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This very strong carp from a canal with almost no scales took the bait nearly in front of my feet 😀🎣. ➡️ Follow me jescopeschutter for more fishing and nature photos 😊. Dieser starke Kanalkarpfen besitzt fast keine Schuppen und nahm den Köder fast direkt vor meinen Füßen 👌🤟🐟. karpfenangeln karpfen carpfishing carp carplife fishing livestyle fishing🎣 life angeln carpe carpangling catchandrelease pechealacarpe pechecarpe fun hugefish huge karpervissen outdoor nature passion happy smile enjoy hobby carptime fishingtrip mütze liveoutdoors

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Hit some sunset lakers tonight and produced my personal best as a nice early birthday present 🤟 41" and an estimated 31 pounds! The fight is unreal on these prehistoric looking beats and i look forward to hopefully catching more! creelakelodge kootenayfishingclub nature_fellas laketrout onthewater pikefishing saskatchewan northernsaskatchewan creelake creelakelodge fishingguide somewhereinsaskatchewan thetugisthedrug repyourwater beastmode fishingcanada pictureoftheday walleye northernpike yellowperch nature beautiful fishingtrip

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Paoli Pesca rivenditore dei nostri prodotti in Versilia Piu precisamente di fronte al ponte di Marina di Pietrasanta 🎣🐟🐠🦈🐬🐡🦀🦞🦐🦑🐙 Una gita al mare e non si può assolutamente non passare a trovarlo 😊😊😊 fishing fishing🐟 fishing🎣 fishinglife fishingline fishingshop fishingshops fishingisacontactsport fishinglive fa fabiozenitackle fabiozenitackeldesign fishingtime fishingtrip shoponline negozio negoziopesca fishingshop fishingtackleshop versilia marinadipietrasanta mare pesca pescare seafishing

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FISHING FLIES / WADERS / MONO LINE / TIPPETS and many more FLY FISHING ITEMS Available at MAIMUN FISHING TACKLES. Call 0706903465/0725064745 or Visit our Nairobi Shop at Karen Hunters Plaza along Lang'ata Road MAIMUN FISHING TACKLES MAIMUN FISHING TACKLES fishing fishinglife fishinggirls fishing🎣 fishingboat fishingtrip fishingislife fishinglures fishingday fishingrod fishingtime fishingaddict kenya mombasa nairobi malindi watamu lamu sufix climax tembeakenya magicalkenya Mombasa, Kenya

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After the morning I had it was nice just to go throw a line. Tossing my spro25 ninja for the first time. Not a big one , but still a lot of fun.

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EPIC FAIL 🤣 At least he tried 🤪 Whats your take on spear fishing?!🤔 Tag a buddy that needs to see this madness Click the blue follow button👉 busy.fisher Click the blue follow button👉 busy.fisher 𝐋𝐈𝐍𝐊 𝐈𝐍 𝐁𝐈𝐎 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐂𝐨𝐨𝐥𝐞𝐬𝐭 𝐅𝐢𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐆𝐞𝐚𝐫 🎣 . Please DM me for credits . fishingaddict fishingday saltlife tightlines fishingrod angler flyfishing fishingtrip sportfishing fishingislife fishing🐟 rainbowtrout bigfish fishingpicoftheday fishingline fishingguide spearfishing monsterfish fishermanslife fishinggame largemouthbass smallmouthbass fishery fishingaddict anglerlove anglerlifestyle fishing🐟 fishingbig fishingsetup monsterfishlovers

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Alright so here has been the bluegill program for us lately. Coontail edges that break gradually into some of the the bigger basins of the lake. Right at the edge of that first breakline outside of the weeds. Bang bottom and lift slow, repeat. You'll just barely feel em when you go to lift up. Comment where you're finding bluegills as of late. slabseeker bluegills panfish sunnies onlyinmn fish fishing fishingday fishingtrip photography fishislife outside catchandrelease bassfishing summer lakelife midwest bassmaster fishingrods fishingboats angler freshwaterfishing

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10 TIPS FOR FIRE IN WET WEATHER 1. RESINOUS TWIGS Pine, spruce, canadian spruce, and a host of other coniferous trees are my first stop in wet weather as their wood has oleoresin. The resin is a resin which is very easy to ignite. Separate the dry wood chips from under the tree crown, which protects them from moisture. 2. CLEAR ALL Bark is usually a protective structure that protects the tree from fire. Basically, the bark does not light up on its own. Cut or peel the raw bark off the stick and light it. Very often, dry wood is just below the surface. 3. LAMINATE A PIECE OF WOOD ALONG THE ENTIRE LENGTH Just remove the bark is not enough, split the wood along, which will expose the inner dry layers of wood. It'll be a lot easier to light a little splinter than all the wood. 4. USE THE CORRECT FORM OF KINDLING Many attempts to build a fire are doomed from the beginning, because the shape of the fire is too flat. Make a cone a foot high from small twigs and avoid low forms of kindling. 5. USE OF FUNDS FOR IGNITION A tablet of dry alcohol, gels, lighter, cotton balls soaked in petroleum jelly or even a dry tow from home can save a life when the weather is to deteriorate. 6. BUILD A FIRE FROM THE WINDWARD SIDE This will allow the flame to spread through the branches, covering them faster and better. 7. LIGHT THE FIRE FROM BELOW The fire, as and heat is rising from below. So be sure that you bring a match or a lighter to the kindling from the bottom, to the base of the fire. Don't waste your time trying to light a fire from above like a candle. 8. USE LOTS OF TINDER Tinder is a dry, dead plant material that makes it easier to build a fire. The core of the kindling should be filled with tinder. 9. KEEP A SUPPLY OF TINDER ON HAND A stored lump of tinder can save an extinct fire or help in building a fire in the future. 10. AVOID HOLES The fire pit is usually filled with water because of the humidity, so build a small mound. This will keep the fire from moisture and allow it to burn brightly sibprotection hunting hunter huntinglife fishing fishingislife fishingtrip hiking hikingtrail outdoors outdoorsman wildlife campfire fire

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When in doubt, hold it out 🤦‍♂️ Follow me :➡ fishing_lovers_of_insta For More 😉 ➖ Visit our shop to buy 🔝 FISHING 👕 T-SHIRTS, Hoodies, Legging, Mugs Updating ➡ Click the link in my bio ( fishing_lovers_of_insta ) ➖ 🏪 Printed in the USA ➖ 🌎 Shipping worldwide ➖ 😉 Tag & Share with your Friends⤵ ➖ Repost: tristan_bauer_fishing fishingfun bassfishing fishingsavage fishingtime fishingtrip bass fishingrod fishinggirl offshorefishing fishingboats boating fishingdaily fishinggirls fishingboat fishingreel sportfishing fishingday offshore saltlife fishinglife saltwaterfishing catchandrelease angler fishermen fisherman

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ripptonactivity 🎈🎈🎈. Congratulations 🎉🍾🎊 holzer_3 your this catch image got the most likes from 1st to 15th this July 💪😎🎣. So we will share your awesome catch images for a whole here 🎣.Well done and thanks for your enthusiastic participation 👏 fishing fiske angeln peche fishingday fishinglife fishingislife fishingboat fishingtime fishingtrip fishingdaily angler angling fisherman fishermen kayakfishing trolling outdoors outdoor saltwaterfishing icefishing catchandrelease tightlines saltlife fishon bait 釣り 낚시

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Fly caught beauty and photograph by Gerald Lee of Utah. Glad all your crew are well and back on deck together now Be lucky out there bro gerald1050 🎣🇺🇸🎣👌

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Teamleiter marko_oppermann, war gestern auch mal mit dem Gau-shad-8cm auf Barsch unterwegs. Dieser Punker wollte das Dekor 37 haben! Dieser Shad gehört in jede Tacklebox, wenn es auf die besseren gehen soll! 👉🏼👉🏼Link in der Bio 👈🏼👈🏼 📍 📍 📍 royber schroyber teamroyber hecht pike gädda snoek hechtangeln pikefishing piketime fishing fishingtrip fishingaddict fishingaddiction harz harzfishing thewaterismystadium gummifisch barsch perch baars snoekbaars barschangeln perchfishing

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Die Hechte wollen Jerk’s brutale Bisse knapp unter der Oberfläche Wann Fischt ihr mit Jerk’s ? Jerk: Light Perch 10 cm Handmade by Wobblerwelt Rute: Tailwalk Del Sol C63XH SPII (14-120g) Baitcaster Baitcaster: Tailwalk ELAN Wide Power 71L [Werbung] ➖➖➖➖✖RARE TEAMER✖➖➖➖➖➖ rare.aktor raubfischreaktor_ max_teamrare lenny_teamrare jan_teamrare daniel_teamrare zeitistfisch_teamrare maik_teamrare ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ rare rarefishing rareteam raremax teamrare Raubfischreaktor teamreaktor raubfischreaktor raubfischreaktorgang youtube raubfischreaktor fishinglife fishing followme picoftheday fishingtime rare fishingtrip angeln pikefishing fishingaddict raubfisch angelfilm lovefishing reaktor fishingdaily flyfishing follow premierepro fishinglife fishinglures fishing instadaily fishingboat

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🎬Working Edition! Quieren ver acción de pesca? Pueden ver los videos en el Canal de YouTube de Tuna Coast Magazine y síguenos tunacoastfishingmagazine para que vean los reportes de pesca todos los días ✅✅✅ Cotiza tu viaje de pesca conmigo +507 6520-5599 🎣 panama pesca temporada fish fishingtrip fishinglife mahimahi dorado fishingday fishingtrip fishingboat fishingtime a4tuna2 fishingaddict fishingspot fishingtackle fishingseason fishingguide guyharveymagazine guyharvey gaffmagazine season offshore saltlife visitpanama atp_panama hukgear costasunglasses pursuitboats maspormarine yamahaoutboards

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This is my new fishing T-shirt design. - looking for an eye-catching Custom T-shirt design OR Print On Demand Business?? I am here for you. feel free to say Hello Abhijite.saha.dip WhatsApp : +8801721727904 tshirt tshirtdesign tshirts tshirtprint tshirtmurah tshirtshop tshirtstore tshirtdress tshirtslovers tshirtlife tshirt👕 tshirtonline tshirtsforsale tshirtmalaysia tshirtdesigns fishingpole fishing fish fishnets fishinggirls fishinglife fishingtrip fishnet fishing🐟 fishes fishing🎣 fisher fishinglure

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Насладиться утренней тишиной xkvfishing Ничего не делать, просто почувствовать тишину, звуки просыпающегося дня, щебетание птиц, полюбоваться небом и облаками, понаблюдать, как просыпаются ваши родные, и пусть вся эта красота распространится по всей душе и телу и задаст тон новому дню.

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M E E T & G R E E T with the classroom clown! Justin loves nothing more then kicking back watching the NRL in his spare time while having his favourite meal from KFC (who doesn’t love some Kentucky fried chicken, am I right?)! Justin also enjoys a good fishing trip and has two pet lizards called Artie & Huncho (no he didn’t catch them on the fishing trip 🦎). Justin loves driving around in his favourite beast the BT-50 XTR, it has his name written all over it! A big Hi to everyone from Justin 👋🏼 meetjustin fisherman bt50 eagersmazda brisbane petlizards kfc nrl footy eatsleeprepeat fishingtrip

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Confirmed🎥🎣 What's up Everyone Thanks so much for the support and friendships I've met a bunch of awesome anglers in a very short period of time with a huge amount of passion and dedication to fishing like myself also giving me authentic knowledge which inspires me more and more everyday to pass on the sportsmanship I Together we make a difference! Anytime your in Houston, Texas Area! Dm meand let's cast a line 🎣 - - - - - fishermen fishing fish fishinglife fisherman nature catchandrelease fishingdaily fishingtrip outdoors bassfishing fishingday fishin fishon angler fishingboat basspro anglers tightlines bass fisherwoman hiking texasfishing whatgetsyououtdoors fishingtrips adventure catchoftheday fisher lunker largemouthbass