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Mornings and pillows

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手作りでランディングネットリリーサーを作ってみた…(笑) 裁縫するということで生地を買っている横で皮生地をこっそりしのばせて買わせて…と(笑) 最近はネット使うほどのサイズはあげれてないがなんとなく作ってみました(^○^) 出来栄えは良し!かと… 名古屋 名港 天白川 DAIWA APIA Xband certate3012h セルテート3012h morethan ランディングネット 手作り リリーサー 釣り fishing シーバス ウェーディング 釣り好きと繋がりたい ランカー釣りたいw

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Some times you win some and you lose some 👻 💥 💤 💤 🔊 on! Macca andymck goes to battle with a beast 💯 🔝💦 Arena: Fraser Island, Hervey Bay, Queensland Australia Rod: twisty reel seat prototype 🎣 Reel: sushimano sustagen 💪🏽 Lure: homemade Msmithy special 💯 Line: the greatest line of all (bionic) 💯 Fuel: 1x out of date🥛up and go 25x 🚬durries Clothing: tideapparel 👕 Bed from the night before: 4.8m Galeforce 🚤 Mattress: seadeck Hydration: 7/11 water 💧 Water cooling system: ice from BP BP location: Caboolture Tow vehicle: ford territory diesel 🚙 Captain: nabs12 👳🏾‍♂️ fishing harveybay fishing longtailtuna tuna emojisandfishingneedtohavearest goals atypicalfw

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Focus on the big carp!

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A seascape I guess

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今、人気急上昇中のYouTuberカマリ(mensan ikeda)さんと釣りに行ってみました🎣空撮協力もさせてもらってます!是非、YouTube で観てください!「カマリ」で検索してみてください👍🏻 I went fishing with YouTuber’kamali’ in Lake Biwa ,Japan🎣 Please check it on YouTube. 「KAMALI」 And my YouTube channel (Biwako site channel ) is from my top page🎥 カマリ KAMALI mensan ikeda ビワコサイトチャンネル スラング fe02 バンタム バンタムmgl 琵琶湖 おかっぱり シマノ ダイワ アブガルシア ドローン ブラックバス gopro ゴープロのある生活 fishing lure lurefishing blackbass lakebiwa photography mavicair dji drone gopro goproのある生活

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Nice catches taken over the weekend. Check out the website for more info and bookings. 🐟👍

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No more than six maybe seven weeks left until they emerge and no more than five untill we open this season. I believe this will be a great year with plenty of large bows giving me a hell if a fight. What's your dream this upcoming season? abborresjönssportfiske flugfiske flyfishing dryflyfishing torrfluga sportfiske fiske fluefiskeri lystfiskeri storakroksjön fliegenfischen catchandrelease torrflugefiske rainbowtrout rainbowtroutfishing regnbågsfiske regnbåge trout troutbum fishing flyfishingaddict flyfishingjunkie flyfishingphotography schweden sweden stillwater torrflugefiske vulgata mayfly fiskevatten

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Last summer it was not an optimal weather for hunting arctic char. We had almost 30 degrees in the air and over 20 degreeese in the water, up in the mountain After tree days of searching, we found a small lake which they ran down cold water from the mountain. In this lake we find eating actic char and we could also cool the beer in the cold water 👍 Unfortunately, they were too hot for the really big one. I can see them sneaks around in the extremly crystal clear water. Next summer i hope for better weather. fjällfiske fjäll mountain clearwater flyfishing articchar trout röding rödingfiske fishingguide fiskeresa fiskflyg flugfiske fishing lake fjällsjö öring jsonsweden looptackle loopflyfishing lemmelkaffe tentipi kalixturism dryflies streamer nymf fishingtrip dreamplace fishingparadise swedishlapland

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