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2 hours ago

🛠🛠 Every Saturday at 7:30am, Coach D hosts Men Work! 💪✨⛏ The energy & effort were sky high this morning for our FIRST session at Bowie Fit Body! 💙🌟 🗣 If you want to get fit, you have to give away only one thing. 💥💥Your excuses! 💥💥 bowiefit

10 hours ago

Back to basics with leg and booty work. Less weight more reps. Longer endurance run to warm up and worked up a crazy amount of sweat. Also note to self buy smaller sized kombucha so I don’t overdue it. Boyfriend always tells me when I believe something is working I take it too far and go too hard with it . He is so lucky 😁

1 year ago

Summer is here!☀️🏖 So it's my time again!👌 We all need Vitamin S! Triple dosage - Sea Sun and Sex😎