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How Ashleigh Grimshaw ( whitewolfmma) and Brad Pickett ( one_punch) went from being potential opponents to becoming close friends and team mates from way back Both Grimshaw and Pickett empart their wealth of almost four decades worth (if not more) ofexperiences from around the world into the younger generations of fighters they both train with and support titanfightermma urban_kings_gym . WATCH Part One of The Ashleigh Grimshaw MMA Documentary on - LINK IN BIO SUPPORT k1anoop VIA PATREON.COM/K1ANOOP TO PRODUCE MORE COMBAT SPORTS DOCUMENTARIES FROM £1/MONTH ashleighgrimshaw bradpickett nathanielwood teamtitan urbankingsgym cobragym britishmma mixedmartialarts mma ufc bellator ucmma ingloriousgrapplers bjj grappling sparring fighting fighter athlete brazilianjiujitsu kickboxing muaythai thaiboxing sportsdocumentary martialarts martialartists warrior k1anoop

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Vou escolher acreditar. vou escolher confiar que o que se perde volta de outra forma. vou escolher aceitar que o que chega ao fim é o melhor para mim. vou escolher abrir espaço para o novo, para o que de muito-melhor pode chegar. vou escolher fazer crescer a minha esperança no que a Vida tem para mim, vou escolher viver inteira no que dou e no que recebo. Vou escolher recomeçar. vou escolher não reclamar, não me lamentar e não deixar a vida passar. vou escolher acreditar que o melhor sentido a seguir na vida é o que nos diz o coração pinup emo tattoolover inked girlswholift girlswithink fighter inkedandproud fighter believer

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Curtis Blaydes vs Justin Willis this Saturday 8pm/est. Live FREE coverage on my YouTube, link in bio👊

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Rafael dos Anjos vs. Kevin Lee to meet in WW main event of UFCRochester on May 18

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Kevin Lee will move up to Welterweight to face former Lightweight Champion who currently fight in Welterweight division, Rafael Dos Anjos. The fight will be on May 18 Kevin Lee akan naik ke Welterweight untuk menghadapi mantan juara Lightweight yang sekarang bertarung di kelas Welterweight, Rafael Dos Anjos. Pertarungan ini akan berlangsung pada 18 May 📸: Editor&Author : indommanews

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So instead of giving up on recovery I'm giving up on my eating disorder

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''When Bruno entered the ring I smelled fear on him. I knew he didn't want to be there, so all I had to do was hit him with good shots and it would be a wrap. In the back of my mind I knew that if Bruno had fought me in this fight with the same spirit he did in the first one, there was no way I could have beaten him. I wanted to perform up to the same impeccable standards as I used to, but I didn't know if I could. I was 29 but felt slower, I didn't have the same hunger I had before jail.'' - Mike Tyson thegreatesstali

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Happy 1 month of being in the world, mighty man! In such a short time you’ve faced and conquered so much. You don’t know this yet, but there is so much more here on earth than pokes, breathing tubes, alarms, scary words, even scarier infections, liver failure, doctors, lab numbers, feeding tubes, and lines. There will be brighter days ahead, my love; Momma will make sure of it. These tough times will only make us both stronger, and they will make the bright days that much brighter ☀️ keep fighting the good fight, Valor James! prayforvalor onemonth fighter brighterdaysahead preemie preemiestrong liverfailure sepsissucks nicumom

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Meat clubs. 🍖

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Our mentality will dictate how far we can go For each time we fall or fail, We must pick ourselves up and continue to move forward and continue in our journey. Because to become the best verison of yourself. We must make mistakes and deal with heartbreak to even falling from grace to become resurrected to our true greatness. We learn through our tribulations and lifes lessons but we must learn from them and never make the same error again. savagemotivationalspeaker BOXING BJJ muaythai MMA fighter angelistrainfitpt ferm_fitness stlr TheSavage NYC padwork TeamSavage trainhard LOWEREASTSIDEMMA love passion privatetraining trainhard trueyou fight modelling puglist artinmotion family dreambig ferm_fitness training_day_inc stlraesthetics superareshop onlythestrong champion sweat tears 📹 shotbylen I speak from the ❤

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Now I've finally caught up to the models im working on at the moment. The small one is a dragonborn and im makings an owlbear cuz i love them. I also decided to make a new axe for Jotunas, all these only need painting from this point will be posted on Saturday with another model for tarkus in the works. dungeonsanddragons5e 5e dnd minatures minis dndminis roleplay model bard rogue wizard barbarian warlock ranger sourcerer cleric paladin druid fighter bloodhunter maker craft dungeonsanddragons

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For those of you that don't know, I am going to attempt to compete in a Jiu Jitsu comp in early April. Over the past 3 months I've have kidney issues, fatigue issues and now a broken toe but mind over matter yeah? People ask how can be bothered counting macros and cutting weight (I said no to free donuts yestersay 😖) and my honest answer is, this is the only thing I feel like I have control over I can't control how hard uni is, I can't control what horrible things happen in the world but just to have slight control over what's going in my body gives me a slight sense of empowerment 2.2 kg of fat lost and still eating 1700 calories with three weeks until d day If you are interested in training, fat loss without starving yourself or just want to feel like you have some control hit me up. I am now training out of elev8_mma so come have a session and have a chat . mma jiujitsu ufc boxing muaythai fitness kickboxing wrestling brazilianjiujitsu martialarts grappling gym fight training judo bjjlifestyle karate motivation workout life fighter jiujitsulifestyle mixedmartialarts sport oss fit nogi champion crossfit girlswholift

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We met with the plastic surgeon today. At this point, I knew pretty much everything we discussed, but it was good to hear it from the dr. The most shocking thing I heard, which I had been told but didn't believe, is that I will be discharged 23 hours from when surgery starts. Unless there are complications. So, if you were thinking you'd come see me at the hospital on day 2, I won't be there. HAHA. Surgery will last 6-7 hours. It's going to be a long healing process and I'm so grateful Andy will be here with me. I feel a little better knowing what I know, but I will feel a lot better once I have my official surgery time. 14days fighter fuckcancer

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I see you, you’re so much younger than you look, I see you, you’re so much younger than you act, I see you. You battle and fight with the world because you kept yourself self when no one else did, you learned skills that no baby or toddler should ever have to learn, you need to control your world because of even its awful, if you’re in control you know how to survive letting someone else keep you safe, now that’s a real fear, that’s a real risk. I see you. I see your need for calm when you’re showing the world your crazy self, I see your need for boundaries when your wanting to escape, I see your need for love when your pushing everyone away, I see you! I see your kindness when someone is missing out, I see your empathy when someone is upset, I see your generosity when you share, I see you

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OYNAMAZSAN KAZANAMAZSIN 👊🏽 Адыгэ уей уей! 💂🏼‍♀️ boxing adige nalçik çerkes kabardey fight fighter champion boks boksgecesi pt hardtraining knockout nakavt lion sailorsportclub biletix tuzla nişantaşı omerfarukpolat omerfarukpolatteam özelboksdersi zengindizayn cerkesking fightclub_turkiye fight.clubtr fightclubturkiye circassian1864 fotografia fotoğraf fotomodel leone1947tr circassian_warriors omerfarukpolatteam sailorsportclub hendekkapalısporsalonu adigeweywey profosyonel boks boksarena boksgecesi tv8bucuk knockout

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It’s Wednesday - come learn 💡

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Thanks to Isaac Tadeo and Seattle Boxing Gym for teaching me some skills to deal with hecklers. Full episodes and interviews of Don't Quit Your Night Job on my youtube channel. Make sure you're subscribed there.

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