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ТРЕНИРУЕМ НОГИ🔥🔥🔥 1️⃣Начнём с базового упражнения, приседы со штангой:3/15 разминочные ;6/8 рабочие подходы. 2️⃣Закачаем бицепс бедра, сгибанием ног в тренажере лёжа: 4/15 3️⃣Проработаем квадрицепс, разгибаниями в тренажере: 4/20 4️⃣Прокачаем камбаловидную мышцу: подъемами на носки сидя в тренажере 5/15 5️⃣Закачаем икроножную мышцу: подъёмами на носки стоя в тренажере смитта 5/15 6️⃣Растянем бицепс бедра: мертвой тягой с гантелями 4/ fitness bodybuilding motivation strongman fit strong powerlifting transformation stronger kostyanvperedbro пауэрлифтинг бодибилдинг тренер жим онлайнтренер силовойэкстрим тренажерныйзал

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✨late lunch✨ 352cals As you can see everything is late today 😂 this is an Italian style Linda McCartney sausage bake, with mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, basil, reduced fat pesto and 0% fat cottage cheese. Was absolutely delicious 😋 recipe is in my story! ——————————————————————— weightloss fitness weightlossjourney happy motivation healthy workout health fit love diet healthylifestyle fitnessmotivation nutrition weightlosstransformation healthyfood bodypositive exercise transformation dietfood fitspo fatloss goals food dietplan training healthyeating keto eatclean bhfyp

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8lbs down & 2lbs closer to my second mini goal I had the coolest moment yesterday I walked past my full length mirror (y’all know how I HATE mirrors) and literally said to myself holy shit that your girl 💥🔥 my body is changing & so is my mind. So proud & so motivated Ready to keep trucking along and get shit done! The work is worth it. Saying no to bad foods is worth it. Pushing yourself to get to the gym is worth it. It’s all worth it! Have a great Thursday y’all 👊🏼💪🏼

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Please follow and like Follow  gym.lovrs.ig for more workout tips - Dm Credit : respective owner ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 💪💪 fitness  fit  workouts  fitnessmotivation muscles  gymlife  diet  gymtime  bodybuilding abs  gymshark  workoutmotivation  healthy physique  muscle  bodybuilder  body motivation  gymgirl  gym  workout  unitedstate usa gymaddict  fitfam  fitnessmodel  gymrat bodybuildingmotivation  shredded gymmotivation hb💪💯 📷 all rights and credits reserved to the respective owner(s)

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Petit extrait du Vlog partie 1 - Salon du Body Fitness 2019 où je vous présente ma team ! 🧡 Qui l’a vu ? Va vite voir qui sont ces fous 🤪 (lien en bio) ou sur ma chaîne YouTube 🎥 : wolfit Je sors très bientôt la partie 2 avec les coachings hommes et femmes réalisés par jamcoredz avec du contenu exclusif (concours hip-thrust des gloubinettes, mon nouveau record au squat sur le stand de ffforce et d’autres surprises pour vous faire vivre l’aventure de fou comme a vécu ce week-end dernier). Merci à tous ceux qui nous soutiennent on vous aime et du contenu très spécial arrive pour vous avec notre application jamcoreapp 📲 salondufitness jamcoredz jamcoreapp musculation fit fitness remiseenforme sport coachsportif paris lyon fitfrenchies fitfrench

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Oya oya oya gym you are soooooooo beautiful to me can you seeee woooo oooo hahahaha 👊😂👍 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Like you all never give up until you have a beautifully gym day 🤣👍 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ gymgrind gymmode gymbuddy

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Nutrition on point for holiday prep 👌🏼

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*** Wytrawne muffinki z kaszy gryczanej *** Deser z dominującą nutą przyjemnej kakaowej goryczy. Szybki do zrobienia, zwłaszcza w sytuacji, gdy ugotowałeś za dużo kaszy gryczanej do obiadu :) Składniki na ok. 10 muffinek: * 200 g kaszy gryczanej * 1 banan * 3 łyżki oleju * 3 łyżki kakao * 1 łyżeczka sody * 1 łyżeczka proszku do pieczenia * 3-5 łyżek syropu z agawy (w zależności od upodobania) 1. Wszystkie składniki zblenduj na gładką masę. 2. Masą napełnij foremki do muffinek (na wysokość 2/3 foremki). 3. Piecz w temperaturze 180 st. C przez 20-25 minut. Smacznego! vegetarian vegetarianrecipes wierzbowa_spizarnia healthyfood fitfoodie fit weganizm weganskieprzepisy healthy cupcakes poland polska pyszne zdrowo

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Visar två varianter på övningen pull-through!🥳 Första 4 repsen är varianten som jag oftast kör, med mest ROM, där man går med händerna genom benen. Sista 4 repsen är andra varianten som man kan köra om man har svårt att gå med händerna genom benen, har svårt med greppet eller balansen. Haka bara fast händerna mot låren och jobba ordentligt med höftrörelse ☺️💪🏻 Har du testat pull-through, och vad tycker du om den övningen? Balansen var svårast för mig i början!

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People who use Herbalife as part of a Healthy Nutrition can create a body they want. Lean it out or thick and Fit💥 I'm aiming to be the best version of me. Message me now to get started on your Nutrition Plan. bosschickfit bossfitness bossup bossresults bossfitness letmecoachyou joinmyteam joinme weightloss nutrition shakelife fitdance support accountability bodytrasformation goals charlottedaily dailyresults dailywellness consistency nutrition charlotte charlotteweighloss lifechanging fit grind marchmadness

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The gym pictures come after the workout not before or during.

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Etter så mye motgang det siste året kan jeg endelig kjenne på gleden over livet igjen. Den som kjemper vinner alltid til slutt 💙 jeg har troen på livet, og setter pris på hver enkelt som er med meg på opp og nedturer. SMIL TIL HVERDAGEN 🌸💙

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In 1965, former bodybuilder and US Marine, Joe Gold opened up a gym in Venice California as a place for himself and his friends to train. Charging $60 a year, Joe kept costs down by making his own gym equipment, skimping on the heating and recruiting every bodybuilder worth his salt as a member. Unbeknownst to Joe, his simple gym would eventually become an institution in the fitness world.

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Once a hippie, always a hippie. Tb to 3 years ago. 🖤