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VICK CALLED GAME ••• On mikevick ‘s birthday, we wanted to hit an aobreakdown on how to “blow out the candles” on an overtime game🎂 ••• Vick’s uncanny ability to take over a game was derived from his unprecedented speed & escapability paired with his HOWITZER of a throwing arm💪 ••• His mobility forced defenses to alter their schemes entirely, having to commit 1 of their 11 to “spy” the electric gunslinger, lest he break contain and torch the entire unit (see above) ••• Vick broke the mold of “pocket passer” that the League had held onto so firmly for decades. He paved the way for QBs like RG3, Colin Kaepernick, and Lamar Jackson to enter the league and have an immediate impact out of college. ••• In this clip, the following transpires: —1) The down and distance is 2nd and 8 from the +46. This leaves the playbook open for the Falcons, and somewhat limits what the Vikings can do to defend against whatever they roll out. • —2) ATL comes out in 21 personnel with a TE to the left and the backs stacked in “I Formation”. • —3) The Falcons run a play action boot as the TE leaks out on what develops into a wheel route. If you look closely, you can see the RILB for Minnesota ( 54) *attempting* to spy Vick • —4)but he doesn’t account for his ELITE burners. Vick breaks contain and quickly accelerates to space. • —5) Vick was so fast, it made entire defenses appear to be operating in slow-motion. He accelerates upfield, splits the safety and pursuing LB, and decides its time to go home. Ballgame! ••• Vick was a master of upfield-acceleration. He possessed a unique ability to maintain his speed while changing direction. He changed the quarterback position forever, along with the way teams play defense. ••• QBs, work that footwork outside the pocket! Protect yourself downfield, but don’t be afraid to go after some chunk yardage on the ground!

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I could play in the water, all day, with these cuties

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Bishard Baker aka “Budda” is listed at 5’10”-195, but the Defensive Back is anything but diminutive having immediately had a BIG time impact on the AZ secondary. • The former Washington Husky is a rabid defender who has an undeniable surplus of “dog” in him. • Budda went 36th overall in 2017, and fits the mold of the modern malleable do-it-all DB. • Lets jump into this cut-up and hit ‘anudda’ AObreakdown for Budda. ••• 1)—Baker recognizes the development of the play early, and it allows him to make a tremendous tackle at the LOS. —Once the OL kicks out on the edge defender, containment becomes his responsibility. He sees the kick out and triggers, finishing with an excellent wrap+lift. • 2)—Baker maintains his over-the-top leverage on the vertical route, allowing the cushion to collapse at a manageable rate. —As the route breaks outward, he flips his hips and immediately closes the distance on the receiver, compressing “the bubble”. • 3)—In the last clip, he maintains his inside leverage, and matches the foot speed of the receiver as he enters his break, lowering his center of gravity as the WR does. —He explodes out of his coil and presses up on the WR, simultaneously closing the distance and closing the throwing window. —The last portion of this clip is the most important for DBs to remember; If you commit to the cross-body one armed leap, you need to either secure the tackle with the off arm (which can lead to PI), or be 100% sure you can break up that pass. —To sum it up, as one of our old LB coaches used to say: “IF YOU GO TO THE WELL, YOU BETTER COME BACK WITH A FULL BUCKET!”

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On a day where we should all take a moment to thank our fathers for EVERYTHING they’ve done for us, and in the wake of Denver Broncos owner Pat Bowlen’s tragic passing, we wanted to throw up a clip of a former Bronco player who’s father paved the way for TWO of his sons to win a pair of Super Bowlseach! • Peyton Manning’s father Archie was a 2x Pro Bowler and a CFB HOF inductee. Both of his NFL-QB sons will likely be enshrined in Canton when it’s all said and done. • Peyton is one of the greatest passers of all time Over the course of his career, he racked up: -71490 passing yards -539 passing TDs -186 wins -95.6 career passer rating -65.3 career completion% -14 Pro Bowl selections -8 All-Pro selections -5 MVP awardsand NUMEROUS records that may not ever be touched. • You could also make a claim that he’s the “father of the audible”, with his notorious OMAHA alerts to rapid-snap the ball often coming on the tail end of a LOS playcall change. • Manning was known for his arm and intuition, not necessarily his wheelswhich makes this play even more impressive and a ripe candidate for an AObreakdown: ••• 1. Situational Awareness is ALWAYS paramount to on-field success, regardless of which side of the ball you are on. 2. In this case, the Broncos have 3rd & Goal inside the 1. They come out in a “heavy” package with 2 backs and no WRs 3. This forces Dallas to stack the box with 11. This situation SCREAMS fullback dive, iso, or even QB sneak based on the minimal distance to paydirt. 4. The last thing the defense should expect is a play action bootleg from one of the least-mobile gunslingers in the league 5but that’s exactly why they SHOULD expect it. 6. The Broncos do a tremendous job of selling the lead and collapsing the back side 7. This get the DE (94) to bite and compromise his leverage, which leaves The Sheriff all by his lonesome in an open-field canter. ••• Expect the unexpected, and NEVER underestimate the capabilities of your opponent! • Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there. We wouldn’t be able to cherish this game that we love so dearly without your unwavering support!

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“It’s Tricky” to pin down exactly how ‘Run CMC’ is going to strike at his opponents • The former 8️⃣th overall pick of the Carolina Panthers is as dynamic as they come. • If you ➡️SWIPE➡️, you’ll see the kind of work it takes to mold yourself into a proverbial backfield Swiss Army knife🇨🇭🔪 • Lets hit an AObreakdown and get into what makes McCaffrey such an unbelievable weapon: ••• VISION👀: ••• McCaffrey appears to be bottled up in the first clip, based on the backfield penetrationbut that’s without accounting for his slipperiness. He lowers his center of gravity and slices laterally to space. ••• POWER⚡️: ••• C-Mac is listed at 5’11” 205but in the second clip he looks like Jerome Bettis. The kind of power he displays upon contact at the second level is pure core and leg strength. ••• ACCELERATION🏃: ••• McCaffrey has elite speed. He is SCARY in the open field. He hits the hole at speed and doesn’t taper until the pylon is within sniffing distance. ••• HANDS👐 ••• Modern RBs have to be able to catch the ball out of the backfield. CMC is a skilled receiver and a mismatch nightmare. He has the ability to accelerate from a standstill once the rock is secured. • Put in the work. You don’t need a fancy facility or equipment to make yourself better. • Find your space and hone your craft. TAKE PRIDE IN YOUR WORK!

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OWN. THE. ALLEY. 💥 ••• This is one of the more colossal collisions of all time, pitting Christian Okoye “The Nigerian Nightmare” against Steve Atwater in the hole🕳 • This is a clinically executed downhill hit on a larger opponent: Atwater tips the scales at 218 hereOkoye came it at around 260⚖️ • The best way to take on a size advantage is to change leverage to a position of strength. • Atwater comes in with speed to exceed that of the RB, then coils at the point of attack. • He makes principal contact with his right shoulder, striking upward with EXPLOSIVE force. • This is a much safer alternative to endangering himself & the RB through spearing. Even at such a high speed, he is able to execute with tremendous technique. • He finishes by following through and “shooting” his arms. ••• Have the confidence in your assignment to “trigger” like this; Preparation and positioning= POWER like this⚡️ • CUT IT LOOSE! ✂️

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Now we know Hollywood as a significant part of film industry. But there were times when Hollywood was just a name of a new neighbourhood built in 1923. It was planned that those famous letters will be taken away in a few years but the development of filmmaking brought a new life to them

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Kochani tak wygląda nasza praca w plenerze. Dzięki uprzejmości Mikołaja dronatimedia.pl_fanpage mamy taki filmik dla Was 😊 To efekty wczorajszej współpracy studioblasku_iwonachudzik i mateuszpopielfotograf z dwiema przepięknymi kobietami, blogerkami i gwiazdami instagrama adamskaannaa i barbeliciouss ❤❤🖤🔝😇👌🏼💃💫🎆 filmsession session plener dron models model amazing beautifulgirl instagirl influencer blogger perfectbodys hotgirl sexy cute fitgirl brunette blondehair instagood instalife style passion fashionblogger

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Zwei neue Freundinnen an einem Tag? Das geht. 😊 Warum? Ich hab mal wieder fremde Leute angequatscht und gefragt ob wir zusammen und obwohl wir uns nicht kennen einen Bewerbungsfilm drehen wollen. 😆 Hää? Denn: PULS sucht einen neuen Host für ihren YouTube-Channel und ich will vor ihre Kamera! Wie viele von euch wissen liebe ich den BR. Seitdem ich meinen ersten Beitrag gedreht habe nehme ich jeden einzelnen BR-Bus auf der Straße wahr. Seht ihr auch immer die BR-Busse auf der Straße? Oh mein Gott wie krass geil wäre das wenn das klappen würde! puls br bewerbung host youtubechannel filmsession deinpuls deinpuls kurzfilm bayrischerrundfunk bayerischer_rundfunk drücktmirdiedaumen fingerscrossed ohhappyday happygirl undaction action film newfriends sunnyday moderation medienjobs redaktion moderator ohhello youtube reportage selfie bayerischerrundfunk dreh

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More than 9 million views for my film on YouTube (and listeners for Michiel Borstlap’s piano song.) This is a hit for more than 1,5 years now. The premiere of the new film ‘Portrait of Lotte, 0 to 20 Years’ is in october in TivoliVredenburg Utrecht. Looking for new music. Who wants to make a 5 minute song for this film? 😊😌🥰 daughter son portraits portrait Vince lotte hofmeester youtube portrait familytime filmsession family timelapse filmmusic brotherandsister canon5d canon

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El domingo tuve el tremendo honor y placer de dirigir el primer videoclip oficial para el grupo norteño LaZectaNorteña, un grupo muy aplicado, disciplinado y muy luchón que está haciendo las cosas como se deben. Todo funcionó al 200% y me alegra mucho saber que aun hay bandas que buscan hacer las cosas bien. Tuvimos la gran participación de la modelo ArelyHerrero como antagonista del mismo y la verdad se lució! El set de filmación fue la carpintería Candelaria del maestro JuanTarimas y estuvo de maravilla Siempre trabajando hombro con hombro con el ingeniero EfrainSerrano. Chingón como siempre! ImperiaRecords ImperiaFilms Photography Photo PicOfTheDay ImperiaFamily RecordingStudio Producer MusicVideo RecordingSession FilmDirector FilmProducer FilmSet FilmSession

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With Game2️⃣ of the NBA Finals tonight, we wanted to toss up some gridiron “crossovers” with a trio of wildly-bouncy wideouts throwing down on the hardwood • It’s slamdunksunday and AObreakdowns thrown into a blender, just like the ankles of the collective foes of Allen Iverson and Barry Sanders over the years🏈🔀🏀 ••• We have 3️⃣ clips, and we want you to: ➡️—>SWIPE—>➡️then let us know in the comments who had the best dunk!: ••• —🎥1️⃣) taeadams throwing down a between-the-legs jam after his rookie season👶 ••• —🎥2️⃣) 19problemz seemingly levitating, and then cocking back an absolute HAMMER🔨 ••• —🎥3️⃣) obj with a smorgasbord of dunks, and an accumulation of air miles to add to his frequent-flyer stockpile✈️ ••• Out of all the positions on the field, quantifying a “vert” is most important for Wide Receivers. • There is an undeniable advantage for ballers with “bunnies”🐰, because when you can out-hop an opposing DB for a 50/50 jump ball, it makes you a reliable Redzone target🎯 • However, it takes more than JUST the ability to jump high to consistently finish plays •the collective athleticism of these WRs while airborne is demonstrative of the overall playmaking ability they possess, which is predicated on explosiveness, balance, and acute hand-eye coordination🖐👁 • The prelude to this kind of athletic prowess is training fast-twitch muscles in the legs, and fortifying the core. This allows for the kind of airborne contortion and flexibility displayed by these three studs. • It’s not quite as easy as they make it look to swap the cleats for sneakers and leap into the stratosphere like this👟☁️but if you want to supplement your training routine with some “freestyle” work in the gym to cater your explosiveness and airborne ability, get after it!😤 • How many of you are two-sport athletes? Three-sport?😱 • ⬇️Let us know below!⬇️

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Film Session 35: Winning Vertical Releases from the Slot ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Whether it’s a seam route, or just the vertical stem of various routes (such as a corner) – we want to clear the low cover defender as fast as possible. Often times that low cover defender’s job is to collision the inside receiver to delay our route just enough for it to be covered, or just long enough for the rush to get there. Our job is to avoid this defender. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ We want to attack approximately 2-3 yards outside this low defender; if he doesn’t expand enough to cut us off, we take the outside release and continue vertical (win with speed) ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ If this defender expands wide enough where we can’t win with speed outside of him we want to stick our foot in the ground and slip inside of him. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ After both, we want to continue up the field vertically with speed. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ The route variations of running a “vertical” from the slot (ie “seam”, “inside fade,” “bender”) will be discussed with more detail in another FilmSession. Here we just want to go over how to efficiently & cosistently get a clean release. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Tune in on Tuesday, when we’ll go over a technique to avoid contact when we release vertical and the defender attempts to get his hands on & collision. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ LIWRAcademy LIWRA AlwaysOpen Release WideReceiver WIN OUTWORK NassauCountyFootball SuffolkCountyFootball LongIslandFootball LongIslandChampionship

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Dashon Goldson was an absolute SUPERNOVA in the NFL during his terrifying tenure “over the🔝” • For those of you who may not be astronomy enthusiasts, or familiar with the former 49er/Buccaneer/ Redskin/Falcon, allow us to explain: • A Supernova is a MASSIVE star that abruptly explodes in spectacular fashion💫 • So where exactly is the parallel between the former “Lumber Company” Safety and the aforementioned transient astronomical event?🧐 • Goldson was an undeniable star during his prime years with the 49ers, and his calling card was UNCORKING on receivers with the kind of explosive ferocity seen only in a Michael Bay movie💥🍾… • Over the course of his 9 year career, Goldson compiled 607 tackles, 16 INTs, 8 FFs, and 8 FRs👀 • “Hit Sticks” are not an officially sanctioned statistic by the NFL, but if it was, Goldson would undoubtedly be in double digits there as well • There are some crucial coaching points to take away from one of Goldson’s biggest shots, depicted above: • -Anticipation was a critical component of Goldson’s game. He would lurk over the top of crossing routes, and trigger with a rapid hitch step and a steep angle of attack. • -Once the ball is in the air, Goldson tapers his stride into “coil & strike” mode. His footwork sets him up to launch viciously into the intended receiver👣🚀 • -This hit took place during one of the most physical eras in professional football history. It was right before the prominence of concussion awareness severely limited the strike zone of defendersGoldson does a phenomenal job of lowering his shoulder into a legal area without using his head as the principle point of contact. • -He attacks the ball with targeted tenacity. PBU, FF, or otherwise, this is an impact play. Any time you can separate the rock from the ballcarrier, you have won the battle on that play. • Take note from one of the most feared hitters of the last decade: • When you step on that field, BRING THE RAIN!🌧

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Tiny feet

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rattslife teaser trailer. For the full trailer go to

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just did my first Warner Bro film session on a scoring stage. I’m sitting in car grateful for all the things that have happened and are happening. Dreams are coming true y’all. Sooo grateful. Have a great night! 😊 warnerbrothers filmsession goodtimes

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On a day where we honor and remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our great nation, we wanted to throw up a tribute to one of football’s greatest heroes. • In the aftermath of 9/11, Pat Tillman gave up a promising career in the NFL to enlist in the Army with his brother Kevin. He served multiple tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan as a Ranger, one of the elite subsidiaries of the branch. • Tragically, Tillman was killed by friendly fire on April 22, 2004 in Spera, Afghanistan. ••• The legacy of Pat Tillman extends FAR beyond the gridiron; Chronicles of the former Arizona Cardinal safety paint a picture of a man whose greatness stemmed not only from an unbridled intensity in-between the painted lines, but from an uncompromising character and an indomitable will. • Tillman was a man of principle. He turned down a significantly larger contract than the Cardinals were offering him from another team in Free Agency, electing instead to stay with the organization that drafted him because they were the ones who gave him his initial shot. • When presented with a potential “out” from the military, Tillman elected to stay enlisted in order to complete the number of tours of duty he had initially committed to. There simply are not words to express the kind of selflessness this act required. ••• In the clips above, we hope to capture the kind of football player Pat Tillman was, while giving a glimpse at the kind of high-character man he was as well. • If you are interested to read more about this genuine American hero, we highly recommend Jon Krakauer’s book, “Where Men Win Glory” about PT’s life. It is a phenomenal account of who he was as a person, not just a football player or a soldier. • Our hearts hurt to know that such a great man was cut down in the prime of his lifebut we find some consolation in the fact that though he may be gone, he continues to positively impact the lives of countless individuals on a daily basis. • On this Memorial Day, we ask that you remember Pat Tillman and ALL of the other brave soldiers who have made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure that we are able to enjoy the inherent freedoms of the land we call home🇺🇸.

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Earlier this week, we asked who you would take as your “cornerstone” WR • A RESOUNDING majority selected Deandre Hopkins as “their guy”, and it’s extremely hard to make an argument against that choice • This clip comes from deandrehopkins personal account, and we feel it PERFECTLY captures that ‘TGIF’ feeling rolling into Memorial Day weekend🤣 • We wouldn’t recommend “strolling” off the LOS into a route But when you have the raw athleticism and refined skillset of Hopkins, you can do just about anything between the painted lines and make it look easy. • The casual get-off here belies the advanced 🖐work used to create separation; Hopkins lulls the DB to sleep, then gets him to lunge off balance in an ill-advised attempt to jam the big-bodied receiver. • The ability to create subtle separation is one of the tools ELITE receivers employ to claw their way to the top. • This clip is demonstrative of a number of things: 1) As a WR, always have a plan of action. - 2) As a DB, don’t just reactATTACK! Waiting for the play to come to you is asking to get toasted like a Sunday morning English muffin. - 3) Sustained refinement of a skillset leads to confidence that can be deployed when the lights shine brightest. Never let your foot off the gas in pursuit of what drives you!⛽️ • Use this long weekend to GET AFTER IT😤

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Who is your “cornerstone”? • Two of the best receivers in the game • Two ELITE plays; maybe a pair of the best snags you’ve ever seen👀 • But in this hypothetical scenario, you can only choose ONE of these wideout to build your franchise around • Who would it be?! deandrehopkins OR cantguardmike 🤔 ••• In the first clip, Hopkins uses PHENOMENAL body control and his signature frying-pan-sized hands to track the 🏈 in the air. • This kind of adjustment and subsequent catch can only be made if your focus is dialed in to 💯 plus • How do you get there? Countless repetitions on the JUGS until the act of catching becomes instinctual🤖 • In the second clip, Thomas demonstrates similar focus, body control, and the dedication to LAY OUT for his team But he also incorporates grip strength🤜🤛 • The ability to “SQUEEZE the air” out of the rock comes in handy: 1) Controlling the ball through contact with the ground (pictured above) - 2) Basically any “jump ball” situation (pictured in numerous other Thomas clips) ••• The common denominators: -Body control -Focus -Grip strength -Dedication • Out of these two WRswho you taking?! • Let us know below⬇️ AObreakdowns

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model/武本拓也 Takuya Takemoto 光と彼の呼吸を記録するような瞬間への恍惚

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Be aggressive. Make the right plays and your team success will improve. You don’t have to over dribble and force up contested shots. Just move the ball swiftly and get what you want as a team. Total team assists are the best. Breakdown film with us at Goat Sports Academy. basketball basketballcoach basketballtraining basketballiq passing basketballpassing sharetheball sharingiscaring filmsession ecf milwaukeebucks nba fundamentals 3pointshooter raptors toronto highschoolbasketball

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Jalen Hurts may not be a 🔒 to start in Normanat least not with an incoming prep-school playmaker waiting in the tall grass🐍😱 • Spencer Rattler(Pinnacle HS, AZ) is a 5⭐️ QB from the Phoenix area who is committed to play college ball for the home of the last 2 Heisman winners (who both happened to play his position)🏆 • As a single-high safety viewing a simultaneous leaking drag route to the flats, or a hitch in the seam, how could you POSSIBLY read and react to this?!🤷‍♂️ • It may be unclear exactly WHERE Rattler is looking in this clip, but with plays like this in his repertoire, it is abundantly obvious that he has his eyes FIRMLY fixed on the driver seat of the Sooner Schooner👀 • Rattler had 11k yards through the air and 116 passing TDs over the course of his career down in the desert🌵 • If you put in the work on your FUNDAMENTALS and hone your skillset to a level of confident comfortability, you can take the time to work on the “extra” aspects of your game (like a no-look jump-throw😎)but you have to grind CONSISTENTLY to get there! AObreakdowns

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TAKE THE FIGHT TO THE ENEMY • This is Nasir Adderley, a DB from the University of Delaware. In case you didn’t notice HE HAS THE ROCK in the first clip👀 • This sequence of plays shows the explosive potential of Adderley, and what led the Chargers to take him with the 60th overall pick in Round 2 of the NFL Draft. • Despite playing at the FCS level, where the odds of making the League are even longer, Adderley put together such phenomenal tape that he was impossible to overlook. • He can play all over the defensive backfield, and as you can see from the first clip, he has DYNAMITE return potential🧨 • But the road to the NFL was by no means easy for Adderley, despite his NFL bloodlines (cousin Herb is a Hall of Famer), Adderley was largely overlooked in the recruiting process. • He received 3 D1 offers, only one of which was from an FBS school. • Adderley did not initially perform well academically in High School, and had to rebound with a strong Junior and Senior year. • With an offer from Delaware, he took the path less-travelled through the FCS, and is on his way to being an essential cog in one of the more dangerous defenses in the League. • Takeaways: - 1) Grades need to be a priority from DAY ONE. You will have a very hard time getting noticed without making the effort in the classroom. - 2) Any opportunity is better than no opportunity. Make the most of what you’ve got! - 3) Wherever you land, SHOW OUT! FBS, FCS, D3, JC, or otherwiseit’s on YOU to put quality play on tape! • Look for Adderley on Sundays And when you see him making plays all over the field, remember that it’s all about the journey! AOBreakdowns

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. latepost . jadi salah satu narasumber di acaranya kineunssolo Pesta Film Solo 9 . Jumat, 3 Mei 2019 Teater Arena Taman Budaya Jawa Tengah - (Solo) Pkl. 19.00 WIB tema: ✨GAIRAH BARU✨ membahas seputar B movie s/d Z movie . PestaFilmSolo9 PFS9 PestaFilmSolo PFS DentumMontase GelegardalamLayar kine kineklub filmutama pemutaranfilm filmpanjang filmpendek filmsession MeiBudhalSolo komunitasfilm filmmaking filmmaker sineas sineasmuda sineasmudaindonesia eventuns eventfilm agendasolo agendasolo exploresolo moviemaker cinema agendamei

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This week, the Seahawks released dougbaldwin_jr and kamchancellor , two of the most iconic players in franchise history, both for injury-related reasons😞 • But whether Baldwin has played his last snap in the League or not, there is no denying that the former Undrafted Free Agent out of Stanford🌲has a tree-mendous skillset that few, if any, can replicate • We’ve isolated two short clips of one of Baldwin’s best traits, because if he is indeed at “the end of the line”, what better way to pay tribute to the 2x Pro Bowler and SB champion than to show his utter dominance ON the line • There is a misconception by some that being an elite recover boils down to size, speed, and hands • While all of these traits are inherently important to the position, it glosses over the fact that becoming a great wideout is a CRAFT that requires constant refinement and evolution. • In both of these clips, Baldwin is left WIDE open for TDsIf you ‘follow the film’, it’s easy to see how he led the League in tubs during the 2015 season. • The release is one of the most important aspects of a WR’s game. If you have a strong release repertoire, it can mask deficiencies in speed, size, or explosiveness. • Creating space at the LOS is an art form. DBs will try to influence the timing, rhythm, and overall arc of a route with initial physicality and contact at the point of attack. Deception off the line can cause corners or rolled-down safeties to “whiff big”, allowing for explosive play potential and chunk yardage (as seen above) • Baldwin is neither the biggest or fastest receiver out therebut the clips above show why he is undeniably elite: - 1) His setup is uniform. He doesn’t give ANY hints to the DBs about which direction he is going, attacking them at the center point. - 2) His hands and feet move in unison. This plays into the setup, as a simultaneous quick-chop+plant forces the DBs to guess his direction. - 3) Hip-drop. Baldwin lowers his center of gravity and EXPLODES out of his break, creating immediate separation. - 4) As Baldwin floats to open real estate, he is able to pre-plan his footwork. • Take pride in your craft! AObreakdowns

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There is a lot of things in life that we take for granted, but moments like this i will never take for granted or forget. I will look back at this picture years from now and continue to tell myself that “you have a star” you were a star the minute you were born cj and you Will be a star your entire life. Handle yourself like a Professional son, watch film, breakdown the game, put it into your everyday life skills. CherishTheMoments blessed MyJunior confidenceiskey🔑 MyFatDaddy GodGiftToMe ReasonWhy ProtectAtAllCost FilmSession RaiseHimHowYouWantHim2B

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To be the best, you’ve got to BEAT the best. stefondiggs is the focus of our latest AOBreakdown, because his combination of speed, fluidity, and route-running ability make him one of the most dangerous wideouts in the League on any given Sunday. • Diggs is lined up against one of the top cornerbacks of the past decade: Richard Sherman is a physical and cerebral DB who has been selected as an All-Pro 4 times and has racked up 32 INTs since entering the NFL in ‘11. • Sherman is notorious for his ability to process route concepts and stick to receiverswhich is why this complex and well executed maneuver by No.14 is even more impressive. • 1) Sherman is pressing Diggs with slight outside leverage. As such Diggs has to close the space by “stepping on the toes” of Sherman, and clawing his way to open space. - 2) He pairs this with a subtle hand-sweep to mitigate a grab by Sherman, as he transitions to a lateral portion of his route. - 3)With a hard-plant and head fake to the outside, Diggs creates a pocket of separation that Sherman is forced to compress. - 4)As Sherman moves to regain position, Diggs slashes interior and climbs vertically. - 5)As Sherm goes to flip his hips and accelerate to match the vertical move, he stumbles, which creates a HUGE area of space for Diggs to finish the route with an abrupt hitch at the top. - 6)To FINISH, he elevates and secures the catch outside his frame with both hands on the rock. • This is the product of practice and repetition. Diggs makes it look easy, which masks the fact that this level excellence on a single play is facilitated by the countless refinement reps that went into it. • Polish your game and EVOLVE!

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Sedang Berlangsung nih Gaess 😉 KINE KLUB FISIP UNS dengan bangga mempersembahkan . ✨ PESTA FILM SOLO 9 ✨ Dentum Montase "Gelegar dalam Layar" . bertempat di Teater Arena Taman Budaya Jawa Tengah . ❗FREE ENTRY*❗ Mari datang dan apresiasi film-film yang kami suguhkan melalui layar pemutaran alternatif, diskusi bersama pembicara, serta berkumpul dengan komunitas film dari berbagai daerah di Indonesia dalam Temu Komunitas.👏 . Jadi tunggu apa lagi, yuk MeiBudhalSolo Salam Sinema🙋 *kecuali pemutaran Film Utama (15k) . Info: kineunssolo .

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Undrafted. • Under appreciated. • Unrecognized. • Under-valued. • • • Whatever they may have labelled you, all that matters is that you take advantage of the fact that more than anything else, you are: ••• Underestimated. ••• Matt Breida was a UDFA out of Georgia Southern. He racked up 814 yards with a 5.3 YPC for the 49ers last year. • Breida is a lateral-slasher with smooth transitional speed and a high-end motor. • This run is a microcosm for how you need to attack every day: - 1)Start off fast. “Hit the hole” at full speed, and take advantage of opportunities in front of you. - 2)Lean on your support group. Just as Breida uses his blockers to stretch to the outside, your family and friends will help you get to where you ultimately want to go. - 3)Accelerate to opportunity and FINISH! Visualize your goals, and don’t stop churning until you get there. • The “offseason” for football is when the greatest strides are made. Don’t get left in the dust! AObreakdowns

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・・・ KINE KLUB FISIP UNS dengan bangga mempersembahkan . ✨ PESTA FILM SOLO 9 ✨ Dentum Montase "Gelegar dalam Layar" Yang akan digelegarkan pada 2-4 Mei 2019 di Teater Arena Taman Budaya Jawa Tengah . ❗FREE ENTRY*❗ Mari datang dan apresiasi film-film yang kami suguhkan melalui layar pemutaran alternatif, diskusi bersama pembicara, serta berkumpul dengan komunitas film dari berbagai daerah di Indonesia dalam Temu Komunitas.👏 . Jadi tunggu apa lagi, yuk MeiBudhalSolo Salam Sinema🙋 *kecuali pemutaran Film Utama (15k) PestaFilmSolo9 PFS9 PestaFilmSolo PFS DentumMontase GelegardalamLayar kine filmsession MeiBudhalSolo komunitasfilm filmmaking filmmaker sineas sineasmuda sineasmudaindonesia eventuns eventfilm agendasolo agendasolo exploresolo moviemaker cinema agendamei Repost kineunssolo

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KINE KLUB FISIP UNS dengan bangga mempersembahkan . ✨ PESTA FILM SOLO 9 ✨ Dentum Montase "Gelegar dalam Layar" Yang akan digelegarkan pada 2-4 Mei 2019 di Teater Arena Taman Budaya Jawa Tengah . ❗FREE ENTRY*❗ Mari datang dan apresiasi film-film yang kami suguhkan melalui layar pemutaran alternatif, diskusi bersama pembicara, serta berkumpul dengan komunitas film dari berbagai daerah di Indonesia dalam Temu Komunitas.👏 . Jadi tunggu apa lagi, yuk MeiBudhalSolo Salam Sinema🙋 *kecuali pemutaran Film Utama (15k) . Info: kineunssolo .