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Just bombs💣 Só rojão💥👊😡👊💥 kmwoodlandhills

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It’s Mittwork Monday today! In Krav Maga Worldwide self-defense training we use a very simple drill to build proficiency with striking and defending. 🥊 We teach students to defend and counterattack at the same time whenever possible. If there isn’t an opportunity to simultaneously counterattack however we teach students to counterattack as soon as possible. This drill helps students see attacks coming from different directions, to weather the storm and fire back ASAP. The drill can be scaled up to include other combative like defending kicks and countering with combos that involve kicks, knees, elbows, etc. 👊🏻 If you aren’t already a member, you can start training with us today! Click the link in our bio to schedule a FREE trial class at our HQ Training Centers in Los Angeles. Not in L.A.? Call us at 800.572.8624 and we’ll help you find the certified training center closest to you kravmaga kravmagaworldwide mittworkmonday selfdefense fitness fight martialarts workout fitfam fitnessaddict motivation punch ufc fitspo military losangeles boxing kickboxing fashion trending mitts knife train jiujitsu mma gym crossfit police nevergiveup クラヴマガ

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And who wants to hear, again, that you ought to lose weight, start exercising, stop eating gluten, get out more, stop thinking about your pain, lose weight, walk more often, and consider yoga? Some of those things might indeed be good for your health overall, but none of them will have the slightest effect on your screwed-up autoimmune system or your RD. Try to tell your helpfully earnest, superior friend or family member that and your words will fall on deaf ears. • • Not only are you invisible, you’re voiceless. • • rheumatoidarthritis rheumatoidarthritiswarrior rheumatoidarthritisawareness autoimmunedisease purple awareness keepgoing fight mentalhealthawareness pain sucks arthritis symtoms share likeforlikes like4likes likeforfollow likeforlikeback likesforlikesback followforfollowback follow4followback followbackinstantly

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I just got back last night but want to say how lucky I am to be able to travel and meet so many great people in this sport. Meeting new people lets me experience the world through other people's eyes, and opens up my mind to so many different ways of living, but no matter how different we all are, jiu jitsu is always that common ground that connects us! Thanks again to all of the clubs in Spain that I visited. aranha_barcelona and gracie_barra_alicante you guys were so welcoming! So many different guys took the time to talk to me, coach me, and share their wisdom and advice. I'm very grateful🙏🏻 Hasta la proxima vez! teisbjj spain españa synergybjj bttcanada btt brazilianjiujitsu bjj bjjlifestyle jits4life jiujuteiro jitsfordays bjj jitsu jiujitsu bjjlifestyle martialarts brazilianjiujitsu grappling life jiu oss bjjlife jiujitsulifestyle jiujitsulife bjjforlife trainingmartialarts bjjfanatics gi jj wrestling training fight bjjgirls

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From the wise words of a military vet: "There is no roadblocks man, we just figure a way around it."⠀ Learn more at: TheMogul.Life

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دانیال پشت مایک نه هول کامنت نه هول لایک من با سفینه رو فضا او سوار کایت رپ فارس دقیقا مثل زمین فایت بیا ، زیر سیگارش بزن واسش یه لایته حجم کل آهنگ هاشون کلا شصت مگابایت کل آلبوم هام رسید به تعداد ترک ها تا تی تهرانت به فناست چون که امسال سال فن ها من پشت شما ها یه کوه رسانه ست ولی پشت حرف های من یه کوه رساله ست جدیدا بهم میگن پیامبر رپ فاصله ی بین آلبوم هاتون زمان بر نه شاید یه ایده ست یه خروش ریشتر یه پنج سال فن ها رو زجر بدی واسه فروش بیشتر هممم ایده ی خوبیست کاره جواب گوییست هنرم با پول میشه خرید این زندگی پولیست تو یه بالغی تو جلد کودک گل هاتو در دادی رفت تا تو شدی پوپک تو یه آدمی هستی حریصی پس کوچک ولی تخم منم نیستی حدیثی بمبک دو جین آهنگساز غول پشت شن مافیای رسانه تو مشتشن لگو گروشُ هک کرده اون پشت کپ ولی هیچ گوهی نخورده برا رشد رپ دعواهای مصنوعی دَم پخش آلبوم با یه نخ سیگار نشسته تن لش توی بالکن داره به ریش همه فن هاش می خنده الو جی نقشه گرفته ویوها عالیه روندش رپ براش شده قافیه بندی بابا بکش کناراینو بدون کافیه گندی که زدی ارزش نداره باشه شاهی که جعلی ما جوری با قدرت می خونیم انگار راوی جنگیم دست چپم سپر دست راستم شمشیر نبینم یه وقت واسه ی دن موراتو شر شین این سوسول هایی که می چرخن توی سطح شهرشین آماده باشین با شلیک کلماتم شل شید همین بسه پاها می لرزه می زنه دست بم داره می ترسه می دونه قصد منی که وصل به مشت خودمم همه گل هایی که پشت دورمن هست تلاش رشد خود من آه هست تلاش رشد خود من این کولایی محافظه کارن جرات ریسک ندارن شکسته مبارزه با من لب دریا وایسادن اینا مواظب راهمن جوهر قلم من آتیشه مذاب بشه کاغذ شخصیت توی رپ فارس شده سکوت فرهنگ خانواده ی رپ در حال رکود دریغ از حتی یه پله صعود سر جامون وایسادیم شعر ها مثل سرود اِی به اسطلاح گنده ها همه آقایید اِی تویی که تو رپ تخمی مون بهت می گن بابایی وقتی تو توو خونتون رو تختت مشغول لالایی بایدم آهنگ برتر سال شه تو چی بالایی تو هیچی بالا نیستی تو تو چی بالایی ها؟ مث خودته دقیقا آره مث خودته مثل من نیست مثل من نکرد ریسک مثل من با کفش پاره تو بارون جوراب خیس نه اون مثل من نیست فن هات مثل من نیستن عاشق این رپ نیستن منم ومن یک رپر تنها به دور از رسانه کسی که اومد تا پله های صعود بسازه کسی که هر چرتیو شعر نکرد رو ورق کسی که پشت میز قدیمیش ریخت رو کاغذ اره ریخت رو کاغذ عرق danmorato realrap gang diss batel mc mic beat rap hiphop oldschool newschool fight solo electronicmusic freestyle textposts

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Sometimes Monlit wants to take breaks from holding for everyone, and that's fine with me because I have other awesome trainers to work with 🤗 Training with Monlit, a lot of things tend to be about power and endurance - I credit him almost wholly for my success here in Thailand. But it's nice to put the focus on fine-tuning other things while still maintaining the power they ask for. I got to work with Janjao the other day, and the focus was timing and patience, with power kicks added in 🙂

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Super cool previs from brazenactiondesign Grand Opening May 11th. Director & Concept by jackiegthatsme Repost jackiegthatsme with get_repost ・・・ A previs for your Monday, I shot/edited w/ sunnytellone & vswarn vs parisbravoofficial Sunny trying out her robots from the tinyrobotfactory Thank you to brazenactiondesign for making me better! Feels good to be behind camera directing the action, and vswarn adding his choreo too fightpractice previs fight choreo film badcave brazenactiondesign actionactress actionmovie actiondirector robot cyborg la

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Could barely work today thinking about this BS and why I’m calling on strong, skilled, and experienced BlackLawyers to join with me to aggressively fight against racist, hateful, and corrupt cops and laws that are terrorizing are communities and killing our people! The STRUGGLE is REAL, but the FIGHT is necessary if we are to have justice, equity, and equalprotection under the law that we so rightful DESERVE - - - “Law is my ministry, Justice is my Passion!” Attorney Damario Solomon-Simmons ***Tag a Black Lawyer you know that is standing up and for the community💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿*** - - - - - - blacklivesmatter lawyer justice attorney equality judge rights legal inform inspire inspiration empower knowledge broward word truth advocate fight

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Серия кадров,бойцовский клуб, особо опасная. Штраф 1 сердечко.❤️ fight wolf boss fightclub dangerous

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Congrats everyone li_mma on getting their stripes tonight! DepoKnows Almost 4 years to the day of getting my purple belt, stripe number 3 ✅. First stripe under greggdepasquale and I can truly say I never would’ve made the jumps in my ground game without all of your help! The Journey continues LIMMA TeamStock BJJ PurpleBelt

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2η θέση ΠΑΝΕΛΛΉΝΙΟ ΠΡΩΤΆΘΛΗΜΑ ΠΑΓΚΡΑΤΙΟΥ (MMA AMATEUR RULES) . Ένα μεγάλο ευχαριστώ στον προπονητή μου panos_karm αλλά και σε όλη την ομάδα fight_box_athens mma ufc boxing bjj fitness kickboxing muaythai jiujitsu gym fight wrestling martialarts training sport workout motivation karate fighter grappling judo mmafighter fit conormcgregor bodybuilding mixedmartialarts champion bellator love fighting bhfyp

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“All my life, been grindin' all my life Sacrificed, hustled, paid the price WANT A SLICE, GOT TO ROLL THE DICE That's why, all my life, I been grindin' all my life.” -Asghedom We won a hard fought decision in the risefighting Main Event last night family! Two weeks ago we signed a contract to take an international fight on late notice. We measured the risks, and we chose to FIGHT. My coach and training partners did everything they could to ensure our success. - - As our brother said, if you want a slice of the metaphorical pie, “you gotta roll the dice”. WE did , and it definitely payed off. Now I’m about to eat AAAALL the damn pie 😊 Also my brothers pmac_usa and jeffmshaw were crucial to our success in this fight! Indebted 🙏🏿 Shout out to clirtyeats for getting me as close to -Wesley shape as possible in that time - - mma fight jiujitsu kickboxing wrestling strategic risk blackisback

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Having fun shadow boxing

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Meeting stevecook is still the highlight of my summer

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Dying to get back training this week

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By far the comfiest tracksuit I’ve ever worn! And yes, my phone is that big I need 2 hands gymshark

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