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One time action! You ask, we provide🌄

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🎥🎞️SADAKO🎞️🎥 I'm gonna guess they're done with the cursed VHS tape approach Do we need another Ring movie? At least this is a Japanese production and directed by Hideo Nakata who directed the original 2002 original Japanese horror classic The Ring moviehooker hookingyouupwithsometingtowatch thering japan japanese asia asian horror horrormovie horrorfilm sadako vhs film films filmcommunity movie movies poster posters filmposter movieposter franchise curse cursed cinematography hideonakata moviereview

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Official Poster ————— Of all 27 designs, it came down to this one :)

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》》》● Martes ● 《《《

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Reposted from shugaban_media - 7 MAJORS [SHORT FILM] A group of army officers are dissatisfied with the political instability in the country and decide to take action in their own hands to save the country from total collapse. The film chronicles (possibly) the final meeting of the seven Majors who planned and executed the very first military coup (1966) led by Major Kaduna Nzeogwu and Major Emmanuel Ifeajuna, setting in motion a chain of events that have led us as a country to where we are today. Cast: zikkyalloy itsoise theghettoyouth yardstickman olawaleGood realmichaelpower Producer: wolfpackfilmsng Director tayvay_tm Watch 7 MAJORS on or on the Shugaban App (Google Playstore) _ shugaban 7majors filmmakers shortfilm nollywood actors cinema African film methodactor castingdirectors stylishman truestories history fashionista photooftheday filmposter graphicdesign nigeria - regrann

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This Illustrated Poster for 'Captive State' tries to imbibe a spirit of revolution and resistance. I have used bold pencil strokes with spray paint to emphasize the emotion of resilience and grit on the face of Gabriel (Ashton Sanders). The Fire ignited from the match takes the shape of the Phoenix, signifying the Rebel forces uniting to fight the extraterritorial enemies. This also shows the visual metaphor of Gabriel rising like a Phoenix. talenthouse captivestatemovie CaptiveState pencildrawing movieposter filmposter procreate digitalart illustration rjartworks painting illustrationart posterspy ampposter alternativemovieposters movieart movieposterart movieposters

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George Cukor - A Star Is Born (1954) You know what film is better than the recent A Star is Born? The 1954 version, that's what. There's really no need to improve on it. Judy Garland is better than Lady Gaga, as a singer and an actress. James Mason is a better actor than Bradley Cooper. George Cukor is a better director than Cooper. Ira Gershwin is a better songwriter. Hell this film has dated less in 60 something years than the new one has in a few months. It is timeless. Lasting almost three hours, it's a devastating film which is also funny, fantastic, amazingly well filmed and really beautiful to see and hear. The scenes near the end as Mason contemplates the see through a reflecting wall of glass reflecting the see onto him are just breathtaking. Garland's singing is fantastic, and even if her acting can at times be over-earnest it is still affecting. This is one of those movies that make you an emotional wreck by the end of them, you feel for the characters, they are good but deeply flawed people who don't deserve what is happening to them. Judy Garland's speech about how much she loves Mason's character but how much she also hates him because he fails to live up to his sincere ambitions to be sober is heartrending, and you hear it as you see Mason overhearing it, and you feel his pain, his feeling of being a burden to the only thing he truly loves. And I'm not even talking about the astounding "movie within a movie" sequence, a tour de force of songwriting, set design and performance by Garland. Astounding. (5/5) cinema cinephile movie movies film jamesmason judygarland drama movieposter filmposter poster moviereview review astarisborn 1950 georgecukor classiccinema classicmovies musical

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Update of where we are at with the 100 movies list now I’m definitely not able to smash through films like some people I know, what they do is pretty damn impressive, but still happy being over a third of the way in so far. Really enjoying ambling through the list and have seen some brilliant masterpieces 👌🏼🎬 film filmlist bucketlist wallchart classicfilms goat movies scratchlist cinema homecinema 100movies 100moviesbucketlist poster filmposter lovefilm filmlove greatfilms listofmovies filmstowatch actors drama thriller comedy horror action flicks movienight progress funtimes masterpieces

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Being on almost constant release since it premiered in 1981 “Raiders of the Lost Ark” received an updated movie poster for the ‘official’ re-release in 1982. Artistic duties were again assigned to Richard Amsel who produced a more exciting, action packed offering. The overall ancient/papyrus styling remained but now Indiana Jones is featured in trademark bull-whip cracking pose offset against the Ark of the Covenant with the strong supporting cast beautifully rendered around the borders. A better image than the original ? Not really just slightly different and a perfect addition to the canon. This rare classic adventure poster from the ultimate adventure movie presents extremely well and is offered in beautiful folded (as issued) unrestored original condition. A truly fine piece of original country of origin movie memorabilia for a character and franchise that has proved to be one of the best loved and highly successful franchises in film history. atthemovies original movieposter filmposter frame hollywood cinema musthave mood vintage poster movies posters film raidersofthelostark harrisonford

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I hate my last three posters what’s up

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DISCO DYNAMITE 💃🏼 *PAID LEAD* Disco Dynamite follows an ex-roller disco champion, who vouched to never skate again, as he plods along through his everyday life in the buzzing metropolis that is Swindon Town. With regular visits to the laundrette and a dead end job at ‘The Famished Ferret’, his life is turned upside down after the new girl at work, Gretel, asks him to go to the local Roller Disco. Will he return to serve food to the elderly and unemployed or will he pluck up the courage and get back on the skates?! Please DM or Email if interested. Would be ideal if you have dancing/roller skating experience, however do not worry if not. bristolactors actors acting bristol bristol_lens bristolacademy bristolacting acting shortfilm filmposter disco dancing rollerskating auditions filmaudition bristolactor southwest londonactor londonactors londonactorsheadshots southwestactors

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Geray makes the most of his one-and-only star turn and the movie stands as a fine entry in Lewis’ patchy filmography. What’s remarkable, is just how far he was able to squeeze the meagre budget, finding camera set-ups and visual tricks to augment an otherwise thin plot-line. In order for Film Noir to convince, it has to ‘look right’ after all… It’s as though Lewis was setting a precedent for the Indie Producers & Directors who’d follow, decades later. He realised that, just because he was saddled with a B-Movie budget, it didn’t mean he couldn’t pursue his own artistic vision: much like SeijunSuzuki a couple of decades later with the delirious tokyodrifter To read my FULL review of sodarkthenight by joesephhlewis visit but my ‘Triple word / Score’ on a movie that’s a fine example of B—Movie Noir? . 🎦➡️ NOIR-ISH | TIGHT | SURPRISING / 7 ⬅️🎦 filmposter filmbusiness bioskop filmcritic filmreview featurefilm movieposterart classicfilm classicmovie writingcommunityofig adventurefilm noirfilm filmnoir filmnoirstyle filmnoirphotography arrowacademy stevengeray michelinecheirel josephlewis burnettguffey brothertheodore hugofriedhofer

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The Wrestler (Darren Aronofsky, 2008) . The Wrestler is a drama centered around an aging professional wrestler past his prime. He retains a body that is on the verge of collapse, he hasn't seen his only daughter in years, financially he is exhausted, and the only thing that brings him solace in life is the same thing that threatens to end it Mickey Rourke is really great in the main role and it's fascinating how it parallels his own career comeback. It does seem to give it a deeper resonance. Darren Aronofsky was already an interesting filmmaker after Pi and ‪Requiem for a Dream‬. “The Wrestler” is a great movie and I definitely recommend it IMDb 7.9 . thewrestler adaf recommended by Merve

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🎞 How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World 2019