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6HR LAYOVER, LUANDA. _ another late night release working on scoring a set of soundtracks for films and cinema, and releasing these as individual compositions . 6HR LAYOVER, LUANDA is the first from the title series to listen, you know where to find the link . 🌑🎶 Layover1 LUANDA filmsoundtracks

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MOVIE SOUND Die zweite Ebene des Films. Von Teilen des Dialogs abgesehen stammt kaum ein Klangobjekt im kino von der sichtbaren Quelle. Die dramaturgische Umsetzung des filmsoundtracks verlangt psychologisches Fingerspitzengefühl und ästhetische Sensibilität. Bewährte Profis und talentierte Newcomer realisieren für Sie die Typografie der Töne in Ihrem film . movie moviesound kinofilm kinomusic kinomusik advertising stevenphillipsmusic

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From Variety: Dave Grusin Documentary Recounts a Life Spent Juggling Film Scores and Jazz Cats 🔴 We were invited to this screening, but it was in Santa Monica, and I couldn't make the travel arrangements on that short notice. 🔴 Dave Grusin has had a prolific career, creating some of the very best jazz music available, of all time! 🔴 The title of the just-completed documentary “Dave Grusin: Not Enough Time” reflects the subject’s lament that there aren’t enough hours in the day or days in the year for all the music that needs to be made. That desire to stretch the clock might seem hyperbolic coming from other musicians, but not for someone whose hats have included film and TV scorer, concert performer, producer and jazz label mogul, often all at once. 🔴 Link in profile 🔴 davegrusin modernjazz filmsoundtracks indiefilm indiefilmpublicity indiedirector indieproducer

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CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG! Rehearsals are well under way for our next show which will be at the start of July! We are performing a selection of songs from films - some well known and a few surprises in there but this little gem is in. uniontheatresolihull uniontheatre akmdram amateurtheatre amateurdramatics actors solihull solihulltheatre solihulltheatregroup whatsonsolihull weare40 40thyear 40thbirthday yourtheatre lovetheatre theatrelover castandcrew theatreforallages classicstory storytelling classictale familytheatre moviemusicals moviemusic songsfromfilms filmsoundtracks

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Recuérdame - From the Coco soundtrack (2017)