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Those who don't jump will never fly - Unknown

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📸📸📸 pinoybiyajero 🇵🇭 🇵🇭 🇵🇭

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What fuels my hardcore workouts 6 days a week at upwards of 4 hours a day? - juggernautnutrition T-rate gives me the Energy, Strength, Pump and Vascularity throughout my workouts. - Compression shirt & Shorts by jed_north - fitness brandambassador ambassador promoter athlete famous celebrity actor sitemodel fitgeek fitgamer nutrition pensacola rivierafitnessclub filipino asianmen forearmtattoos bodybuilding trainer selfie therock dwaynejohnson jednorth jednorthmen badass warrior

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Daniel and Kathryn (Love Team KathNiel ) in A Romantic Picture Handsome Daniel Padilla and beautiful Kathryn Bernardo are one of the hottest Philippines movie and television stars. Their last movie TheHowsOfUs was another blockbuster movie. Their love team popularly known as Kathniel has massive support of millions of fans. They starred in the FAMAS 2017 best movie Barcelona. Daniel won the FAMAS best actor award for the same movie. They starred in the exciting hit television series La Luna Sangre. They are very talented. They are very good in acting. And they can also sing and dance as they usually guest in the popular singing and dancing show ASAP. We wish them all the best. kathniel kathrynbernardo danielpadilla Philippines movies cinema FAMAS actor actress loveteam celebrities pinay pinoy Filipino Filipina celebrity Barcelona lalunasangre ASAP showtime kilig celebrity stars abscbn tfc Toronto Canada

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Said like blah blah blah🤪 ツッコミどころ多いナ Imyours by jasonmraz

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Paradise found in New Zealand 🌿

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Whatever big or small things you’re doing for the planet, keep doing it. Whether you’re refusing single-use plastics, decreasing meat intake, taking public transport, spreading awareness, joining coastal cleanups, paving the way for sustainability, growing your own food, using reef-friendly sunblock, maintaining your vehicle to prevent smoke belching, carpooling, paying your bills online, buying second hand, buying quality, changing your mobile phone because it’s broken and not because it’s out of style, donating things you don’t need, collecting memories and not things, whatever it is, keep at it. If you get frustrated along the way, well, we’re better today than yesterday. And we’ll get better next month, 6 months from now, a year from now. We just have to keep moving forward. 💚💚💚 breakfreefromplastic beatplasticpollution ayokongplastik zerowastePH zerowaste zerobasura letsgogreenforlife vegetarian vegan healthy cleanup greenliving sustainableliving sustainable food drinks ecoconscious environment ecofriendly earth ocean saveourseas asia philippines pilipinas filipino pinoy pinay itsmorefuninphilippines globalgoals

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Another day with the fam _jeymon_

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A Frozen Tree that looks magical. | Australia

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Scarce square footage meets a fall into a blissful Filipino food coma at arguably one of the best restaurants in the US at the moment doing nouveau Filipino fare. 🇵🇭

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This happens when I go to China Town in the Mayflower restaurant

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You are the reflection of what your heart and body desires. The more you feed your inner self with positivity, the more it radiates 📷 yogi happy love life fun

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Nothin' feels better than this, Congratulations thegr8khalid 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 📸