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Only 8 days left of the air Dyne Bike challenge! Quickest to burn 30 calories WIN!

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I've been pushing my workouts to the limits Shredz BCAA+GLUTAMINE is the go-to supplement I trust to improve my workouts and power through those tough days. If you're tired of soreness and muscle fatigue then give my favorite pink drink a try and start getting back to the gym at a faster rate 💥DOSAGE RECOMMENDATION Take one (1) scoop with 12-14 oz of water during a workout, or anytime during the day 💪SAVE 50% OFF YOUR ORDER 💥ANITA50 at checkout . shredz bodybuilding fitness prepcoach fit fitmom health wellness weightlifting nutrition workout trainer onlinetrainer gym fitlifestyle bikini figure physique competition denver denvertrainer

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Are the days of customer service over? . Looking at this pic brings me back to my first job A paper boy I remember wanting so bad to do such a good job I would make sure I place the paper either right I front of the front door or on the newspaper hooks This must be a free subscription or just a fluke In the route because we don’t get the paper, but non the less as I look at this paper on the sidewalk I think to myself “what a lazy piece of shit Someone is pay this person from their business to deliver a product and maybe gain customers Dropping the paper out of your car will not win my business Unlike this lovely individual, I make it a point to go above and beyond for my customers Good customer service yields respect and loyalty With respect and loyalty comes repeat customers and referrals from that Moral of this rant is Don’t be a lazy piece of shit Get out there and hustle iam1stphorm 1stphorm promealprep fitlife fitlifestyle mytrasphormationstartstoday legionofboom

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Trying the safety squat yoke bar w/ ascending pyramid: 25, 20, 15, 12 reps Dumbbell step ups: 15 reps each leg • I was hesitant to make this post because Cellulite: A word we females highly dislike! 😒 But that's our reality! It's an issue we all deal with, even the "skinny" girls. Cellulite can be excess of fat, genetics, hormonal imbalances, water retention, etc. • In my case, I tend to store more fat on my hips, booty and hamstrings. I've seen improvement since I changed my eating habits (these leggings were also not the best quality) • It's all a matter of taking care of your DIET AND EXERCISE • Many girls ask me how to get rid of it Tips: No processed foods, avoid sugar & excess sodium, 2 liters of water a day, prepare your own meals, eat lean meats, & WORKOUT! • • • • • • Quads Glutes Calves Strength Training Fitness Lifestyle Determination FemalePower  FitLifestyle GymLife Fit Fitspo GetFit TrainHard StrongIsSexy MindSet Health InstaHealth Active Music Gymwear FitnessModel TransformationMode BodySculptingByNat

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CHOC BANANA SMOOTHIE 🍌🍌 I have a busy day ahead of me but I made sure to start it right! This is my favourite flavour at the moment and is my current go-to 🤙🏼 If you haven’t yet, give it a try! Especially you’re a choc lover 😍⁣ ⁣ ▫️1/2 cup of milk (I used soy)⁣ ▫️ 1 banana (frozen)⁣ ▫️ 2 tbsp of happywayau banana protein powder⁣ ▫️ 2 tsp of cacao powder⁣ ▫️ sprinkle of chia seeds ⁣ ⁣ Blend it up and you’re set! Way too easy and it tastes AMAZING ⁣ ⁣ happywayau happyway happywayrecipes smoothierecipe proteinpowder easybreakfast healthyfood smoothieideas easysmoothie healthyshake proteinshake gymgirl fitspo healthspo sezzysquad gfg balancedliving moderation personaltrainer melbournept melbourne protein fridayfeels happyandhealthy fitlifestyle activeliving smoothiebowl

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Today’s Tri + Bi workout plus 4 little assisted pull-ups that I’m super proud of because it’s a first! 3x10 Tricep Kickback 3x10 Overhead Tricep Extension 3x10 Outer Bicep Curls 3x10 Bicep curls (not video tapped) bodyunderconstruction workout homegym momlife mombod postpartumbody postpartumfitness postpartum fitmom fitlife fitlifestyle lift armday fitness fitchick fitnessgirl igfit igfitness igfitfam fitfam exercise weightloss exercisemotivation fitspo workoutvideo workingonmyself

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Big shout out to jennyygxo for making this awesome video about Cryotherapy! Subscribe to her page to check out all the lifestyle of the lavish!

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First exercise is explosive pushups. Get in a wide push-up stance with two dumbbells. Drop the arms to a close push-up position and explode up back onto the dumbbells. This is a great body weight chest workout. 3x10-15 reps or till failure Next exercise is the reverse cable cross back exercise. Start out by crossing the cables. When pulling want to have a straight back and focus on contracting the back muscle fibers. Try to focus on using the rear delts more than your triceps. On the way back up on each rep you want to extend your arms as far as you can. After each rep you want to hold for a second to stimulate the muscle contractions. This exercise works your upper back, rear delts, and lats. 4x10 reps Last exercise is the standard cable lat pull down. Start out with a straight back and contract the lat muscle on the way down. Stretch the lat all the way up before performing each rep. This exercise is beneficial for the lats, deltoids, and biceps. Fit Bodybuilding Health Build Body Power Strength Back Muscle love Fitness Motivation Progress green life Training InstaFit fitlifestyle exercise goals athlete train explosive energy california mikesfitpage

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Day 10 of 20! 20 reps for 20 days! Half way there! Did 20 lunges. No gym today! Meal prep day! And also excuse how tired I look. I look how I feel right now! Definitely going to bed early tonight! Hope yall had a amazing Thrusday and continue to support the 20 rep challenge 🎗Help Me Spread Awareness🎗 20 Reps, Any Weight and Any Exercise! militarymuscleambassador militarymuscle militarymusclefoundation supportmilitarymuscle musclegenresearch musclegen musclegenmilitia supplements onelife gymlife lunges strong home fitlifestyle npcfigure fitness figure motivation navy fitnessmotivation fitmilitarywomen girlswholift militaryfitness veterans irontherapy ironandink tattedmilitary 20repschallenge 20toZero suicideawareness • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Get all the supplements you'll need at ▶️◀️ musclegenresearch 👉 Discount Code: Alexstrong10 ♡ Get your limited hand-printed apparel at ▶️◀️ supportmilitarymuscle 🇺🇸 👉 Discount Code: Alexstrong10 ♡ 🇺🇸TEES FOR TROOPS: For every tee bought, we will donate tees to deployed troops and homeless veterans. ♡ 🎗Want to get involved in our non profit? Check out ▶️◀️ militarymusclefoundation ♡ Take on the 20 Rep Challenge to Raise Veteran Suicide Awareness Check out 20repschallenge

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Often times, life likes to call me to tell me to quit _ As stressful it may be, I smile and answer, “I wouldn’t trade the hustle for anything else in this world 🌎 _ The people I’ve met, the relationships built off fitness goals, and the struggle we all go through together _ Nothing brings me more joy than to see other people suceed 💯 TeamLPM _ HustleOverEverything IDoItForThePeople CantStopPassion BecauseItComesFromTheHeart

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!💪🔥💯 Please follow and like Follow: fitnees_important for more workout tips  Credit by  fitnesslovrs6 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ shreddedzone  fitnessmotivation bodybuilding  fitnessaddict  fitlife fitnation  fitlifestyle  abs  shredded  gym fitnessmodel  workout  loveit  healthyfood training  healthylifestyle  instasport trainstation  active  healthyeating  best healthy  ripped  sixpack  toptags  ripped excercise  aesthetic  fitness  workout

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🎊 LOSE UP TO 1LB/ Day With Our Slimming Tea, Fitness Bundle, or Metabolism Booster Bundle! ❤️ 20% OFF FIRST ORDER + FREE 2 DAY SHIPPING 👉🏼 CODE : NEW20 👈🏼 🔥Naturally Burn Tummy Fat, Tone 💪🏻 Tighten ✨Clear Skin , ⚡️ Boost Energy , and More! 💚 👉🏼 SHOP WWW.ALPHATOX.COM 🏆 1 Top Rated for 3 Years 💚 15 Day Money Back Guarantee 💜 Over 1 Million Happy Customers teatox eatcleangetlean fitfamily fitlifestyle detoxwater vegans healthytea stayinspired absworkout yogateachertraining slimmingtea skinnymint fitnessfirst healthylifestyles trainharder flattummy teamiblends

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I think Harley is as thrilled about selfies as Ryan . EXCEPT he can’t say no to his momma😜💁🏼‍♀️ . BUT if he could talk i think he would say “mom can we please go on my walk now” 😂 . If you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed or down— just look at this cute face & remember there is something good in every day even if every day isn’t good ♥️♥️

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Weekly vegan meal prep! I try to eat less meat just because that s*** is not good for you. I just pick what veggies I’m feeling, put a sauce and then eat it with rice or noodles. I’m not fake but don’t be surprised if next week I post tacos lol. I’m tryin 🤣 healthyeating dinner mealprep veganmeals veggies fitlifestyle healthyfood

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The traditional grip is the most common grip used for Benching, and it offers a nice balance of comfort and control. For most people, the traditional grip allows them to move the most weight. It also engages the most well-rounded muscle activity, making it a good choice if you're trying to build general upper-body strength. — The wide grip is the most movement-efficient Bench Press grip to use in terms of bar path, meaning it requires the least amount of bar movement to complete a rep. Although that might sound enticing to anyone looking to press the most weight possible, the grip can severely limit bar speed. One study also found that the Wide Grip Bench Press places 50 percent more torque on the shoulders than a Bench Press done with a narrower grip. — The close grip offers the most range of motion of any Bench Press grip. The closer your hands are together, the further you have to move the bar to lock it out and complete a rep. This means you probably won't be setting any personal records using a close grip, but a host of other benefits makes up for it. Studies have shown that the close grip provides greater activation of the triceps, which is why close grip bench is also consider a good mass builder for triceps.

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throwbackthursday to one of the most breath taking hikes I’ve ever experienced🌎 Hikes are my favorite form of outdoor exercise🏃🏽‍♀️Not only are you staying active, but you get to experience the beauty of Mother Nature😍💙🏔

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Just think about this for a hot second. Only you have the real power to change your life. Is there something you’ve been wanting to do? You should do it — just go for it. I’ve been wanting to get back into running and fitness, so I’m starting a new program on April 1 and signed up for a race. Wanna join? Drop me a 🙋🏼‍♀️ in the comments! ••• fitnessjourney fitfam fitlife makeitwork workoutathome lawyerlife lifeonthego fitlifestyle worklifebalance

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I was “feeling” a little green today! 😜😅🤤🤤 (and if you know me, you know I STRUGGLE with eating veggies because I’m just not a fan 😩😂). • Fuel your body for the day with food that will make you feel good, energized and vibrant! Veggies

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💕 Workout complete 💪

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My goal weight was 120 with all my gym gear on and I hit it today. I am assuming I hit my 12% body fat goal because I have been doing more cardio. 🤷‍♀️my new goal is to work on these baby biceps. It's hard to get them popping because of the loose skin from my fat girl days. If anyone has any words of wisdom please share. fitfam girlswholift gym fitness shoulders shoulderworkout ExerciseTime FitnessJunkie FitFam InstaFitness FitFam Fitness Fitspo Squat FitForLife FitLifestyle FitJourney FitnessForLife FitGoals FitInspiration WorkoutTime NoShortcuts HomeFitness FitTips FitFun HandleIt ExerciseTime ExerciseForLife FitnessGoal squats legday legdayworkout abs mondaymotivation

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“We had F-U-N and our booties got thicker!” Well said baileyknobbe 🍑 Join us for PowerStrength, a kick ass 30 minute workout, every Thursday at 5:30 pm.

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Ankle weights Part 2! booty+inner thigh burn - Reps:15|10|10|15 1x through Pair with the 4 moves from yesterday’s video! ⚡️⚡️

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La douleur n'est que temporaire ⏳ l'abendon et definif les gagnants trouvent des moyens contrairement au perdants qui cherchent des excuses ⚡ Street Workout & Calisthenics ▪️ ▪️ ➡️ Follow me 🔝 ▪️ ➡️🦍 Gorilla Gang 🦍⬅️ 🌏🌎🌍 streetworkout WSWCF calisthenics stipke teamshape lifestyle barbrothers insane_workouttt nevergiveup gohardorgohome nopainnogain sport pushups pushup bodybuilding motivations motivational crossfit handstand sportif calisthenicstraining musculation gorillagang fnswc workhard workoutstyle sportaddict biceps fitlife fitlifestyle 🌍🌎🌏

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Check out next week's colourful menu, with dishes from Indonesia, Mexico,China and America 😋😋 Remember to get your orders in before midnight tonight if you want to recieve this Sunday deliveries summerbod summerbody dallastx dallas fit fitfood dallasfitness dallasfood gym dallasgym foodie dallashealth dallassummer  fitlife fitlifestyle richardsontx moms dallassports plano planotx planofood planofitness mckinney mckinneytx friscotx mealprep diet healthydiet richardson  fitness gym shredz

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We lowered the carbs as much as possible on this dish by using veggie infused pasta and zucchini noodles. Tossed with low fat pesto sauce and our signature spinach turkey meatballs 👌😋 summerbod summerbody dallastx dallas fit fitfood dallasfitness dallasfood gym dallasgym foodie dallashealth dallassummer fitlife fitlifestyle richardsontx moms dallassports plano planotx planofood planofitness mckinney mckinneytx friscotx mealprep diet healthydiet richardson fitness gym shredz

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