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This 32-step sequence from the ‘Apollo 11’ cue “Transearth Injection” (which you can hear fading out after engine shutdown) required two 24-step Q960 Sequencers, three Q962 Sequential Switches, careful calibration of the Binson Echorec’s varispeed knob for tempo sync, and over 20 minutes to hand-tune all 32 non-quantized notes (x2 since the Moog IIIc’s tuning drifted on me after the first round of tuning haha!). And this was just one of many parts I manually rendered for this cue. This is of course all possible with a few clicks of the mouse in the computer, but in 1969 at the time of Apollo 11, this stuff took TONS of time. I definitely chose a difficult way to do this score, but I like to think that you can hear the difference in the tones I got from this beautiful old gear. This is also why it would be next to impossible to truly perform the score live. 🚀 ‘Apollo 11’ is still in theaters for a little while longer - don’t miss it! apollo11movie 🎛 Soundtrack link in my bio.

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Another awesome tune by danfolgado released today that I had the pleasure of mastering. Go check it out! Link in Dan’s bio.

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Epic night of film music at The World of Hans Zimmer - A Symphonic Celebration Mom and dad missed out when we didn’t take them to hanszimmer Live back in 2016, so glad they got to experience these sweeping spine tingling themes from the front row this time round. 🎥🎶🙌 😊✌️ . Feel very fortunate to have experienced an ethereal performerance of Now We Are Free from Gladiator performed by the legendary Lisa Gerrard, conducted by maestro greenawaymusic The evening certainly did not disappoint with a lot of alternative material that wasn’t in the last tour. A few surprises in there too like who remembers that Spirit of the Cimarron had such a great theme?! 😄 Another highlight was mariespaemann ’s moving solo cello performance of the love theme from Hannibal. ❤️ worldofhanszimmer hanszimmer lisagerrard worldofhanszimmer WOHZ MarieSpaemann GavinGreenaway

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Fog - Original FilmScore I was REALLY bored so I ended up creating a score/soundtrack. Usually, to make sure if i succeeded or not, i ask my parents what they get reminded of when they hear my originals. My father said it reminded him of a Sherlock Holmes type scene, my mother said it reminded her of someone walking alone in the snow. As long as youre able to paint a picture in your head, i have been successful (🎧) Layers used - soft piano, wide strings, sine-pad, slow cello, sweep pad original filmscoring moviemaker gamedeveloper filmscore soundtrack movie game score musicproduction composition composer selfcomposition cello piano strings musician instamusic musiciansofinstagram filmmaker videogame series titlescene ost scoring cinematic

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Στο φωτογραφικό κλικ ο panagiotis_papoutsis ! Τον ευχαριστούμε που ήταν εκεί να απαθανατίσει αυτή τη σπουδαία συναυλία! Ενθουσιώδες κοινό, φοβερή διάθεση εκατέρωθεν! Σας ευχαριστούμε όλους! Και το half_note_jazz_club για τη φιλοξενία! Το επόμενο ραντεβού μας είναι στο Μουσείο Μπενάκη! Μείνετε συντονισμένοι για περισσότερα suziegianakop dim_pappas dimitrisarapantelis cgk2019 evgenios.bratouska aboutlastnight cinemaparadisoproject theband live halnotejazzclub 21March originalmotionpicturesoundtrack filmscore moviesoundtrack moviemusic concert music musicians newCD rhythm artists livesinging drums guitar violin celo accordeon piano percussion drums bass

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🔊Sound On 🔊 - 📷 phosleep thanks for listening enjoy the sounds and pictures for today 🙏🏼

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what's on my stand? ❤️The Ringmaster's March composed by ostimusic • This piece has some wacky circus vibes but is seriously so much fun to play Speaking of the circusThe Night Circus is an incredible circus-y book that I highly highly recommend to literally anyone and everyone as it is such a magical, whimsical, beautifully crafted novel! The writing is so lush and wonderfully descriptive and I literally cannot praise it enough (and there's a hint of forbidden romance!).

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【香港電影作曲家協會成立典禮 Hong Kong Film Composers' Association Inauguration Ceremony】 Live film scoring performance by composers - Music Director/Keyboard: Yusuke Hatano 波多野裕介 Singers: Lily Hong, Benji Chiang Keyboard: Julian Chan Violin: Janet Yung Erhu: Wan Pin Chu Guitars: Anson Lo, Marley Chan Bass/Programming: Marcus Ho Drums: Antonio Serrano Jr - 香港電影作曲家協會 HongKongFilmComposersAssociation NeoMusicProduction FilmArt FilmArt2019

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Sharing our “Done With Winter” Playlist: It might not look like it right now but its totally official and since all change starts on the inside, here are some seriously warm, feel good and carefree, “Welcome To Spring” acoustic guitar jams, just copy this link 🔗 or click on the one in our Bio HAUS HAUSartists HAUSartistsSayItBest hausplaylists HAUSplaylistssoundthebest hausmusicandsound hausmusictellers musicforallmedia musicforcommercials ads advertising adagency creative productionmusic productionlibrary musiclibrary musikdatenbank musiclicensing newmusic originalmusic custommusic filmscore filmmakers filmeditors hausyourmusic

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⚡ F R E E D O W N L O A D ⚡ _ Head to and the soundtrack I did back in 2012 for But Milk Is Important is now free to download. _ This was only the second film I'd ever scored and I have very fond memories of working with annamantzaris and eirikgb on this. I pretty much taught myself piano on this job 🎹 _ Soon I'll be releasing a couple more soundtracks that have a lot more material on them, so I thought why not put this old gem out for free!? 🤔 _ free freemusic deals butmilkisimportant composer animation film filmmusic filmscore soundtrack stopmotionanimation stopmotion musicoftheday musicofinstagram piano pianist instrumental philbrookes annamantzaris bandcamp spotify itunes soundcloud producer

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realgmcastro is an Italian neo-classic & film composer 🎹 He started at the age of 13 and continued his journey by taking part in different master classes with international pianists, learning from the best. 🎶 Gian Marco Castro won awards in Oticon Faculty International Film Scoring contest, Marvin Hamlish Film Music, Rimusicazioni Film Scoring Festival and was nominated in Hollywood Music in Media Award 2016 🌟 so you bet he has a great tip for you! 💪🔥 You can check out his new single "Haven" here ➡️ 🙌 ArtistForArtist musician classicalmusic composer soundtrack filmscore film inspiration uvibecreators motivationtips themusicplanner singer songwriter sound piano pianist

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🎧 “You might be the only person that I’ve ever interviewed that legitimately gets his talent from both his parents” listen to George being interview by mondaymorningcritic for episode 120 of their podcast. Visit their profile to listen. 🎶

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Film: Shin Godzilla Composer: Shiro Sagisu Year: 2016 Artist:  christophershystudioronin - Outside of Japan, Godzilla is somewhat of a joke. This is largely due to the historical relevance missing from every other county: Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and, more recently, Fukushima. ‘Shin Godzilla’ is perhaps the most realistic, agonizing version of this nuclear fear, and composer Shiro Sagisu gives it the proper respect and gravity it deserves. - ‘Shin Godzilla’ features a heavy human element: governmental and bureaucratic reaction to Godzilla’s emergence.  In most hands this would be a torturous, tedious experience. But Sagisu fills these scenes of administrative problem solving and stress with relentless, frenetic taiko drums, building the pace and tension that these bureaucrats, politicians, and, by extension, the entirety of Japan feel. - Sagisu also gives a frightening, fearful weight to this iteration of Godzilla – a monstrous, tortured being.  He does so first through rerecorded heavy, regal brass themes from at least five previous Godzilla films, all originally composed by the legendary Akira Ifukube.  These themes, in particular “Return of Godzilla” from ‘King Kong vs. Godzilla,’ give the titular monster a daunting, unstoppable presence. - Godzilla’s most intriguing attribute, and perhaps the one most lost in translation, is its sympathy, its agony, its utter pain of existence, a creature born through the waste and negligence of Man only to be attacked and hated by his creator. “Who Will Know” beautifully captures this attribute, an operatic lamentation of life and pain, whose lyrics stem from the point of view of Godzilla itself, when it is alone, vulnerable, and afraid all while its makers attack.  Through this scene in particular Sagisu manages to humanize Godzilla, giving it a surprising depth of character and sympathy. - thefilmscorer film movie music filmscore movieposter review filmmaking analysis soundtrack moviesoundtrack composer kino кино moviesoundtracks moviescore musicreview godzilla shingodzilla gojira shirosagisu hideakianno shinjihiguchi kaiju scifi sciencefiction japan japanesefilm japanesemovie toho

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Korg nanoKontrol: Having a MIDI control surface for midi cc messages enables a music producer to tweak or sculpt the sound within the sampler (eg. Kontakt) in your DAW CC01 - Modulation CC11 - Expression CC07 - Volume CC02 - Vibrato Mic Positions: CC22 - Close CC23 - Tree CC24 - Ambient / Room CC25 - ORTF / AB CC26 - Surround / Fullmix korgnanokontrol midicontroller musicproducer musicproduction steinberg cubasepro nativeinstruments kontakt spitfireaudio cinesamples orchestraltools ifilmscoring filmscoringcomposer filmscoring filmscore

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Am honoured to of been given the opportunity to compose this piece of music for such stunning imagery & poetry. Link in Bio. strings piano filmscore spitfireaudio

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【香港電影作曲家協會成立典禮 Hong Kong Film Composers' Association Inauguration Ceremony】 Live film scoring performance by composers Music Director/Keyboard: Yusuke Hatano 波多野裕介 Singers: Lily Hong, Benji Chiang Keyboard: Julian Chan Violin: Janet Yung Erhu: Wan Pin Chu Guitars: Anson Lo, Marley Chan Bass/Programming: Marcus Ho Drums: Antonio Serrano Jr 香港電影作曲家協會 HongKongFilmComposersAssociation NeoMusicProduction FilmArt FilmArt2019

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Meditation- Part Three. This next section is a lot more uneasy, and really builds in tension before breaking under its own weight. Eventually we return to a reharmonised version of the opening. - - Some days when you're self employed, and you've got a fairly blank day ahead, it's really hard to know where to begin the list of things to do. It's definitely trickier than when there's a tight deadline coming up. Hopefully some of my epic long to do list will get done at least! - - soundtrack originalscore filmscoring producer originalmusic orchestration movie musicforfilm film filmscore filmmusic composer femalecomposer womenwhoscore womeninfilm director filmmaker ost score birmingham newmusic birminghamcomposer minimalism minimalist classicalmusic contemporaryclassical classic violin strings

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I drove up to Red Hill again yesterday to record outside. The guys who run the water processing plant for this dam drove up to me very hastily because they thought I was doing some graffiti on the wall. I said "No I'm just playing guitar outside". "Oh, that's cool", they said "Carry on". _ _ _ moodship guitar guitarist music musician dropd guitarbowing reverb recording jam sunset outdoors nature capetown instagramcapetown fieldrecording man travel green ambient 6strings acousticguitar southafrica tour violin strings cello filmscore

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This morning was the first Friday of 2019 to welcome our Pre Prep students back to the Recital Hall for their regular mini concerts! Year 4 started off the series with their concert surrounding buckets, brooms and movies! They began the concert with a Makaton sign rendition of Christina Perri's 'A Thousand Years'. In an impressive array of talent, the students, alongside their teachers, also put together their own movie scores to popular films such as Harry Potter and Star Wars! Not only this, but others took inspiration from the popular percussion group Stomp by creating percussive pieces using simple household items, like buckets, brushes, pots and brooms! Our Mini Mozarts then filled in the gaps, each performing a solo, duet or ensemble piece to show of their independent learning skills. The concert was then rounded off with a Benefit Bash-worthy performance of Zombie by the Cranberries by the exclusively Year 4 band, Lazertag! harrowbangkok minimozart recital instrument lovemusic learnmusic youngmusician musician moviescore stomp percussion junkband makatonsign filmscore solo duet ensemble band

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Друзья! Заходите ко мне на сайт, где Вы можете послушать музыку с моих проектов🤗 ✔️Ссылка в шапке профиля. ⠀ Я буду периодически добавлять на сайт музыку. ⠀ Пишите в комментариях названия полюбившихся произведений💓 ⠀ композитортимуркоробейников musicwriter music composer filmmusic site producer filmscore theatre orchestralmusic rockmusic

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***CALLING ALL ARTISTS*** You're music could be featured in our upcoming film! untestedlove

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Grains 🌳

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Guardians of Pyramids ✨ Here’s the new score I composed, one of my latest philharmonic masterpieces, this is the original master recording, I also uploaded the remastered full version, I’ve been working on, on Youtube & IGTV 🎬. Thanks for listening, pls share your comments 😎👍🏻 Happy new year everyone 🙌🎄🎶 instrumental instrumentalmusic soundcloud symphonic piano originalsong philharmonic orchestra progressive drums strings music newmusic writingmusic songwriting composer picoftheday filmscore beautiful nice like4like artist art symphony philharmonic musiccomposer songwriting cool instagood nice beautiful classicmusic pyramids