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Many of us are afraid to embrace our struggles. 😓So often, students arrive to their lessons with feelings of disappointment, shame, and even embarrassment over the struggle they’re experiencing with their music. It’s only natural to feel a dissatisfaction when we perceive ourselves to have failed. 👉🏼When we PERCEIVE ourselves to have failed. 👈🏼 . The only true failure is when we give up 🤯I’ll be honest with you, my heart smiles a little bit when I get the opportunity to encourage these students and explain that their feelings of frustration and disappointment are just a sign that they care 😍And I admire that about them I LOVE that they don’t like to settle for anything less than their best and that they believe that their best has not yet been achieved Our students learn grit. They learn that opportunity disguises itself as HARD WORK 😓. And they press on. 💪. And they GROW 🌹 ☀️ . And then we get the ultimate pleasure of pointing our younger beginner students’ eyes their way. 👀 And the one’s eyes light up 🌟 when they see what musical magic can be made at the end of a hard journey It’s the circle of music making and it’s probably my favorite thing about my “job.” 🥰 summeractivitiesforkids littlelearners playingislearning musicaltalent talentedplayer talentedsinger whistlewhileyouwork texasfamily fortworthfamily fortworthmoms southlakemoms tanglewoodmoms musicjoke violinmemes dailycover trynewthings texasmusicscene texasmusicians supportlocalmuscians studio recordingmusic texassongwriter femalesinger femalemusicians thingstodoinfortworth dallas_community schoolofrocktour nearsouthside supportlocalmusic

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Repost moonkillradio • • • • • Repost from saltykovaband 🔥💀🐕Pre-order today! punksagainstdogfighting VOL.1 is available for PRE-ORDER If you order TODAY you get 5 free songs and the rest of the album on it's release date AUGUST 15th (punksagainstdogfighting.bandcamp.com) SALTYKOVA will have our song TELLETUBBY TIMEBOMB debuted on this compilation! 100% of the profits are going to ASPCA. Don't be a dick! Help out and order today🐶🐶🐶 SALTYKOVABAND SALTYKOVA punks punkband punkrock punksagainstdogfighting femalepunk femalesinger femalefrontedband losangeles losangelesmusic losangelespunk

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When you see the waiter bringing your food🍟

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2 of my songs made it on this playlist! Follow if you like country music. Link in story and music highlights.

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I don't know what you see There's not much in me But i'll take your love I need it so desperately

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Este Viernes 26 de Julio estaré en Vivo en themusichallbogota compartiendo escenario con bandas de la ciudad como servoryam elviajedecooper deepestoficial liquid_station repudiomoral vektramusic ¡No faltes!, recuerda ApoyoLoLocal YoApoyoLoDeAcá Cover: $15.000 en la entrada del lugar ¡Incluye una 🍺! Hora: 08:00 PM Nota: Entrada solo para mayores de edad rock bestsinger singerslife popsinger concert countrysinger singer singers femalesinger juliettaluna singersongwriters instasinger rnbsinger singersongwriter americasinger leadsinger singerlife singersofinstagram song indie photography instagram mujeresenlamusica live bogota

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It’s been a good day for me musically. Relishing in the joy and feeling the gratitude. Good stuff coming up.❤️

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Fun fact: Michelle wrote her vocal parts for Kapow in under 30 minutes. Check out our lead vocalist sharing more about her writing process for the song. 🎤 💥 kapow

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Sunlight. Confidence. Self-esteem. Discipline. Sunflowers. Manipura. Oshun. Power. Feminine energy. Radiance. Grace. Yellow Tapping into this energy as I prepare to perform at the Ashé Festival this Saturday🙊 I will be opening up the show for an all female line-up, along with beautiful vendors and festival games 🌻🌞🦁 Leoseason is here and it is time to celebrate This is one performance you don't want to miss Dm me for ticket info I pray to see you there🙏🏾🙏🏾😘 📸: _d1vision_ 🔥🔥🔥

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Today is my sister’s birthday. I wrote a song about her off my last album called, Collecting the Pieces. It’s about how I have watched her pick herself up time and time again. How she’s grown to be a stronger and better person through it all. To hear the entire song please go to: https:youtu.be/uRSUU4b0Um8

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“King of the Jungle” is out on all music outlets for streaming & purchase world wide. Thank you so much everyone who was a part of the video. Special thank you to lawton_meyer for filming this amazing video. You can watch the full video on YouTube. Search “King of the Jungle” by Raquel de Souza 🦁 countrymusic countryband originalmusic countryrock sweetwater newgearday singersofinstagram femalebassist rockandroll country honkytonk nashville singlerelease spotify itunes bassguitar bassplayersunited femalefrontedband femalesinger fiddle keys guitar drums femalecountry singer songwriter acousticguitar

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JOLENE | This was a private show at mdecointegral for their 14th anniversary! 😊❤ I love intimate shows because I can get to share more with people, so it's always an amazing experience🤗I loved meeting the wonderful mdecointegral team, they're the best!💪👏Comment "❤" if you want a full version of this cover! 🤗😚 Thanks to the wonderful ely.eventplanner for inviting me❤💪 music litarosemusic musiciansofinstagram jolene singersofinstagram indiemusic indieartist indie femalesinger alternativegirl fashion alternativefashion

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Sessions 🎙📽📺 song link in bio 💙

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volere è potere

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So, this is kind of a big deal for me! I’ve strayed away from producing my own songs for a while. DAWs overwhelm me (even GarageBand) and I was uncomfortable with feeling like I never knew what I was doing. I realized that if I ever want that feeling to go away, I have to at least make an attempt. I pushed through the discomfort and focused on what sounds my ears were hearing and what my heart was feeling and took my time to translate it into this. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ I still have a lot to learn. This is only a demo of what I’m currently working with. I want to upgrade to Logic soon. But this is a start! I’m proud of myself 🤗⁣ and it feels good to not be so scared and resistant anymore. ⁣ ⁣⁣ On another note, are you feeling the lyrics and melody? Let me know what you like about the song so far ⬇️😁 garageband macbookpro beats popmusic musicproducer musicproduction homerecording songwriting songwriter singer singersongwriter indieartist unsignedartist newmusic beatspill midi bass vocals drums womeninmusic womeninthemix femalemusician femaleproducer femalesinger shewrites sheisthemusic andthewriteris ATWIfanfriday

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Little something from “Tierschutz rockt“ 💜😊💜 A glimpse of my coverversion of “You're the one that I want“. Quality is not the best😉 Hope you like it though🎤🎶🎼 singersongwriter singer singersofinstagram singersofig cover coverversion coveroninstagram acousticpop acoustic acousticcover acousticmusic femalesinger femalesingersongwriters femalesingersofinstagram grease you'retheonethatiwant greasecover ownversion dowhatyoulove austriansingers singersongwritergraz musikausgraz musikausösterreich austrianmusic tierschutz tierschutzrocktwildon tierschutzrockt2019

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Today is the day in 2011 is that I traveled to Boston for the very first time. I said this many times that Reni Mimura was my huge support in 2011 until February 2013. I apologize for the very low quality camera and it's too dark to see myself in a photo. Reni Mimura host maid shows in Boston to expand her audience and of course her agent Satoshi Yamamura organized these shows. I really hate him to be honest. Reni didn't have blonde hair in the 2011's unlike today and Reni is far more changed over the years. The Boston maid show which I discussed on November 2019 is a little different than New York shows and the maids are younger than expected. Traveling to Boston with the MegaBus which is my first time didn't have issues. The food at the venue is decent and I enjoyed it and also the show itself. Reni Mimura was my huge supporter until August 25, 2011 which started to become disappointed and believe me my post got shadowbanned last year for mentioning the burlesque show at Radio Star Karaoke but I still remember the day and I'll post some clips next month. Only 2 users capture the show on video and I held it. Maybe next year I should visit Maidreamin in Akihabara. These photos are copyright protected and watermarked! You are not allowed to steal, edit or to repost it without permission from The Ronchan Project. Do not tag anyone in these photos or in the comments. livemusic onthisday ronchanproject trcpclassics シンガーソングライター japanesesinger singersongwriter jpopsinger japanesemusicians musicians japanesegirl femalesinger cosplaysingers tbt meidocafe maidcafe japanesemaid vocalist vocalsinger cambridgemassachusetts japanesemaidcafe jpopgroup renimimura かわいい 歌手 シンガー ボーカリスト メイドカフェ throwbacktuesday tbtuesday

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Auténtico modo diablo ⚠️🔥 Te recordamos la agenda de agosto qué se viene con todo: ☠️Sábado 3: emergentmetalfest en Vadenuevo Morón, especial Mujeres del hard rock y El metal. Entradas$150 y un lineup explosivo ☠️ Jueves 15: acústico en berlinavorterix junto a mezcaliaoficial GRATIS ☠️Sábado 17: festival de nuestros amados amigos de lamejorarma celebrando un nuevo año más al aire con el programa que viene aguantando sin excusas al Under nacional ♥️ anticipadas a $200. Compartimos la velada con undermine.arg || muerteastral || montanasludge ♥️ 📸 marialedesma.ph band femaleband femaleartist girlsinmusic allgirlband girlband rockgirls mujeresmusicas rock metal stoner drums guitar bassplayer bass bajista drummergirl baterista bandaemergente femalesinger guitarplayer girlpower under bandaargentina mujeresmusicas argentina guitargirl sg epiphone sgfaded

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What is your inspiration today? I’ve been writing about romance lately, but I’ve been wanting to dive into writing about “self-love”

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Doralyce ( missbelezauniversal): Dona do single Miss Beleza Universal, a cantora e compositora pernambucana questiona os padrões de beleza feminina, o racismo e a truculência policial em suas músicas. Author of the single Miss Beleza Universal, the singer and songwriter from Pernambuco criticizes the standards of female beauty, racism and police truculence on her songs drawing pencildrawing drawings drawingart graphite dibujo desenho arte art artsy artstudy womeninart portrait braziliansinger feministdrawing dibujofeminista desenhofeminista femalesinger designativista doralyce missbelezauniversal pilulalivre

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The Priestess and dancers at the White Eagle.

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Drake Type Beat -“ I’m Your Guy” ( I AM NOT A SPAM BOT ) |Exclusive

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¡Es muy cool que el público escuche tus canciones y les inspire de alguna manera! ¡Gracias 📸 - karim_illuminati

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This warmer weather’s got me feeling tropical 🌸🌴 All I need is some sand and a drink with the little umbrella in it 😉 Who’s with me? • • • • ellahartt music singersongwriter countryartist countrymusic herecomesthesun summer lifestyle model instafashion ootd ootdfashion ootdwoman wiw whowhatwear stylish fashion stylebook styleoftheday thatsdarling blondehair portraitmag portrait_ig selfie canadiangirl countrygirl countrysinger palmtree femalesinger ilovecountrymusic