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This week will see me kicking some major butt! More thn usual lol Im always looking at what i eat and when. Its important to have tons of water and exercise. Its a lifestyle Nowtime for my workout! healthyliving usn protein fitness instafitness womenwholift hydrate 💪💪🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

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WYBÓR 🤷🏻‍♂️ . 😡 Tak jest we wszystkim, sukces w realizacji swoich celów i marzeń odnoszą ci, którzy dokonują właściwych wyborów, nie łatwych 🤮 Ci, którym w czymkolwiek nie wyszło i mają doła, po prostu ich wybory były niewłaściwe 😈 Każdy zadowolony ze swojego jedynego tytułu i nie odczuwający WEWNĘTRZNEJ presji by mieć ich więcej powinien zakończyć karierę, w trybie natychmiastowym – Tim GROVER . 🤯 Wszyscy mamy 24 godziny, 365 dni w roku, ale nasze wybory określają nasze wyniki 💀 Większość ludzi pozostaje w bezpiecznej przystani bo albo są zbyt zadowoleni by wyruszyć w drogę lub są nią zbyt przerażeni. I będą ten strach i wątpliwości przerzucać na ciebie. Oni wyczekują niepowodzeń. Ty wyczekuj okazji😉 . 🤴🏻 Zaakceptuj, że jesteś tylko cząstką tego kim MOŻESZ być i że CHCESZ być kimś WIĘCEJ – Chris Hyatt 🤷🏻‍♀️ Wybór jest przecież twój, podejmujesz decyzję, czy tylko podrzucasz sobie sugestie ? . Polecam sprawdzić profile osób, które przeszły a i są w trakcie swojej przemiany, bo to się nie skończy: 👇🏻👇🏻 science_effect arekfit_lifestyle szastaxgf pro100na_ciezary pachol_123 pancytatpl ✅ . infografika dieta redukcja odchudzanie motywacja zdrowie siłownia gym trening training trener trenerpersonalny fit fitness polishboy polskasylwetka bodybuilding workout dietetyka dietetyk strach lekki sport pasja treningi treningsilowy pierwszy naj badboy mięśnie

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10 stone 2, waist 28.5”. BUT it’s not the numbers that matter. My mental health has vastly improved and I’m starting to love who I am. Today, I danced like a crazy person in the gym. I’m starting to lose the anxiety that held me back and I feel refreshed. love selflove recovery mentalhealthawareness breakthetaboo eatingdisorderrecovery anxiety depression ptsd positivityvibes iweigh i_weigh gettingbetter happiness gym fitness health mentalhealthsupport breakingtaboo beyourself selfie gymselfie reflection midriff weightloss

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Sightseeing in Singapur 🇸🇬 . Hallo zusammen! 🙏 . Mittlerweile befinden wir uns wieder in Deutschland ✖ Home sweet Home ✖ . Falls ihr jemals nach Singapur reist, kann ich euch den cloudforest im Herzen Singapurs empfehlen. Der tropische Wald beherbergt einen riesigen Wasserfall, der den Mittelpunkt des Gebäudes darstellt. 🙏🍃 . Ab morgen geht es dann endlich wieder ins Gym. Zeit neue Ziele in Angriff zu nehmen. 👊🏼🔥 ————————————————————————- singapore waterfall gardenbythebay jungle travel traveling bali men travelawesome moderncity sightseeing fitfam fit fitness indonesia marinabay trip explore positive mindset backpack backpacking menstyle followme fitnessmodel baliindonesia explorebali sunset helixbridge shakebox travel singapore.explores balilife thebalibible

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Hey guys 👋🏾 I am currently on energy saving mode 😂🔋 I am tired 😴 It’s been a good/very active week everyday I have aimed for 10k+ steps a day and drank a lot more water 💧 and of course I tried to eat well 80% of the time I had a late night session last night which was really good It’s been three weeks since I started my cut and already I’ve noticed a difference! Internally I feel better, my ibs is more management (almost gone!) and I feel more energised (probably the kale and courgettes😉) I just need to cut down on caffeine lol As always thank you guys for your love and support it doesn’t go unnoticed ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Day 22/90 gymshark gymsharkwomen womensbest postgymselfie latenightgymsession latenight bootygainsinprogress fitness fitnessmotivation fitfam fitfamuk weightlifting liftingweightswomens gymlife lifegym goodgymlife fitspo fitnessgirl selfhelp hamstrings newgoals newweek newprkout girlswholift girlswholiftheavy

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De vuelta a casa y este finde la realidad superó a la expectativa 👌 . En dos meses que llevo este ha sido el finde que he comido más sano por qué me ha apetecido, eso sí aun queda Domingo JAJAJAJAJA . A ustedes también les pasa que salen fuera y les apetece comer sano y en casa les da más ganas de comer lo que pillen y si es algo que no sea de la dieta mejor jajajajaja♥️ . fitnessaddict fitness fitnesslife fitgirl gym gymgirl gymmotivation motivation motivacionpersonal food

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Sunday Runday 🏃🏼‍♀️ philly.runner226 - Whew so freaking happy this run is done🙌🏼 Last week I did 18 miles on my treadmill and today I did 20 miles at the track I should really be sent to the looney bin 🤨🤣🤣‼️ 80 laps around 🤭. Thankful for the cooler temps I was actually chilly when I started it was 66 degreesso crazy after all those super hot runs! Happy Saturday ♥️ Follow us and tag your photos with therungroup to be featured 👍 That's it Check out our website (link in bio) for running tips, product reviews, and more 🏃🏼‍♀️ running run runninggirl runner runnersofinstagram runningcommunity runninglife runningday runningmom runningmotivation runningtime instarunners womensrunningcommunity runningbuddies runners runnerslife realrunners asicsfrontrunner runningaddict runhappy fitness runningislife runnersworld runnershigh correr marathon runnerscommunity runforfun sundayrunday

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🔓Make sure you follow opmasterz for more lifestyle 🔥🔞 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Credit •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• opmasterz opmasterz lifestyle love fashion fitness life instagood motivation like style photography follow photooftheday travel gym instagram luxury fit health workout healthy picoftheday happy beauty art summer inspiration beautiful likeforlikes bodybuilding bhfyp

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Last day of 20 days of animalflowpractice accountability posts. Revisit to the FowardTravelingApe thinking that the grass would calm my fear of breaking my face! We are taught to DIVE forward - well, I don't even really like to dive into my pool - so diving into a solid surface isn't exactly my cup of tea anyway going to keep at this! One day I'll get that tuck of the legs & feet real tight and close to my body! You'll see —- Today's emoji is the ladybug since it's supposed to be good luck & she is cute 🐞! —- 👉🏼 Cues: . 🐞Focus your gaze/eye on your landing spot 🐞Jump just enough to get a tight tuck (still not there); hips barely above shoulders 🐞Once hands land, eyes look forward 🐞Control (still a work in progress) the forward & downward movement on the descent (still not giving up on this) —- animalflow animalflowofficial animalflowfun nobodysperfect justkeeptrying movingforwardeveryday practicemakesprogress movementmatters mindyourmovement fitspo flowspo animalflowspo (is that a thing?) fitness bodyweightworkout workout moveeveryday notgoingtogiveuponthis ifitdoesntchallengeyouitdoesntchangeyou animalflowmasterinstructorsmakethislooklikecake

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Sonntagmittag ging es wieder in die Box. Basic stand auf dem Plan. assaultbike ist immer noch nicht mein Lieblingsaufwärmgerät aber wenn man es nie übt wird es auch nicht besser. Metcon in 11:58:12 Minuten geschafft jeweils 3 runden 10 wbbearhugsquats 10 wbovershoulder, 10 kbrussianswings (16kg) 10 gobletsquats (12kg) und 10 pullups (banded) 10 wallballshots. (Wb 9kg) Crossfit cflev workout sport training bodytransformation freeathlete box crossfitbox boxtime fitfam fitness sportverbindet vonnixkommtnix dubestimmstdasziel veränderung

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Eating healthy is everyone's wish. But the question is what is healthy eating? How to eat healthy? With day's busy schedule and hustling lifestyle here are few tips for a healthy eating : 1. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables - It is recommended that every body need to eat 5 portions of variety of fruits and veg in a day. Be it fresh, frozen, canned, dried or juiced. 2. Cut down on saturated fats and sugar - Though including fats in diet is important but what kind of ( saturated or unsaturated) is the questions. Too much saturated fats increase the risk of heart diseases and cholesterol. Also sugary foods and drinks are often too high in energy( kilojoules and calories) which if consumed too often contribute to weight gain. 3. Eat less salt - Too much salt intake results in hogh blood pressure. 4. Do not skip breakfast - Eat healthy breakfast high in fibre , low in fats sugar and salt. 5. Avoid processed junk food - These mouthwatering foods are engineered to trigger your pleasure centres and make you overeat. 6. Take enough sleep - Last but not least, sleep is an important aspect of healthy living. Insufficient sleep increase 89% and 55% risk of obesity in and adults respectively. 7. Drink lots of water - Drinking water at least 6-8 glasses a day flush out toxins from body, helps relieve constipation and keeps body fresh happy and hydrated. 8. Get active and work it out. So, take a step forward and make your living and eating healthy with some baby steps. healthyfood healthyeating healthyliving food diet nourish nutrition fitness bodypositive fitnessaddict instagood instafit instahealthy instagood👍

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ЗАПИСЬ НА ТРЕНИРОВКУ ☀ Понедельник 26.08.2019 💪 Записываемся и приходим на ТРЕНИРОВКУ! trx_abakan 🙌 . 💪 18:00 TRX Игорь 💪 19:00 TRX Яна по записи 8-923-392-19-19 💪 20:00 TRX Яна по записи 8-923-392-19-19 тренировка TRX Абакан спорт . trx sport fitness girls like me tbt motivation muscle traning спорт тренировкивабакане фитнесабакан девушки мотивация тренировка жизнь тело стройность красота фитнес позитив польза здоровье орех

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💥 H O L L Y 💥 20 year old Holly has been dancing for more than half of her life, having trained at LFK for 11 years now! She has participated in all of our overseas dance tours and is set to attend our upcoming one in 2020 to Disney Orlando! Holly has performed in a huge range of events with the Industry Squad, most recently cheering regularly for the melbournevixens and performing at Docklands for a CF Gala Ball. Holly loves tap, although she shines in any performance, no matter the dance style with the Industry Squad! 🌟

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you are enough, a thousand times enough atticuspoetry • What has AUGUST taught me? Those road blocks 🚧 stop and take a second •EVALUATE, BREATHE, PRAY •SOLUTION instead of REACTION •BREAKTHROUGH is on God’s time •GUARD your ❤️ & VISION And that no matter what you ARE ENOUGH - you can’t be all things to all people. FOCUS on YOUR finish line.

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За счёт чего занимающиеся получают пользу от занятий йоги? 🤔🤔🤔🤔 При взгляде со стороны люди сидят в удобных позах и ничего особенного не делают🤷🏻‍♀️… Тем не менее работа в статическом положении идёт серьёзная👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻. Если говорить кратко, то за счёт комбинирования дыхания с мышечным напряжением и расслаблением тела.🌬 Дыхание 💨позволяет контролировать внимание и усиливает эффект от асаны💪🏻💪🏻. Напряжение мышц приводит в движение глубоколежащие мышцы (пассивные), а те в свою очередь рефлекторно воздействуют на внутренние органы, до которых в других видах физической активности просто не добраться🙀. И, наконец, после хорошего напряжения идёт глубокое и качественное расслабление всего тела😸😸😸😸 yoga fitness одеждадляйоги обучениейога одеждадляфитнеса пилатес йога йогадляначинающих

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LFK INTERNAL DANCE COMP🧞‍♂️ Yesterday we held our annual internal dance choreography competition in Altona! What a wonderful evening it was watching our talented students performing their very own routines! Congratulations to every participant for dedicating your time towards your passion for dance and entertaining us all with your performances! We are beyond proud of you all! 💙

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As much as I love teaching, it really is such an incredible indulgence to invest time towards my own practice 🧘🏽‍♀️ . Super grateful to have found a place that makes my soul feel so at home here in the motherland at lotus_shores_siargao (located at world famous surf break ‘Cloud 9’) and I’m excited to announce that we will be collaborating in an offering for a retreat here next year So if your interested in eating the most delicious organic vegan food, indulging in some deeply nurturing daily yoga and meditation practice, as well as community projects, surfing and more! Please DM me with your expressions of interest as I’d love to know more about what activities and dates would interest you🙏🏾 . In the meantime, my return back to Tasmania is fast approaching and I’ll be finalising numbers for our ten week Yin & Yang SPRING SATTVA program over the next week! If you are interested in knowing more information or would like to secure your place, space is limited so please do not hesitate in contacting me either by private message or email krystalbyamamoto 📧 . Super excited for all our journeys together to come Blessings and NAMASTE 🕉✨ siargaoyoga yogaretreat yogaphilippines

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🍋 🍋 🍋 🍋 📸: jameshurren 💛

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