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Here I am, barely visible but truly happy. My first Hollywood score mix for the movie manifestdestinydown just had it’s premiere at LA Live Regal Cinema and I cannot be more satisfied with how good it sounds and works with the story, sound design and picture. Big shout out to brave director, producer and composer Jon Baker who trusted a strange guy from 🇵🇱 . Steve Tibbo for recommending me for the score mix. kiciasmolen for constant support ❤️ and all my people who believe in me. So grateful. More to come. ⚡️⚡️⚡️ hollywood premiere movie film filmscore scoremixer filmmusic movieproduction

7 minutes ago

New effects pedal. Showstopper.

22 minutes ago

Yap, pekan ini kami kasih nilai film City Lights, Reservoir Dogs, Small Time Crooks dan Stranger Than Fiction. Ada yang sudah menonton film-film tersebut?

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My friend Indi tried to remake my track "the last goodbye " to become Electro Beat, so i sent him the track but without the taiko drums, so he can make a sick beats out of it! It actualy pretty cool ! Thanks bro ! n.ind1360 . videogamemusic vgm soundtrack fantasymusic filmscore filmscoring epicmusic trailermusic composer filmcomposer hanszimmer flstudio flstudioindonesia homestudio beat electro epicedm dupstep trapmusic trapnation edmontonsymphonyorchestra electronicmusic dancemusic technomusic housemusic

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‘On The Highway’ 🛣 is the 4th single from the astronotmovie 👨‍🚀 soundtrack 📀. The track feature some lovely E-bow work by Adam Fulton & sweet 🎸 playing by 🇻🇪 guitarist yonnyviz. Recorded at bluelightstudio 🎧 in Vancity🇨🇦. The track is available for steaming in the profile link above or on iTunes. Rock on🤘! soundtrack astronot independentmusic newmusicsaturday rocknroll vancouvermusic filmmaking moviescore filmsoundtrack apollo11 moonlanding astronauts newmusic independentfilm filmmaking indiefilm onthehighway filmscore indiemusic astronaut filmmaker spacerace moviesoundtrack

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Sometimes inspiration comes from the things in your studio. howabunnysounds loving your adorable mug. This is the "Digital" mug. - Those of us that work on trailers tend to stay away from outboard or analog gear before printing stems. Otherwise, we'd have to do it in real time and that could cause some issues 😂 epicmusic cinematic orchestral musiclibrary musiclicensing musicproducer musicproduction musicproductions musicproducers trailermusic filmscore audioengineer audiorecording audioproduction homestudio homerecording composer soundtrack gamedev studiorecording mixing gameaudio gamemusic epic

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NOOPUR CUSSION—ONLINE DEBUT!—The Won-In-Only QUANTUM JUMPER FRAMESLIDE DRUM (SpringFed DozenGumballBounce?—YES!— / Myedot Matrix [dot] Unplugged Chaos Theory / Proof Of Concept LoFi Analog Practice PolyRhythymSurge Meta Take Phor [sic?]—“Spring Snappage Needs To Tighten; Ball “Storm Surge Rolls” Not Bad For First 25 Hours Of Playlog—Another 75 With Studio Effects Could Plausibly Launch A New Form Of Old-School Hands-On Percussion Instrument”—Wyatt Matturs—“Wow!—Thanks Wyatt”—Artist General — artistgeneral originalsound indiemusic percussion drummer innovation sxsw worldmusic scifi creatives burningman sanfrancisco berkeley soundtrack singularityuniversity musicproducers filmscore namm remo drums drumsolo visionary soundtrack musiciansofinstagram studiosession drummersofinstagram rhythm musicvideo experimentalmusic

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Чудовий концерт з найвідомішим кінокомпозитором сучасності Александром Деспла :) A great concert with the great film composer Alexandre Desplat Incredible film music soundtrack filmscore concert inspiration

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🎧🎵🌎🌎🌎🎵🎧 Follow me therealkinghitz & Check Out 🎧Asher🎧 Free spotify👉Link in bio👈 itunes applemusic tidal deezer search 👉KingHitz 👈 on all platforms. Thanks for the support! 😎🎧🎵✌️🌍 producerlife setlife beatmaker hiphop djane miami musicproducer musicproduction yachtparty studiolife djlifestyle🚨🚨🚨🔥🚨🔥🚨🔥🚨🚨🚨🚨 iheartradio londonuk producers modelstatus dj musas modelstatus filmdirector summer2k19 boanoite djlife instrumentalist losangeles newmusic londoner hiphopmusic filmscore fitnessmotivation rapbr

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Do you ever wish you could just live inside of a sound?

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🎧🎵🌎🌎🌎🎵🎧 Follow me therealkinghitz & Check Out 🎧All Track🎧 Free spotify👉Link in bio👈 itunes applemusic tidal deezer search 👉KingHitz 👈 on all platforms. Thanks for the support! 😎🎧🎵✌️🌍 producerlife setlife beatmaker hiphop djane fridaynightvibes musicproducer musicproduction yachtparty studiolife djlifestyle🚨🚨🚨🔥🚨🔥🚨🔥🚨🚨🚨🚨 iheartradio londonuk producers modelstatus dj musas modelstatus filmdirector summer2k19 boamadrugada djlife instrumentalist dopevibes newmusic londoner hiphopmusic filmscore fitnessmotivation rapbr

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Repost thebandstarlit • • • • • A little baby and this is where they’re growing up but not for long because they will be murdered soon. Meanwhile their leg has been crushed by accident by their own mom Because their mom is imprisoned and can’t move. How the fuck can anyone think they are sustaining their own life, nurturing them selves, believing in supporting and fighting for liberation and equality and at the same time are paying for these innocent beings to live short lives of hell? We can do better than this 1000 trillion times better than this fuck that shit. Go vegan Simara Delilah Rose of the band starlit filmscore innovative integrity stoic govegan mybandismyfavoriteband themesong soundtrackmusic animalliberationfront myfavoritebreedisrescued seductivesongs cinematicmusic vegan metalmusic torchsinger animalactivism prochoice revolutionarymusic soundtrackmusic fuckspeciesism animalliberation meatismurder fuckfur ethicalvegan sexymusic abolishspeciesism film filmfestival

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Been working on the score for upcoming Cotard’s Delusion, written by, produced by and starring emily.anne.salkeld, and having so much fun. We’ve got a Chemical Brothers kinda thing going on sonically, which means I get to put my midi keyboard to work in a big way. 🎹 This juicy short screens July 28 at 8pm theplazatheatreyyc

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🎧🎵🌎🌎🌎🎵🎧 Follow me therealkinghitz & Check Out 🎧Futuristical🎧 Free spotify itunes 👉Link in bio👈 applemusic tidal deezer search 👉KingHitz 👈 on all platforms. Thanks for the support! 😎🎧🎵✌️🌍 producerlife producer beatmaker hiphop djane musicmondays musicproducer musicproduction flstudio studiolife djlifestyle🚨🚨🚨🔥🚨🔥🚨🔥🚨🚨🚨🚨 soundtrack londonuk producers lingerie dj striveforgreatness lingeriemodel filmdirector rocknroll boanoite djlife instrumentals fitchicks newmusic londoner hiphopmusic filmscore fitnessmotivation rapbr

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I don't know that there's anything cool I can say about this picture. I feel pretty lame for posting it but here it is anyway 🎉🎊🎉

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Honestly who doesn’t want to be swimming in a pool of endless opportunities for their music? That’s what this proven system delivers to you 💰🏊‍♂️Link in bio musician musicians composer composers musicproducer musicproducers producerlife musicproducerlife musicbusiness musicbiz musicbooks musicblog popmusic popartist hiphopmusic hiphopartist filmscore filmmusic filmcomposet beatmaker beatmakers beatsforsale songwriter singersongwriter producersbelike indiemusic independentmusic discoverunder5k discovermusic

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Finally put through the paperwork to distribute this piece today. It's four and a half minutes long and will be put on several mobile gaming apps this fall. For the full piece smash the link in the bio ✌️🤡🌚 📸 By my lovely and talented mother rhondamoore12

1 day ago

The anticipation surrounding the grand finale has been crazy! We decided to create a soundtrack inspired by the dreaded Night King for all You GameofThrones fans ❄😈💀🐲🔥. Link in bio!

10 months ago

Tangled in life… ARTURIA RackBrute 6U (x2) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Mutable Instruments: Clouds (texture synthesizer) Mutable Instruments: Rings (resonator) Make Noise: Maths 2013 Alright Devices: Chronoblob (delay) Steady State Fate: Ultra-Random Analog Pittsburgh Modular: Multiple Eaton Technologies: RF Nomad (shortwave radio receiver) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Synthwerks: LAMP-3 (USB power) Intellijel Designs: Mutamix (CV/mixer) Livewire Electronics: Audio Frequency Generator AFG (VCO) Noise Engineering: Loquelic Iterates Qu-Bit Electronic: EON (envelope/oscillator/noise) Music Thing Modular: Chord Organ Music Thing Modular: Radio Music (radio sample playback) SNAZZY FX: Eternal Spring (filter) Malekko Heavy Industry: Borg 2 Filter (filter/LPG) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - KOMA Elektronik: VACTROL SVF-201 (filter) Intellijel Designs: Dual ADSR Division 6: Multiplicity XV 2hp: Verb Basta Instruments: Quattro Figaro ALU (4ch VCA) WMD: Geiger Counter (8bit preamp/FX/noise) Tiptop Audio: BD909 (analog bass drum) Tiptop Audio: SD909 (analog snare) Tiptop Audio: HATS909 (analog hi-hats) Pittsburgh Modular: Outs (stereo outs/hp amp) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - MengQiMusic: DU-KRPLS (digital waveguide) Make Noise: Tempi (polyphonic time-shifting module) Buck Modular: DrumFuck (lo-fi drum machine) Expert Sleepers: Disting mk2 (multifunction) Synthrotek: Roboto (robot sounds effect) Breadbox: Hades (analog mono synth) modularsynth eurorack analogsynth synthesizer analog modular patchcables studiogear studiolife music musically musician musicproducer musicproduction sounddesign sounddesigner composer filmcomposer filmscore filmmusic soundtrack postproduction film movie newyork ny brooklyn life ニューヨーク ブルックリン

10 months ago

Music from the award-winning soundtrack Chairman Buddha. Available on Spotify and all digital platforms! - The music of the soundtrack translates into a journey of musical landscapes that forge an inspiring and emotional connection with the prosperous and fascinating, but yet mystical country that is China today composer musicproducer arranger  filmscore filmscoring berlin mexicocity🇲🇽 monterrey nice france film mexican germany music ciudaddemexico amsterdam mexico🇲🇽 filmcomposer zapopan  chinesemusic worldmusic talentomexicano bandasonora ciudaddeméxico madrid barcelona mexico compositor