast the last three seasons and should continue to make a name for himself as an elite running back this season with a Chargers team looking to yet again be contenders.

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Happy FriYAY everybody We just wanted to pop in and say that we are very humbled, honored and overwhelmed by all of the positive comments about our family and business in yesterday’s comments ❤️❤️. We are so very proud to call each and everyone of you a member of the Beacon Family and love how it grows every month! Those of you who did not see the post, please go and enter to win a free FIVE DARK FATES SPECIAL EDITION box! We hope everybody has a wonderful weekend and thanks again for all of your kind words, support and love. We cannot do any of this without you epic bookworms! Have a great weekend 😎. -The Beacon Family ⚫️⚫️⚫️⚫️ QOTD: What are you currently reading? AOTD: I am reading P.S. I Still Love you by the amazing jennyhan! ⚫️⚫️⚫️⚫️ Picture Credit: spellbound.books26

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A moth or butterfly like creature i drew a while back. In the planet and dimension it lives in, it feeds on the life juices of various plant like animals who behave like plants to avoid predators amd for easier feeding processes. This moth have two sets of wings, joined in the middle, and it can fly huge distances as they work interchangably and get tired slower. 🕸 🕸 🕸 art artist artoftheday artwork biro biroart ballpoint ballpointpen fantasy creature fantasycreature alien paralleluniverse planet aliencreature moth mothlikething NDGart nonexistentdemonghost

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What are you reading this weekend? We did it! We survived the week! It was such a long week! But for most of us in the US we get a 3 day weekend YAAAAAAY! I'm super excited and cannot wait to get some reading done! One of the books I plan on reading is The Chosen by taranmatharuauthor ! I felt so lucky when I got approved for an early copy! Thank you so much macmillanusa 😍 I am incredibly excited to finish this book bookstagram bookstagrammer books boookaholic ilovebooks bookdragon ilovereading addictedtoreading bibliophile booknerd booklove loverofbooks booknerd booklover bookgram instabooks readinife booklife thechosen yafictionismyaddiction youngadult youngadultbooks youngadultfiction fantasy thecontenderseries taranmatharu yablogger yafictionismyaddiction

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📷: aboutabook_⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Do you like Fantasy/Science Fiction?⁣⁣ Does it not appeal to you?📚⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ I absolutely love it! For me, when I read it's like a movie in my head and fiction in general is just much easier for me to play out.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Side note: Only 106 days until our wedding day and I'm freaking out! (In a good way 😉😁) 🎉💍

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🐲 A dragon emerging from the smoke. Release the power from within with this epic dragon! Love the design? Also available in accessories and home decor. A great gift for dragon lovers! Buy now 🛍 dragon teelusive

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Busting out Friday's behind the scenes production post for all to enjoy. The first is the work in progress of the latest larger scale Enter the Manifeco concept piece. The story follows Saria Manifeco trying to relax in a fantasy tropical island resort where the tiki heads are enchanted and the sights are beautiful. She is trying to get some R and R but once Law Marshal Kytell arrives the night shall become a little more stressful. I shall go more into detail tomorrows with the fully inked version. The next two and final for today are updates on the latest cartoon pieces which are still going through the rough coloring process. If you enjoyed today's content don't forget to leave a like or a comment and tune in for more behind the scenes goodness

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[ Nothing can control you 🐺 ] ▪ "People gettin' wild, because the place is on fire, when nothing can control you, that's when you know, you're getting closer." 🐺 • ʍγ тɑɢ 🐺📌: TeoWolfs • Console 🐺🎮: PS4 (Only) • Importɑnt тɑɢs 🐺: 🎮 PS4 🐺 Wolf 🐾 Werewolf 🎩 BlackWolfRockstarGames • Frιeɴdѕ тɑɢs αɴd мore тɑɢs 🐺: SheItaly DeffKennedy Flxwless GTA_VeryBadGirl GTACerbera SnvpMvsters Vitorooh xBxHead GtaOnline GtaEdits PlayStation Photography Photographer Photos Gamer InstaGamer Fantasy Artist Gentleman DigitalArt Art Follow4Follow Likes4Likes Beast

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. 우리는 더이상 ‘영웅’이라 불리는 자들로부터 희생당하지 않을 것이다. (2014) ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ 남진우작가 artist art artwork animation paint seoul fantasy painting contemporaryart artcurator drawing gallery museum otaku exhibition fashion artoftheday anime goth 그림 미술 드로잉 음악 예술 오타쿠 현대미술 미술관 전시 예술가

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[SteamBike] 40x60cm ▶3/6 Limited Edition Fine Arts Prints available - 200€ ▶6限定版ファインアートプリントあり - 25,000JPY drawing steampunk fineart art artgallery exhibition japan conceptart contemporaryart bike steampunkart myartcrush feelings artoftheday modernart スチームパンク アート 艺术 アーティスト デザイン steampunkstyle instamood instagood photooftheday instadaily printsforsale deviantart conceptart illustration artcollector fantasy steampunkstyle ▶For much more arts check my Facebook page : Franck Guarinos Art ▶Franckactisign