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leapoffaith fear nowisthetime the mind swishes with voices and a myriad thoughts , options, choices, this can go wrong, what if, what if, what if your job is not to have all the answers before taking a step forward, your job is to face your fears and take the first step just one whatever the journey it's always one step at a time

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Have you ever faced your fears?! Of course you have!😅 So here you go i just faced mine! I was super scared flying with helicopter over Napali coast canyons, so high but yet so close to these humongous hills, looked like it could take a stronger wind blow and that would be it! But thanks to our super experienced pilot, who made this ride unforgettable! Breath taking views and amazing company! The trip that I could easily repeat over and over again! HAWAII😍💚👌🚁🏞️✔️ Hawaii helicopter fear napalicoaststatepark canyon stunningviews travel lovetravel travelphotografhy beautifulnature iamatraveller womenwhotravel postcardfromtheworld lonelyplanet fodorsonthego bestpicture traveldeeper bpmag vacationwolf travelphotography explore wonderful_places travelgram doyoutravel photography travelblogger viewtodiefor theglobewanderer passionpassport bestvacations

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99% of your fear is impossible to happen! It's just a brein fiction , is not you is your mind ! Change your maindset and you will change your perception , you'll change your life! When you change your life, you will change people life as well. Because Im you, you're me ! We're connected , like it or not!

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“The ego does not want an end to its problems, because they are part of its identity.” - Eckhart Tolle . It’s easy for us to make being ‘trapped’ into a habit. Rather than taking action to relieve ourselves from pain, we take on an identity of someone persecuted by life or others We waste our time and energy worrying about a ‘worst case scenario’ that never comes We neglect to notice that the pain we are in when we worry about, imagine, and visualise future worst case scenarios - is likely the worst pain we are doing to ourselves But without this story we tell ourselves, who would we be? How would we guard against such life scenarios if we chose not to live in such emotional distress? Would we be less motivated to work hard? . I believe we could work harder. Maybe not towards what we think we ‘should’ or ‘have to’ work hard at but harder towards what we love and actually believe in Because when one thing changes, the whole structure of our lives becomes unstable. The fear of change alone can keep us addicted to our old stories. Addicted to our own problems Is this why we often have to hit emotional rock bottom before change can occur? And before we can let our old paradigms shift? . Let me know what you think below 💭 paradigmshifting egoicmind alterego rockbottom momentofchange change changeyourmind eckhartolle imagine wisdomquotes inspiredthought emotion habit fear addiction identity problemsolve spirituality powerofbelief powerofnow mindsetshifts awakening2019

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"As a relationships coach, I speak to many people who are baffled by dating - dispirited, lost & confused. Is that you? I know how it feels. I've been there." Have you read the latest from katherine.baldwin ahead of her forthcoming wedding? CCDatingTips Reflection Reflect Dating DatingTips DatingAdvice Love Mirror SingleMen SingleWomen SingleLife Experience Relationships Couple Sociable Excited Friend Buddy Ambitious Outgoing Personality Emotions EmotionalHealth Home Calm Fear Peace Compatible FallInLove InLove

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Once I went to an old abandoned house. Me and my friend were walking around from room to room, from floor to floor. We went to the fifth floor and there was a window covered in old dust, I slowly took a peek outside and that’s when my fair of height started kicking in. It was like a big wave entering my body all at once, as if someone tickled me from the inside. In a different room there was a black cable laying on the floor and my mind assured me it was a rat, and so I looked away, desperately trying to run from my emotions. The mental picture faded but the emotions were still present inside me and I could do nothing but accept it and start loving it, and so I did. In the moment it felt scary but as the feeling spread through me I started to feel at ease, just by staying present

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Don't let your fears stop you, instead turn that fear into fuel to help you charge head on into it. You don't want to miss out. Remember, every negative ends with a positive and when you succeed you'll wonder what all the fuss was about, and you'll be free to carry on ready for the next hurdle. Cage your fear and use it to your advantage 🌟🍀🌟 fear fears fuel chargeahead charge headon missout negative positive succeed wonder fuss free carryon hurdle lifeshurdles cage advantage positivementalattitude positivemindset positivethinking lifeskills lifequotesonline lifequotesandsayings lifequotesoftheday lifequotesdaily lifequotestoliveby lifequotes

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Do these words of our own hypnotherapist resonnate with you? "I had cream carpets and magnolia walls in my house, just to spot the spiders. I resided in a place called dread. One evening I scooped up what I thought was a toy car left by the . My hand closed and it scuttled" I found myself in another part of the house, my throat raw.  My husband told me I had screamed the place down and our were terrified. He said I needed help. So I found myself a hypnotherapist…….and I was cured.  All those years of being held hostage by my own irrational fear swept away. I trained and have been working as a hypnotherapist since. So, other than phobias and fears, what other things could be helped using hypnotherapy? Answer: Practically any unwanted pattern of behaviour or habit that clutters up your life. The mind is in two parts.  The conscious part is our logic and the subconscious part stores memories and emotional responses linked to those memories. Most of us balance between the two, until we get an emotional problem that tips the balance.  Then we get into mind conflict. The conscious mind tries hard to think its way out of a problem but using logic can never solve an emotional issue. As Albert Einstein once said “No problem can ever be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” Hypnotherapy is used to help change unwanted habits and expel self-limiting beliefs. If you would like to clear out what no longer serves you, come for an initial 15-minute consultation without charge or obligation at Broadwater Osteopathic Practice. hypnosis mindbody anxiety fear phobia hypnotherapy worthing sussex

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I was depressed, I was lost and I had no hope that I would ever get better. Every minute felt like an hour. Every step was agonising but I made a promise to myself. • I committed to making just one small change in my life every single day. Some days I would take one step forward and two steps back but I just kept showing up every day, determined to get better. • I started to ask myself “what kind of life would I absolutely love to live and how can I make that a reality?” By starting to focus on the solution and not the problem, I really started moving. • I began to learn from others who inspired me and I learned as much as I possibly could from them. How did they think? How did they act? What got them up in the morning? How could they be so energetic and enthusiastic day after day? What kept them going in the face of challenges? • Even though I am still learning, still growing, still just getting started, I feel like I have come so far. What challenges have you overcome in your life? I would love to hear from you 👇

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We have nothing to fear but fear itself.

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È un vuoto senza fine quello che l'essere umano si è precipitato a raggiungere. Con immensa fretta abbandona il buon senso dimenticandosi del suo futuro, per afferrare un misero compenso presente. Con inarrestabile urgenza marcia sui corpi della propria prole, negandogli il bene più prezioso, un futuro dove l'aria e l'acqua non ti uccidano. The void. L'orrore della realtà. E tu, sei pronto a conoscerlo? Apri gli occhi. horror orrore gotico vigodarzere padova padovaoggi movie movieposter paura ansia realtà pensiero pensierodelgiorno vita grafica graphicdesign poster void environment fear gothic thoughts deep scream urlo silence silenzio photooftheday photoproject

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Fear. This is a word that comes up in every life coaching session i have with clients. What will people think of me? What if i get it wrong? How do i make it risk free? Fear leads to anxiety. It’s our way of trying to control an outcome we can’t foresee. F.E.A.R. stands for: False Evidence Appearing Real You’re having a mental and physiological reaction to something that HASN’T happened. Addressing fear means leaning into some deep inner work. You know where to find me when you’re ready people! lifecoach lifecoaching inspiration motivation surf surfing positivity mindset onelife happiness personaldevelopment life ambition flowstate change mentalhealth mindfullness transformation dailymotivation coach coaching quoteoftheday positivequotes positivethinking nofear fear anxiety peopleareawesome humansareawesome

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Who you are is good enough If you have something to say, say it loud and clear. To others, to yourself! Be gentle but honest! And give yourself the allowance to be who you are To my love To my fear And my wonderful fate Know my truth for you, it's never too late 📸 trice_lightsource loveyourself love goodenough good enough gentle you bewhoyouare believeinlove believeinyourself fear fate nevertoolate honesty me happiness happy letgo fulloflight fulfillment joy photooftheday photographer photo modeling innerbeauty cool natural colour inlove

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HER *FEAR* ( PART 1) It was the first time I sensed her. As mum said goodnight and turned off the light"No leave the lights on". Why? "I dont knowplease leave it on". It was as if the light drove her away. That day she came in form of DARKNESS. Because in the DARK the Ghost hidor was it the MONSTER UNDER MY BED? I guess after sneaking into the living room to see that scary movieur imaginations start to go wildhuh.  Her presence filled the room heavily and I heard my HEARTBEAT get louder. I worried she might hear as I held  on tightly to baby or was it HARRY OR BETTY. I dont remember, but at that point my security was in the tight embrace of my stuffed animals as I looked round intensely. "Mummy mummy"I would cry out as I cried myself to sleep. As I got older she grew with me. A teenage little beast. She was feisty. And when she surfaced, she knew how to do her jobpretty well I must say. You see life happens and when it happened She was there for me. It was ok to have her around because she alerted me of the dangers. Don't say, dont feel, dont hear, dont smell. It was an endless emotion that trapped me and captured my peace of mind. It was POWERFUL and POWERLESS at the same time. I cannot explainIt was FEAR. She followed me everywhereshe trapped my voice and when she touched my skin, it was so cold it could turn a hot summers day into a winter's night. She gave me the shakes almost like I had the flu or malaria. Paralysed my thoughtsmy eyes , it was herit was seeing things differentlysmaller than they could beNO lBIGGER than they actually weremy perspective of life was down to how she wanted it to look at that time and place . It started to feel comfortable to have her around. I created a little space in my heart for her. I consulted her before I made any decisions. I wore her HANDCUFFS like a BRACELET , I listened to her VOICE like a SONG and when I spoke about her, it was almost like she was my fascination, my IDOL, and my BESSTFRIEND.  She controlled my THOUGHTS , she manipulated my MIND and she stayed with me always HER NAME IS FEAR Amandiego fear herfear anxiety dark mummy

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Huyes de mi sueño, venga la madrugada. Tu aromatarta de bayas, lavanda d̮u̮l̮c̮e̮. Estas cicatrices han anhelado durante mucho tiempo tu tierna caricia. Para ligar muestra suertemaldita sea lo que poseen las estrellas. Rindo mi corazón a ti, para que así puedas profesar tu amor. Nuestro destinoun tejido sinuoso que ambos expiamos. Huyes de mi sueño, venga la madrugada. Tu aromatarta de bayas, lavanda d̮u̮l̮c̮e̮. thewitcher priscilla portrait rain fearofgod fear grayhair braids blackwoman

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DO YOU HAVE A SHIELD OF LIGHT PROTECTING YOU ?⁣ ⁣ ⁣ What if you could create a shield of light that would protect you from anything that is not right and good for you ? Anything that is not serving you.⁣ ⁣ What if you could create it RIGHT NOW ? ⁣ ⁣ Would you do it ? ⁣ ⁣ Start by taking a deep breath. ⁣ ⁣ Take another deep breath.⁣ ⁣ Remember what you are calling in, be precise about it. I intentionally called in a shield that would protect me form anything that is not good and right for me. Being fully aware that curveballs are needed for me to grow, fully knowing that what is right for me might not seem good at this moment. Now that my shield is created, I know that anything that enters my field happens FOR me and not TO me ⁣🙏 ⁣ Remember your shield will be as strong as your belief. The stronger you believe that your shield is IMPENETRABLE for anything that is not serving you, the stronger your shield will be. ⁣ Work on the belief and the shield will create itself.⁣ ⁣ What are you calling in? Say it out loud! ⁣ Say it again! Feel the VIBRATION of that sentence ⁣ Say it again! Feel the FEELING that comes up when you say it. ⁣ Say it again! ⁣ Connect with that feeling, feel the feeling expand. ⁣ Can you see/feel your shield being created ? ⁣ ⁣ Xx ⁣ Mathilde ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ mindset motivation success personalgrowth selfhelp purpose selfimprovement personaldevelopment fear inner spiritualiteit spiritually spiritualist spirituallife spiritualguide spiritualgirl growthmindset learning perception growthmindset🌱⁣ socialcurator manifesting manifestingmagic manifestingdreams manifestingchange spiritjunkie spiritjunkies spiritual meditation

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Yesterday during bodybalance we had to lay down and meditate in savasana pose, fear came all towards me. Felt so great lately, never felt this good for a long time. So this fear ad put me down. A few weeks someone close had a heart attack, and he was coming by to say hi today. It made me think more about diet. I do not ever want to get through that! I need to change! Who do you recommend follow for a plantbaseddiet ? plantbased goingplantbased health healthychange health change changelifestyle challenges challenges vegan goingvegan newme newday fear happy tuesday

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Many people struggle with time management. In course of my position as a life coach, when I ask highly motivated individuals why they’re struggling in this area, one thing becomes obvious: They’ve read dozens of articles and books on time management - but they’ve never put the principles into action! Lack of action is at the heart of most failed endeavors. Without constant, orderly and positive action, it’s almost impossible to achieve BIG success in life. That’s why I want you to always think when reading or watching self-help material: “How can I put these tips into action?” Action makes a dream into reality. Sure, it’s not always easy to be motivated to take action. But, in my experience, the more action-oriented you become, the more results you’ll deliver, and the more you’ll want to keep taking action mindset thoughts entreprenurs entrepreneur mind selfdiscoverycoach yemjam newyork nigeria lagos takeaction Ibadan timemanagement growth fear truth positivity meditation love act action time

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Queenstown community! We are coming your way this weekend with our third health & performance workshop of the year. It’s good to see so many locals embracing the winter swims! Snapped by chriswille_yoga from aroharetreats leading the nadiwellnesscentre Community through a cleansing plunge to start the day. You beauty! We can’t wait to fly down for this one! South Island we are ready. The final release of tickets are now LIVE online. Get involved if your amongst the mountains 🏔 we will be guiding you all through the 3 pillars of the wimhofmethod and exploring the science behind this healing practice on your journey to happiness, strength & health. Saturday, June 22nd (8.30AM-12.30PM). Link in bio! Contact us if you have any questions about the workshop. Tag a friend / family member if they want to join you to! elementhealthnz queenstownz

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Let’s all grow and evolve ✨

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Nurture Kindness & Face your Fears ❤️ the fruits of Love will soon appear 🍊🍏 take a Moment when Shadows come near Shine your Light and the Clouds will clear ☀️🔥☀️ Love Self today ❤️🙏❤️